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Translated by Kuroneko

Edited by darklord5555


Chapter 25:  Enmity within Puyan


Pausing for a while, Yan Shi seemed totally immersed in his memories, and there was a trace of gentleness within his eyes. After some time, he finally continued, “This incident will be quickly known by father. I’m his only son and the successor of the Puyan Tribe leader. Father originally wanted me to marry the daughter of a large clan leader, and when he knew that I was in love with Yun’ Er, he was strongly against it initially. However, how could I be so easily discouraged? When father made me choose between the position of the tribe leader and Yun’ Er, I picked Yun’ Er without hesitation. At last, my father had no choice but to agree to our marriage. The struggles and obstacles in those few years, I can still remember them clearly. We’ve only been married for two years, but these two years, I lived as though I was in a dream, I was so happy, really so blessed. Every time I left the house, I will always think of the gentle Yun’ Er, who was waiting for me at home, with my favorite dishes prepared. Once I think of her, I will be filled with love and yearning. Yesterday, when your cleave was about to land on me, there was only one thought in my mind, and that was, I won’t be able to see my beloved Yun’ Er again. And afterwards, when you got injured in order to not harm me, I was immensely grateful towards you, because, as long as I was alive, I would be able to return home to Yun’ Er. However, however, she… she just departed in such a way, the light in my life, just suddenly disappeared… Brother, how, how am I supposed to accept this fact!” As he spoke, Yan Shi suddenly burst into tears, the tears streamed down, staining his clothes.

Hearing the story of Yan Shi and Yun’ Er, Ah Dai was greatly moved. Yan Shi’s unwavering love for Yun’ Er had tugged at his heartstrings.

After a long while, Yan Shi finally calmed down a little as he choked out, “My Yun’ Er was so kind, she had never offended anyone, and she would definitely not have any enemies. She treated everyone kindly, and she would even nurse injured stray animals. But, but, just like that, she’s gone now, with such unwillingness and suffering. Who was it, who was it that was so ruthless! To not even spare such a kind and caring maiden like Yun’ Er! I’m really regretful, if only I had not gone out to patrol today, but stayed by her side instead, perhaps she wouldn’t have died…”

Ah Dai patted Yan Shi’s shoulder, and asked, “Big brother Yan Shi, have any strangers came to your clan recently?”



Yan Shi shook his head and replied with certainty, “No, definitely not, our Puyan Tribe rarely interacts with outsiders, and it’s even rarer for us to bring outsiders to our own clans. If not for you sparing my life yesterday, and your relationship with the TianGang Sword School, I would definitely not have brought you back to the clan. Brother, I really don’t want to live anymore, I want to die, to die and find Yun’ Er, perhaps, I might be able to reunite with her there. The only thing that’s holding me back now is that I need to avenge Yun’ Er. I must shred that heartless fiend into pieces!” A frosty killing aura emanated from Yan Shi as he finished his last sentence, causing Ah Dai to feel shivers run down his back.

Yan Shi’s gaze gradually hardened as he said in a low voice, “Brother Ah Dai, thank you for bringing me back to my senses. I must avenge Yun’ Er’s death, and you’re right, that fiend might be someone from my tribe, and even more likely, someone from our troops. Yun’ Er has been with me for so long and she knows some martial arts. To kill her without even allowing her to make some noise, that fiend must possess decent skills. I believe, he must have some motives for killing Yun’ Er, and he might appear again. After you get off the carriage, don’t reveal to anyone that I’ve regained my senses. When I arrive at my father’s place, I must find out the culprit! The people guarding the carriage right now are all my most trusted brothers, they will definitely not reveal our conversation.”

A little confused, Ah Dai simply nodded and consoled, “Big brother Yan Shi, don’t be too depressed, the culprit will surely get his just deserts.”

Yan Shi closed his eyes, letting his last two tears fall, and replied in a cold voice “From now onwards, I will not longer be sad, there shall only be hatred within my heart. Brother Ah Dai, you can go now, wipe your tears away and don’t let anyone find out.”

“Take care, brother Yan Shi.” Wiping away his tears, Ah Dai was just about to get off the carriage.

“Wait a minute.”

Confused, Ah Dai turned around and asked, “Big brother Yan Shi, what’s wrong?”


Yan Shi glanced at Ah Dai for a while, “Brother, you are really kind, thank you very much. From today onwards, you are one of my best brothers.”

