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Chapter 4 (up)
Attack of the Pirates

Ah Dai scratched his head. This word, pirate, did not have any significant meaning to him, and when he encountered this unknown word, he decided to return to the room to ask Gliss. To him, this world has so many new and exciting things, so no matter what he met, he will always want to understand it first, even if he could not remember it later on.

“Teacher, Teacher, there is a huge ship outside, many people are yelling pirate! Pirate! What is a pirate?”
Ah Dai said excitedly while running into the room.
When Gliss heard this, he was shocked. He sat up from the bed and said, “What are you saying? Pirates have come?”
Ah Dai nodded: “It’s a big black ship, their sale having a huge skull on it. All the people on our boat is yelling pirate, I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing…

Gliss furrowed his brows, although he wasn’t afraid of pirates, he still does not wish to face them with his body being like this. He can only hope that the crewmen aboard the boat can deal with them.
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Ah dai continued asking his questions : “Teacher, what does pirate mean?”

Gliss answered without thinking: “Pirates are just people who rob other people’s things, they will sometimes kill people too.”

Hearing Gliss’ explanation, Ah Dai let out a breath of air, and said while smiling: “Then there is nothing to be afraid of, I don’t have anything for them to rob, but oh teacher, you must be careful, you have lots of amethyst and gold coins on you, they will probably rob those, you should hide them. Ahh where to hide them?” While saying this, Ah Dai started to look for hiding places around the room.

Hearing Ah Dai’s silly words, Gliss felt a rush on warmness in his chest, “Is he worrying about me?” Gliss thought to himself. How long has it been since someone has cared about him? Gliss shook his head in annoyance and grabbed Ah Dai, throwing him onto the bed in one swift motion, “Be quiet for me.”

Ah Dai did not understand why teacher would be so angry, so he sat there on the bed, not daring to make a sound.

“Ding Ding” sounds came non-stop, causing the big ship to tremor, and the standing Gliss had to hurriedly grab ahold of the wall next to him to be able to stand still, he also knows, this was probably the pirates coming to plunder the ship, because the sound just the was the sound of grappling hooks landing on the ship’s body. The noises outside caused Gliss to be even more annoyed, first was the movement of the ship, which caused his nausea to go up a level, and then his stomach acid started to make it’s way up to his throat. The feeling of being seasick, truly unbearable.

“All the people aboard the ship, hear up, we are pirates, so hurry up and take out all your valuables, otherwise don’t blame our weapons for needing blood!” A rough voice shouted from the outside. Obviously, the pirates had began their plundering. Gliss knows, the pirates aren’t trustworthy people at all, even if you hand over the goods, the pirates still will not let anyone live. After all, what pirate wants to be hunted down by the navy. The best way to keep a secret is to kill all the witnesses. Sinking the ship is their usual style of doing things, not only does doing that save time, it also saves effort. Gliss thought to himself: “Looks like, I must personally take care of this, because I don’t want to swim, that is impossible to even consider.”

Pushing open the door, Gliss walked outside, the sunlight reflecting off the surface of the ocean instantly caused him some dizzyness. Gliss grabbed the rails of the ship and started dry vomiting.
A pair of small hands appeared behind Gliss’ back, softly patting his back, making him feel a lot better. After finishing the last mouthful of vomit, he turned around and saw Ah Dai standing there, worriedly looking at him.

“Go back to the room, hurry!” Gliss shouted with some strictness.

Ah Dai hesitated, because even though Gliss’ tone was rough, there contained no coldness in his voice, but instead it sounded like he was caring for Ah Dai instead. Ah Dai didn’t move and just stared at gliss. One old, one young, keeping that staring contest going for some time. After the time it took for an incense stick to burn, Gliss finally snapped out of his trance. Gliss grabbed Ah Dai and shoved him back into the room, “You’re not allowed to come out of here.” After warning Ah Dai, he walked towards the noisy area.

This group of pirates were obviously outlaws, every single one of them possessing good fighting skills, they already finished grouping up all the passengers to the side of the ship. The passenger ship’s captain and the crewmen gathered in front of the main cabin, with over 20 deckhands having a scared silly expression from losing their heads to fear.

A pirate with an eyepatch and ten other pirates were in the middle of discussing something with the ship’s captain, Gliss used a wind attribute magic to eavesdrops their conversation.

“This elder brother, please, I am willing to give all the profits gained from this trip to you, just spare our ship please. I promise not to report this incident, so please?” The ship’s captain obviously knew how pirates usually took care of things, so he tried to tempt them.

The one eyed pirate laughed uproariously, “Profit? How much profit can you really earn, don’t try and play this trick on me, stay there and be honest, don’t interfere. If I, your grandfather, is in a good mood, you all might live. But, if you want to play some tricks, then don’t blame me for being merciless.”

While saying that, he suddenly slashed the scimitar in his hand towards the side of the ship. There was a flash of light and a “boom” sound could be heard. The side of the ship suddenly had a gaping hole. Gliss’ heart thumped, this pirate’s skills aren’t bad at all! Just from that last attack alone, he could tell that the pirate had DouQi, which only experts possessed. The edge of the blade didn’t touch the ship, but still caused that degree of damage from the Qi projection alone.

The ship’s captain and the crewmembers were frightened silly by the demonstration, and had no words to say.

