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Chapter 6: Another Parting (2)


“Ah Dai, faster, practice your flame skill, why are you foolishly standing there?”

“Okay. Fire elements filling the heavens and earth! Please bestow upon me your warm strength, become a ball…”

Another three months have passed, although Gliss did not teach,Ah Dai still managed to learn much alchemical knowledge from him. The Ah Dai now, unlike before, was not clueless about everything. In Gliss’ eyes, he has already become a qualified apprentice. It is precisely due to Ah Dai’s help, that all of Gliss’ preparations have gone on exceedingly smoothly, to the extent that it was faster than expected.

Due to the immense pain from eating the fruit of rebirth, Ah Dai did not tell Gliss. He was afraid that Gliss would get angry after knowing. In Ah Dai’s eyes, Gliss was definitely his most important person; it was Gliss who led him out of the dark Ninuo City, provided him food and clothes, and allowed him to learn all the new skills. Gliss, to Ah Dai, was like a benevolent guardian, and Ah Dai had nothing but respect and admiration for him. Deep within his heart, he had long treated Gliss as he were his own father.

As time passed, the struggle in Gliss’ heart also became stronger. He understood that, in order to fulfill his aspiration, Ah Dai was the most crucial part, however, if the experiment succeeded, Ah Dai will inevitably lose his life. After such a long period of time together, Gliss had unknowingly begun to like this little foolish kid, thus causing him, a usually ruthless person, to hesitate.


However, the temptation of the experiment had finally made Gliss discard all other concerns; this aspiration to him was too important. It could be said, that his entire life of research would only be fulfilled through his, quite possibly the last, refinement. That was a phenomenon that only occurred once in a millennium! Even other master alchemists would not have this such an opportunity in their lifetimes. His desire won over his emotions, and Gliss decided that everything will proceed as usual. When that day arrived, he would start his last refinement.

This day, Gliss got Ah Dai close to him, remarking, “Ah Dai, you should have been here for around eight months?”

Ah Dai counted using his fingers, nodded and said, “Yeah teacher, I’ve been here for eight months already.”

“Tomorrow I have to leave, to find an extremely important material; you shall take care of this place as usual.”

Ah Dai hesitated, crying out, “What? Teacher, you’re leaving again!”

Gliss solemnly said, “I have to find this material, it concerns a very important experiment of mine. You need to look after this place, I estimate I’ll be gone for around three months.”

Ah Dai’s heart was filled with unwillingness, “Teacher, teacher can’t you bring me along?”


Gliss looked at Ah Dai’s eyes which were full of hope, sighed in his heart, ‘How could I bring you along? The reason why I’m leaving is to get away from you, in order to harden my heart and use you for the experiment.’ Thinking about this, Gliss gnashed his teeth and said, “Okay, stop being such a child; it’s not as if I won’t be coming back.”

Ah Dai choked out, “Teacher, teacher, you must faster come back! Ah Dai will miss you.”

Gliss silently nodded, “Before I go, I will teach you how to use flame magic, you must practice it well. These eight months, your magic force has improved quite fast, and is enough to use this magic.”

Usually when Gliss would teach him magic, Ah Dai will surely jump in excitement. However, today was different; his unwillingness to see Gliss leave long surpassed his desire to learn magic.

Seeing that Ah Dai’s eyes did not contain any sign of glee, Gliss was shocked. In this period of time, Ah Dai had once begged him many times to learn other types of magic, but he had never agreed. But now when he took the initiative to offer, why did Ah Dai not seem excited at all? Uncontrollably, he asked, “Why? Don’t you want to learn?”

Ah Dai shook his head, and replied “No, I want to learn, but, I’d much rather you stay. Ah Dai wants to be with teacher.”

Gliss felt warmth in his heart, his throat seemed blocked, and almost blurted out his agreement. For a long while, the pair of young and old silently faced each other.

“Ah Dai, teacher promises you, after I’m back, I won’t leave again. Is it okay?” Gliss gently consoled. He was well aware, that if he stayed here any longer, he would not be able to harden his heart and use Ah Dai for his experiment. Therefore, he could only lie.


Ah Dai’s big eyes instantly brightened, containing a glint which was not there in the past. “Really? Teacher. Then, then I’ll wait for you to come back.”

Gliss nodded, “Okay then, now I’ll teach you a fire meteor spell. The basis for this magic is the fireball spell and the flame spell. You have to pay attention, anything that you don’t understand, you must ask me today, okay?”

Nodding his head, Ah Dai concentrated on Gliss’ explanation.

Fire meteor is actually a junior fire magic spell that consists of many fireballs striking enemies over a large area. The speciality of this magic is that it will accompany the magic user’s magic force strength and release varying power. If Gliss were to use it, he could release a fire meteor containing his dark flames, which were very powerful, almost at the standard of a high sorcerer.

“Before using this fire meteor spell, you need to be able to combine the flame spell and fireball spell. You see, the flame spell you are using now can already release green flames tinged with blue. However, the fireball that you released is still red in color. This is not acceptable, therefore you need to…” After explaining for the whole early afternoon, Ah Dai finally managed to `remember most of the theory and instruction of the fire meteor spell. Scared that Ah Dai would forget, Gliss even wrote down the instruction of the fire meteor spell, such that Ah Dai was better able to practice it. Late afternoon, Ah Dai began to practice. Any questions that he had, he would go and consult Gliss. Gliss was unexpectedly gentle, patiently explaining to Ah Dai. At last, in the evening, Ah Dai was able to release the fire meteor magic, or more accurately, he was able to release countless sparks, their power barely able to burn through leaves. Gliss had told him that when he returned, he hoped to be able to see Ah Dai release green fire meteors that are at least one centimetre large.