Ah Dai grabbed Yan Shi’s hand, “Big brother, I was an orphan and don’t have any siblings, I am really lucky to have a big brother like you!”

Returning to the carriage, Ah Dai sat beside Xuan Yue once more.

“How’s Yan Shi?” Yue Hen asked.

Ah Dai shook his head, “His condition isn’t very good, he had become unresponsive after his wife’s death. He did not speak any words and only stared at his wife’s coffin.” Ah Dai thought to himself, This is my first time lying, big brother Yan Shi, I really hope that you’ll be able to find the culprit soon.

Yue Ji sighed, “He is indeed pitiful, losing his wife at such a young age.”

Xuan Yue suddenly opened her eyes and glanced at Ah Dai, but remained silent.


After a day of travelling, with almost 500 Puyan warriors escorting them, they arrived at the largest clan in the southwest of the Puyan Tribe’s territory —— the Yan Clan. Most of the people here have Yan as their surnames. Yan Shi’s father was the leader of this clan, as well as the leader of the Puyan Tribe.

The 500 Puyan warriors stopped at a small hill in front of the Yan Clan. Perhaps they had already received news beforehand, but when Ah Dai got off the horse carriage, there was almost thousands of Puyan warriors who rushed forward. They were all part of the light cavalry, and they wore leather armors, and wielded spears. Their spearheads were pointed to the ground and they glinted when the rays of sunlight reflected off of them. There was a chill in the air as they emitted hostile auras. The Yan Clan was much larger than the clan Yan Shi lived in. From afar, it looked as large as a big city, with all sorts of different sized and shaped stone houses scattered around. In the middle of the clan, there were also some tall imposing stone buildings, and the whole territory was so vast that even when standing on the small hill. It was difficult to see the its whole entirety.


The thousands of warriors formed a line and stood in the path before Ah Dai’s group. Yan Ju ordered all of his warriors to stop, then jumping off of his own horse, shouting loudly, “I am Yan Ju, whose troops are these?”

“Oh it’s brother Yan Shi! I heard something happened? The tribe leader ordered me to await your arrival.” Accompanying the deep voice, a horse galloped out of the troops. He was very skilled at riding, and his tall black-colored fine steed was like a flash of black lightning, dashing straight towards them. Yan Ju was not startled by his speed and simply revealed a small grin.

The rider of the black horse seemed to have become one with the horse, as his body was leaning forward, swaying slightly with his galloping horse. In just a short instant, they had already arrived before Yan Ju and just as the black horse was about 5 metres away from Yan Ju, its rider suddenly let out a huge shout and forcefully jerked the reins. The black horse let out a long whinny, stopping to the side, under the control of its rider.

Yan Ju let out a laugh, “Brother Yan Li, your riding skills have gotten even better!”

[TN: Same Yan (岩) as Yan Ju and Yan Shi, a pretty common surname of their tribe, but doesn’t mean they’re related, “brother” is used with the meaning of “bro” as mentioned earlier.]

The warrior, named Yan Li, was not very tall but he was extremely built, with veiny, muscled arms, and an intense look to him, seeming to be around 20 years old. One glance at him and one could tell that he was a warrior that specialised in strength. The black horse that he was riding was even more handsome with his sleek dark hairs glistening under the sunlight. After the sprint and the sudden stop just now, it was now panting slightly, but other than that, it seemed fine. “Big brother Yan Ju, what has happened? Where’s big brother Yan Shi? I heard from the messengers that you sent, that big sister Yun’ Er… …”


Yan Ju replied, with a solemn voice “Little Yun was really too pitiful, let’s not talk about it now, Yan Shi and Little Yun’s corpse are on the carriage behind. Let’s enter the clan first, everything will have to be decided by the tribe leader.”

Anger surged forth within Yan Li, as he let out a loud grunt “I wonder which bastard did this, if I ever find out, I’ll surely rip him apart! Let’s go, big brother Yan Ju, quickly bring me to see Yan Shi. He had such deep feelings for sister Yun’ Er, he must be suffering now.”

