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Translator: Kuroneko

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Chapter 20: Special Rank Mission

Carl glanced at Ah Dai, revealing a confused look on his face, seemingly shocked at how ignorant Ah Dai was. However, he still explained, “The Death Mountains is the most terrifying place on the continent, it spans a vast area, almost the same as the area of the Sipho Tribe. A small part of it lies within the region of the Heaven’s Origin Tribe, while majority lies in the Prosperous Empire. It has practically become the natural border between the Prosperous Empire and our United Regions Commonwealth. Currently, if any of our citizens want to enter the Prosperous Empire, we can only pass through the TianGang Mountains nearby or through the territory of the Holy Church, otherwise we will have to take a roundabout route. In the legends, it is said that a thousand years ago, that was where the first Supreme Pontiff and countless great Mages sealed the Ancient Devil. There are all sorts of dangerous and terrifying monsters in there, and almost no one comes back from the Death Mountains. There were quite a few mid-sized mercenary groups that went to explore, but none of them returned. Even if we are to mobilize our whole group, I doubt we will be able to obtain the top-grade magic crystal. I have seen quite a few similar missions to find extremely precious items at the main headquarters in Red Hurricane City, and most of these items all originate from the Death Mountains. It’s rumored that the closer you get to the heart of the Death Mountains, the more fearsome the monsters are. The reason why the mission of finding top-grade magic crystals is not the highest rank mission – super rank, is mainly because they originate from the edges of the Death Mountains, and not deep within.”

“This sounds like a very interesting place, the Death Mountains? It’s my first time hearing of it, you said that few people return from there, but then how did the news of the top-grade magic crystals come about? I think, there must be some exaggerated parts, I don’t believe there are actually such strong monsters,” Xuan Yue commented. Actually, the reputation of the Death Mountains was known by almost everyone in the Holy Church, just that Xuan Yue’s father had prohibited anyone from telling his daughter. No one understands Xuan Yue better than him, and he knew that, if Xuan Yue were to know about such a place, her curiosity to adventure would surely be aroused. However, it seemed like it was Heaven’s Will, and his efforts were in vain.

Xuan Yue ignored Carl, who was rendered speechless by her questions, and turned to Ah Dai, “I’ve decided, let’s just accept this top-grade magic crystals mission, okay? If you are afraid, then you can choose not to go.”

Ah Dai shook his head, and replied without hesitation, “I’ll go, however, Miss, if we obtain the top-grade magic crystal, I hope that I can have one piece, is that alright?” To him, Gliss was way more important than his fears of the Death Mountains.

“Sure, let’s go then, to accept this mission.” Xuan Yue readily agreed.

Carl was dumbfounded as he watched Xuan Yue and Ah Dai run towards the Missions Counter to accept this quest, the quest that even their Red Hurricane Mercenary Group did not dare to accept. Listening from their speech, it was as though they would for sure obtain the top-grade magic crystals. He quickly ran over to the counter, “Miss magician, you mustn’t go to that place! You don’t even have any warriors, aren’t you just walking to your doom with two magicians?”

Xuan Yue had already given her mercenary card to the staff behind the counter, “Don’t worry, how can there be high rewards without risks? I won’t change my mind after I’ve made my decision, after all, less people means better mobility. If we can’t defeat the monsters, can’t we run away? Woi, hurry up! I want to accept that special rank mission, quickly help us register, we want to set off.” The last sentence was directed towards the staff behind the counter.

The staff behind the counter thought that he had heard wrongly at first, and only now did he realize that Xuan Yue was serious. His voice wavered as he asked, “Miss magician, are you sure?”

Xuan Yue giggled, “Of course I’m sure, quickly, oh right, call me the leader of the Angel Devil Group next time.”

Looking at the staff who was noting down the details, Carl was trying to dissuade Xuan Yue for the last time, “Miss magician, that place is really too dangerous, I think it’s better if you don’t go.”


