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Chapter 19: The Mercenary Guild


Giger got a scare as he croaked out, “… What?” If the daughter of the crimson-robed priest were to be sullied here, he would face a consequence that would be worse than death. He did not have time to think and immediately executed an ice awl magic, shooting it towards Ah Dai.

Just as Ah Dai was about to explain, the huge ice awl had already arrived before him. He could not dodge it, because Xuan Yue was right behind him. Clenching his teeth, his boundless dou qi burst forth as he landed a huge punch onto the ice awl.

With a loud bang, the ice awl shattered into pieces, however, one of the ice shards pierced through Ah Dai’s arm. Fresh blood instantly stained the whole bed red.

“Grand magician Giger, listen to me, I’ve really done nothing at all!”

After letting out at ice awl, Giger regretted, no matter how he saw it, Ah Dai did not seem like that kind of person. Furthermore, it was still unsure if a silly kid like him would actually do such a thing. Also, both Xuan Yue and Ah Dai’s clothes were very neat, and Xuan Yue was still wrapped within the blankets, … …

“What exactly happened here?” Giger asked, furrowing his brows.

Ah Dai sealed the blood vessels on his arms while replying, “I don’t know what happened either. Early in the morning when I woke up, she suddenly started screaming about killing me, … …” He quickly recounted everything that happened yesterday night.

After hearing Ah Dai’s recount, Giger finally heaved a sigh of relief. Walking over to the bed, he scolded Ah Dai, “You silly kid, don’t you know anything about male and female relations? How can you sleep together with a girl!” Turning to Xuan Yue, he then continued in a gentle voice, “Miss Xuan Yue, if what Ah Dai said is true, then he should not have done anything. Look, his arm is already pierced by my ice awl, don’t blame him anymore.”

Actually, Xuan Yue only knew a little about the stuff between males and females, so when she heard Giger’s words, she sniffled, “Really? But, but he slept together with me, will I get pregnant? I don’t want to have kids! What if, he turns out to be as dumb as him, I… …, I don’t want to live anymore.”

Xuan Yue’s words had thoroughly hurt Ah Dai’s feelings, he thought, So it seems that, in Xuan Yue’s eyes, I’m just a dumb and silly idiot… Yes, I am indeed dumb! Taking two steps back, Ah Dai stood in a corner, a faint layer of frost gradually appearing in his eyes.

Listening to Xuan Yue’s words, Giger let out an embarrassing laugh, “How can this be, Miss Xuan Yue, if they do not do “that”, there will be no child. Ah Dai is definitely not that type of person. Furthermore, doesn’t your body feel fine? Ah Dai, quickly apologize to Miss Xuan Yue.”


Ah Dai let out a grunt of acknowledgement and walked over to the front of the bed, with his head bowed, “I am sorry Miss Xuan Yue, I am just a country bumpkin, I’ve only just entered the continent, and I don’t know anything, sorry for making you feel wronged. I promise, in the future, I will never ever touch a single hair on you, and only be your attendant.” After he finished speaking, he retreated once more, into his original position. As for why he was still willing to remain, was firstly because he had already made a vow, and he could not bear to give up the delicious steamed buns. Secondly, he felt that he that he had owed the crimson-robed priest a favor, without the help from the Divine Blessing, it would take quite some time before he could reach the Fifth Stage of the Boundless Life Art.

Giger did not sense the change in Ah Dai’s attitude, as he continued to console Xuan Yue, “Miss Xuan Yue, don’t be angry anymore. I believe, Ah Dai will not do anything inappropriate to you in the future.”

Hmpf-ing, Xuan Yue wiped away her tears and retorted, “My clothes were all dirtied by blood yesterday, go get me another set, I want the exact same ones. Also, I want another set of magician robes, I’ll leave later.”

Giger could not help but wish that she would leave faster, and quickly agreed, rushing out to find new clothes.

