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Chapter 3, Sorcery 101, part 2!

Changes from the previous translator: Gelisi > Gliss


Through the broad boarding plank, Ah Dai followed up Gliss and boarded this so called Worship God boat. Gliss rented the upper room of the ship, spacious enough for two people. Gliss felt great discomfort all over his body, he told Ah Dai that the main reason he disliked ships was mainly because he gets seasick. If he wasn’t in a rush, mainly because he wanted to head back as early as possible to prepare for his plan, he would have never chosen to go by ship.

Ah Dai excitedly walked inside the ship, looking out through the glass windows from time to time. After a short while, a broad canvas sail was raised on a tall and sturdy beam. the ship started to move slowly, gradually increasing its speed. as there were glaciers in this deap sea, this Worship God travel ship started it’s voyage close to the shoreline. After reaching the warmer waters, only then did the ship dare to venture in the deeper parts of the sea to reach faster speed.


“It’s moving, it’s moving, teacher, the ship moved!”


Gliss grabbed Ah Dai and pulled him in front of him, with a glare, he asked him: “Do you remember what i taught you yesterday?”

Ah Dai blinked his eyes and said with some shame: “Forgot it”. In the past two days, Gliss has always been teaching Ah Dai to learn some alchemy related knowledge, but sadly, Ah Dai’s brain processing speed was way too slow. he can’t even remember the simplest alchemical terminology.

“I knew you forgot it. Nevermind, I know just by looking at you that you can’t remember anything, go take a lotus pose on the bed.”


Ah Dai responded with a sound, and sat down per the instructions of Gliss. Gliss stood next to him, saying with a low voice : “Alchemical terms can await until we return to my place before you can delve further into the subject. During our time on this ship, i will assist you in feeling magic. this so called magic  is in fact submerging you own consciousness within the elements and letting you soul communicate with the elements nurtured by the Heavens and the Earth, thus allowing you to use your awareness to move the elementals as you wish. I don’t expect you to understand this right now, in a moment, i will thread some of my own own magic into your body, you simply need to close your eyes and feel, tell me what you felt afterwards.”


Ah Dai nodded his head and closed his eyes.

Gliss said: “I require of you, at the very least, to learn the simple fireball and flames within three months, otherwise, no food for you. Okay, now gather your thoughts and use your heart to feel the energy i am transmitting to you.” After speaking, he extended his right hand, and pressed on Ah Dai’s shoulders, then proceeded to chant a few magical incantations/phrases.

Ah Dai felt his shoulders warming up, and thought of the pain he endured within the restaurant, his whole body shook.

“Get rid of all distracting thoughts.” Gliss said with a soft voice.


The heat flowed from his shoulders into his body, but it showed no signs of worsening, only it circulated within his body. Ah Dai  puts his worries away, and due to the lack of distracting thoughts within his head, he fell asleep  in the comfort of the heat created by Gliss’s magic.

Gliss originally thought that Ah Dai was in a deep trance feeling the magic elements around them, but half a day later, he almost never felt any movement from Ah Dai This method of passing one’s own magic force to another person is very exhausting  due to the fact there is no way to move the elements around them for usage, so even someone on Gliss’s level felt weariness. he slowly retracted his right hand and asked: “What did you see? Ah Dai. Ah Dai… ah, you brat, you actually fell asleep, completely wasting all my hard efforts, are you trying to infuriate me to death?”


A small water ball exploded on Ah Dai’s face, causing him to awaken from his sweet dreams with a small shiver, “Snow, It’s snowing.”

[Jerry: so cute :3]


Gliss angrily smacked Ah Dai on on his head and said: “Snowing your head, what did i just ask of you? But what did you do instead?

Ah Dai just realized where he was, and thought of what just happened. He lowered his head and muttered: “Teacher, sorry, just then… just then it was too comfortable, so i fell asleep”

Gliss barely suppressed his anger within himself, and said coldly: Tell me, what did you just see? Don’t say you don’t know, if you really don’t know, then your dinner is gone.”

Once the issue of food was mention Once the issue of food was mentioned, Ah Dai immediately became more attentive, scratched his own head and thought : “ but I really didn’t see anything! How do I answer.” Ah Dai thought for a bit and decided to tell the wonderful dream he just had, and see if he can pass with that. After organizing his thoughts, he looked at the serious faced Gliss and said : “I… I felt just then my whole body heat up, then i became confused. afterwards, i saw a lot of small kids that came to play with me. they all had small red Mantous in their hands, trying to give it to me, I took and took, but no matter what i tried, I couldn’t accept them. I also wanted to give them something, but i didn’t have anything to give, so i could only let it be. Then you woke me up.”

Gliss was shocked by what he just heard, how could he not understand that what Ah Dai described was a dream. Although Ah Dai slept, but from his description, it actually was related to fire elements. those kids who were playing with him was all part of his dream, but those small red mantou were definitely fire elemental power! Why would the fire elements be attracted toward him? Unless he was born with a pure fire aptitude body, but he wasn’t.  When he was tested before, the results were clear. Thinking back, even when Gliss himself studied fire element magic, he could only meagerly feel the presence of the fire elements around him

Ah Dai uneasily looked at Gliss, wondering whether his lie to use his dream to replace his perception will allow him to get a meal.

Gliss extended his right hand and said: “Follow my lead and chant this: Fire elements filling the heavens and earth! please bestow upon me your warm strength, become a ball, appear in my hand.” Puchi! A 10 centimeters wide fireball appeared above Gliss’s hand, causing the surrounding air to suddenly heat up.

Although Ah Dai doesn’t understand what Gliss meant, but he still remembered the part belonging to incantation, so he followed along and said: “Follow… Ah, I don’t need to repeat this part right. Fire elements  Fire elements filling the heavens and earth! Please bestow upon me your warm strength, become a ball, appear in my hand.” Just as he finished saying the chant, Ah Dai suddenly felt something around him suddenly rush towards the center of his palm, Puchi! His hand flashed, and a small fireball, only one centimeter in diameter, appeared above his palm. it gave Ah Dai a small fright, he lept in fear of burning himself with the fire. As soon as he lost his concentration, the fireball instantly disappeared.

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