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Translator : Kuroneko
Editors: Samskor, Stbunbun

Chapter 31: Elves in Danger

Xuan Yue was shocked, “What are you doing? I only asked what was a *** slave, why do you all have such big reactions?”

Yue Hen was full of embarrassment as he tried to change the topic, “Miss Xuan Yue, it’s better for you to stop asking. Let’s prepare to enter the forest, remember to check if you’ve left anything behind in the horse carriage.”

Xuan Yue shook her head, “I didn’t leave anything behind! If you don’t tell me, I’ll go ask Ah Dai then. Ah Dai! Tell me, what is a *** slave?”

“I, I don’t know either! But, since they’re slaves, their lives must be very miserable. The captured elves are really pitiful…” Ah Dai sighed, as he shook his head.

“I didn’t expect that humans can be compassionate too, this is my first time seeing it.” A cold voice suddenly sounded out from within the forest. As Ah Dai’s group turned towards the direction of the voice, over ten green colored silhouettes flew out from the forest. At a glance, one could tell that there was a mix of men and women within the group of people, and their bodies seem to be slightly shorter than a normal human’s. They wore green plants as clothing, and they had a pair of translucent wings behind their back. Most of them were wielding a green-colored short bow in their hand, as they glared hatefully at Ah Dai with their bright, beautiful eyes. Apart from the wings of their back, what stood out most was the pointed ears that they had. Everyone could sense the penetrating power of their arrows, and an intense killing aura emanated from them, as though they were preparing to fire their arrows.

Yan Shi spoke up, “They are the friends from the Elven race, everyone don’t move.” As he finished speaking, he walked forward and gave a small bow towards the male elf at the front of the group. “Greetings, brother elf, I am Yan Shi from the Puyan Tribe. I have come to pay my respects to Her Majesty, the Queen of Elves. May I know what has happened to cause all of you to be so tense?”

The male elf was stunned for a moment, then replying, “You are Yan Shi of the Puyan Tribe? Then what relationship do you have with Yan Fei?”

“Yan Fei is my father, does this brother know my father?”

However, the male elf did not seem to have any intention of relaxing, and continued in a wary tone, “What evidence do you have to prove that you are indeed Yan Fei’s son?”

Yan Shi let out a smile, and took out a stone-like item from his clothes, throwing it to the male elf. Ah Dai vaguely saw that there were a few words on the stone, and it even contained some special power within.

As the elf caught the stone, Yan Shi explained, “When I was born, that is the protective charm that was bestowed upon me by the esteemed Prophet Pu Lin of our Puyan Tribe. You can take a look.”

That elf inspected the stone, but shook his head, saying, “I can’t see anything special about it, but since you are so sure that you are from the Puyan Tribe, you can follow us into the forest. Did you really come to the Elven Forest just to pay your respects to Her Majesty?”

“We are planning to pass through the Heaven’s Origin Tribe to get to the Death Mountains. Since we have passed by your esteemed tribe’s territory, we decided to pay our respects to Her Majesty.”

A female elf with long, cascading purple hair walked over to the male elf’s side and conversed with him. Their conversation was in a language that no one could understand, and Ah Dai guessed that it must be the elven language.

That male elf nodded continuously as he listened to the female elf’s words. After she finished speaking, he hesitated for a moment before saying, “Okay then, since you claim that you are from the Puyan Tribe, you can follow us into the forest. However, you must allow our elven magicians to temporarily seal your powers, and after Her Majesty is able to confirm your identities, we will remove the seal.”

Yan Shi furrowed his brows, and exclaimed in rage, “Since when did the elves start to treat their guests like this? Is it really the orders of Her Majesty, Queen Xi Luo?”

Unrelenting, the male elf replied, “Yes, this is Her Majesty’s order. She ordered us to not let off any outsiders. Whether you are willing or not, we need to capture you and bring you back.” As he spoke, the rest of the elves raised their short bows, and one of the female elves flying at the back also waved a small magic staff in her hand, making it give off a faint green glow.

Xuan Yue grumbled to Yan Shi, “Didn’t you say that the elves were a kind and peace-loving tribe? Why does it seem, that they are even more overbearing than your Puyan Tribe! Trying to capture us just after we met.”

Yan Shi tried to explain, “Something big must have happened to the elves, if not they would not act in this manner. Friends of the Elven tribe, please stay your hand and let us discuss this first.” Then, he turned to Ah Dai and said, “Brother, it’s better for us to not start any conflicts with the elves, let’s just try and go along with them for now.”