After Giger left, there was only Ah Dai and Xuan Yue left in the room, and the atmosphere was still awkward. Xuan Yue had already stopped crying and only after Giger had left, did she see the large pool of blood on the bed. Although Ah Dai had already sealed the blood vessels on his arm, the wound was too large, causing some blood to still flow out constantly. She did not know why, but she suddenly felt a tinge of sadness and guilt. She knew that Ah Dai would not have done anything to her, and the fuss earlier, was just for her to vent her disatisfaction. Deep within her heart, she always felt that Ah Dai was not of the same class as her, and she had a sense of superiority.

“Ah Dai, come, let me help you treat your wounds.”


Ah Dai looked at his own arm, the icy feeling from the shard had already disappeared, and waves of pain surged forth. The attack from Giger was too sudden, thus his protective dou qi simply had no time to fully protect himself. Fortunately, the ice shard had not pierced through his bones, but the loss of blood made him feel extremely fatigued.

“No, it’s fine, I can manage.” Ah Dai tore a strip of his clothes, using his teeth to clench one end, while he used his right hand to bandage his wound. The extreme pain caused his forehead to be filled with sweat.

Xuan Yue hmpf-ed, “Okay then, do you really think I was willing to waste my magic force on you?” Although this was what she said, her gaze still did not leave Ah Dai’s wound.

“Yeah! How can I bother you with such a small wound,” Ah Dai merely remarked, as he spoke, he grabbed his bags and walked out.

“Where are you going?”

Opening the door, Ah Dai replied, “I’ll go wash and change my clothes, in case I dirty your eyes.” He closed the door and walked out.

Once Ah Dai had gone, Xuan Yue was completely stunned. When Ah Dai was taking his bags, she caught a look of coldness in his his eyes, and she did not know why Ah Dai seemed to have become a totally different person, even his way of speech has changed, he no longer seemed to have his silly demeanor. Could it, could it be that he is like this because I didn’t let him sleep together with me? But, I am a girl after all, how can I be so close with him. Hmpf, I shan’t care about him, he’s only my attendant, as long as he follows me, who cares what he’s thinking about!

In just a while, Ah Dai returned to the room. However, his face seemed much paler than before, as he carried a tray with breakfast in his right hand, while his injured left arm fell limp at his side.

Placing the tray in front of Xuan Yue, Ah Dai said, “Miss Xuan Yue, please eat breakfast.”

Xuan Yue gave him a glance and asked, “Aren’t you eating? Why is there so little food.”

Ah Dai shook his head, “I am your attendant, how can I eat together with you, I’ll go out to eat. If there’s anything just call for me.” When he finished speaking, he turned and left.

Walking out of the room, Ah Dai let out the deep breath that he was holding. He held back the sadness within his heart as he let out a self-deprecating smile, muttering to himself, “That’s right! I am a thief at birth, while she is the young miss of the Holy Church, of course she will look down on me. One year, one year more? Teacher Gliss, I will have to delay another year before I can return to see you.”

“What’s wrong, Ah Dai? You don’t seem very happy!” Giger’s voice sounded.

Ah Dai raised his head and looked at Giger, there was a faint smile on the old magician’s face. “I’m fine. Thank you for your concern.”

Giger sighed, “Child, I was really too rash just now, and caused you to suffer such a heavy injury. Come, I’ll use my water attribute healing magic to treat you. The wound is so big, if you do not treat it now, there may be negative consequences in the future.”

Ah Dai lightly nodded, towards Giger, he was still very respectful.

Under Giger’s treatment, Ah Dai could now move his left arm, and his complexion seemed much better after eating breakfast.

“Little lad, when you follow that ‘little ancestor’ in the future, you must be careful. Her backing is really too powerful, no matter you or me, we both can’t offend her, or you might suffer in the future days.”

Ah Dai lowered his head and remained silent.

Giger continued, “Try your best to keep a distance from her, you must never go too close.” Suddenly, Giger seemed more serious as he said this, “Especially, you must never fall in love with her! Or else you will suffer for life, there is an insurmountable gap between the both of you!”

With the same self-deprecating smile, Ah Dai replied, “Grand magician Giger, you’re thinking too much, how can anything happen between me and Miss Xuan Yue? We are simply worlds apart.”

