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Second TKDG chapter for today

Translated by KuroNeko

Edited by darklord5555

Chapter 6: Another Parting (1)


After a long while, he steadied himself up. The glow on his body has already faded and the warm air that scattered through his meridians cannot be felt anymore. Other than the stickiness on his body that left him uncomfortable, everything else seemed completely normal. He dragged his exhausted body back to the wooden hut, used some spring water to soak his dirty clothes, then rinsed himself and went to sleep.


The next day morning, Ah Dai crawled out of bed, feeling that his vitality has already recovered to its best state. Last night, ever since Gliss left, was the only night when he did not meditate. He had already memorized all of the notes, and decided to meditate to pass time. Ah Dai has become very interested in meditation these days. He was already able to release a green flame, and the fireball was also around ten centimeters large.  What he did not know was that with his current magic force, he had already met the standards of a junior sorcerer.

Gliss, after leaving for two months, finally returned to the illusionary forest. The travel did not go very smoothly, and he had to spend a lot of time before he could find enough fragrant grass. As he saw the wooden hut, everything around was silent, and nothing has changed.

“Ah Dai, Ah Dai—“ Gliss called out. Not knowing why himself, but through his trip, he would often think of this clumsy little fool.


“Ah! Teacher, you finally returned.” Ah Dai quickly ran out the room before violently throwing himself into Gliss’ arms, his joy could not be expressed. Gliss look at Ah Dai thoroughly, after two months, Ah Dai’s body seemed to become much stronger, with a rosy skin, even though he still behaved in a silly manner, but he was much more pleasing to the eye. Gliss tried his best to control his overwhelming emotions and instructed Ah Dai, “I am tired, go pick some fruits for me to eat. I want to rest awhile first.”


“Sure.” Ah Dai happily replied, then ran back to the hut to grab a basket before running to the fruit trees.


When he came back to the hut, he found that there was a sack on the chair, Gliss was resting beside it. “Teacher, here are the fruits. Is that the fragrant grass you have collected? Let me put them into the drawer.” Gliss opened his eyes and looked at Ah Dai, a bit amazed. “this kid… when did you become smarter? This is not fragrant grass, but it is meant for you.”

Ah Dai hesitated, pointing to his nose and asked, “For me?”

Gliss nodded, “Open it and see.”

“Thank you teacher,” Ah Dai excitedly hugged the heavy parcels in his arms. This was his first time receiving gifts, the excitement in his heart caused him to tremble uncontrollably.  Slowly opening the parcel, the sight presented in front of his eyes left him stunned. The parcel may not have contained precious items, or any unique objects, but to Ah Dai, there was nothing else that made him any happier.  Because, within the parcel, was actually a pile of white steamed buns. Although the buns had gotten cold, but they were not hard. Ah Dai smelled the fragrance of the buns, while two lines of tears flowed down his cheeks. Looking at Gliss, he said, “Teacher, thank you, thank you so much.”


Gliss, acting as though nothing happened, continued to eat his fruit and replied, “What’s there to thank, it’s just some inexpensive buns. At first I wanted to bring you some chicken drumsticks, but those spoil easily, so I didn’t bring them. Ah Dai, how is the journal that I gave you?”

Ah Dai retrieved the well-kept journal from his chest and passed them to Gliss, “Teacher, I have memorized all of them.”

Gliss was shocked. “All memorized? If you are lying, don’t blame me for punishing you.”

Ah Dai insisted, “Teacher, I didn’t lie, I really memorized all of it. You can just check.”

“Okay then, let me ask you, what kind of metal can refine the best weapon?”


Ah Dai replied without hesitation, “In order to refine the best weapon, there are three conditions. Firstly, the materials used must be of good quality. The six attributes of materials are light, darkness, water, fire, earth and wind. Materials without attributes are low quality, while those that contain light and darkness attributes are the hardest to find, thus the weapons refined from them will be the most powerful. Materials with light attribute are Can Jin, Ming Yin1, et cetera; materials with darkness attributes are Wu Gang Gang Mu2… Secondly, to refine the best weapons, the temperature must be stable, the higher the temperature, the fewer the impurities within the weapon. The black flames you use are of the highest temperature, but unfortunately since it is a magic flame, it is unable to last for long periods of time, and therefore you can only refine smaller weapons. Lastly, in order to refine spirit weapons, the time and location are of importance. The same materials flame, under conditions, will refine weapons with differing qualities. For example, under the sun on a high terrain…”


Gliss was dumbfounded as he listened to Ah Dai listing out the conditions of refining weapons, without missing a word, from his journal. The astonishment in his heart simply cannot be expressed. With Ah Dai’s memory, he needed to spend a long time before he could memorize the journal with such accuracy!


“Okay, you can stop now, I believe that you have truly memorised it all. From tomorrow onwards, like before, you can continue to help me with my experiments. I need to rest now.”

“Yes teacher.” Ah Dai happily answered. Carrying the pile of steamed buns to his bed, he grabbed one and took a bite. He had not eaten his favourite buns in five months…

Early next day, Gliss continuously used his small cauldron and started refining. As Ah Dai has already memorized Gliss’ journal, according to the materials Gliss used, he was able to predict the outcome, thus Gliss’ refining process had also became an experimental process for Ah Dai. What confused Ah Dai was, Gliss had refined a bunch of mixed metals. The metals had different attributes, but were all precious. Ah Dai recalled from the notes, that no matter which metal it was, they could all make high quality weapons. As Gliss carefully stored the metal that he just refined, Ah Dai wondered what that metal would be used for.