Xuan Yue retrieved her card from the staff, and shot Carl a smile, “Un——cle—— Carl, you’re too old, old to the point you don’t even have the guts, aren’t they just some monsters?  Let’s just go and take a look for ourselves, Ah Dai, let’s go.” As she finished speaking, she quickly ran out of the Mercenary Guild.

After Ah Dai and Xuan Yue was gone, all that was left were sounds of lament. No one was optimistic about their choice of mission.

Carl had been in the society for many years, and of course he would not change his decision just because Xuan Yue had called him a coward, thus he only shook his head, muttering, “It’s really ‘newborn calves are not afraid of tigers’, it’s such a pity, those are two magicians! The Death Mountains? Is that a place where people can enter?”

[TN: A Chinese idiom to describe that young people are more fearless; foolish to an extent that they don’t recognize danger]

In a dim corner outside of the Mercenary Guild, two silhouettes were quietly discussing.

“Yin Er (Silver 2), quickly go back and report to His Esteemed, young miss is going to the Death Mountains, I shall follow her.”

“Yin Yi (Silver 1), why don’t we just directly stop the young miss, we mustn’t let her go to the Death Mountains! That is the prohibited place of the Holy Church.”

“Ay——, I know that, but, do you really think we can stop the young miss? You should have remembered her temper, have you forgotten how she tormented you with her Holy Baptism spell? Quickly go and report this, only His Esteemed can stop young miss, I will do my best to protect them. If His Esteemed still has not reached by the time we reach the Death Mountains, I will try and stop them.”

“Okay, Yin Yi, I’ll go first, you must protect the young miss! Otherwise, both of us will be in deep trouble. Although her temper is bad, her heart is still kind!”

“You don’t have to remind me, I’ve seen the young miss grow up, ever since she was born, the Director gave this task to me. I didn’t dare believe it at first, after all, our positions in the Inquisitors don’t amount to much! Go quickly, time is precious.”


One of the two black silhouettes suddenly disappeared with a flash, while the other, secretly followed behind Ah Dai and Xuan Yue.

As Xuan Yue walked, she chattered excitedly, “Ah Dai, do you think, after we finish this mission, our mercenary ranks will rise by a lot? Perhaps we might even become Special Ranked mercenaries! It’s so interesting, hehe.” She seemed to have forgotten the conflict in the morning, and her heart was filled with anticipation of her future adventures.

They had went back to the Magicians’ Guild to retrieve Ah Dai’s TianGang Sword, and Ah Dai did not have any complaints about Xuan Yue taking on this mission, he was only focused on the thought of obtaining the top-grade magic crystals. “Miss, I want to ask you a question.”

Xuan Yue was in a good mood as she replied, “Ask away.”

“Miss, do you know how does the top-grade magic crystal look like? If we do not even know how it looks like, how are we going to search for it?”

Xuan Yue let out a mysterious smile, as she walked closer to Ah Dai, and surveyed the surroundings before replying in a low voice, “Who knew that you would even think of this. Of course I know how it looks like, otherwise I wouldn’t have accepted this mission.”

Ah Dai was shocked, “You know?”

“Of course, don’t forget, my father is the crimson-robed priest of the Holy Church, there’s not much that I haven’t seen,” Xuan Yue replied with pride. As she spoke, she stretched out her short magic wand in front of Ah Dai, and pointed at that transparent gem on top of it, whispering, “This is a top-grade magic crystal.”

Ah Dai had never paid attention to Xuan Yue’s magic wand, but once he heard her words, he could not help but carefully inspect it. That one-foot long magic wand did not seem special from the surface, its white body was smooth and shiny, faintly emanating a holy aura, while its end was tapered into a sharp point. At the top of the wand, there was a pair of white wings with the same texture angling out, curving to form an arc, like a pair of angel wings. In the middle of the wings, at the very top of the wand, was a transparent gem the size of a chicken egg, there seemed to be liquid flowing inside the gem, and under the bright sunlight, it constantly emitted faint flashes of light. Pointing at that gem, Ah Dai asked, “Are you saying, that this is the top-grade magic crystal?”