Yan Ju sighed, “Yan Shi had suffered quite a huge shock, he seemed to have lost his will after Little Yun died. Throughout the whole journey, he hasn’t spoken a single word and refused to eat. He seems so much thinner, and seems to be in a daze. Come, I’ll show you.” As he spoke, he turned around, and let Yan Li to the horse carriage. Yan Shi’s carriage was all the way at the back, and Yan Ju and Yan Li had to pass by Ah Dai’s group. As Yan Li saw them, he could not help but to furrow his brows and asked, “Big brother Yan Ju, who are they? Why are they amongst your troops?”

“They are the outsiders that Yan Shi brought back on the day the incident happened, they seem to be his guests. Just as they arrived at the clan, Little Yun had died. I was afraid that they may be possible suspects, so I brought them along, for the tribe leader to judge.”

The cold glint within his eyes intensified as he jumped off from the horse and took big strides towards Ah Dai’s group. When he got closer, Ah Dai was able to see the pair of battle axes on his back, the handle was very short, only around a foot long, but the blade areas were very large. The pair of battle axes seemed to have almost spanned the whole of Yan Li’s broad shoulders.

[TN: omg, imagine olaf from league of legends xD]

Yan Li barked at them roughly, “Who are you people? Did y’all harm sister Yun’ Er?”

Yue Hen furrowed his brows, the scenario that he was worrying about still happened, the Puyan Tribe’s hostility towards outsiders caused misunderstandings to arise! He quickly explained, “We are mercenaries, planning to accomplish a mission near the Heaven’s Origin Tribe. When we passed by your esteemed territory, we met brother Yan Shi and even sparred with him. Later on, we became friends and brother Yan Shi invited us to his clan, but who knew that something like this would have happened. We definitely do not have any enmity towards your tribe, furthermore, we were always together with Yan Shi, how could we have killed his wife?”


At this moment, Yan Ju got off his horse as well. “Don’t make it seem as though you’re totally innocent, when y’all arrived, Little Yun was already dead for a few hours, and as for whether y’all are really the culprits, it is up to the tribe leader to judge. Although I believe you, as the vice-leader of Yan Shi’s clan, I mustn’t let off any suspects. I am really sorry to have made y’all come here and feel wronged, but I believe the truth will come to light, and the tribe leader will definitely get to the bottom of this.”

Cold light flashed in Yan Li’s eyes, as his pair of battle axes suddenly appeared in his hands. With a loud howl, he hacked towards Yue Hen, two flashes of black light instantly appearing near him. This sudden change caused Yue Hen to be in shock and he had no time to draw his sword, only relying on his nimble body techniques to retreat to the side. Yan Li paid to heed to rationality, and let out another howl of rage, hacking at Yue Hen with his battle axes in a flurry. Those heavy battle axes seemed almost weightless in Yan Li’s hands, and the flashes of black increased in its momentum.

“Clang——” A loud clash sounded, resonating deeply within the people’s ears. Ah Dai, who was wielding his TianGang Sword, had to take 3 steps back before he was able to steady himself. Yan Li’s strength was shocking, seeming to be even greater than Yan Shi’s. It turned out that Ah Dai saw that Yue Hen was in danger and immediately sent out a strike to resolve the danger.

After the strike from Ah Dai, Yan Li’s battle axes were sent into the air from the rebound and his body shook, taking a step back as well.

Ah Dai took a deep breath, trying to suppress his boiling fury as he raged, “Why are you so unreasonable! Attacking brother Yue Hen the moment you saw him, we didn’t do any wrongs against you!”


Yan Li roared back, “Bullshit, it must be outsiders like you who harmed sister Yun’ Er! Apart from you, who else will do this sort of stuff. Let me kill y’all today, to avenge sister Yun’ Er!” As he spoke, he swung his battle axes, preparing to rush up again.

Yan Ju quickly grabbed Yan Li from behind and shouted angrily, “ Yan Li, what are you doing! Before we get to the bottom of this matter, you are not to touch them!”

Yan Li struggled with all his might and Yan Ju was almost unable to contain him. “Big brother Yan Ju, let go of me! Apart from them, who else would be so heartless to kill sister Yun’ Er, she was so kind-hearted. You bunch of bastards, why did you kill her! I will kill you to avenge her!” Yan Li’s words caused the other Puyan warriors to glare at Ah Dai’s group as well, seemingly to have thought the same. The warriors jumped down from their horses and drew out their sabres, clustering up together. From the immense killing intents in their eyes, they seemed as though they wanted to tear at their throats. Wan Li, Miao Fei, and Yue Ji could not help but to draw their weapons as well.