Before Ah Dai could respond, Miao Fei interjected, “How can we accept that, if our powers are sealed, aren’t we letting them do anything they want to us?”

Ah Dai looked at Yan Shi, then looked at Miao Fei, and said to the male elf, “Brother elf, is there no other methods? We really don’t have any ill intentions.”

The male elf let out a cold hmpf, “Who knows if you are thieves who are just making use of the Puyan Tribe’s reputation? No, we must first seal your powers before bringing you into our Elven Forest.”

At this moment, Yue Hen walked up and stood in front of Miao Fei, declaring in a loud voice, “Okay then, I believe in your elven tribe.”

Miao Fei hurriedly cried out, “Boss Yue Hen, you mustn’t! We mustn’t let them seal our powers!”

Yue Hen glanced at him, “It’s okay, I believe that the elves will not harm their friends. Come.”

The male elf furrowed his brows, seeming to hesitate for a moment. “If it’s proven that you are really the friends of our elven tribe, then I, Ya Yuan of the Elven Tribe, will surely express my sincere apologies to all of you. Roma, you can begin.” Following his orders, the female magician elf at the back flew out, and chanted some incantations in elven language. The green glow from her magic staff gradually spread out and after some time, enough time that a pot of tea could boil, she finally waved her magic staff. A ray of green light shot towards a nearby large tree, and under the magic light, the tree instantly grew at an insane speed, with seven or eight tree vines crawling towards Ah Dai’s party.

Xuan Yue pointed and exclaimed in astonishment at the thick tree vines, “Wah! Is this the nature magic of the elven tribe? It’s so amazing!”

The tree vines quickly arrived before them, and started climbing up their bodies. In just a while, they were totally wrapped around them. Ah Dai struggled slightly, and felt the sturdiness of the vines, even with his boundless dou qi, he might not be able to escape from the bindings. The female elf named Roma stopped chanting after all the tree vines had bound Ah Dai’s group in place, and shot a tired nod towards Ya Yuan.

“Okay, we can go now, follow behind us,” Ya Yuan ordered, as he led his group of elves, slowly flying back into the forest.

The feeling of being bound was naturally uncomfortable, and Yan Li remarked in displeasure, “It’s been so long since I last came to the elven tribe, but who knew that I would actually be bound like a rice dumpling once I arrived.”

Yan Shi glared at him, chiding, “Don’t say any more nonsense, when we arrive at Her Majesty’s place, she will deliver us justice.” As he spoke, he started walking, following behind the elves.

Xuan Yue was not too bothered by bindings, as she knew, she could easily use the Phoenix’s Blood to break free if anything happened.

The path through the Elven Forest was full of uneven ground, and everyone took careful strides as they entered the deeper parts of the forest. The giant, towering trees had blocked most of the midday sunlight, and a cool, refreshing breeze blew past them, instantly uplifting their spirits.

Yan Li was a little mesmerised as he muttered, “The air here is so refreshing, even better than our Puyan Tribe. Big brother Yan Shi, it’s been more than a decade since we last came here, right?”

In this place filled with nature’s beauty, Yan Shi seemed to be evidently happier, as he nodded his head lightly, “Yes! The Elven Forest is of the most beautiful places in the continent. If only… Yun’ Er was still alive, she would definitely be happy when she sees this place.” Thinking of his deceased wife, pain arose in Yan Shi’s heart, and he stopped talking.

Among their group, only Xuan Yue did not practise any martial arts, and after walking for a while, her legs felt extremely sore. Without her hands free to help her maintain balance, along with the uneven ground of the forest, she accidentally lost her footing, and instantly fell to the ground. Ah Dai got a fright and immediately crouched beside her. However, with his hands bound, he had no way to help her up either.

As the treasured daughter of a crimson-robed priest, this was the first time Xuan Yue had suffered this kind of treatment, and she immediately burst into tears. Hearing her cries, everyone stopped and Yue Ji quickly hurried over go Xuan Yue’s side, asking in concern, “Yue Yue, how are you?”

Xuan Yue sobbed, “Their elven tribe is too much of a bully! I’m just a weak girl who doesn’t know any martial arts, how am I supposed to continue walking through this uneven ground! I don’t want to walk anymore, wuwuwu… T_T”

Ya Yuan flew over, and reached out to try help Xuan Yue. However, Xuan Yue shouted out, “Don’t touch me! Hateful!” Ya Yuan got a shock, only now did he realise that there was such an angel-like girl among the group of outsiders. In terms of appearance, she would be considered a top beauty, even among the elven race. Looking at her teary face, Ya Yuan finally relented, “From your appearance, you should be a human magician, right? Since it seems that you really don’t bear any ill intentions, I’ll just remove your bindings, okay?”