Xuan Yue nodded, “Yes! This is what father told me. He surely won’t tell lies, do you not believe?”

Ah Dai carefully looked at the transparent gem in the middle of the magic wand, but could not find anything strange about it. Xuan Yue explained, “Top-grade magic crystals will produce a special energy fluctuation, as long as I see it, I will be able to recognize it. Just now, they said that we don’t have any warriors, how would they know, that you are already a warrior! Hehe, let’s go and prepare some food, then set out.”

Ah Dai followed Xuan Yue, and soon arrived in front of the fat owner’s steamed bun stall. Xuan Yue gave Ah Dai a look and said, “Don’t you like to eat steamed buns? Let’s prepare more of them, so we can eat them on the way.” As she spoke, she walked towards the owner. Ah Dai was stunned, and there was some hesitation in his mind, but he did not speak and merely trailed behind.

As he saw Ah Dai and Xuan Yue, the fat stall owner exclaimed excitedly, “Ah Dai, you’ve returned, I had just wanted to return you the remaining money. You’ve really given me too much yesterday, those steamed buns of mine aren’t even worth a single gold coin!”

Ah Dai lifted his hood, as he foolishly smiled, “Uncle, just accept it, it is what I ought to give you.”

“Owner, I want to buy steamed buns, how much for one?” Xuan Yue suddenly interceded.

The fat owner replied, “One copper coin for two. Miss, you’re together with Ah Dai right, just feel free to take, Ah Dai had given me too much money yesterday.”


Xuan Yue giggled, “I will be taking a lot then, you know how much he can eat.”

The fat owner let out a laugh as he said, “Just take however many you want.”

Glancing at Ah Dai, Xuan Yue thought to herself, After seeing the fat owner, it looks like he is back to his silly self. It seems that he is still angry at me! Ah, so petty, that icy cold stare of his is really unbearable, I guess, I’ll have to bribe him well in order for him to be a good attendant.

Thinking about this, Xuan Yue suddenly stuck out a finger towards the fat owner. “I want a thousand steamed buns.”

Ah Dai and the fat owner were both shocked as they stared at Xuan Yue. The fat owner’s legs felt weak as he almost collapsed onto the floor. “What? A thousand steamed buns?”

Xuan Yue looked at their astonished expressions and giggled, “Yes! I want a thousand, and I want it by tonight. This way, even if he eats 10 a day, it will still be able to last him 3 months.”

The fat owner stuttered due to his shock, “But, but, a thousand, a thousand steamed buns, how are you going to carry them!”

Letting out a mysterious smile, Xuan Yue stated, “You don’t have to bother about that, just prepare a thousand steamed buns for us, I will give you the money. Ah Dai, let’s go and buy other stuff.” As she finished speaking, she gave an amethyst coin to the owner, and dragged Ah Dai away.

Ah Dai was curious as well, a thousand steamed buns should be at least 100 or 150 kilograms, although he did not mind that much weight, he did not want to always be carrying a large sack of steamed buns while adventuring. However, he did not question, because he knew that even if he asked, Xuan Yue might not answer him, and he would know the answer eventually.

Behind them, the fat owner had a bitter smile on his face as he muttered to himself, “A thousand steamed buns… Even if I gave my all, I can’t finish it by tonight!”


After leaving the steamed bun stall, Xuan Yue started to go on a shopping spree. Apart from food as the main priority, she also bought some sets of clothes for Ah Dai and herself. Of course, all of these stuff that she bought naturally ended up in Ah Dai’s hands. Xuan Yue was intrigued by everything that she saw, and although she might not buy it, she surely had to take a look. She had browsed through almost all of the shops in the small city, and only stopped till it was evening. By this time, there were all sorts of items hanging from Ah Dai. However, just as they were about to return to the steamed bun stall, they were suddenly stopped by a group of people on the narrow and empty street, where few people passed by.

