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Translator: Naervon

Editor: JerryDaBaws

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Chapter 5 (up) The Fruit of Rebirth


Gliss instructed the coachman to stop in the middle of a forest just northwest of Wa Liang province and paid the fee for the trip.


From looking at the lush forest around him, Gliss’ mood became much lighter than before.

It is only when he turns here that he can feel that sense of satisfaction.


30 years ago, he came to this forest, lured by the many rare medicinal materials and minerals in this illusionary forest, but after living here for a long time, he became attached to it. These past thirty years, other than occasionally going out to buy some living supplies and some special items, he rarely left this place.


After thirty years of experience, he finally had the assurance to complete the dream from many years ago, the key to realizing it was this idiotic Ah Dai!


“Let’s go, we have to walk the rest of the way.” Gliss indifferently said.

Ah Dai had never seen such a boundless forest in his life, he said with excitement: “Teacher, so you live here? The air here is so fresh!”


Gliss ignored Ah Dai and walked by himself towards the forest, leaving Ah Dai hurrying to catch up.


This forest was called the illusionary forest mainly because it was impossible to tell directions once one was in the forest, and adding to the high terrain that the forest is on, the mist that shrouds the forest gives off a sense of mysteriousness.


Even the people who live close by will not venture far into the forest, fearing that there is no way to come back out again. Gliss, after coming here, placed many magic traps, and one of his most proud trap was the one that attracted mist.


After walking for half a day, Ah Dai was already hungry and tired, he clenched his teeth, but followed closely behind gliss, the surrounding white mist caused him to unable to see beyond three meters in any direction, so if he slightly falls behind, he will no longer be able to see Gliss’ figure, the fear of that stimulated the potential deep inside his body, causing him to not fall behind regardless of what happened..


After entering the forest, Gliss did not speak a single word, and the surrounding dense fog gave him a very pleasant feeling, because the people who studied dark magics did not like the sunlight, and Gliss was no exception. Based on the traps that he had placed, he had no need to go and tell the direction.

Ah Dai closely followed behind gliss, but suddenly, he was tripped by something under him, and face-planted into the ground. Gliss seemed to not notice and walked on forward just like before.

So Painful! Ah Dai forced his body to a sitting position, the fast paced walking all morning made him almost unable to keep conscious, waves of blackness assaulted his eyes, the feeling of dizziness circled his brain, he wanted to call out to Gliss, but no matter what he did, he couldn’t make a sound, the white mist around him seemed to start swirling, and Ah Dai could no longer hold on, he fell back down and passed out.

The view in front of him gradually lightened up, all the objects cleared up, and a few small huts appeared in Gliss’ vision.


“I’ve finally returned.” Gliss looked at the huts in front of him, who would have thought, that this was the demon flame user gliss’ research lab.


He bent his head and looked at Ah Dai under his armpit, and excitement rose once again in his body. Finally! He can start preparing for the final stages of his experiment. After many years of hard work, only needing one more year, he will see his dream to fruition.


After entering the forest, gliss ignored Ah Dai on purpose to see if Ah Dai would beg himself for help, but Ah Dai’s determination shocked him, because Ah Dai actually managed to persist through most of the way before passing out, and with his young age, even if he had already ate the nine turn marrow washing pellet, to be able to reach this level is not easy. Gliss carried Ah Dai and walked into the southernmost hut, the hut was very empty, other than a single wooden bed and few chairs there was nothing else. Putting Ah Dai on the bed, Gliss himself sat in a chair. He reached out with one hand and drew a six cornered star in the air. Rays of red lighted up. He silently felt the magical element’s movements.


After a long while, Gliss opened his eyes and smiled. Through the magic he just cast, he checked all the magic traps that he placed around this area. He felt that from the time that he has left, there was no one else who entered this area.

Gliss chanted an incantation and drew a line in the air, causing a crack to appear. A bamboo basket drifted out of this crack. This was something he had bought in the ninuo city. When he left to find a suitable target, because of the lack of destination, he kept walking north, and unwittingly reached ninuo city. He selected Ah Dai was because he felt that this was a kid who he could control. If the one who he picked does not cooperate wholeheartedly with his experiment, even the best inner quality would not suffice, but Ah Dai was very dim-witted and looked easy to fool, so he picked him.


Gliss carried the bamboo basket and walked to a patch of fruit forest not far from the hut, the fruits in that patch of forest was very varied, and it took gliss a very long time to figure out which was called what and which was safe to eat when he first arrived back then. He picked a few fruits that were very good at easing hunger and returned to the hut, eating a few himself in the process before sitting down and entering meditation.

When Ah Dai woke up at around evening, he felt that his entire body was sore, and the surroundings were very unfamiliar, giving him a sense of fear. He sat up immediately but gave a sigh of relieve when he saw the mediating gliss at the end of the bed. He did not bother Gliss but looked around instead. The surrounding was very sparse and he could see that there wasn’t anything special, his sight was very quickly attracted by an empty chair next to gliss, or more specifically the fruit filled bamboo basket on the chair.