Xuan Yue instantly stopped sobbing, and a smile broke out as she hmpf-ed, “That’s much better, quickly remove these bindings.”

Ya Yuan called Roma over, and she quickly removed the vines around Xuan Yue’s body. Xuan Yue sat up and moved her sore limbs. Just now, when she fell down, she had scraped the skin on her palm, and the waves of throbbing pain caused her to cry out. She softly chanted her light attribute healing magic, and under the gentle rays of white light, the wound on her hand began to heal.

Roma landed next to Xuan Yue’s side, saying, “Little one, it’s not good to keep using magic to heal your injuries, it will decrease your body’s immunity. It’s better to let small wounds like this heal on their own.”

Xuan Yue pursed her lips and pouted, “But, but it really hurts! And, from your appearance, you don’t seem to be much older than me, please don’t call me ‘little one’. I really dislike others calling me little.”

Roma giggled, “Not much older? Haha, then you’re wrong, our elven race can usually live up to four or five hundred years. I’m almost a hundred years old this year, although it’s not considered to be very old in the tribe, I’m still much older than you.”

Hearing that, Xuan Yue let out a gasp of shock, and pointed at Roma, “You, you are almost a hundred years old?”

Roma nodded her head lightly, explaining, “Yes! I’ll be hundred in two year’s time. When I reach a hundred years of age, I’ll be considered as an adult elf.”

Xuan Yue seemed to have forgotten the pain from her fall earlier, and instantly grabbed Roma’s arm, saying in an affectionate tone, “Sister, sister, quickly tell me, how do you stay so beautiful even when you’re hundred years old?” The elves were a tribe that liked beauty and perfection, and upon hearing Xuan Yue’s sincere question, Roma could not help but smile. “Little one, this is due to our elven blood, there’s no special method involved!”

“Wah, being an elf is so good, to stay so beautiful even at a hundred years old. If only I can reincarnate as an elf next life…” Xuan Yue pouted.

Roma smiled, “If you become an elf, you will surely be the prettiest little elf!”

By this moment, Ya Yuan had flown over once more, interrupting their chat, “We should get going now, the others will be worried if we don’t return soon.”

Just then, a loud noise sounded through the forest, and more than ten black silhouettes suddenly appeared, surrounding them. All of them were fully covered in black, only revealing their eyes. Some were carrying ropes, while others were wielding weapons and shields, displaying menacing auras. A rope suddenly flew out from the bunch of black-clothed men, successfully entangling itself around Roma’s body. The tall black-clothed man who threw out the rope gave a rough tug, instantly pulling Roma towards him. With one hand grabbing hold of her body, he used his other hand to strike against her neck, knocking her out cold. Letting out a smug laugh, he proudly shouted out, “Brothers, quickly attack now, I’ve successfully captured the elven magician.”

The black-clothed men no longer had any reservations, and immediately pounced towards the elves. Ya Yuan remained calm and quickly flew into the sky. Under his command, countless green arrows rained down on the group of black-clothed men. However, the men seemed to be well-prepared, and almost everyone of them had thick shields in their hands. Although the piercing power of the elven arrows were strong, they were still unable to pierce through the black-clothed men’s defenses.

Although the translucent wings of the elves were able to lift them up into the sky, their flying speed was still incomparable to that of the winged people. Within the forest, there were all sorts of leaves and branches blocking their way, and they could barely fly up ten metres. The black-clothed men constantly flung out their ropes, and without the support of the elven magician, another three elves had been caught in just a short moment.

Seeing such a change in events, Xuan Yue got frightened and quickly rushed over to Ah Dai’s side. Yan Shi hurriedly yelled out, “Elven friends, quickly help us undo our bindings, we will help you to fight against the enemies!”

Ya Yuan was busy shooting arrows and dodging the ropes as he raged back, “Who knows if you are in cahoots with them! It must be you who led them here!” Actually, even if he believed Yan Shi’s words, he had no way to remove their bindings. After all, the only elven magician in their group, Roma, was already captured.

Looking at the group of black-clothed men who were drawing closer, Yan Shi was filled with anxiety, and he quickly asked Xuan Yue, “You are a magician too, do you have any methods to remove these bindings? They are too tough, and I can’t break free from them.”