Xuan Yue went over to Ah Dai’s side, while giving Yan Li a cold glare and said, “Are all your Puyan tribesmen such a bunch of simple-minded fools? Does killing us really help you to avenge her? What proof do you have to claim that we are the culprits, are all of you really so dumb?” As she spoke, a dense white glow surrounded her, and a holy aura enveloped the six of them.

The holy aura from Xuan Yue gave off a calming feeling and the sense of panic instantly lessened.

Yan Li was stunned, and no longer seemed to have the violent rage from earlier. He furrowed his brows as he stated, “So there’s a magician as well.”

Ah Dai was scared that Yan Li would attack once more and he quickly stepped beside Xuan Yue, with his eyes fixated on Yan Li, preparing to strike out at once if necessary. Under the constant circulation of his boundless true qi, a faint dou qi glow shone from the blade of his TianGang Sword.


Xuan Yue lightly waved the magic wand in her hand, as she glared at Yan Li. Waves of white light constantly spread out from her magic wand as she was prepared to make her move any moment. Her other hand was placed on the Phoenix’s Blood near her chest, and she made up her mind to use her strongest attack if she had to. As she was pampered from young, she naturally flew into a rage when facing this sort of situation.

Yue Hen had already recovered from his earlier fright but he did not draw the longsword behind his back, only telling Yan Li, “Brother Yan Shi’s wife had just perished, aren’t you going to see him? We are unable to run, and if you really find out that we are the real culprits, you can easily kill us any moment. The strongest of your troops are all gathered here, are you still afraid of us running? If you kill us without any proof or reason, we will definitely not stand here and remain passive.”

Yan Ju grabbed hold of Yan Li’s muscular arm, and raged, “Yan Li, are you not listening to your elder brother’s words? Come, let’s go and take a look at brother Yan Shi, then return back to the tribe and wait for the leader’s decision.”

Yan Li let out an angry hmpf as he raised his left arm and pointed the axe threateningly at Yue Hen, “Just you wait, if it was really you who killed sister Yun’ Er, I’ll use this axe of mine to kill all of you!” As he finished speaking, he turned and walked towards the horse carriage at the back. Without their leader in charge, the other Puyan warriors also retreated after Yan Ju’s scolding.

Yan Ju sighed and shook his head. “All of you, please don’t take this to heart. This brother of mine, Yan Li, always had a fiery temper since young, I’ll apologize to you on his behalf.”

“What’s the use of apologizing, it’s better if you quickly investigate the truth and let us go. We have important stuff to do, and no time to waste with you here,” Miao Fei grunted.

Yan Ju nodded his head slightly and did not speak anymore, chasing after Yan Li.


When Yan Li got off the carriage that Yan Shi was in, his face was livid and a strong killing aura emanated from him. Glaring at Ah Dai’s group, he mounted his black horse and ordered the 500 people who came from Yan Shi’s clan to proceed to the Yan Clan. Yan Ju was fearful that Yan Li would cause trouble again and he stuck by Yue Hen for the whole journey, with a solemn expression on his face.


After entering the clan, Yan Ju send Ah Dai’s group into a small stone house and locked the door from outside. He ordered some warriors to stand guard, while he and Yan Li rushed off to see the tribe leader.

Miao Fei sat on a chair and expressed his frustrations, “What is this! Why are we so unlucky, to actually chance upon such a situation! Big brother Yue Hen, what if they insist that we killed Yan Shi’s wife, does that mean that we’re surely going to die?”

Yue Hen gave him a glare and chided, “Miao Fei, calm down, now that things have progressed to this extent, we can only wait. This is the largest clan of the Puyan Tribe and there are at least ten thousands of people, are you going to kill them all? We are all within their territory and we have no way to resist at all. Furthermore, we haven’t done anything wrong, what’s there to be afraid of? Let’s just wait, I don’t believe that Yan Shi’s father, as the Puyan Tribe leader, would be so blind and not see the truth.”

Yue Ji retorted, “So what if he can see the truth? The killer was so crafty, not leaving behind any trace of evidence, how are they going to investigate? Don’t tell me that we will be stuck here forever if they are unable to find the culprit? The killer must have schemed for a long time, and it would be difficult to find him! That short man, called Yan Li or something, was so evil, attacking big brother without any warning, I really want to shoot an arrow through his head.”

