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Translator: Kuroneko

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So we are finally back, hopefully we can get this going more regularly. There are a few changes that we might make to this translation soon, which would enable this translation to make a lot more sense in English. With that said, enjoy the new chapter~


Chapter 18: The Crimson-Robed Priest

Ah Dai had wanted to reject, but he was unable to move his body. It was not an uncomfortable feeling, but it was simply the huge pressure coming from the tremendous holy force. His mind was fuzzy as he subconsciously started walking towards Xuan Yue’s room. The crimson-robed priest did not resume speaking and simply trailed after Ah Dai, along with the two ivory-robed priests, under the watchful gazes of the silver armored knights. He had totally ignored Giger, who was nearby trembling with fear. Only when Ah Dai had reached the room did he finally regain his senses, he immediately turned around to face the crimson-robed priest, exclaiming in shock, “You, what did you do to me?”

The crimson-robed priest merely spoke” It was the God’s guidance. Go and open the door.”

Ah Dai understood, at this point, Xuan Yue really could not hide anymore and helplessly, he could only push open the door. To his surprise, there was no one in the room, there was only a blood-stained white magician robe on the messy bed.

The crimson-robed priest seemed to have expected this as he sighed, “This lass, she’s really becoming more naughty, ay——”

That female ivory-robed priest hastened her footsteps and walked up to the bed, picking up the blood-stained magician robe. Her voice was quavering as she muttered, “Ah! Yue Yue really got injured!” She had an abnormally gentle and melodious voice, it was like the voice of a fairy who had descended. Even amidst panic, her voice still remained bewitching/enchanting.

“Nasha, calm down, Yue Yue will be fine. Let’s go back to the hall first.”

Walking up, the female ivory-robed priest yanked off her hood, raging, “That is my daughter, how can I calm down? Aren’t you all-knowing, quickly find Yue Yue, if anything happens to her, I do not want to live either!”

Ah Dai stared dumbly at the ivory-robed priest, her long blue hair cascaded down her back after she took off her hood, and she revealed her white, rosy cheeks. She had the same brilliant blue eyes as Xuan Yue, but with a tinge of worry, and she seemed to be only about 28 or 29 years old. There was a trace of sadness on her beautiful face, her eyebrows also hinted at her worries. It was a familiar face, ah! Right, Xuan Yue seemed to look exactly like her.

The crimson-robed priest seemed to be slightly embarrassed as he coughed, while helping Nasha put on her hood, “I’ve already calculated, nothing will happen to Yue Yue. We’re outside now, do not go overboard.”

Seeming to have realized that she had indeed went overboard, Nasha lowered her head and kept quiet, but her hands that were clutching the magician robes were still trembling.

Turning to Ah Dai, the crimson-robed priest said, “Little friend, let’s go back to the hall, I’ve got questions to ask you.”

Under the enormous pressure from the group of people, Ah Dai was simply unable to have any thoughts of resistance, and could only follow them back to the back hall. Currently, Giger was still standing at the same spot, and after seeing that there was no sign of Xuan Yue, his face instantly became paler.

The crimson-robed priest walked up to Giger, “Tell me, everything that happened after you met my daughter.”

Giger lowered his head and replied respectfully, “Yes, Your Esteemed. Today afternoon……” He did not dare to hide anything, and revealed every single detail, from how Xuan Yue came here, to how she took the magician’s exam. “… … Finally, your precious daughter (另千金) and this little fella left the guild together, when they came back, your daughter was already injured.” As the crimson-robed priest heard that Ah Dai had used the ring to absorb Xuan Yue’s magic force, he could not help but glanced at Ah Dai. Ah Dai shuddered, seeming to have been struck by a large force, it was the mental power of the crimson-robed priest.

Turning towards Ah Dai, he lightly spoke, “Tell me everything that happened outside, do not leave out a single detail.”

Ah Dai was stunned for a moment, the pressure on his body seemed to have lessened as he slightly stretched his limbs, replying, “Uncle, don’t worry, Yue Yue’s injuries have already healed, she should be fine, perhaps she ran away because she didn’t want to see you.” Ah Dai did not know why, but he felt a sense of closeness to the beautiful ivory-robed priest, while he felt immense respect for the crimson-robed priest.

One of the silver armored knights suddenly shouted, “Audacious! Who allowed you to speak in such a manner to His Esteemed, is the young miss’ nickname for you to call?”

“Let him go on. Little friend, tell me everything that you know. This daughter of mine has already left home for several days, I wish to find her quickly.”

“En,” Ah Dai agreed and told him everything, how Xuan Yue made him her attendant, and how he went to the bun stall to return money, as well as how she got hurt afterwards.

“So, my daughter tried to kill herself because she was angry with you?” The crimson-robed priest’ tone became colder as he said this.

Ah Dai scratched his head, “I guess so.”

Letting out a sigh, the crimson-robed priest shook his head as he said, “This daughter of mine, is really too willful, and I’m really sorry that she has caused you trouble. Mister Giger, if you see her in the future, I hope that you can make her stay, and inform the Church in this town, is that possible?”

Giger quickly replied, “It would be an honor.”

Turning to Ah Dai, the crimson-robed priest continued, “My daughter was at fault, and as her father, I apologize on her behalf.”

“No no, you don’t have to apologize, I am at fault as well, if I hadn’t gotten angry at her, she would not have been hurt.”

The crimson-robed priest suddenly changed his tone as he said coldly, “Although my daughter was at fault, as her father, I will never allow her to suffer any grievances. Do you know? This is the first time that my daughter has gotten injured. To fulfill my duties as a father, I want to discuss with you a little.”