It was a group full of light-armored warriors, they did not seem very old, around 20 or so. There were over ten of them, dressed in the same attire, and all of them had mercenary badges on their chests, three of them even had silver mercenary badges, indicating that they were Second Ranked mercenaries. The most eye-catching out of them, was a female mercenary. She was wearing a brown light armor, with her dazzling red hair flowing behind her, she looked extremely beautiful and her brows were emitting a heroic spirit. She carried a light-colored longbow that flashed with a silver metallic fluster, appearing to be an archer. Her mesmerizing gaze suddenly landed upon Ah Dai.

Being blocked by the group of people, Xuan Yue did not seem surprised but merely hid behind Ah Dai, whispering, “They do not seem to bear good intentions, it’ll be up to you.”

Ah Dai nodded as he walked forward, and said in a polite manner, “May I ask, what business do you have with us?”

One of the Second Ranked mercenaries stepped forth, out of this group of mercenaries, only he was wearing silver colored light armor, clearly indicating that he was the leader. Smiling, he replied, “Mister magician, hello, we are the members of the Moon Scar Mercenary Group, and I am the leader, Yue Hen, and these are my good brothers. We do not bear any ill intentions in blocking your path, but we’d like to seek co-operation.”

[TN: Yes, the leader’s name (Yue Hen) is the name of their mercenary group (Moon Scar; Yue = moon, Hen = scar) but it feels weird calling a person “moon scar” so i left his name in Hanyu Pinyin]


“Seek co-operation?” Ah Dai was baffled.

Yue Hen nodded, “Yes, I’ve seen how you accepted the mission at the Mercenary Guild, and we are also very interested in that top-grade magic crystal. I wonder if we can co-operate, and go into the Death Mountain together?”

Once she heard that they were not out to rob them, Xuan Yue immediately ran in front of Ah Dai, asking, “Wanting to work together with us? What do you want to obtain?”

Yue Hen smiled, “Miss magician, as you can see, we’re just a bunch of youngsters, we’ve heard what you said back in the guild, we do not want riches, but merely wish to adventure. Only places like the Death Mountains, are worthy of a good adventure. If there are many top-grade magic crystals, we just want a small portion of them, after all, the mission was accepted by you. If not for your words, we would not have been able to muster up the courage.”

Xuan Yue blinked a few times, thinking, Carl said that the Death Mountains were extremely dangerous, and it doesn’t seem to be a lie. If this bunch of people were to come, we will have higher chances of success, and the more the merrier, after all, they are young as well. Thinking of this, she nodded, “Okay then, we can work together, however, you must always follow my orders on the journey.”

The red-haired girl walked up to Yue Hen’s side and argued, “No way, there’s only two of you, while we have so many people, and we aren’t from the same mercenary group, why must we listen to you?”

Xuan Yue let out a hmpf, “I don’t care, you must follow my orders, don’t forget, I am a magician, a light attribute magician. Furthermore, only I am able to identify a top-grade magic crystal.”  


Yue Hen was surprised, and delight flashed across his eyes, the important aspect about light attribute magicians was not their attack power, but rather, their recovery and support magic, this way, injuries and deaths could be lessened. Yue Hen immediately nodded, “If that’s the case, then we agree. Little sister, don’t argue anymore.”

The red-haired girl hmpf-ed in discontent, “From her voice, she doesn’t seem to be any older than us. For her to order us around, I’m against it! Unless she can win against me.”

Since when was Xuan Yue ever afraid of a challenge, she quickly responded, “You’re against it? Okay then! I’ll accept your challenge! So what if I’m not as old as you, does being older mean that your abilities are better?” As she spoke, she lifted her hood. When the group of mercenaries saw her peerless looks, some of them could not help but cry out in astonishment, the looks of the red-haired girl instantly paled in comparison.