“He’s just a boorish fellow, why argue with him?” Yue Hen sighed.

Xuan Yue sat on the bed, while twirling her magic wand, “Anyway I have the time, it’s not like we’re lacking food or accommodation here, let’s just wait.” As she finished speaking, she darted a glance at Ah Dai, “Come over, and sit by my side.”


Ever since Xuan Yue used her Calming Light to save Yan Shi, even with the danger of exhausting all her magic force, Ah Dai’s opinion of her had become much better. Listening to her call, he sat over and whispered, “Yue Yue, are you really not afraid at all? If things really go wrong, let’s just use the scroll to call your father over, perhaps he will be able to save us?”

Xuan Yue shook her head as she leaned over and said softly, “If my father comes, how will I be able to play? Oh right, what did Yan Shi say to you today?”

Ah Dai replied honestly, “Big brother Yan Shi said… Ah, he’s still in a daze, he didn’t say anything at all!” As the stone bed was at the other side of the room, and the two of them were speaking in hushed tones, Yue Hen and the rest of them did not hear anything, and were still discussing methods to get out of their current predicament.

Xuan Yue pouted, “Are you still trying to lie to me? If he had not said anything, why are your sleeves wet, I think it’s because you cried, right?”

Ah Dai had not expected that Xuan Yue would be so observant, thus he revealed a look of embarrassment as he whispered into Xuan Yue’s ears, “Big brother Yan Shi had come to his senses, but because he said that he wanted to find the culprit, he did not let me tell anyone that he had awoken. You mustn’t reveal this!”

Xuan Yue felt Ah Dai’s warm breath on her ears, and could not help shrink away, while giggling, “Why are you so close to me!”

Yue Ji looked towards the duo, and scoffed, “Look at the situation that we’re in now, and you still have to mood to fool around? I say, Miss Xuan Yue, aren’t you an advanced magician, can’t you cast some teleportation magic and bring us out of here?” Her words instantly caused Wan Li’s and Miao Fei’s eyes to brighten up. To them, it was simply too dangerous here, and their lives might be in danger any moment.


With her back facing Ah Dai, Xuan Yue hmpf-ed and leaned against his shoulders. “Don’t spout nonsense without knowing anything, do you think teleportation magic is so easy to use? That is the speciality of a spatial attribute magician and it’s very difficult to execute, even for spatial attribute magicians. Without the level of a grand magician, it is extremely difficult to teleport people. What I learned is light attribute magic. Furthermore, if we left, doesn’t that just prove that we are guilty and we would become scapegoats for the real culprit. Do you really wish to be hunted down by the Puyan Tribe on the continent? If you want to run, you can do it, I won’t leave without getting to the bottom of this.”

Yue Hen coughed “What Miss Xuan Yue said was right, we mustn’t leave now. I estimate that their tribe leader will see us soon. Let’s meet him first before deciding anything. Now that things have come to this, we can only wait.”

Just at this moment, the door of the stone house opened, and Yan Ju and Yan Li walked in. Yan Ju was expressionless, while Yan Li had a face full of fury as he ordered loudly, “Come, follow me to see the tribe leader.”

“3-inched nail, can’t you be more polite, we aren’t your prisoners!” Yue Ji mocked.

[TN: 三寸钉儿 literal translation is 3-inched nail? Which is a jab towards his short height, but please feel free to suggest any better translations :D]

Yan Li instantly raged, “Who are you calling!” A black light flashed, and the pair of battle axes were back in his hands. Yan Ju immediately grabbed hold of him, and said to Yue Ji, “I’m sorry fellows, this brother of mine has a bad temper. The tribe leader wishes to meet the six of you and ask you about yesterday’s incident.”

Yue Hen nodded, shooting a glance towards Ah Dai and Xuan Yue. “Okay, let’s go then.” As he spoke, he stood up and was about to step out.

Yan Ju suddenly extended his arm and stopped him, “Please leave behind your weapons in this room before you go.”

Miao Fei was furious, “What? You still want us to leave our weapons behind? No way! What if you come to blows with us?”

Yan Li let out a cold laugh, “Just the few of you? If we really fight, you will surely lose, even with your weapons!”

