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Darklord5555 here, newest editor and i am currently helping out with The kind death god. The poll’s results are out ( it seems that from now on we will be posting complete chapters at longer intervals. Enjoy the last part of Chapter 3


Translated by: Naervan

Edited By: darklord5555


Gliss looked at Ah Dai with a stumped expression, only after quite a while did he recover from his stupor. A slight hint of murderous intent flashed within his eyes, he could have never thought that this idiotic boy in front of him had such a great natural aptitude for magic. When Gliss chanted this fireball spell for the first time, all he got as a result was some heat within the center of his palm. Even so, his master gave him a praise of the highest evaluation, but this average looking brat with below average intelligence actually succeeded in making a fireball, this is too unbelievable.

Ah Dai still didn’t understand why would a fireball appear above his own hand, so he looked at his own palm with a dumb expression.The two just stared spacing off in the room like that.

Quite some time later, Gliss snuffed out the fireball on his own hand and said: “Okay, let’s stop here for today, i need to rest for a bit, you go and memorize that spell. Your own fireball will float atop your hand so it won’t harm you, when you have time, just sit on the bed and think about those small red balls, understand?”


Ah Dai nodded his head, and tried his best to remember the spell chant he had just heard. With less interest to look at the sea for now, because to him, a barely 11 year old child, the interest of a fireball brings way exceeds that of the ocean.

Gliss stopped noticing Ah Dai and lay on his own bed meditating. Good thing that the weather was good for the day, the winds were nice and calm on the sea, the boat didn’t shake too much, so it lessened his seasickness symptoms. He thought that if another magician saw Ah Dai’s performance just then, they would definitely take Ah Dai as their disciple right away. Ah Dai’s aptitude is really too good, and he is getting older too, isn’t it time to consider letting Ah Dai study and inherit  his own legacy. Gliss shook his head vigorously, no, how can he break his own plan just because of a brat with better than average talents? He only need to undergo the final experiment, and this child will die, no matter how much the child learns, what use is there?

Ah Dai sat on the bed sheets with his eyes closed, playing with those small red mantous with joy, Gliss suddenly woke him up.


“En, repeat the chant i taught you yesterday.”

“Okay, Fire elements filling the heavens and earth! please bestow, please bestow. ouch.” Ah Dai could only recall the first sentence.

Gliss took back his hand that just hit Ah Dai, this idiot’s memorization skills is really the worst, “I’ll tell you again for the last time, if you still cannot remember, then don’t even think about eating again before getting off this ship. Fire elements filling the heavens and earth! please bestow upon me your warm strength, become a ball, appear in my hand.”

Eating to Ah Dai is the best thing for threats, he tried his hardest to memorize each word, “ Warm strength….. Become a ball,….. Appear in my hand.” he worked extra hard efforts to memorize the part that he wasn’t familiar with, sitting on his bed, repeating to himself non-stop, again and again. This simple chant, a normal person only needs a small amount of time before remembering it completely, but Ah Dai used an entire half a day before he can barely promise that he won’t forget.

 “Master, Teacher, I, I remembered it.” Ah Dai woke up Gliss by shaking him, giving no regards to the time.

Today’s waves were larger than the ones from yesterday, Gliss originally wanted to sleep a bit more to lessen the effects of his seasickness, and after finally falling asleep, he was woken up. He angrily said : “WHAT?”

Ah Dai was scared into taking a step backwards, stammered : “I, I memorized that spell chant.”

Gliss grunted once and said: “You’re one of the dumbest person i’ve met, actually using half a day to memorize a simple spell chant, what is there to brag about, let’s hear it.”

