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And now another chapter of TKDG

Translated by KuroNeko and Naevron

Edited by darklord5555

Chapter 5 (down) The fruit of rebirth


 Three months later, after Ah Dai’s incessant efforts, he finally managed to memorise all of the labels, as well as all of the fruit names within the fruit forest. Although he was slow in memorising, but when he completely memorised an item, he would not forget it again. No matter what label name Gliss mentioned, he could always find the corresponding cabinet immediately.

“Okay, from today onwards, you have officially become my apprentice and you will help me with my experiments.” Gliss lightly said.

“Yes teacher.” The past three months, Gliss had treated Ah Dai with an indifferent attitude, all of the housework was done by Ah Dai. Apart from meditating at night, Gliss spent all of his time in his research lab.

Gliss stared at the small cauldron in front of him and muttered, “One small piece of saltpeter, 37.8 grams of Yin Ding, 3.75 grams of skywind flower. Hurry up.”

“Yes teacher.” Ah Dai quickly passed Gliss all the items  that he required. Gliss placed them into the small cauldron and continued speaking, “37.8 grams of red cotton, a bowl of clear water, faster.”

After receiving the items from Ah Dai, he placed them all into the cauldron. Gliss glanced at Ah Dai and instructed, “Use your flame spell under the cauldron to increase temperature. Don’t stop until I instruct you to.”


“Yes teacher. Fire elements filling the heavens and earth! Please bestow upon me your blazing strength, in my name, by thy power, searing flame appear.” With a pop sound, a streak of red flame tinged with green appeared above Ah Dai’s hand, he carefully extended his hand underneath the cauldron with concentration, carefully controlling the size of the flames.


Seeing that faintly green flames, Gliss couldn’t help but stare blankly. Ah Dai’s flames had already reach the levels of a junior sorcerer, and it’s only been 3 months! He never thought that a completely idiotic brat would advance this quickly in magic!

But what shocked Gliss even more was what followed. He had originally thought that Ah dai could keep the flames going for 10 mins at the most. But only after 20 minutes have passed by and the cauldron nearly drying, did Ah Dai’s forehead become drenched in sweat. The fact that he could endure for so long was not something that Gliss had expected, and a killing intent flashed in Gliss’s eyes once more. He thought inside, if he taught this brat properly, this brat might even surpass himself in less than 10 years.


“Okay, that’s enough, you can extinguish the flames now and go fetch some clean water, also, bring a 37.8 g of crystal powder.”

“Yes, teacher.” Ah Dai let out the breath he had been holding. The lengthy session of keeping the flames going gave him a set of nausea, and naturally, he did not understand that this was the cause of magic exhaustion. Keeping a flame going for around 20 minutes was his limit at the moment. Ah Dai wiped the sweat off of his forehead quickly before going to fetch the stuff that Gliss wanted.

Gliss had already replaced Ah Dai’s job of heating the cauldron with his own black flames, and the few materials inside the cauldron had melted into a faintly green paste. Gliss grabbed a handful of crystal powder from the container in Ah Dai’s hands and scattered it evenly across the mixture inside the small cauldron. With a small “Puchi”, a gout of green flame roared up towards the sky from inside the cauldron. Once the flames died down, a waft of fragrant odor floated out and filled the room.



After staying with Gliss for about 3 months, Ah Dai had gotten used to this type of phenomenon a long time ago and was no longer shocked by them, so he stood at the side and observed everything with a well-behaved expression. The matter inside the cauldron had already congealed into a mass of green. Gliss wrinkled his forehead and sighed: “This won’t do. Looks like this can’t be complete without the fragrant grass.”

Ah Dai knew what fragrant grass was, and there was a drawer full of it in one of the cabinets, but the grass inside was already used up. Gliss covered up the little cauldron before turning and saying to Ah Dai: “Ah Dai, I need to leave for a while to go and gather some more fragrant grass, which is exclusively found in Hua Sheng Empire, what a pain. During the time that I am gone, you need to stay here and guard everything, understand?”

Hearing that Gliss needed to go, Ah Dai suddenly felt a onset of emptiness inside, he asked: “Teacher, how long will you be gone?”