Miao Fei really hated people who looked down on him and he could not contain his rage. “What are you saying? Do you think you’re that strong? Why not let us have a look?” He specialised in using skills and techniques and did not place any regard of Yan Li, who was just all brawn in his eyes.

Yue Hen held back Miao Fei, glancing at Yan Li for a short while before finally placing his longsword aside. “Everyone, just leave behind your weapons.”

Yue Ji and Wan Li didn’t say anything, complying with Yue Hen’s words and placed their weapons on the table. Under Yue Hen’s stare, Miao Fei also put down his soft sword with immense reluctance.

Suddenly, a flash of red light appeared in the room and everyone looked in the direction of the light, only to see Xuan Yue extending her arms and exclaiming, “I’ve no weapons on me.” It turned out that, when Yue Hen had put down his weapon, she made use of the Phoenix’s Blood, to store both her magic wand and Ah Dai’s TianGang Sword. But what she did not know was that, there was still another weapon near Ah Dai’s chest, the extremely evil Hell’s Sword.

Yan Li let out a hmpf, “Whether you have weapons or not, you are most aware of that yourselves. When we reach the tribe leader’s place, as long as you have weapons on you, you will definitely be unable to enter. Don’t blame us if you’re seeking death.” As he finished speaking, he turned and walked out.

The six of them followed Yan Ju and Yan Li, along with a group of Puyan warriors surrounding them and walked to the centre of the Yan Clan. It took a full half an hour before Yan Ju finally led them to a towering stone structure. This structure was at the very centre of the clan and was made of rocks stacked atop one another. It appeared to be triangular shaped and was around 30 metres tall, spanning almost an area of a few thousand square metres, it can be said to be the largest building within the whole clan. The 3 metre-tall door was guarded by over twenty warriors who seemed different from the light cavalry earlier. They were wearing heavy black armor, which encased them totally and they were even wearing helmets that covered their whole face, causing one to be unable to see their faces. Every one of the heavily armored warriors were wielding an enormous battle axe in their hands, standing guard majestically. Just one look at them and one could tell that they possessed immense power. If not for the gaps between the armor revealing some skin-colored parts, one might even think that those unmoving warriors were like statues.


Yan Ju and Yan Shi stopped before the twenty heavily armored warriors, and the arrogant and irritable Yan Li actually stopped to bow respectfully towards the warriors. He pointed towards Ah Dai’s group behind him and said, “Greetings, Holy Tilu Warriors, the tribe leader has ordered me to bring this group of outsiders to see him, please let them pass.”

The twenty warriors moved to the side at the same time, forming a pathway. Throughout this, none of them spoke, and from their orderly actions, it could be seen that they had gone through intense training.

Yan Ju walked over to Yan Li’s side, and also bowed respectfully towards the twenty warriors. After that, he turned and nodded towards Ah Dai’s group, while instructing, “This is our Puyan Tribe’s most sacred Tilu Temple. Only when something major happens, will we come here to make decisions. When you step inside, you mustn’t speak inappropriately, and follow behind me and Yan Shi carefully.”

Yan Ju’s kindness towards the group had won over their respect, and Yue Hen immediately nodded, “Yes, we will.”

Yan Ju glanced solemnly towards Ah Dai and Xuan Yue, giving a last warning, “If you have any weapons on you, it’s better to take them out now. If not, once you’re found out by the device before the temple, the Tilu warriors will immediately attack. At that time, no one will be able to save you.”

Xuan Yue did not believe that anything was able to detect the items within her Phoenix’s Blood, and merely waved her hand. “I have nothing on me, why are you looking at me.”


Ah Dai’s heart was beating rapidly, the Hell’s Sword near his chest could not be taken out any at cost. However, looking at Yan Ju’s seriousness, it seemed that the Tilu warriors were extremely powerful. Hesitating for a moment, Ah Dai still decided to keep mum. He did not want to harm the people here with the evil energy from the Hell’s Sword.

Yan Ju let out a sigh, “If it’s like this, then let’s go.” As he finished speaking, he brought them into the temple.

Before passing through the door of the temple, Yan Li threw the two battle axes behind his back aside, then stepping into the temple. Yan Ju followed after, then Yue Hen, Miao Fei, Wan Li, Yue Ji and Xuan Yue. True to Xuan Yue’s expectations, under the power of godly artifact, the Phoenix Blood, the weapons were not discovered at all.


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