“Don’t belittle yourself too much, to have such accomplishments at such a young age isn’t easy at all. Okay, go and rest a while first, I’ll go deliver the items that that little demoness wants. Oh right, your clothes are dirty as well, I’ve prepared a set of new magician robes for you, go and change into them.”

Wearing the new magician robes, Ah Dai stretched his body. Although the wound on his arm was much better, waves of pain still came from it. The boundless true qi within Ah Dai continuously circulated, healing the injured blood vessels on his arm. Yesterday night, he had slept very comfortably, and his original impression of Xuan Yue had improved considerably. However, after the chaos this morning, Ah Dai’s heart had become cold. He had completely closed off his heart, and would never open his heart so easily again.

Touching the Hell’s Sword near his chest, Ah Dai suddenly remembered, his boundless true qi had reached the Fifth Stage, this meant that, he could start practicing the first move of the Hell’s Sword Nine Techniques. As he thought of this, his heart could not help but start trembling. That strong power was long imprinted within his mind. At the same time, that sense of evil lingered around him, after all, the Hell’s Sword was an extreme evil! He did not want to recklessly kill innocents, but Owen’s words before his death continuously struck a chord within Ah Dai, “There are no absolutes in life. If you use it with kind intentions, then you will be kind; if you use it with evil intentions, then you will be evil” Clenching his teeth, Ah Dai made his decision, to follow Owen’s instructions, and find opportunities to practice the Hell’s Sword Nine Techniques.

It was at this time, that Giger and Xuan Yue both walked out. Xuan Yue had changed into a new set of clothes, and her long blue hair was still tied into two small braids. She seemed a lot better, but her eyes were still a bit swollen from all her crying. Ah Dai stood up and said, “Miss, you’ve woken up.”

Wrinkling her brows, Xuan Yue asked in irritation, “Didn’t I tell you to call me Yue Yue? Do you really want me to call you Dai Dai?”

Ah Dai merely replied, “I am your attendant now, no matter what you call me, it’s fine.”

Feeling the awkward atmosphere, Giger let out a cough, “Miss Xuan Yue, where are you going?”

Xuan Yue gave him a glare, “Aren’t you hoping that I’ll quickly leave, hmpf! I will be coming back next time, Ah Dai, let’s go.” As she spoke, she walked towards the entrance of the Magicians’ Guild.

When Giger heard that Xuan Yue still wanted to return, he almost collapsed onto the ground. Helplessly shaking his head, he gave Ah Dai a look.

Ah Dai bowed towards Giger, then followed Xuan Yue and left the Magicians’ Guild.

Once they stepped out, Xuan Yue ran towards the Mercenary Guild without hesitation. Ah Dai kept his head lowered, and under the cover of the big fire-red hood, there was no way to see his face at all.

The Mercenary Guild was just as busy the day before, and countless chatting sounds were heard. The arrival of Xuan Yue and Ah Dai, had instantly grabbed the attentions of many, especially due to that golden badge near Xuan Yue’s chest, it was a sign of an advanced magician! Of the many mercenaries, there were extremely few magicians. Once a magician joined a mercenary group, there will surely be great benefits for the mercenary group. Just imagine, as the warriors charged to the front, the magicians behind could execute protection and healing magic, it would be such a wonderful sight. Before coming to the Mercenary Guild, Ah Dai had specially left his TianGang Sword at the Magicians’ Guild, in case he was recognized by Feng Ping.

“Great sir magician, would you like to join a mercenary group? Our Skywind Mercenary Group is already very strong, if you are willing to join, our strength will surely increase further, why not consider?”

“Sir magician, don’t listen to his boasting, come and join our Iron War Mercenary Group, we can definitely assure your safety. Even if we face danger, we will surely use our lives to protect you.”

“Sir magician, our Dragon Phoenix Mercenary Group has many beautiful female members, come and join us.”


It seemed that there were people from almost all of the mercenary groups with decent reputation. In just a short while, there were endless invitations, surrounding Xuan Yue and Ah Dai.

Xuan Yue had never expected that she would be so popular, and she could help but secretly feel pleased. However, her intention was not to join a mercenary group, thus she declared in a loud voice, “Don’t shout, don’t shout, I’m not here to join any mercenary groups. Quickly move away, I want to create my own mercenary group.”