The next day morning, before Ah Dai woke up, Gliss packed a few items and quietly left with mixed feelings. He needed to find a place to harden and calm his heart, in preparation for the final experiment.

After Gliss had left, Ah Dai felt extremely lonely. In comparison to the first time, he missed Gliss much more earnestly and he would often sit alone in front of the hut, staring blankly in the direction where Gliss had gone. The fire meteor spell was still very complicated to Ah Dai, and no matter how hard he practiced, the results were still minimal with barely any trace of power.

Two months passed by in a flash. This day, Ah Dai picked some fruits from the forest, ate his breakfast and continued practising his magic lifelessly. Sitting by the hut, he slowly and carefully took out the metallic bun, praying fervently that Gliss will come back sooner. Initially, Ah Dai could not bear to eat all of the steamed buns that Gliss brought back. Therefore, he took the chance when Gliss was showering and sneaked into the research room to cover one steamed bun in a layer of silver-tin. This silver-tin refined by Gliss had a special feature to preserve food, and that was also the first experiment that Ah Dai had completed by himself. Of course, Gliss had known what Ah Dai did, but he chose to ignore it and did not expose Ah Dai.That incident left a deep mark in Gliss’ heart.

Stroking the metal casing of the bun, Ah Dai became sentimental once more and ranted, “Teacher, it has already been two months, you should be coming home soon. Please come back soon! Ah Dai misses you so much.”


“Ring, ring, ring. Ring, ring, ring.” The bell hanging along the eaves of the roof suddenly started chiming. Ah Dai got a shock and stood up immediately. This bell was designed by Gliss, and it was a special magic device. As long as someone entered the three mile radius from the hut, the bell would start to ring. The most ingenious part of this device was that it could differentiate between humans and beasts; if a beast had stepped into the boundary instead, the bell would not ring. Within a one mile radius of the hut, Gliss had set up another device that prevents beasts from entering. This is why there were no beast attacks in this area.

Ah Dai knew that the unknown person was Gliss, as Gliss would always follow a fixed path to return, and would not trigger the alarm. ‘Could it be that some stranger had come? But who would come here?’ Ah Dai thought nervously, despite being in the protection of Gliss’ devices. He followed Gliss’ instructions and used the bell sound to determine the direction of the intruder. The intruder had come from the North, and coincidentally, that was also the direction where Gliss would return from.

The more you care for someone, the more you will worry over them. Ah Dai thought, ‘Maybe, maybe Teacher has returned but he accidentally triggered the alarm? Could it be? Is it him?’ Any further from the three mile radius was already outside of the dense mist range, although there would still be some wisps of mist. Having been there for ten months, Ah Dai was already familiar with the surrounding. Even though he could not walk out of the illusory forest, but he would not get lost anywhere within ten miles from the hut.

‘No, what if Teacher had gotten injured? It must be Teacher, I need to go fetch him.’ The strong emotions surging through Ah Dai compelled him to run into the mist, towards that direction.


Ah Dai desperately ran, having long forgotten Gliss’ instructions to not go out too far. On the way, he discerned his bearings and continuously advanced. To the fit and healthy Ah Dai, three miles was a piece of cake and soon, he had already run out of the dense mist.

“Cling, cling, AH!” The sound of weapons clashing and screams were heard. Ah Dai was anxious, and ran towards the direction of the sound. In the far distance, he could see numerous silhouettes dashing around, grappling with one another. There was even a body lying on the ground. He carefully hid behind a large tree, trying to figure out if Gliss was amidst the numerous silhouettes.

After a while, Ah Dai still did not find any trace of Gliss and could not help but feel disappointed. Closely observing, the group of twelve people were split into two factions; the eleven black robed men were on one side cornering the tall, muscular man wielding a broadsword. Due to the lengthy distance part, Ah Dai could not make out their appearance. He was only able to judge from the clothes, that man who was being cornered was wearing white. Various colors flashed across the group of men. The surrounding trees were all blown apart from the violent battle. Even though he was a hundred meters away, Ah Dai could sense that the group of people were dangerous. The dense aura that filled the air was full of killing intent. In his eyes, any one of the people here was much more threatening than the pirates he met on the boat, or even the Dark Demon people that Gliss had mentioned. Especially the white robed man who was of such a huge stature, almost 1.9m tall, with broad shoulders and a wide back. He swung the heavy broadsword in his hand and made it seem so effortless.

** [editor: will get clarification on this] (darklord5555: done)


Despite being overwhelmed in terms of number, the white-robed man who was surrounded did not seem to be at a disadvantage. His broadsword flashed with a bright white light as he defended against all of the eleven men’s attacks; his sword technique was precise yet bold, filled with an unstoppable aura. Apart from him, the others were all using narrow swords, their swords were all black, just like the color of their clothes. If it were night time, it would be difficult to spot the non-reflective black swords. The eleven narrow swords were like poisonous snakes, constantly seeking the weak points of the white robed man.

Suddenly, the white robed man stumbled, and a poisonous snake took the opportunity to stab at his shoulder. The white-robed man instantaneously emitted an intense white light, using both hands to wield the broadsword and violently slashed three times. Although the poisonous snake did not actually bite his shoulder, but the sharp sword aura still gashed his clothes.

The eleven black robed men appeared to be helpless against the sudden burst of might and simultaneously retreated ten metres. Pointing their narrow swords at the ground, they focused all of their attention on the white-robed man in front of them.

A black robed man started speaking, his hoarse deep voice resounded, “ ‘King of Hell’, forget it, stop struggling. If you were in your best condition, we would definitely not have come here looking for death. But now you have already been poisoned by the Matchless Holy Water. For you to be able to survive so long is already a blessing. Follow us to report back, with your position in the organisation, as long as you earnestly apologize to Master, he would definitely forgive you.”

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