The one eyed pirate shouted to his underlings: “Little ones, hurry it up! After we finish this plundering, we can go back to eat and drink to our heart’s content!” All the pirates started cheering following that shout. The first layer of the ship’s hold had already been opened, and all the passengers were held hostage on the deck, where they were being searched and plundered by the pirates. If any of the passengers resisted, they would instantly be beaten up by several pirates. Eventually, all the passengers succumed to fears, some even took the initiative to offer up their valuables for the sake of their own well-being.

Gliss knowns that now would be the time to make his move, this group of pirates are basically nobodies in his eyes, the only thing he feared was that they would sink the ship. Using wind type magic once more to spread his voice, “All of you, stop.” A dark voice slammed into the ears of the pirates and passengers alike.

The pirate leader’s expression turned cold, and looked in the direction of the voice, only seeing Gliss walking slowly down the stairs. He thought to himself, “I can’t be this unfortunate right, did I really run into a magician?” He shouted: “Everyone stop!” The pirates, seeing their leader hesitate, stopped what they were doing and gathered by their leader, and all at once, several hundred eyes fell onto Gliss’ body.

Gliss coughed twice, barely suppressing the feeling of dizziness, and said to the pirate leader: “Immediately leave this ship.”

The pirates looked at each other, then turned to their leader for his decision. The one eyed pirate looked Gliss up and down, trying to decide in his heart. They have not had any decent raids lately, but after finally finding a fat piece of meat like this ship, how can he easily give it up? But, if the person standing there was really a magician, and by the looks of it, a high ranked magician to boot. He knows fully well how scary magicians are.

“Sir, are you a magician?” He cautiously asked.

Gliss didn’t respond to his question, but instead replied coldly: “I will repeat once more, immediately leave this ship.”

Without waiting for the one eyed pirate to respond, a pirate with a sturdy build couldn’t hold back anymore and attacked Gliss with the club in his hand.

“You old thing, I think you’ve lived long enough!” he said while both hands holding on to the 50 pound heavy club, swinging it towards Gliss’ head.

A moment later, Gliss had already casted wind type magic on himself, his body slightly moved, appearing one meter behind where he was, not afraid of that pirate’s attack at all. With a huge boom, the pirate’s club slammed into the ship’s deck, causing the club to be stuck in the deck.

Gliss extended his right hand, flicking all five finger at the club, a wave of light green powder floated out and accurately falling onto the club.

“Pu Pu” noises sounded and the big pirate jumped from shock, because the club in his hand started to grow hot, he immediately released the club. To his surprise, he found that the steel made club was melting in front of his eyes, becoming a puddle of black colored iron water with a disgusting smell emanating from it. The guy backed up a few steps, pointed at Gliss and shouted: “Who are you!?”

The green powder that Gliss had just used was something he made, called gold melting dust, with the ability to melt almost any type of metal.

The pirate leader walked up a few steps, and threw the big pirate behind him, politely saying to Gliss: “Sir, you must be an alchemist, this one gives his courtesies.”

Gliss extended his right hand and chanted some magic phrases, and the flames that had burned the table to ashes before Uncle Li appeared again in his palms, the black flames looked extremely strange under sunlight, giving that pirate leader a huge scare. The pirate leader looked at Gliss with a stupefied expression.

Gliss said in a cold tone: “Could it be you want me to repeat myself for the third time?”

Just as the pirate leader was at his wit’s end, a very thick and deep voice sounded, “And here I thought who was it blocking my path to fortune, so it was the famous Demonic Flame Gliss!”

Gliss’ heart thumped, this voice seemed to have came from every direction, making it impossible to distinguish where the voice came from. This was the fear of almost all magicians, who are most likely bad at close quarter combat. What surprised him even more was that the other person knew who he was. He rushed to chant more magic, and a shroud of black mist came out of his body, locking everything within a meter of him.

“Don’t be so tense, I wouldn’t dare to think of harming Master Gliss.” A black shadow from the pirate ship landed in front of Gliss.

Gliss saw that this person was wearing a similar attire as himself through the shroud of black mist, the other person also used a huge hooded cape that covered his entire body, but because the other person’s height was too tall, his sturdy body could be seen. But, Gliss also felt that there was no trace of magic elements in this person’s body, so the other shouldn’t be a magician, and the cape should only be an object used to hide his identity.

“Boss.” all the pirates greeted this person with respect.

The black cloaked person raided his hand and all the pirates quietened down, he looked at Gliss and said: “Master Gliss, you and I can both mind our own business, so why bother interfering with each others? How about this, wait until we finish our business here, sink this ship, then you can board our ship. No matter where you want to go, we can help you get there safely. How about it?”
Gliss thought to himself, “You think I’m an idiot? If I board your ship then won’t I become trapped on your ship with my life in your hands? I’m not that stupid. “No need for the trouble, but still the same thing, get off this ship immediately.”

The black cloaked person took a step forward and said: “Since master is so stubborn, then you must give us brothers an explanation.” as he said this, his body flashed towards Gliss, the cloak fluttered in the air and several beams of black light shot towards Gliss. The speed was so fast that the people watching had their mouths gaped open in amazement. The shroud of black mist around Gliss didn’t seem to be able to slow the black light at all, and the light beams flashed towards his body.

Gliss’ magic might be strong, but he was only an alchemist. He never would’ve thought that the other person still dared to attack him even after he used the dark flames. In a very dangerous situation, he dare not hold back, rapidly taking out an object and flicking it out.

The dark beams hit Gliss’ body, but the black cloaked person was still shocked because he could feel that he didn’t hit anything solid. He said with surprise: “Illusion magic huh.”

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