The representatives from the various mercenary groups were instantly stunned. A magician creating a mercenary group alone? What sort of concept is that? Furthermore, from the voice, it seemed that this advanced magician was a female, and a young one at that.

Taking advantage of all their stunned reactions, Xuan Yue turned to Ah Dai and instructed, “Quick, stand in front and make a path, let us go towards that counter inside.”

The great hall within the Mercenary Guild was extremely spacious, and could fit a few hundreds of people. At the innermost part of the hall, there were three counters, the Registration Counter, the Mission Counter and the Remuneration Counter. Passing through the crowds, Xuan Yue pulled Ah Dai quickly towards the Registration Counter, and shouted towards the staff inside, “I want to register a mercenary group.”

There was a young girl standing behind the counter, and she was shocked upon seeing the advanced magician badge on Xuan Yue’s chest. Speaking in a polite voice, she asked, “Miss, are you sure?” She had worked here for a few years, and she had never heard of any magicians wanting to create a mercenary group. With the status of magicians on the continent, they simply did not have to run around doing missions for a living. Although being a mercenary was a profitable job, in comparison, the danger was also much greater. According to her knowledge, only the Red Hurricane Mercenary Group had some magicians, and as for an ordinary small mercenary group, there was no need to even mention magicians, even people who understood the essence of magic were rare and few.

Xuan Yue replied impatiently, “Of course I know, hurry up, don’t you see so many flies surrounding us?”

The young girl pursed her lips, and looking at Ah Dai who remained silent by Xuan Yue’s side, she smiled, “May I ask, how many members are there in your mercenary group, and what are the names of the leader and vice-leader?”

Without hesitation, Xuan Yue said, “There are two members, the leader is yours truly, Xuan Yue, and the vice-leader is him, Ah Dai.” As she spoke, she pointed towards Ah Dai’s tall stature.

“Ah Dai?” The young girl was slightly shocked, but she did not comment further, and quickly used her pen to record. At this time, those mercenaries had come to their senses, and quickly surrounded them from behind, in a desperate last attempt. Xuan Yue hmpf-ed and quietly muttered some incantations, a ball of light instantly appearing from her short magic wand. The glow suddenly increased , and the holy energy surrounded her and Ah Dai. “Whoever dares to bother me, don’t blame me for using my magic.” Although she had only used a simple illumination light attribute spell, under the boost from her holy aura, the illumination spell would produce certain energy fluctuations, and it would contain an effect of eliminating evil. It seemed extremely powerful, but actually, it did not possess any attack power, and was only useful against some low level darkness attribute monsters. However, to the people who did not know magic, it was enough to scare them.

The dense holy aura instantly caused the mercenaries to take a few steps back. Apart from some mercenaries with profound martial skills, the others had all stepped aside, rushing to do their own stuff.

The young girl asked, “May I know what are your professions, and what do you specialize in?”

Xuan Yue replied, “Of course we are magicians, and I specialize in Light Attribute magic, while he specializes in Fire Attribute magic. Is registration so troublesome?”

The young girl let out a smile, “The registration is indeed troublesome, because we must record everything clearly! Miss magician, are you sure your mercenary group only has two people? This should be, the smallest mercenary group that I’ve seen. I feel that, you should recruit some warriors, so that your mercenary group will be stronger.”

Glancing at Ah Dai, Xuan Yue shook her head, “No it’s fine, just the two of us is enough. Are there other things to record, please hurry up.”

The young girl smiled, “There’s still one last thing, please think of a name for your mercenary group.”

Xuan Yue was stunned, “A name?” She had never considered this, in the morning, she was still angry at Ah Dai, thus, she only wanted to create a mercenary for fun and did not think too much into it. Name? What name will be good? Turning towards Ah Dai, she asked, “Ah Dai, what do you think our mercenary group shall be called?”