Xuan Yue thought for a moment, before replying, “I do have a method, however, you might be burned by the fire. You must bear with the pain for a while!” As she spoke, she took out the Phoenix’s Blood, and quietly chanted, “Oh exalted Phoenix, the King of all birds! Please bestow upon me your eternal flames, transform into blades of fire, and cleave apart these bindings!” One of the greatest features of the Phoenix’s Blood was that, as long as one was at a junior magician level, one could use it to produce flame magic, and the power of the flames depended on the user’s magic power. Ah Dai’s Dragon’s Blood had the same ability, just that the magic produced was light attribute.

Following her incantations, the Phoenix’s Blood in Xuan Yue’s hand let out a red glow, and a bird shaped flame rushed out from the droplet-shaped gem. Under Xuan Yue’s command, it rushed towards the vines around Ah Dai’s chest. Ah Dai felt warmth spreading through his chest, and the vines that were restricting him earlier instantly broke apart. The vines were burnt coal black, but due to the icy evil qi of the Hell’s Sword, even the flames of the Phoenix’s Blood was unable to harm his skin. Ah Dai immediately drew his TianGang Sword, and with a flash of white, the vines around Yan Shi and Yan Li were sliced apart. Even the toughness of the tree vines were unable to defend against the sharpness of the TianGang Sword. The two of them let out a loud roar, and rushed towards the black-clothed men as they drew their weapons.

The flames from the Phoenix’s Blood were the strongest power that Xuan Yue could use at her current level of strength, and she had originally wanted to continue using the flames to help remove the bindings on the others. However, her magic force seemed to have been totally depleted from one usage of the Phoenix’s Blood, and she no longer had any strength, collapsing to the ground. Actually, she had overestimated the toughness of the tree vines. Using fire against plants, even a lower level fire magic would have been able to remove the bindings.

After Ah Dai helped Yan Shi and Yan Li, he hurriedly rushed over to Xuan Yue, asking in concern, “Yue Yue, how are you? Are you alright?”

Xuan Yue was a little out of breath as she panted, “I’m fine, just that I’ve used too much magic force. You should quickly go help Yan Shi and the others defeat those evil people, don’t let them capture the elves! Especially sister Roma.”

Ah Dai nodded, and helped Yue Hen and the remaining four break free. All of them had determined looks on their faces, and apart from Wan Li who was staying behind to protect Xuan Yue, the rest dashed towards the black-clothed men. At this moment, Yan Li and Yan Shi had already rushed straight into the midst of the black-clothed men. The two of them were warriors with powerful strength, and even the thick shields were of no use against their attacks. Yan Shi seemed to be venting all of his fury, as he swung his sword relentlessly towards the black-clothed men. Every strike was filled with immense power and momentum, killing all the men who were facing against him. Yan Li’s attacks were not any weaker than Yan Shi’s, and he swung his battle axes around in a frenzy. In just a while, seven or eight black-clothed men had already died to the pair of brothers.

“Hey, you people! Are you trying to take advantage of the situation to benefit yourselves?” one of the black-clothed men shouted out.

Hearing that, Yan Li yelled out in fury, “You motherf******! Don’t lump us in the same group as you, I’m going to kill all you bastards!” Ever since the day that he was tricked by Yan Ju, he already had a belly full of anger, and to add on, the past few days were extremely stifling for him. Now that he had a chance to vent his anger, he rushed towards the group of black-clothed men who were trying to capture the elves, without any hesitation. By this time, Ah Dai had also arrived. As Ah Dai was a little dumb, he remembered that Owen had taught him to focus mainly on momentum and strength while attacking, so most of his attacks were similar to Yan Shi’s. The only difference was that Ah Dai was too kind-hearted, every strike of his was only aimed towards the shields of his enemies, once the shields were broken, he then used his TianGang Sword to hit against their joints, merely causing them to lose the ability to battle. However, what Ah Dai did not notice was that the black-clothed men, who were injured by him and no longer had their shields to defend themselves, died under the arrows from the furious elves. Meanwhile, although Yue Hen’s silver sword and Miao Fei’s soft sword were unable to break their enemies’ shields, their attacks were well-executed. The black-clothed men were not very powerful, and under the joint cooperation of Yue Hen and Miao fei, most of them were killed. Yue Ji was at the side supporting them, as long as any black-clothed man was exposed, she would immediately shoot her arrow. Flashes of silver light flew past, and the accuracy of her archery was not any weaker than the elves’.