Gliss said: “Fast, around a month, and slow will be around 2 months. If you get hungry, just eat the fruits inside the forest, and if you get thirsty, there is a spring behind the rooms. Remember, never go too deep inside the forest of illusion, or else you will starve to death if you get lost, understand?”


Ah Dai nodded his head and said: “Teacher, please return quickly.”

Gliss felt a rush of warmth inside, the past three month, no matter how he treated Ah Dai, the kid would accept every order gladly, like immediately going on errands and fetching things. Towards the end, sometimes Gliss only needed to extend his hand and Ah Dai would know what he wanted. Where could one find such an obedient disciple! But, for the sake of his final experiment, he could not help but……….. Gliss shook his head with some effort and ditched his kind thoughts, saying in a cold voice: “Okay, that’s enough. Go and meditate, I will leave tomorrow morning.”

“Yes, teacher.” Ah Dai was tired after keeping the flames going for a long time, and he returned by himself to his room to begin meditation.

The morning of the second day, Gliss packed the bare necessities before getting ready to leave.

“Ah Dai, don’t forget the words i said yesterday. Oh yes, here take this.” Gliss took out a book and handed it over to Ah Dai.

Ah Dai stared blankly at it for a second before responding: “Teacher, what is this?”

Gliss looked at him with a complicated eye, :“ This is my experiment journal, there are three sections in it. It has methods on making medicine, differentiating different poisons and how to refine weapons. When you get bored, you can read this. Most of the words in it are the names of the labels you memorized, so you shouldn’t have too much difficulty in understanding it. But, you must remember, reading only means reading, you must never go alone and experiment in the lab, understand? How much you can understand all depends on you.”

Ah Dai held the leather bound journal, his eyes started to become slightly red. He had never thought that there will be one day that he could read and understand a book, he said earnestly: “Thank you, Teacher, you must return quickly, because Ah Dai will miss you.”

Gliss stared blankly for a second before turning his head and replying coldly: “ What idiotic thoughts, I don’t need your feelings, go study the book carefully because I will test you when i get back, understand?” After saying that, Gliss left without looking back.  


Ah Dai held the journal tightly in his arms, tears streaming down his cheeks. In his heart, there is now another person who was more important than steamed buns.

After Gliss left, apart from meditating and eating, Ah Dai spent every single day memorising the contents of the journal, in order not to disappoint his teacher. The language that Gliss used in the journal was easy to understand and coupled with the fact that they had lived together for so long, Ah Dai was able to grasp most of the content in the journal.The more he read, the more attracted he was to the mysteries within. However, he was a very obedient child, no matter how curious he was, he would never enter the research room and try experiments himself.

This day, he woke up early and started reading the journal. It was more than a month since Gliss left, Ah Dai’s constant efforts during this time had finally paid off. He had actually managed to memorise all of the content of the journal. As he was reading to the end of the journal, he realised that the last page of the journal seemed to have be torn out. He did not think too much into it, and thought that Gliss may have feared that he was unable to understand the profound content of it, thus tearing it out.


Memorising the content of the journal once more, Ah Dai walked into the fruit forest, ready to pick his three meals of the day. Just as he stepped into the fruit forest, he suddenly caught a whiff of a strong, rich fragrance. He discerned the direction where the fragrance came from and involuntarily, started walking towards it. This fruit forest cannot be any more familiar to Ah Dai, even if he closed his eyes, he could still find his way within.

The fragrance originated from the depths of the forest, that aroma constantly stimulated Ah Dai’s sense of smell. How fragrant! He wondered what object it was.

Eventually, after continuously searching, Ah Dai finally found the origin of the fragrance. It was a small fire-red tree. This tree was not here last time, and it seemed that it had grown out of nowhere within a night. The small tree was bare of leaves, and its fire-red trunk was crystal clear like jewels. At its very top, there was milky white fruit that glistened as though there were countless lights shining at it. As waves of aroma floated out from the fruit, Ah Dai crouched down, peering intensely at the fruit, trying to recall the plants mentioned in the journal. However, even after he had recalled everything within the journal, he still could not find the right answer.


What exactly is this fruit? It smells so fragrant! Ah Dai carefully used his finger to gently touch the fruit. At his touch, the milky white fruit suddenly dropped down from the small tree, giving Ah Dai a fright. Subconsciously, he caught the fruit within his hand and a warm feeling came out from the fruit, the fresh scent had also become stronger. After the fruit had dropped, the little red tree had unexpectedly started to wither. In just a few seconds, the little red tree had already shriveled beneath the ground.