Ah Dai shook his head, “I am too dumb, it’s better if Miss thinks of a name.” After coming here, he was always on the lookout for Feng Ping and the members from his Red Lion Mercenary Group. However, he did not see any mercenaries with a lion badge and he felt much more at ease. It turned out that, after Feng Ping had left, the members of the Red Lion Mercenary Group had left after accepting a new mission. Even if they were here, it would perhaps be very difficult for them to recognize Ah Dai, who was dressed totally differently.

Xuan Yue let out a dissatisfied hmpf as she told the young girl, “Then let us be called the Angel Mercenary Group, it’s a nice name right.”

The young girl lowered her head to check, “I’m sorry Miss, this name has been taken already, please think of another one.”

Stunned, Xuan Yue hmpf-ed and muttered, “Even the name I thought of is taken, I’m so angry! It’s all your fault, causing me to get angry so early in the morning. Look, now everything is going wrong.” Xuan Yue vented her anger on Ah Dai, and pounded on Ah Dai’s arm. Unfortunately, she had just happened to hit against Ah Dai’s wound.

Ah Dai’s whole body shook, the immense pain caused him to involuntarily let out a grunt. Xuan Yue got a fright, only just noticing that there was a wound on Ah Dai’s arm. Glancing at Ah Dai who was trembling, she told the young girl, “Then let’s call us the Angel Devil Mercenary Group, with the meaning of angel and devil.” Turning around to give Ah Dai a glare, she commented, “Being so cold everyday, the title of a devil suits you.”

[TN: In Chinese, the words angel 天使 and devil 恶魔 have two characters, so she took a character from each word and merged them 天恶, thus the extra elaboration for what the two characters meant.]

Ah Dai clenches his teeth while enduring the pain from his arm, thinking to himself, Who is the actual devil here?

The young girl smiled, “Miss magician, please wait a moment, I’ll help you to make your mercenary cards. I’ll be back soon, you can first go to the Missions Counter to take a look at the missions there.”

Nodding in acknowledgement, Xuan Yue dragged Ah Dai along, towards that huge blackboard behind the Missions Counter.

Just at this time, a voice suddenly sounded from behind them, “Miss magician, may I know if we can discuss something?” A middle-aged man wearing a red leather coat appeared behind them. His head full of long red hair was combed neatly, and he was carrying a broadsword on his back. Although it was not as big as Ah Dai’s TianGang Sword, it could still be considered to be a heavy sword.

Xuan Yue swept her gaze across him. “Discuss? What’s there to discuss?”

The middle-aged man broke into a smile as he pointed towards the badge with a red colored hurricane design near his chest, “I the caption of First Warrior Brigade of the Red Hurricane Mercenary Group, I’d like to invite both of you, on behalf of our leader, to join our mercenary group’s Magician Brigade. There will be favorable treatment.”

Both Xuan Yue and Ah Dai were shocked, even if they did not pay attention to news, they would have heard of the reputation of the Red Hurricane Mercenary Group. That was a large mercenary group with tens and thousands of mercenaries, they were the top mercenary group on the continent. Such a strong power, was simply beyond the reach of other mercenary groups. The appearance of that middle-aged man, had also caused the people from other smaller mercenary groups to retreat. No one was willing to offend the Red Hurricane Mercenary Group, within the mercenary world, it possessed an influence like the Holy Church had over the continent.

Xuan Yue did not really care about how strong his mercenary group was, and replied in a cold voice, “Didn’t you see that we’ve just created our own mercenary group?”

The middle-aged man smiled, “This is easy to solve, there are two solutions; first is that you immediately disband your mercenary group, or second, you can merge under our Red Hurricane Mercenary Group at a favorable price.”

Seeing that the man was crude in his words and action, Xuan Yue was extremely dissatisfied as she hmpf-ed, “Both of us will never join your mercenary group, stop bothering us. Discussing money with magicians, are you crazy? Do you think we became mercenaries for the money?”

The middle-aged man was stunned, and asked, “Then why did both of you become mercenaries?”

Xuan Yue revealed a smug smile as she replied, “We became mercenaries, to experience the fun of adventuring, to think you are from the top mercenary group, do you not even understand such a simple reason?”