Ah Dai put down the items that he was carrying, and spoke to Xuan Yue with his head lowered, “Miss, let me do it instead.” No matter how dumb Ah Dai was, he knew that an archer was the nemesis of magicians, and since he had promised the crimson-robed priest, he must definitely not let Xuan Yue get hurt again.

Xuan Yue did not respond to Ah Dai’s offer, but gave the red-haired girl a look of disdain, while raising her magic wand in the air. “No need, I alone am enough to deal with her.”  

Yue Hen also wanted to take a look at how this young girl, who seemed to be in her teens, managed to obtain an advanced magician qualification, so he told his sister in a low voice, “Don’t injure her.”

The red-haired girl grunted in response, as she took off her longbow, and like magic, a silver colored arrow appeared across the bow. The other mercenaries all took many steps back, giving them more space. The red-haired girl drew her bowstring as she said, “Little sister, don’t say that I’m bullying you, but my Wind Destroyer arrows have the property of breaking through magic. Remember my name, I am Yue Ji.” Once she spoke her last word, the silver arrow shot forth towards Xuan Yue who was about 30 steps away, like a streak of lightning. Yue Ji’s shooting skills were quite renowned among the mercenaries, and her accuracy with the arrow was on point. The purpose of this shot, was to tear off a piece of Xuan Yue’s clothing, to make this little girl who was prettier than her, feel embarrassed.


At such a close distance, it was simply unfair for magicians to fight against archers. After all, magicians needed time to chant their incantations, and this sudden arrow that was flying towards Xuan Yue did not give her any time to prepare.

Xuan Yue pushed Ah Dai, who was just about to intervene, away and slightly waved the magic wand in her hands. Just as the silver arrow was about to hit her, a strong flash of light suddenly appeared. When everyone regained their visions, they were surprised to discover that Yue Ji was completely enveloped in a layer of light, apart from Ah Dai, no one saw what had actually happened.

Even though Ah Dai saw, he was unable to comprehend it. Earlier, just as the silver arrow was about to reach Xuan Yue, she seemed to have quietly muttered a word, and instantly, she was covered with a barrier of light. That silver arrow, which Yue Ji claimed to have the ability to pierce through magic, was immediately blocked by that light, and was unable to pierce through. Xuan Yue took that chance to cast a low-level magic, trapping Yue Ji within. What had shocked Ah Dai was that, when both defending and attacking, he did not see Xuan Yue chant any incantations.

Xuan Yue smiled pridefully, “Who said that archers were the nemesis of magicians? How was that? Do you still want to continue?” The faint streams of light circled around her, enhancing her beautiful features, and she seemed just like a fairy that descended from the heavens. All of the members of the Moon Scar Mercenary Group were entranced by her beauty.

After a long while, it was Yue Hen who first came back to his senses, as he walked over to his sister’s side. Glancing at the bewildered Yue Ji, he told Xuan Yue, “Miss magician, your abilities have greatly exceeded our expectations. When journeying to the Death Mountains, I’ve decided that the Moon Scar Mercenary Group shall wholly listen to your orders.”

Xuan Yue nodded in satisfaction, “Okay then, you can return first. Tomorrow at dawn, let’s meet at the West Gate, do not be late or we will not wait. Ah Dai, let’s go.”

On the way back to the steamed bun stall, Ah Dai really could not suppress his curiosity and asked, “Miss Xuan Yue, what did you do just now to block her arrow?” Ah Dai knew that, when facing such an arrow, he could only rely on his instincts and use the TianGang Sword to block, but as for whether he was able to block it, it was an entirely different case. As for using magic, he did not dare think of trying.

Xuan Yue pouted in reply, “Are you finally speaking to me? But that’s my secret, I can’t tell you.”

After being denied, Ah Dai awkwardly kept quiet once more.

Arriving at the steamed bun stall, they were instantly stunned by the sight before them. The tables were all filled with steamed buns, and the fat owner was sweating profusely as he took out more bamboo steamers. Ah Dai immediately rushed over to help.