After Ah Dai helped Gliss to refine the metal, Gliss went to his room to meditate, while Ah Dai stood at the door, practicing his fireball and flame skills.

“Huh? Where did this kid come from?” A joking voice sounded.

Ah Dai was shocked to discover that a strange person dressed in red had walked out of the mist. That person had an appearance very similar to Gliss, a big red cloak enveloped his body, hiding his facial features. Holding a long staff, that person seemed to be inspecting him.

Ah Dai stepped back in fright, and questioned, “Who, who are you?”


The red cloaked person proudly declared, “Me? I am a great sorcerer.” As he was speaking, he extended out his skinny right hand, similar to Gliss’, muttered a few incantations and a huge purple fireball of around half a meter appeared in his hand. The blazing flame caused Ah Dai who was over ten meters away to still feel the searing heat.  Looking at the tiny fireball in his own hand in comparison to the huge purple fireball of the red cloaked person, Ah Dai shamefully withdrew his own magic.

“Haha, how’s that, now you know what a great sorcerer is like? Hahahaha”

“Pfft, showing off in front of a little kid.” A black fireball of half a meter in size flew out from the hut, charging straight at the red cloaked person. The red cloaked person was shocked and took a step back shouting, the purple fireball in his hands flew to meet the black fireball. The fireball of the red cloaked person is of pure fire attribute magic, while the fireball flying out from the hut was Gliss’ darkness attribute combined with fire attribute magic. Based on attributes, the red cloaked person was at a disadvantage, but based on pure energy, his fireball was stronger.

Ah Dai felt his body becoming lighter and a breeze sent him ten meters away. Amidst the loud explosion, countless sparks covered the sky and the red cloaked person involuntarily took a step back. He shouted, “Whoa, big brother, your younger brother came all the way to visit you, and this is how you treat me!”


Gliss walked out from the hut, and retorted,” You came to visit me? I think you came with bad intentions. Seeing your arrogant manner just makes me disgusted. Glee Song, if you have some business, say it now, I have nothing here to welcome you.”

Red cloaked Glee Song smiled bitterly, “Big brother, no matter what, I am still your actual brother, how can you treat me like this? Oh right, who is he?” He pointed to Ah Dai with his staff as he spoke.

Gliss snapped back, “He is my student. Why?”

Glee Song let out a smile. “I can’t believe that you will also accept students, this doesn’t seem like your style. The fireball that this kid just made seems to have reached the junior sorcerer standard already. Big bro, where did you get such a good successor, just give him to me. I still have no students! ”

Gliss coldly replied, “Don’t even think about it, this kid is really important to me. Apart from being my student, he has another important use.”

“Ah! Big bro, you, you can’t be…”

Gliss hmpf-ed, and said,“Let’s come in and talk. Ah Dai, you stand guard outside, don’t come in without my instructions.”

Ah Dai nodded, staring at Gliss and Glee Song entering the hut, wondering why he could not understand many of words that they spoke. Is that red cloaked stranger really teacher’s brother?


Inside the room.

“Big brother, could that kid be the one you were looking for to complete that last experiment?”

“Mind your words, okay?”

Glee Song sighed, “Big brother, you are so ruthless! No wonder you’re worthy of being called a warlock. That kid’s silly manner is actually quite lovable. Why do you have to…”

Gliss suddenly became irritated. “Stop nosing around in my business, if you have something to say, then quickly say it. If you’re here just to spout nonsense, then get out!”

Glee Song did not seem to be angry with Gliss’ words, and instead smiled. “Forget it, I couldn’t be bothered with your business, it’s just such a waste of talent! This time I came, is mainly on behalf of my lord to seek your help with something, I hope you can agree.” As he spoke, he waved his staff, opening a spatial crack. He muttered some incantations and a sack flew out, landing on the floor. “This is the deposit my lord has given, he wants your experimental results.” The sack opened, and inside, is actually full of diamond coins, amounting up to thousands.

Gliss, as though he did not see the sack, merely replied, “He wants my experimental results? Stop dreaming, I won’t give it to anyone.”

Glee Song sighed, “Big brother, what use do you have in keeping those treasures? Especially your last experimental results, didn’t you want to create it just to become famous? Then why keep it to yourself| In my opinion, you might as well be the same as me, and be…”


Interrupting Glee Song’s words, Gliss angrily barked, “Stop giving me all this nonsense and take all of this useless stuff back. I meant it when I said I’m not selling.”

Glee Song thought for a while before saying,” Never mind then, since you are unwilling, there is no point in pleading. I will handle matters with my lord. However, that kid seems to be very talented in magic, you better consider it carefully. Sacrificing a life for an object, is it really worth it?”

Without hesitation, Gliss replied. “Yes. For this object, even sacrificing a thousand lives is still worth it.”

“Since you said so, then I shan’t persuade you further. Okay brother, take care of yourself, I’ll be going. If you decide to change your mind, just use the old method to contact me.” As he spoke finish, Glee Song walked towards the door.

“Wait.” Gliss sat there, calling out to Glee Song, “My experiment may not be successful, if it succeeds, I will inform you. Take care of yourself too.”

Glee Song stared deeply at Gliss, and walked out of the hut. Gliss sat there, without sending him off.

Glee Song walked out and looked at Ah Dai, sighing, “Little kid, you best fend for yourself.” Chanting some incantations, the surrounding air became restless, and sent Ge Li Song flying into the mist.

Ah Dai stared blankly at Glee Song’s disappearing shadow, remaining silent.

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