Listening to Xuan Yue’s words, the man smiled, “This is much easier then, there are so many difficult and arduous missions on the continent, which cannot be accomplished just by one person or even a few people, and the danger is extremely high. But if you have the support of our Red Hurricane Mercenary Group, you will be able to take on those difficult missions, wouldn’t that be a better way to experience the fun of adventuring?”

Xuan Yue was slightly moved as she heard his words, however she quickly dispelled any thoughts of joining. If Father were to find out that I’ve actually joined a mercenary group, I don’t know how he might react. Although he pampers me a lot, if he knew that I’ve done such a thing to tarnish the reputation of the Holy Church, I’m afraid I won’t be able to escape the fate of being confined. Creating my own mercenary group is a different case, I hope Father won’t blame me too much. Thinking about this, Xuan Yue immediately shook her head, “I’m sorry, we still prefer to adventure on our own.”

Until now, Ah Dai still had not spoken anything. He had already made up his mind in the morning, to interact less with Xuan Yue in the future, in case she would hurt him further. Now what he was looking forward to the most, was that this one year would quickly pass.

“Miss magician, your cards are ready.” The young girl had returned, holding two white colored magic cards in her hand.

Xuan Yue ignored the middle-aged man, and walked up to the Registration Counter with Ah Dai. Taking the cards, she asked, “What use does it have?”

The young girl explained, “As you are the leader of the Angel Devil Mercenary Group, there will be details of you as well as your mercenary group on the card. Your mercenary group is currently of the lowest rank, the Fourth Rank. The rank will increase according to the mission difficulty and the number of missions that you complete. As you are a magician, your mercenary rank is of the Third Rank, it will also increase according to the mission difficulty and the number of missions that you complete. This magic card is representative of your identity, so keep it well, if you lose it, you must quickly come back to the guild to make a replacement. When accepting missions, you need to present your cards. Also, here are 2 Third Ranked mercenary badges.”

Accepting the two bronze badges, Xuan Yue grumbled, “Why am I only a Third Ranked mercenary, this is such a low rank.”

“It is very difficult for mercenaries to raise their ranks; the higher up you go, the harder it gets. If you rely on only completing ordinary missions, perhaps you need to take at least a year before you rise from the Fourth Rank to the Third Rank. Because of the fact that you are magicians, the Mercenary Guild has already given you favorable treatment. Look at me, I’ve been a mercenary for 20 years, yet I’m still a First Ranked mercenary now.” The person who spoke up, was the captain of the First Warrior Brigade of the Red Hurricane Mercenary Group, Carl.

Xuan Yue gave him a glare as she said, “Why haven’t you left, didn’t I tell you that, we will not be joining your mercenary group?”

The middle-age man smiled, “Even though the deal wasn’t successful, I am still very sincere in improving our relations. If there is anything that you need help with in the future, feel free to find me. If there are any difficult missions, we will be glad to co-operate with you.”

Co-operation? This does seem like a good idea, Xuan Yue’s tone softened as she said, “Okay then, may I know what is the name of this uncle?”

The middle-aged man rubbed his slightly unshaven face and replied in embarrassment, “Am I that old? Just call me big brother, I am Carl.”

Xuan Yue giggled, “Compared to us, of course you are old. Uncle Carl, if there are any missions that require co-operation in the future, we will surely find you. Okay then, we will be going to accept missions.” As she spoke, she pulled Ah Dai by his sleeves and ran towards the Missions Counter, looking at the missions blackboard with great urgency. Earlier, they were interrupted by that middle-aged man before they could see anything.

The blackboard was divided into 4 sections; at the bottom, was the Ordinary Missions, mostly escorting some merchants and goods, the remuneration was not high either. A section above, was the Rank 2 Missions, there were all sorts of missions within, and the difficulty was slightly higher. Surprisingly, a mission such as finding the Fragrant Grass, that Ah Dai knew about, was included within. Further up, was the Rank 1 Missions, the difficulty was even higher, but most of them were about finding some precious and rare items. For example, the remuneration of a mission to find a Nine Dragon Porcelain Artifact was almost ten thousand gold coins. At the highest section, was the Special Rank Missions. There was currently only one mission and its description was: At the border between the Heaven’s Origin Tribe and the Prosperous Empire, are the Death Mountains. It is rumored that there are high-purity top-grade magic crystals within the caves of the Death Mountains. The objective of this mission is to obtain such magic crystals and bring them back. The remuneration: According to the quality and the attributes of the magic crystals, there is a guaranteed remuneration of 10,000 amethyst coins.