Putting down the steamers, the fat owner panted, “Okay, there should be at least a thousand steamed buns now! All of this was only possible with the help of neighbors, we have toiled for a full afternoon! What I want to know now, is how are you going to carry them, all of these should be around 150 kilograms.”

Xuan Yue giggled, “Wait and see, I’ll show you how.” She closed the door to the stall, and stretched out her fair hand. She took out the necklace around her neck, it was a silvery white colored necklace that was not radiating light, and it seemed extremely normal. The only thing that caught Ah Dai’s eye was the red colored gem at the bottom of the necklace, it was continuously flashing a faint red light. At this time, the sky had darkened, and most of the commoners had went home for dinner. In order to make the thousand steamed buns, the fat owner had specially closed his stall for a day.


Xuan Yue closed her big eyes, and started chanting, “By the blood of the phoenix, open up, the gates of time and space.” Following her chanting, the red gem on the necklace suddenly started glowing, a ball of red light enveloped Xuan Yue, and she suddenly opened her eyes, softly saying, “Keep——”

The steamed buns on the tables seemed to have listened to the summon, as one by one, they flew into the air and shot towards Xuan Yue, causing both Ah Dai and the fat owner to be astonished. The even stranger thing was that, once the steamed buns came into contact with the red light around Xuan Yue’s body, they instantly disappeared. Xuan Yue was like a bottomless hole, and in just a while, all of the steamed buns on the tables were gone.

The fat owner widened his mouth in shock, as he stammered, “This, is this the might of magic? It’s too incredible, too amazing!”

After storing the steamed buns, Xuan Yue did not stop, and also kept all of the stuff that she bought in the afternoon. But just as she wanted to keep Ah Dai’s bag, Ah Dai firmly refused to let go of his bag. Inside his bag, contained Owen’s ashes!

Xuan Yue immediately retracted the red light, “It’s not as if I want to take your stuff, why are you clutching it so tightly? Isn’t it tiring to carry it, why not let me keep in within my Phoenix’s Blood, and save you the trouble.”

Ah Dai stared at her for a few moments before replying, “No, this bag is very important to me, I must always keep it by my side. Miss Xuan Yue, I didn’t know that your magic was so powerful!”

“So petty! Is my magic really that powerful? My father’s is much more powerful than mine, when I grow up and reach the level of a grand magician, I’ll be able to open up my own spatial storage, then I won’t need to use this troublesome Phoenix’s Blood. Those steamed buns of yours are all in my necklace, if you get hungry, remember to take some from me.”


Although Ah Dai had learnt some alchemy from Gliss, the sight before him had surpassed what he was able to comprehend. However, how could he know that the most precious item on Xuan Yue, was actually that Phoenix’s Blood necklace, using it to store steamed buns was a little too unfitting. That, was a precious item that the Supreme Pontiff had given to Xuan Yue, and it was one of the few godly artifacts in the Holy Church. If not for this Phoenix’s Blood protecting Xuan Yue, how could the crimson-robed priest Xuan Ye, let his daughter go adventuring by herself.

Xuan Yue muttered, “1 copper coin for 2 steamed buns, 100 copper coins is 200 steamed buns, 500 copper coins is a thousand steamed buns, the amethyst coin that I gave you should be enough right.”

The fat owner was awed by that shocking “magic” earlier, and he quickly nodded, “It’s enough, it’s more than enough, I’ll return you the rest.”

“Seeing that you’ve worked so hard, you don’t have to return me, I’m not so petty unlike some people. Let’s go, I’m tired, and we need to find a place to sleep.” As she spoke, Xuan Yue walked out of the stall.

After Ah Dai bade farewell to the fat owner, he quickly chased after Xuan Yue. She had not gone far, and was walking idly upfront. He rushed up to her and asked, “Miss, where are we going now?”

“I’ve already thought of it, just follow me.”

