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Editor: Samskor

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Chapter 23: Panic within the clan


Stunned, Yan Shi said: “Brother, you are really honest. The Miss Xuan Yue that you mentioned, should be that little girl in magician robes right. You are really fortunate! To find such a beautiful girlfriend.”

Ah Dai laughed bitterly, “She’s not my girlfriend, I’m merely her attendant.”

Yan Shi was shocked, “How can this be? Brother, with your martial arts, how could you become someone’s attendant?”

Ah Dai recalled all the events that happened after he met Xuan Yue, shook his head helplessly and changed the topic: “Big brother Yan Shi, why is your Puyan Tribe hostile to outsiders?”

A look of hatred flashed across Yan Shi’s eyes, and after a long time, he sighed: “Because, our Puyan Tribe had suffered too much damage. I can’t tell you now because it’s considered to be one of our tribe’s greatest secrets. If there’s a chance in the future, you will know. Let’s hasten our speed. one of our small clans is not too far ahead. It is also my home and your aunt’s cooking is really good. Today, let big brother drink merrily with you.” With a whistle, Yan Shi hurried his battle horse, and sped forth.

Ah Dai’s riding skills were not that good, but the battle horse that he was riding seemed to very prideful, as it immediately chased after Yan Shi as well. Amidst the panic, Ah Dai could only lay low and try to maintain his balance.

At the same time that Ah Dai and Yan Shi were heading towards a clan within the Puyan Tribe, Feng Ping had arrived at the TianGang Mountain. In the past few days, he had hastened his pace, and passed through the borders of the Yajin Tribe and the Yalian Tribe, finally arriving back at his school after much effort. Just as he had ascended the mountain, he came across a white-robed elder who seemed to be around 60 years old.

“Little Ping, why have you returned? I heard from your Master that you’ve become a vice-leader of some mercenary group?”

Feng Ping looked at the white-robed elder, and quickly bowed in respect, “Greetings, uncle-master Lu Wen. Is senior Grandmaster here? I’ve urgent matters to report.”

Lu Wen was the fourth disciple of the TianGang Sword Saint, and was already 69 years old this year. He was very loyal, honest, polite, and was deeply respected by all the different generations of disciples in the school. After hearing Feng Ping’s words, he revealed a surprised expression and asked, “What exactly happened that you must alarm Master, he is currently in closed door training.”

Feng Ping wiped away the sweat on his head, and briefly recounted his encounter with Ah Dai. Listening to his recount, Lu Wen furrowed his brows, “Which apprentice-nephew has such remarkable abilities to actually train his disciple who is not yet 20, to such standards? Ping’ Er, I’ve never heard that you had such an outstanding senior or junior brother! Come, let’s quickly go up the mountain, I need to discuss this matter with your other uncle-masters first.”

Feng Ping followed Lu Wen to the summit of the TianGang Mountain, the summit was pretty flat and the TianGang Sword School had already many decades of history after being established on this mountain. The TianGang Sword School had an extremely prestigious position within the Prosperous Empire, and the current commander-in-chief of the Prosperous Empire’s army was the TianGang Sword Saint’s second disciple, Feng Wen. It was around forty years ago, when the monarch of the Prosperous Empire had declared the TianGang Sword School to be the nation’s representative. The requirements of entering the school were extremely strict, and one could only enter after many rounds of careful selection, this was because talent was not what the school had placed most emphasis on, but rather the characters of their disciples. After 70 years, the various generation disciples only amounted to over a hundred people, however their achievements had attracted attention from all over the continent. Even though their martial strength may not be incredibly powerful, after so many decades of establishment, no matter which generation the disciples were from, all of them were absolute representatives of justice.

Once they returned to the school, Lu Wen immediately ordered the disciples to invite his senior and junior brothers who were currently on the mountain over, this included Feng Ping’s master, the fifth disciple of the 2nd generation disciples, Shi Wen. In the face of all his uncle-masters, Feng Ping once more recounted his encounter with Ah Dai. Listening to his recount, the 2nd generation disciples could not help but look among one another, even after much pondering, they could not figure out who Ah Dai’s master was.

“The information of all of the 3rd generation disciples is pretty accurate, and there were no news of any of them dying! Ping’ Er, are you sure that child is really using the TianGang Sword Techniques?” Lu Wen asked.