He touched the ground with his right foot, the heart piercing pain almost made Ah Dai cry out, but the attraction of the fruits were too big to resist, he strongly resisted the pain and limped over to the basket of fruit, looked at the evenly breathing gliss, then quietly raised the basket before walking back to the bed. He carefully counted the number of fruits, there were a total of 17 left, all with different colors, and very few similar-looking ones. The hunger in his stomach made Ah Dai throw caution to the wind and pick up a fruit before biting into it with vigor. The sweet fruit juice travelling down his throat, giving Ah Dai’s entire body an undescribable sensation of coolness, even his feet did not feel that painful anymore.


Ah Dai ate 8 fruits non-stop, and although he still wasn’t full, he still kept most of the fruits untouched before carefully returning the basket to the original place. He opened the door carefully and walked out side, what entered Ah Dai’s eyes was a huge swath of white fog, including the wooden hut he was in, there was a total of 3 huts there, the hut at the north was the biggest, looking to be at least 50-60 square meters. The area 30 meters around the structure was void of all plants and mist, but outside of that 30 meters, everything was covered by a dense fog, causing even the sunlight to be blocked, and since it was already evening, the sky had already darkened, the creepy surroundings was really teacher’s home?

When Ah Dai walked out of the hug, Gliss opened his eyes. He had already stopped meditating the moment Ah Dai had gotten off the bed, he was clear on everything that Ah Dai had did, and looking at the 9 fruits left in front of him,Gliss’ emotions heavily fluctuated in his heart.


He stood up, gave a gentle sigh and walked outside the hut and saw Ah Dai standing there staring off into space.

“Ah Dai.”

“Teacher, you woke up. I ate a few of your fruits.” Ah Dai lowered his head.

Gliss said with a warm tone: “That was prepared just for you. This is teacher’s home and is also your home from now on.”

Ah Dai felt the warmth that gliss suddenly emanated and was scared witless, in his impression, he had never seen Gliss give such an expression. That hood that he had always wore was taken off at this moment, and that face full of wrinkles had a slight smile. “Teacher, what should i help you with?”

Gliss breathed deeply and said ”There isn’t anything for you to do today, but from tomorrow onwards, you can become my helper. Teacher needs to conduct some experiments.”




The morning of the second day, before the skye had even lightened up, Ah Dai was woken up by Gliss. He got up and got dressed, Gliss took him to walk and reached the patch of forest where the fruits grew, and said “These fruits will be our food from now on, you must remember, when you are picking fruits, do not go far, or else you won’t be able to tell the direction. Do you understand?”

Ah Dai nodded his head, when he looked at that huge patch of fruits in front of him, he couldn’t be helped by recall that wonderful tasty and subconsciously, he started drooling.

Gliss casually plucked a few red fruit and gave it to Ah Dai, they were mize fruit, and after eating them, his body will be replenished with much needed nutrients. “These are also our main food source, you must remember their appearance clearly. This patch of forest might have lots of fruits, but not all of them are safe to eat, and some contain dangerous poisons, so I will tell you slowly later. Your job today is to remember these fruits, do you understand?”


Ah Dai looked at the gourd shaped red fruit in his hand, and carefully memorized its specialties.

“Eat it, this will be your breakfast. We still have a lot of things to do.”

After eating breakfast, Gliss took Ah Dai to the biggest hut in the north, and upon entering the hut, Ah Dai froze, this hut was very different from the hut he was in yesterday. There were all sorts of weird items in the room. The thing that made him feel the most baffled was the huge cabinets surrounding all the walls, with many drawers making up each cabinet. Each of the draws had a label on them, but to Ah Dai, these labels only contained unrecognizable symbols.

Gliss looked at these familiar experimenting equipment, and sighed :”From now on, you must remember all the names of the items here. I will test you the second day, if you don’t remember, then you don’t get a meal. Today, you must remember all the labels on the cabinets.” Saying that, Gliss walked to the left of a cabinet and pointed on one of the top draws: “These two words are called salt-peter, and this is one of the ingredients we, as alchemists need the most. All these drawers here all store different types of objects.”

“Saltpeter? Saltpeter… saltpeter…” Ah Dai repeated the name non-stop.


Gliss named all the labels from top to bottom and Ah Dai repeated after him, Gliss left him there and started to prepare for his own work.


Ah Dai’s memory was really too terrible, after an entire day and asking gliss repeatedly for more than 30 times, he could barely memorize these label’s names. From that day forth, Ah Dai started his memorization process. At the start, the things he remembered the day before he would forget on the second day. Although gliss said to starve him for a meal, but on the next meal, he would give him extra fruits. Ah Dai felt the care that Gliss was giving and put extra effort into memorizing these label’s names. And gliss would always be busy with the experimenting equipment all day on the side, using magic here and there trying to combine stuff. At night, gliss did not let Ah Dai sleep but rather told him to meditate. At the start, Ah Dai was not very comfortable with it, and would often sleep when he was trying to memorize the label names, but after a while, Ah Dai’s concentration became better and better, and meditation became his best sleep, one night’s meditation would give him 100% better concentration the next day. Ah Dai’s only regret was that since they had arrived here, Gliss had never even mentioned any magic incantations. When he was bored, he could only play around with a small fireball or flame magic to disperse the boredom, from time to time, when Gliss was happy, he would teach him a few simple letters.


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