At first, Ah Dai had thought that Xuan Yue would surely find a luxurious hotel to stay in, after all she was the daughter of a crimson-robed priest, and she led a pampered life. However, unexpectedly, Xuan Yue only led him to an affordable and normal-looking inn near the West Gate. Although it was not very grand, it was very clean inside. Once he stepped into the inn, Ah Dai felt a comfortable feeling.

Xuan Yue noticed Ah Dai’s confusion and explained, “We don’t have a lot of money now, and there’s still a long journey to the Death Mountains, it’s better to save a little. If not for the fact that I didn’t have money, I would not have gone to take the magician exam. What’s so good about being a magician. Let’s grab something to eat, I’m hungry.”

After paying for two rooms, Ah Dai and Xuan Yue went to eat. Xuan Yue ate very little, only around one third of what Ah Dai ate. After that, she did not say anything and went back to her room to rest.

Ah Dai used his monthly stipend to pay for the food, and entered the room next door. Closing the door, he put down his bag and the TianGang Sword. Immediately, he felt his body become lighter and he let out a deep breath, while stretching his body. The vast energy from his boundless true qi had already healed most of the blood vessels on his arms, and Giger’s water attribute magic was quite effective, not even leaving behind a scar. As long as he did not exert pressure, it no longer hurt.

Although he had only just entered the city for two short days, so much had already happened, and Ah Dai felt as though he was living in a dream. Towards Xuan Yue, even he did not know what sort of feeling he felt. That sweet sleep yesterday night, as well as what happened in the morning, both incidents were deeply etched into his mind. Fatigue slowly invaded Ah Dai’s body, and he suddenly realized that it was time for him to cultivate. Sitting cross-legged on the bed, he circulated his boundless true qi that had just reached the Fifth Stage, and started reciting the mnemonic. In just a while, he had entered the state of cultivation.

In the room next door, Xuan Yue was turning around in her bed, unable to fall asleep. She was obviously very sleepy, but once she closed her eyes, she would think of the events that happened in the past two days, and she simply could not fall asleep. She suddenly sat up, hmpf-ing in anger, “It’s all that mean Ah Dai, always bothering me for no reason, hmpf, and causing me to be unable to sleep well! I’ll make sure to teach him a lesson!” As she spoke, she suddenly thought of the feeling when she woke up within Ah Dai’s arms that morning. It was an extremely comfortable and magical feeling, she had never slept so soundly in a long time, and she felt extremely safe within Ah Dai’s arms. If only I could make Ah Dai into a bed. This thought suddenly flitted across her mind, causing her face to turn red. Laying down once more in bed, her sleepiness finally won over her random thoughts, and she finally fell asleep.


It was already late at night as Ah Dai drew out a long breath, and the white glow that enveloped his body gradually dimmed. After 49 cycles, his whole body felt rejuvenated, it was as though he had regained all of the blood that he lost earlier in the morning. The liquefied boundless true qi within his body seemed to have increased slightly, and the fullness of his dantian made him filled with energy.

Glancing outside at the sky, it seemed that he still had quite some time before daybreak. There was indeed a difference when his Boundless Life Art reached the Fifth Stage, when he circulated 49 cycles in the past, it would almost be dawn when he finished. While right now, it was much faster when his Boundless Life Art had reached a new level.

The sky was very dark, and Ah Dai did not know how much time he had left. In his dim room, even with his eyesight, he could only see a few meters before him. To sleep? But I’ve just finished cultivation, and I don’t feel sleepy, should I meditate? After seeing Xuan Yue’s magic skills yesterday, Ah Dai felt demoralized over his own Flame spell and Fireball spell, and could not muster any efforts to meditate.

Suddenly, Ah Dai recalled the Hell’s Sword near his chest. His whole body trembled as he thought, Yes! I’ve already reached the Fifth Stage of the Boundless Life Art, and I can start practicing the Hell’s Sword Nine Techniques.


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