Although Ah Dai did not know what the fruit was, the hunger had caused him to bring the fruit to his face. Looking closely at it, Ah Dai thought, ‘Such a fragrant fruit couldn’t possibly be poisonous, right?’ He could no longer control the hunger pangs in his stomach, and hungrily took a bite out of the fruit. A refreshing gush of juice flowed into his mouth, the juice did not have any flavor and Ah Dai uncontrollably swallowed it. The refreshing sensation penetrated his heart, it felt so comfortable! In just a few bites, the milky white fruit had already been finished off by him.

Just as Ah Dai was about to get up and return, his lower abdomen suddenly felt a chill. The cold spread quickly throughout his body and instantly seeped into his meridians. He could not stop shivering, and the cold circulating his body prevented him from even being able to stand. Collapsing onto the ground, Ah Dai’s nerves were constantly pierced by the freezing cold that seemed as though it has already penetrated the bone marrow. ‘It’s all over, all over, just because of a moment of hunger, it seems that I’m going to be frozen to death,’ Ah Dai thought.


A layer of frost slowly appeared over Ah Dai’s skin, and everything in front of his eyes started to become fuzzy. Suddenly, amidst the blur, he realised that there was a red colored radiance that was constantly glowing at the spot where the little red tree had withered. As his body shivered, he unintentionally grabbed out and a soft red colored fruit was caught in his hands. The steaming heat from the fruit was transferred to Ah Dai’s palm, and his frozen hand instantly became much more nimble. Filled with delight, he could no longer be bothered whether this fruit was poisonous and stuffed the entire red fruit into his mouth while he could still move.

Scalding heat flowed down his throat, and the instant it entered his lower abdomen, the previous freezing sensation had abated.

Just as Ah Dai let go of the breath he was holding, an intense pain came from his abdomen. One cold and one hot, the two streams of energy had suddenly decided to separate into two factions, incessantly attacking each other inside Ah Dai’s internal organs, seemingly wanting to tear everything into shreds.

“AH—” Ah Dai, groaning with constant pain, started rolling around on the floor. However, within this boundless illusionary forest, there was no one to save him. As cold sweat dripped endlessly, Ah Dai’s face turned one moment red, and the other moment white. Under the ferocity of the two streams of hot and cold energy, his body spasmed unceasingly. Actually, what Ah Dai did not know was that, if Gliss had not given him the Nine Metamorphosis Essence Pill initially, with his original bruised body, he would have already died when the powerful energy burst into his meridians.


Even if Gliss was there personally, he still would not have been able to identify the two fruits that Ah Dai had eaten. Of course, with Gliss’ cautiousness, he would also not have allowed Ah Dai to eat any unknown fruits. The two fruits were formed after absorbing the essence of heaven and earth, and would only mature after thousands of years. Its name is the Fruit of Rebirth. In order to achieve the greatest effect, the red and the white fruit must be confused together, however its medicinal strength is very overbearing. Once all the medicinal effect contained within has been absorbed, the person who consumed them will feel that his vitality continue to expand and his life will seem to be endless. Thus, this is a priceless treasure to the priests of the Holy Church. The greatest benefit of the Fruit of Rebirth is that it can enable the body to produce vital energy that weakens any damage caused by dark energy.

Under a prolonged period of pestering by the two energies, beads of blood had started to seep through Ah Dai’s skin. The long duration spent enduring the severe pain caused Ah Dai to helplessly spit out a mouthful of blood. When the blood landed on the plants nearby, one side of the plant would immediately wither, while the other side would start to freeze.

When night has fallen, Ah Dai finally managed to combine the two energies within his body, forming a warm energy that was constantly in motion.

Ah Dai let out a deep sigh, his clothes had long been soaked thoroughly, and the improved feeling left his body weak. He was surprised to discover that his skin was actually dimly radiating white colored light. A warm gust of air that passed by gave him a comfortable feeling. As he laid on the ground gazing at the sky, he was unusually sober and the things he memorised from the journal flashed through his mind. Deep within, Ah Dai thought to himself, “It’s finally over, I haven’t died yet, right? In the future, I must not eat unknown food so casually.”

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