In just a short while, despite the difference in numbers, the large group of black-clothed men were forced into retreat by Ah Dai’s group, and it seemed that they would all be eliminated. Just then, another seven black-clothed men suddenly jumped out from the bushes. Their attire was slightly different from the earlier group of black-clothed men, and they were not carrying any shields or ropes in their hands, but instead, they were wielding a short dagger in each hand, giving off a cold glint.

The elves that were captured before, excluding Roma, had all been rescued. Although they did not suffer any serious injuries, they were all knocked out by the enemies.

The tall black-clothed man who was holding on to Roma quickly retreated to the seven black-clothed men who had just appeared, and exclaimed anxiously, “Leader, we were close to succeeding, but a bunch of powerful fellows suddenly appeared out of nowhere, and snatched away the captured elves. Many of our brothers have died or suffered serious injuries!”

A short and slim black-clothed man in the group let out a cold hmpf, “You bunch of useless fools, can’t even deal with just these few people. Order the men to retreat.”

The tall black-clothed man quickly obeyed, and let out a loud, clear whistle. Once the whistle sounded, the remaining black-clothed men, with only fewer than ten surviving, quickly retreated back with their shields as protection, towards the group of black-clothed men wielding twin daggers.

Ya Yuan, together with the elves who were not captured, quickly gathered with Ah Dai’s group, and Ya Yuan said with immense gratitude, “You really are friends of our elven tribe, I am really sorry for what happened earlier.”

“Let’s not talk about this right now, let us deal with those black-clothed men first. Those fellas who just arrived seem to be quite strong, everyone be careful,” Yan Shi warned.

Ya Yuan nodded, “I’ve already sent out the signal just now. However, as this is close to the borders of our elven tribe, there are fewer of us stationed nearby, perhaps aid will arrive a little late.”

Yue Hen furrowed his brows and added on, “From their appearance, these men who just arrived seem to be from the Thieves’ Guild. They actually dare to trespass into the elven tribe just to capture elves, aren’t they afraid of the United Regions Commonwealth? I presume that the ones who just arrived should be at least high-ranked thieves, everyone be careful.”

Yan Shi glanced at Yue Hen, then said to Ya Yuan, “Brother elf, I’ll leave our back lines to the rest of you, we will go forth to deal with those bastards.” After he finished speaking, he started walking forward with Yan Li. Ah Dai and the members of the Moon Scar Mercenary Group followed behind, and the seven of them arrived before the group of black-clothed men.

The seven black-clothed men walked up as well, and one of them said in a deep voice, “No matter who you people are, don’t you think you were a little too ruthless? Twenty-two of our brothers died here, you must give us a good explanation.”

“What explanation! You bunch of bastards actually dared come here to kidnap elves, simply that, isn’t it enough reason to kill you?” Yan Li raged.

The black-clothed man coldly hmpf-ed, “We are all living on this continent, just trying to make a living and earn money. Since you’ve gone to such extremes today, don’t blame us for breaking traditions!”

Ah Dai was confused, and softly whispered to Yue Hen, “What traditions are they talking about?”

Yue Hen replied in a low voice, “There are rules in the Thieves’ Guild, that they are not allowed to kill anyone while stealing or robbing. It seems like this group of black-clothed men are going to give their all. The power of high-ranked thieves is very fearsome, if there’s any Acquirer here, we will be in danger. We must be careful later, those high-ranked thieves have extremely fast speeds.”

[TN: I’m not too sure how to translate (获取者) Acquirer, but I’m guessing it’s a rank for the thieves, probably a higher rank than the high-ranked thieves.  

ED: From Chapter 001 Part 5: Thief rankings are Thief, High Thief, and then Acquirer. Generally, those who hold the esteemed titled of the Acquirer often steal treasures that are worth cities]

Yan Shi argued back, “Just for personal profit, you force the kind elves to be subjected to harsh treatment as slaves, your actions are too selfish! The continent will be better off without people like you, what’s wrong with us helping everyone to get rid of evil?”

One of the black-clothed men whispered to the leader of the group, and the leader nodded his head, declaring to Yan Shi, “How about this, there’s seven of you, and there’s seven of us. Let us have a duel, and if you win, we will immediately leave the Elven Forest. But, if you lose, stop interfering in our business!”

Yue Hen whispered to Ah Dai, explaining, “It seems like these thieves are quite afraid of breaking their guild’s rules. If not, they wouldn’t be so tolerant right now. Actually, this kind of proposal is quite acceptable. If we were to defeat them, they will naturally have to back off, otherwise, even if we want to help, we wouldn’t be able to save the elves.”