Feng Ping nodded, “Fourth uncle-master, there is really no doubt, even though the TianGang Sword Techniques can be imitated, there is no way to fake the boundless dou qi that Ah Dai used. Although he has not reached the Fifth Stage of the Boundless Life Art, he is definitely not too far from that stage. It’s all my fault, I didn’t manage to stop him there. When I bring him back, everything would be clear.

Xi Wen, who was sitting at head seat, suddenly opened his eyes, and his gaze immediately landed on Feng Ping. Xi Wen was the first and eldest disciple of the TianGang Sword Saint. Among his various junior brothers, he had the highest level of martial arts, reaching the Eighth Stage of the Boundless Life Art. Although he was already over 80 years old, just from his appearance, he seemed slightly younger than Lu Wen.

“Eldest senior brother, do you know whose disciple he is? Could it be a disciple of second senior brother’s disciple?” Lu Wen asked.

Xi Wen shook his head, “It’s not very probable, although second junior brother’s martial arts is not weaker than mine, he spends most of his time in the army and has no time to instruct his disciples. His  two disciples are only at the Fifth Stage of the Boundless Life Art and they can’t possibly nurture such an outstanding disciple. Furthermore, they are always by second brother’s side When second brother returned, he had brought them along to pay their respects to Master.” Suddenly, Xi Wen emitted a glow from his eyes as he turned to Feng Ping, “Ping’ Er, do you still remember if there are any special aspects about the TianGang Sword that the child used?”

Feng Ping thought for a while, before replying, “From the surface, I didn’t notice any difference between our TianGang Swords but his sword seemed to be a little heavier than mine. Even though his martial strength was not comparable to mine, he was not at a great disadvantage when we sparred.”

Xi Wen nodded, “This might be right, there is a high chance that the child is not a 4th generation disciple but a 3rd generation disciple. Furthermore, the TianGang Sword that he is using should not be the 56 kg TianGang Sword of the 3rd generation disciples, but rather 72 kg one that us 2nd generation disciples are using: the TianGang Heavy Sword that incorporates darksteel.”

Lu Wen got a shock, and stammered, “Eldest senior brother, you are saying… …”

Xi Wen nodded and sighed, “Only him, only he has the ability to nurture such an outstanding disciple! It’s been 30 years and we finally have news of him. Quickly, fellow brothers, let’s go and request Master to come out of his closed door training. Now that there are news of him, master will surely be pleased.” As he spoke, he revealed a sorrowful expression.

As Feng Ping listened to their conversation, he only got more confused and did not know who eldest uncle-master was talking about. However, all of people seated before him were his elders and he did not dare to ask too much. He simply continued waiting there.

Xi Wen and the other 2nd generation disciples came to a grotto behind the back mountains, this cave that seemed ordinary. it  was precisely where the famed TianGang Sword Saint was undergoing his closed door training. The mountain winds blew at the white clouds in the sky, causing them to continuously strike the mountain summit where they were at. however they were all experts of the continent, after using a faint layer of white light from their boundless dou qi, they prevented the damp mist from touching them.

At the entrance of the cave, the seven of them formed a line with Xi Wen at the front and shouted respectfully together “We humbly request Master to exit from closed door training.” Their voices were not loud but with their boundless dou qi wrapping around the sound. Their voices soon reached deep within the cave.

In just a while, a clear voice sounded out from within the cave “What has happened to make you come and disturb my training?”

Xi Wen bowed in the direction of the cave “Greetings Master, we may have received news of youngest brother. Fifth brother’s disciple Feng Ping had discovered a child at the Red Hurricane Tribe. He is not yet 20 but his Boundless Life Art is already at the Fourth Stage. According to that child, his master has already passed away. I think only youngest brother would have been capable of nurturing such an outstanding disciple.”

There was silence within the cave and the seven of them could only wait quietly for the TianGang Sword Saint’s instructions. In the hearts of these disciples, the TianGang Sword Saint was akin to a legend.  

After a long while, the clear voice sounded once more but this time it carried a trace of melancholy, “Old nine has already left for so many years but who knew that he would have died outside… Hais——, humans are fortune’s fool! Pass on my order, all the disciples of the TianGang Sword School must give their all to search and find out that disciple’s whereabouts, then bring him to see me. Xi Wen, I have aged, from now on I won’t ask about the matters within the school. From this day forth, you will be the 2nd generation Head of the school.”

Xi Wen got a big shock, and immediately knelt down on the floor, saying in a trembling voice, “Ma-master, your disciple is fearful, please retract your order.”

“I’m already very old and I will finish this life very soon, I should have long passed this title on to you. This is my order, you mustn’t disobey.”