(Naervan: Ah Dai’s hard gathered confidence received a killing blow from Gliss, Ah Dai’s confidence fainted, choose a new pokemon…)

The confidence that Ah Dai gathered with great difficulty suddenly received a heavy blow from Gliss and shattered into a billion pieces, he lowered his head and extended his right hand and chanted in a small voice: “Fire elements filling the heavens and earth! please bestow upon me your warm strength, become a ball, appear in my hand.” Just as he finished the chant, he felt that unknown force gather again, also, compared to last time it was much stronger. Puchi, a diameter of at least 3 cm fireball appeared above his palm. Having experience from last time, Ah Dai kept calm this time and examined that red ball of flame carefully, the feeling was warm atop his hand, not blazing hot. Ah Dai brought the fireball in front of him and looked carefully, a slight lack of concentration on his part, the hair on his forehead caught on fire, “AH!” in his cry of alarm, Ah Dai’s concentration broke completely, and the fireball on his hand disappeared, a smelly wave of burnt hair  filled the cabin. Ah Dai beat his own hair for his life before finally smothering the fire out, his tragic half short black hair now missed yet another piece/section.

 looking at Ah Dai’s haggard appearance, Gliss couldn’t help but let out a slight smile, “Water and fire are emotionless, if it’s on your hand it’s fine, but it doesn’t mean that it is also harmless to other things. That was a real fireball, what you just did right now is called lighting yourself on fire. Next time be a little more careful. Open the door and let some fresh air in.”


Ah Dai continuously panted, although the previous incident just then made him battered and exhausted, but the fireball’s appearance gave his child’s heart a great happiness. The first time that he truly felt respect towards Gliss, “Teach.., Teacher, sorry, i am too stupid. I can’t even cast such a small magic perfectly.”

Gliss inwardly cursed, then aren’t i even more dumb. he have never seen anyone who can practice for just two days and cast a fireball that size. “Okay, no need to keep dawdling on this, just be more careful later on, and don’t forget the spell chant.”

Ah Dai nodded his head and said with determination: “I… I will definitely not forget, teach.” The fireball was Ah Dai’s first magic, and he already loved that little red fireball in the depth of his heart. he sat to the side and continued to repeat the already familiar spell chant to himself.


After two more days, the journey entered its last leg, Gliss did not take one step out of the room, fearing that the sight of the endless sea will make him vomit. All the food and drink was brought into the room by Ah Dai, every meal almost always have 90 percent of its content entering Ah Dai’s stomach. Ah Dai was a very good and obedient kid, these past three days, other than determinedly practicing and memorizing the fireball spell, he would meditate on the bed. The so called hard work to replace talent, just in three days time, he already can control fireball to an astonishing degree, the fireball that appears has already reached a diameter of 5 centimeters. gliss would occasionally give him a few pointers on how to use the fireball, such as how to raise the ball’s temperature, how to make the fireball’s size increase, how to control the fireball’s flight in the air…etc. unexpectedly, the always dimwitted Ah Dai, learned these methods fairly quickly and was fluent in their use very quickly.

Ah Dai controlled the fireball to circle around his body, he thought to himself that even if teacher dies later, he won’t have to fear the cold anymore, The warmth provided by the fireball felt really great. Good thing Gliss doesn’t know mindreading magic in his repertoire, or else he would definitely be so angry that blood would come out of all 7 orifices on his face.  

“Teacher, I want to go outside to take a breather.” after a few days’ worth of interacting with each others, Ah Dai is no longer that afraid of Gliss, after all, Gliss have yet to hit him, and he always let him eat until he was full during every meal.

 Gliss glared at him and said : “Put up your fireball, just stay around the entrance, don’t go too far.”

Ah Dai excitedly replied : “Yes teacher.”afterwards, he waved his hand to snuff out the fireball in the air, before excitedly opening the door to head outside. Standing on the outer walkway of the boat, Ah Dai held onto the rails and let the warm sunlight massage his skin, he deeply inhaled a breath of the moist sea air, and looked towards the horizon where the sea and the sky meets, sinking into revelment.

“Huh? what is that? “ Just as the Ah Dai was sinking in to revelment, he discovered that there was a black dot approaching them at a fast pace, the black dot grew gradually bigger.


After a while, the black dot’s silhouette can be seen, that was also a ship, the ship’s body was black colored, the size on par with the boat they were on, there was only one layer of deck. the huge black flag had a huge white skull on it, underneath the white skull was two white cross bones. Ah Dai thought, why is that boat’s color so different from their own?

He watched as the black ship approached theirs.

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