Ah Dai knew about magic crystals, it was written in Gliss’s notes that, magic crystals contain different elements in accordance to their various attributes. They have the power to absorb and store the energies of the magic elements, it would be like having an additional source of magic force for magicians, and it was exceedingly precious, one of the best materials in creating magic artifacts. If using top-grade magic crystals to create magic artifacts, although it was still not as good as godly artifacts, they could still greatly increase the powers of magicians. Under its boost, magic might even rise by one level. Gliss had kept some large magic crystals among his various materials, but those were only normal magic crystals. This mission could not help but move Ah Dai’s heart. He did not want to do it for the money, but rather he was thinking that, if he could get a piece of top-grade magic crystal for Teacher Gliss, he would surely be very happy.

Xuan Yue had noticed the same mission, and she muttered to herself, “To think that top-grade magic crystals were worth so much!”

Carl suddenly spoke up, “Of course top-grade magic crystals are costly, magic crystals are quite rare in the continent, and magic staves created from normal magic crystals could already fetch a hefty price of tens and thousands of gold coins. Top-grade magic crystals are the treasures of the treasures, and using them to create magic artifacts, the price is almost impossible to imagine. This mission has been here for a long time, I think it was a Grand master Level Alchemist who posted that mission. However, until now, no one has been able to complete it.”

“The remuneration of this mission is so high, then why don’t your Red Hurricane Mercenary Group go and complete it, aren’t y’all the top mercenary group on the continent? Could it be that you don’t need the money?” Xuan Yue wondered.

Carl let out a bitter laugh, “How can we not need it? To maintain such a large mercenary group of tens and thousands of people, the funds needed are astronomical. However, the difficulty of this mission is really too high, and too dangerous. Our leader forbade us from attempting this mission out of concern for our safety.”

Xuan Yue was mystified, “Are the top-grade magic crystals really that hard to find? There are so many people in your Red Hurricane Mercenary Group, why not do an all-out search, 10,000 amethyst coins is not a small sum.”

Carl sighed, “The problem does not lie in the difficulty of finding it, but rather, the danger behind. Haven’t you seen where the top-grade magic crystals are from? That is the Death Mountains!”

This caused even Ah Dai to be intrigued, and he spoke for the first time after entering the Mercenary Guild, “Is the Death Mountains really so dangerous?”

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        2. That is admittedly the greatest argument for Sex Ed in school I have seen. Stop magicians from randomly injuring Ah Dai educate your kids about sex today!

          I understand that she is a brat and she was raised that way, but I also feel that doesn’t make trampling over other people okay. I feel pretty bad for Ah Dai honestly he was dragged into being her attendant three different times and each time for completely selfish reasons. Xuan Yue did it so she would have a servant. Her father did it so she would have someone to protect her… She and her father have forced this upon him and she doesn’t give a shit about his feelings. No one has bothered to ask what he wants or feels they have just assumed they can use him. It is honestly pretty frustrating especially since Ah Dai wants to go see Teacher Gliss so bad right now.

          Also….. HOW THE HELL DO YOU FORGET ABOUT HIS INJURED ARM!?! It happened just this morning and then you go and punch him in the wound O.o. Then you blame him for doing that….. There are limits to being a brat. Part of me wishes that Ah Dai just abandons her, but I know he is to nice to do that which makes me feel sad for him…

          1. @Teunayven – Your funny appreciation of my joke made my day. Have you seen John Oliver’s sex ed segment from HBO’s Last Week Tonight? There’s a couple of versions on the show’s YouTube channel. The teacher who uses the shoe metaphor is one of the greatest American educators of ALL TIME.

            On another note, I wonder why hasn’t been updated with this novel since they started up again…

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