After hearing that the Sword Saint was about to pass away, Lu Wen and the other disciples knelt down as well, exclaiming in a loud voice, “Master——”

The TianGang Sword Saint’s voice became gentler as he continued, “I’ve already lived for 101 years. Of the four sword saints, I am the oldest. There is a limit to one’s longevity. In the future, the TianGang Sword School will be in your hands. The advent of the blood sun indicates that the thousand-year great tribulation is about to arrive. It is not something the Holy Church can defend against by themselves. The dark forces on the continent have already started to move. You must take responsibility for the lives of the common people. When the thousandth year of the holy calendar arrives, there will definitely be evil beings surfacing in the mortal realm, ah——, I’m afraid I won’t able to persist till that day. All of you must lend your support to the Holy Church and rid the world of evil, understand?”

“Yes, we will comply by Master’s orders.”

“En, Xi Wen, you must quickly find the whereabouts of that child. The incidents regarding old nine are what I regret most in this life. I was really too selfish, I really hope that I can accomplish this wish of mine before I die.”


After around two hours of hurried journeying, Ah Dai who had never ridden a horse before felt as though his whole body was about to split apart; Especially his waist and hip: they were so sore that he could no longer feel them.

Yan Shi lightly pulled the reins and slowed down their speed. Looking at Ah Dai beside him, he asked, “Brother, how was the feeling of riding a horse?”

Ah Dai smiled bitterly, “Big brother Yan Shi, my bones feel like they’re going to shatter. Have we arrived yet?”

Yan Shi let out a hearty laugh, “It’s always like this the first time you ride a horse. After going through this forest, we will arrive soon. Endure for a while more.”

Stretching his limbs, Ah Dai asked, “Big brother Yan Shi, the environment in your Puyan Tribe is so good. There are so many forests; is there no cities?

Yan Shi nodded “The nature has provided so much for our Puyan tribesmen, so how can we destroy it. Cities? What are the uses of cities? Isn’t it still built on the land from cleared forests. The nature has its own rules. If we treat it badly, one day it will return the favor  Although humans have power, it is impossible to compete against nature!”

Ah Dai scratched his head and said, “Big brother Yan Shi, although I don’t really understand your words, I think what you said is correct., Compared to the city, I prefer to be within the forest where there’s much cleaner air.” Once he mentioned the forest, he naturally recalled the illusionary forest as well as the alchemist Gliss who he had not seen in 5 years. Uncontrollably, he revealed a faint expression of sorrow.

“My clan is just right ahead, it is my own: our Puyan Tribe is split into tens of clans and my father is the leader of the largest clan, thus he became the leader of the whole Puyan Tribe. Our Puyan tribesmen are very united, unlike other places, where people always try to scheme against others.”

After finally passing through the forest, the sight before him caused Ah Dai to gasp in shock. It was just like a giant village, there were countless houses built from stones everywhere.  It seemed to house almost thousands of families. The center of the village was bustling with life and smoke was rising. it seemed that many families were currently preparing lunch.

[TN: I just used village for the place where they lived in, since clan is used to describe a group of people, but not where they live. In Chinese, the same word 部落 is used for both.]

Holding the reins, Yan Shi jumped off from his horse, and looked at Ah Dai, while beaming with pride, “How’s this, our clan is pretty good right? At here, apart from not having city walls, we are pretty much like a city, and we have everything here. Have a good rest here today, it’s not too late to continue your journey tomorrow morning.”

Ah Dai also got off his horse. Once his feet landed on the ground, he felt much more comfortable, with only a little weak in his knees. He adjusted his breathing and quickly stretched his sore limbs. At this moment, Yue Hen and the others had also got off the horse carriage,and Xuan Yue quickly ran over to Ah Dai’s side. Looking at the village before them, she let out a cry of astonishment, “Woah, such a big village!”

Yue Hen coughed two times, “This is not a village, this should be the Puyan Tribe’s clan, kind of similar to a normal city, I’ve seen even bigger clans than this.”

[TN: So this part is confusing, since I have no idea what type of houses clans lived in, but in Chinese, it didn’t matter (as mentioned earlier), so bear with this confusing part & this amateur translator T~T]


Xuan Yue gave him a glare, “I’d like to call it a village, so what?” As she spoke, she tugged on Ah Dai’s clothes, and furrowed her brows, “Look, your clothes have gotten so messy, let me help you tidy them a little.” As Ah Dai was riding a horse, his clothes were long full of wrinkles. Looking down, he saw that Xuan Yue was tugging at his magician robes, continuously dusting it off. A strange shock-like feeling instantly spread through Ah Dai’s body, and he stood there dumbly staring, speechless.