Ah Dai nodded, “Big brother Yue Hen, do you think we will be able to beat them?”

“I’m not sure either, I can’t tell how powerful they are from their appearance. However, all of their weapons are short daggers, I’m afraid they definitely have some skills. The shorter the weapon, the more formidable the skills required.”

Yan Shi also sensed that the black-clothed men had already given them some leeway, and replied, “You decide then, how do we duel?”

“Very simple, we will each send one person to duel, and the loser is not allowed to participate anymore. Once all the seven people of a group are defeated, they will be considered to have lost. However, I hope that you will no longer go to the extreme and kill anyone. If not… I’m afraid that we will be unable to control our emotions and…”

Yan Shi did not pay attention to the threat, and merely stated, “Let us begin then. Which one of you is fighting?”

The leader of the black-clothed men glanced towards his left, “Little seven, you go.” In a flash, the leftmost black-clothed man had already stood in the middle of the two groups. His speed had indeed shocked Yan Shi. Yan Shi was clear that his advantage laid in strength, and he was not suitable in dealing with those who were proficient in speed. Just as he was contemplating whether to go up, Miao Fei had already stepped forward. With his left hand holding his soft sword, he goaded with disdain, “Let me witness exactly, how powerful dog thieves like you are!”

The black-clothed man was short and slim as well, his eyes were large, but he narrowed his eyes when he looked towards Miao Fei. He did not seem to be angered by Miao Fei’s words and coldly said, “Be careful.” His voice was hoarse and low, and once his voice faded, he made his move. Miao Fei had already lost sight of his opponent, and he got a great shock. He was pretty confident in his own speed, but he had never expected that the small, slim black-clothed man would be that fast. Instinctively, he swung his short sword around, and the surrounding was filled with after images of his sword. With a loud clang, Miao Fei suddenly felt two streams of sharp dou qi against his soft sword. He hurriedly circulated the dou qi in his body to try and defend against the attack, but he was unable to stop the ambush of the piercing dou qi. An intense pain radiated from his hand, and his soft sword fell on the floor with another clang. There was a chill against his neck, and the short dagger was already on top of his shoulder, with the blade almost touching his neck. The dense killing aura caused Miao Fei to not dare make any movements. Just as he thought that his life would be over, the killing aura dissipated, and the black-clothed man once more appeared at his original spot, calmly declaring, “You’ve already lost.”

Miao Fei stood rooted at the spot, with a pale face and cold sweat running down his back. He had never thought that he would be unable to even receive a single attack.

Yue Hen quickly walked up and grabbed hold of Miao Fei, while shooting a nod towards the black-clothed man, “Thank you for giving mercy.” His heart was filled with unease as well. The fight had clearly displayed the vast differences in power between Miao Fei and his opponent. Although Yue Hen was a little more powerful than Miao Fei, there was not such a great difference between the two of them.

Not just Yue Hen was afraid, the others were also shocked by the attack of the black-clothed man. Deep in their hearts, all of them knew, that none of them are confident in receiving that unexpected attack.

Yan Shi gritted his teeth. Just as he was about to step up, he found that his shoulder was grabbed, and he turned around to see, it was Ah Dai. Ah Dai nodded towards Yan Shi, “Big brother, let me go.” After seeing the skill that the black-clothed man displayed just now, Ah Dai did not have any confidence as well. However, once he thought of how the innocent and kind-hearted elves would be sold of by those black-clothed men as slaves, anger rose within him, and he impulsively stepped out.

Yan Shi knew that Ah Dai’s power was similar to his, and he even knew some magic. Thus he thought that Ah Dai might have a greater chance, and nodded, “Please be careful.”

Ah Dai nodded in acknowledgement and drew the TianGang Sword behind his back. Both of his hands were gripping the sword hilt tightly as he walked up to the black-clothed man. Faint white colored dou qi emanated from his body, and he stared at his opponent with a domineering aura. “Please advise.” Once he spoke the words, Ah Dai immediately circulated all the boundless true qi within his body. He was no longer aware of the presence of the black-clothed man, and only felt as though he was back within the ocean. His momentum gradually increased, just like the build-up of endless waves surging towards his opponent.

There was a glimmer of shock in the black-clothed man’s eyes, as he twisted his body, trying to defend against Ah Dai’s pressurising momentum. He felt as though his body was locked down by Ah Dai, and there was no chance for him to go on the offensive. If he moved, he would immediately be faced with Ah Dai’s thunderous strike. The two of them just stood there, facing each other, and no one moved for a long time.

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