Yan Shi let out a laugh, “Brother, I thought you said she isn’t your girlfriend, look at how much she cares about you!”

Xuan Yue’s blue braids swayed as her face became red, and she muttered, “What nonsense are you saying, who is his girlfriend! It’s just that we came together. If his clothes are so messy, I’ll be embarrassed too!”

Yan Shi gave Ah Dai a weird look, before continuing, “Let’s go into our village first, you’ve journeyed for a whole afternoon and must be tired now. Go eat some food and rest.”

Together with Yan Shi’s group of warriors, all of them entered the village. Puyan tribesmen were mostly yellow-skinned, their skin was just a little darker than Ah Dai’s and their trademark was brown hair. When the people saw Yan Shi, they all had looks of respect on their faces.

“Uncle Yan Shi, you’ve come back. Did you bring any yummy food for Dong Dong?” A 4 or 5 year old boy ran over to Yan Shi, while curiously gazing at Ah Dai’s group.

Yan Shi laughed, while carrying the little boy in his arms, “Dong Dong, this time uncle was too rushed and didn’t have time to bring some food for you. Uncle promises you that I’ll bring some back next time.”

“Uncle, you must keep your word!” Dong Dong pouted.


Yan Shi tenderly patted his head, “Since when has Uncle not kept his word, where’s your mother?”

A woman with delicate features ran over and greeted Yan Shi, “Young leader, you’ve returned. This Dong Dong, once he saw you, he immediately ran out. Dong Dong, quickly come down.” Dong Dong looked at his mother, but continued to hug Yan Shi’s neck, refusing to move.

The woman walked over to Yan Shi’s side and sighed, “Young leader, Dong Dong has always treated you like a father figure. His father has passed early, I hope you can teach him some stuff if there’s a chance next time.”

Dong Dong raised his head and looked at Yan Shi, “Yeah Uncle Yan Shi, I want to become a brave warrior like you!”

There was a sorrowful look in Yan Shi’s eyes as he gently caressed Dong Dong’s hair. “Dolma, I will. Dong Dong, be obedient and get down first. Uncle has guests today, so I can’t accompany you. After a few days, Uncle will teach you martial arts, okay?” Under Yan Shi’s coaxing, Dong Dong finally returned to his mother. The woman took a glance at Ah Dai’s group, before turning and leaving.

Looking at their silhouettes, Yan Shi revealed a trace of loneliness in his eyes. Curious, Xuan Yue asked, “Your relationship seems to be very complicated! Big guy, who are they to you?”

Yan Shi shook his head, and brought the people towards the center of the village while explaining, “Dolma is the wife of a good brother of mine. When Dong Dong was 2 years old, his father was killed on duty, speaking of this, it’s already been 3 years since then. I really pity them, a widow and a fatherless child, when I’m free, I will try take care of them. In our clan, there are many cases like Dolma, it’s all because… …” He abruptly stopped, and did not continue anymore after giving a wary look at Xuan Yue.

Yue Hen and Yue Ji looked at each other, while Xuan Yue seemed to be deep in her thoughts. Turning to Yan Shi, Ah Dai tried to console ”Big brother Yan Shi, don’t be upset, things have already happened. Although their circumstances are very miserable, at least Dong Dong still has a mother. Compared to me, it’s still much better.” Recalling his childhood of ‘catching fish’ back in Ninuo City, Ah Dai felt a little sentimental.

Xuan Yue had never heard Ah Dai talk about his personal life, so she curiously asked, “Ah Dai, I’ve never asked you before, what do your parents do? And where is your home?”

Ah Dai glanced at her and flatly replied, “I’ve no parents. And no home.” Thinking of Owen, there was pain in his heart. He was filled with emotions and longing for Owen and Gliss.

Yan Shi patted Ah Dai’s shoulder “Brother, so you are an orphan too! It’s okay, come to my house. Let’s go in and let your aunt cook up some good food, you must know that her cooking is really good!” This is already the second time that Yan Shi had boasted to Ah Dai about his wife. From his face of happiness and pride, it was obvious that he had deep feelings for his wife.

Hearing Yan Shi’s words, only now did Ah Dai realize that they had arrived before a huge stone house. The stone house was at the center of the whole village, and occupied at least a few hundred square meters. The surrounding was a ring of empty land and the warriors that had followed Yan Shi were already gone, perhaps they had returned home. The ones left were only Ah Dai, Xuan Yue and the other four.

Yan Shi was full of excitement as he shouted loudly towards the closed door “Little Yun, Little Yun, we have guests, quickly open the door. Open the door!”

The door seemed to be locked from inside. After Yan Shi shouted for a long while, there was still no reaction. He seemed to be in a daze as he muttered “What is Little Yun doing? She usually never locks the door!” He grabbed hold of a villager who passed by and asked “Uncle Kru, have you seen Little Yun today? why is my door locked, did she go out?”

The old man who was stopped by Yan Shi shook his head and replied, “After you left in the morning, I’ve never seen Little Yun. She should still be at home. Yeah! Why is your door locked today, Little Yun rarely leaves the house. Try knocking some more, perhaps she is sleeping?”

Yan Shi shook his head, “No, I’ve told her that I’ll return for lunch, Little Yun will surely wait for me.” There was an anxious expression on his face as he walked over to the door. Hesitating for a moment, he stretched out his large hands and pressed against the door. A yellow glow emanated from his body and with a ‘crack’ sound, the latch on the door broke apart.

Yan Shi pushed open the door and stepped into the room, with Ah Dai beside him. Once they entered, they could smell a strong tangy smell of blood. Yan Shi’s expression changed drastically as he quickly ran towards one of the rooms.

“NO——” Yan Shi’s mournful howl came from within the room and the whole stone house was sent trembling. Ah Dai got a fright and immediately rushed in together with Yue Hen, but what laid before them caused both of them to be stunned. There was a large bed in the bedroom, and on the bed, lay a naked woman. Her brown colored long hair was in tangles and her original beautiful face was full of hatred and resentment. her large gray, lifeless eyes were still open, staring at the ceiling. Her hands were tightly clenched into fists and her blood had stained the white sheets red, there was still some blood out from her private parts. She was clearly raped then killed. Her fair skin was slowly turning green, seeming that she had died for quite some time.

Yan Shi hugged the girl within his embrace and he had become lifeless. Tears continuously flowed from the eyes of this strong warrior, and his facial muscles constantly spasmed.

Xuan Yue and Yue Ji had followed as well, and looking at the sight before them, they could not help but let out screams. Xuan Yue jumped into Ah Dai’s arms and her voice trembled as she spoke, “This, this… What has happened, it’s so frightening!”


Yan Shi did not reply. He carried the naked corpse of the girl and stood up, ripping off his own cloak to wrap her up and slowly stepped outside the door. Everyone automatically cleared the path for him, and looked as he walked outside.

As he finally stepped out the door, he suddenly roared towards the sky, “AHH——” The voice rapidly became louder, piercing straight through the clouds. Along with his thunderous cries, Yan Shi’s body gradually started changing. His original muscled body became even bulkier, splitting his clothes apart, and his brown colored eye became blood red, as a dangerous aura burst out from him.

Yue Hen cried out, “Ah! He… he has turned berserk! He’s actually a berserker!”

Yan Shi’s howls had shook the entire village and the nearby villagers immediately ran over. In just a short while, Yan Shi’s house was fully surrounded.

“Young leader, what’s wrong? What happened?”

“Ah! What happened to sister Yun’ Er? Why is there blood, this,… what happened?”

“Young leader, you… …”

A dark and cold voice came out from Yan Shi’s mouth, deeply intimidating the people’s hearts, “Tell me, who, who killed my Yun’ Er. Who was it, tell me, WHO——?”

All of the Puyan tribesmen were dumbfounded, Yan Shi’s wife was famous for being a kind-hearted beauty in the clan and now that she had died so suddenly. Even they were unable to accept such a fact. Yan Shi constantly let out howls of agony, but he just simply could not express the pain he felt inside.

A middle-aged man, whose body was no less fit than Yan Shi’s ran over, and upon seeing the corpse in Yan Shi’s hands, he was shocked. “Brother Yan Shi, how did sister-in-law become like this?”

The dangerous aura from Yan Shi continued to increase and he was still repeating that phrase, “Who, who killed my Yun’ Er!”


Ah Dai walked to Yan Shi’s side, trying to persuade him, “Big brother Yan Shi, please calm down, let’s try to get to the bottom of this matter.”

Yan Shi swung his arm, and a huge force immediately pushed Ah Dai a few metres away, his eyes seemed to almost be spitting fire as he raged “Calm down, how can I calm down, my beloved has died, how can I calm down!”

Ah Dai circulated his boundless true qi, and only after completing a few cycles, was he able to dissipate the dou qi that Yan Shi had released. Yan Shi’s martial skills were already higher than him, and after entering a berserk mode, his strength had surged, almost doubling his original power. Such an enormous power was simply not what Ah Dai could handle.

More and more people gathered, thoroughly surrounding Yan Shi’s house. A group of young men dressed as warriors squeezed all the way to Yan Shi’s side, and upon seeing the sight, were all dumbfounded.

Yan Shi suddenly let out an angry howl. With one hand tightly holding his wife’s body, he was glaring at one of the warriors before him and shouting in a crazed manner, “It’s you, it was you right, it was you who killed my Little Yun!” Without notice, his other free hand shot out, with a dense layer of yellow colored dou qi surrounding it, and hit against that warrior’s chest.

Shocked from the sudden danger, the warrior was barely able to bring his hands forward to his chest to block. Ah Dai got a fright and quickly shouted, “NO!” while sending out a punch to try repel Yan Shi’s dou qi covered fist.

Amidst the loud bangs, two streaks of silhouettes were sent flying. The force contained within Yan Shi’s fist was indeed too powerful. Even with Ah Dai using all of his power, he was still sent flying from the impact. Under Ah Dai’s interference, Yan Shi’s fist had still landed against that warrior’s hands. The sounds of his bones fracturing rang out clearly, and his body was sent flying as well, spitting out a mouthful of blood in mid-air. If not for Ah Dai intervening in time, he probably would’ve died under Yan Shi’s berserk fist, but even so, he had still sustained heavy injuries.

Xuan Yue cried out, “Ah! Has he gone mad?”

The muscular middle-aged man who had rushed over previously, immediately shouted, “Quick, everyone first help to restrain the young leader, he has gone berserk and does not recognize anyone.” As he spoke, he ran up first.

The man seemed to have some authority within the Puyan Tribe, as some of the surrounding young warriors instantly rushed up as well, leaping towards Yan Shi. While Yan Shi was howling crazily with rage, he was also continuously swinging his arms. The yellow colored dou qi surged out, and there seemed to be no one who could step within 3 meters of him. Many silhouettes were sent flying, and in just a short while, over ten Puyan tribesmen were heavily injured.

Wan Li helped Ah Dai up from the ground.  even though he was sent flying from the impact, Ah Dai had met Yan Shi’s fist from the side, so he was not really injured. Looking at the berserk Yan Shi, Ah Dai furrowed his brows, and ran over to Xuan Yue, “Miss, big brother Yan Shi has suddenly become like this, do you have any solutions to save him?”

Xuan Yue seemed to have not gotten over her initial shock from seeing Yan Shi’s wife’s body and after hearing Ah Dai’s question, she shook her head “I, I’ve no solutions either!”

“Berserkers are very powerful, they are able to instantly raise their own power by 200% while in the berserk state and his body’s defense is multiplied as well. With Yan Shi in this state, I’m afraid no one will be able to restrain him. Our strength is not enough!” Yue Hen interjected.

Ah Dai clenched his teeth, “I’ll go up and try. Why did big brother Yan Shi suddenly become like this, did he really go mad?”

Yue Hen grabbed hold of Ah Dai, explaining, “Brother, there’s no use even if you go, he is unable to recognize anyone in his berserk state. The blow that he had received was too much and he has lost sense of himself. Although I’ve seen berserkers before, they only entered 50% of their berserk states and they will regain their senses after their potential is depleted. But looking at Yan Shi’s state, I’m afraid it will be extremely difficult for him to recover. Let him calm down first, only then is there a chance of him recovering. Miss Xuan Yue, do you have any magic to let someone calm down?”


Xuan Yue thought for a while, before nodding, “Yes, however, my magic standard is not enough, I’m not sure if I am able to execute this sort of high level Calming Mantra.”

Yue Hen glanced at Yan Shi who was still in his berserk state, and anxiously muttered “Just give it a try, after he has entered the complete berserk state, he will first exhaust his strength and energy, and after that he will start depleting his life force and potential. If this continues, he will probably die of exhaustion.”

Worried, Ah Dai voiced out as well, “Yeah! Please Yue Yue, just try and save big brother Yan Shi, take it that I’m begging you.”

Surprised, Xuan Yue shot a glance at Ah Dai, but she nodded, “Okay then, Ah Dai, you have to help me.”

Ah Dai was stunned, “How do I help?”

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