Giger got a huge shock, the crimson-robed priest wanted to “discuss” with Ah Dai? Does he want to take Ah Dai’s life? “Your Esteemed, Ah Dai is just a child, and his thinking is also a little slow, you… …”

The golden hexagram star on the crimson-robed priest’s chest suddenly lit up, and a huge golden barrier surrounded Ah Dai. “He is still not fit for me to personally instruct, for ten years, I had never acted against others. Yinsan (3rd silver knight), go and exchange three moves with him. Little friend, if you can handle three moves of his, I’ll let this matter pass.”

The tremendous holy force caused Ah Dai to be unable to move at all, and he struggled while shouting, “Uncle, I, I don’t want to fight with you.” He did not understand why, the amiable crimson-robed priest suddenly restricted his movements.

A silver light flashed, and a silver armored knight jumped into the barrier. He drew out his long sword and gave a knight’s salute, “God bless, please advise.”

Nasha pulled the crimson-robed priest’ sleeve, and said in a low voice, “Forget it, this matter can’t be blamed on this kid, I can tell that he is a kind child.” She did not understand why her husband, who was always very reasonable, would go and make things difficult for a child who was only in his teens.

The crimson-robed priest’s voice sounded in her mind, “I know that this child’s character is not bad, I just wanted to test him, and see if he is qualified to become a member of the Preparatory Inquisitors.”

Hearing the explanation, Nasha came to understand, and nodded slightly. The crimson-robed priest gently held her hand as he said, ‘I’ve already sensed where Yue Yue is, however, this time I won’t make her return so early. This lass, is really too naughty, we should let her undergo some hardships, if not, if she doesn’t work hard to cultivate, how can she succeed me and my father’s positions.” In his heart, his wife and daughter were much more important than the matters in the Holy Church.

Feeling her husband’s gentleness, Nasha leaned closer towards him, their gazes landing on the center of barrier.

Ah Dai’s body felt lighter as all of the pressure disappeared. The silver armored knight had an expressionless look as he looked at Ah Dai, with his long sword gleaming in a shimmer of silver light. Drawing out the TianGang Sword on his back, Ah Dai thought, I’ve already fought against Feng Ping for no reason, and now, I have to fight again? This society is really complicated, it was much better back in Sweetrock Town and the Illusionary Forest, I can live a peaceful life there. Yue Yue! You really have caused quite a lot of trouble…

The crimson-robed priest was slightly shocked when he saw the five feet long TianGang Sword in Ah Dai’s hands, “So he is actually a younger generation of the disciples under the TianGang Sword Saint. En, I can rest assured about his character.”

“Please,” the silver armored knight coldly said.

Ah Dai did not hold back either, as he let out a shout while quickly circulating the boundless true qi in his body. A faint layer of white light instantly appeared over his red magician robes. He raised the TianGang Sword high up, in his eyes, there was no longer any silver armored knight before him, but only the tempestuous rough waves. After all, cleaving was the move that he was most familiar with. The five feet long blade of TianGang Sword instantly emanated a radiance, and the dou qi became much more condensed, causing the silver armored knight to suddenly feel that the youth before him was becoming like a tall and straight mountain. However, with his status, he would not take the chance to attack while his opponent was still gathering his power, and he did not believe that the youth who was still in his teens would be able to be of any threat to him. He swung the silver sword in his hands, and a silver light burst out, he used his strong battle intent to contain Ah Dai’s aura.

Ah Dai’s eyes narrowed into slits, his power suddenly burst out, and the TianGang Sword shot forward together with him, as if wanting to split the heavens. Its aura was firmly locked onto the silver armored knight, preventing him from dodging. The knight could not help but be in praise, “Good stance and momentum.”  The silver sword in his hand was held up in the air, as it continuously struck the TianGang Sword twenty-seven times. Each strand of dou qi were like sharp needles as they pierced through Ah Dai’s boundless true qi.

Ah Dai’s boundless dou qi was after all, one of the authentic superior dou qi on the continent, although Yinsan’s sharp dou qi had extreme piercing power, it was still unable to reach Ah Dai’s body, and was dissipated by the dou qi on the TianGang Sword. Of course, in order to dissipate his opponent’s attack, Ah Dai’s cleaving slowed down a little.

“Clang——” One long one short, one heavy one light, the two swords clashed in mid air. The TianGang Sword’s weight, coupled with the rushing force and Ah Dai’s dou qi, it created an astonishing effect. This was Ah Dai’s full force strike under the threat of danger, and he had displayed 120% of his potential, one-third more than when he had fought against Feng Ping. The silver armored knight’s body actually shook from the impact, while Ah Dai was sent back to his starting point.

The impact caused a surge of blood to rush through Ah Dai’s body, his opponent was able to force him backwards even after such an impact. He knew that, compared to the silver armored knight, there was an insurmountable gap between them. Ah Dai was resolute, as he started murmuring the incantation for the flame spell, raising up his TianGang Sword once more.

Actually, the silver armored knight was not all unscathed either, although his martial arts were more profound than Ah Dai’s, the strike from Ah Dai just now had exceeded his expectations, it was a heavy cleave of at least thousand kilograms of force! To a knight like him, who was not proficient at strength, forcefully taking on such a heavy attack was an extremely painful thing. He had finally suppressed the surge of blood with much difficulty, but he was shocked to discover, Ah Dai’s broadsword that was originally radiating with white holy light suddenly lit up in deep blue flames. Those flames, were gathered from the most authentic fire elements, and the deep blue color indicated high temperature of the flames.

Ah Dai was already at his limits, the magic force within his body was only sufficient for him to attack once, but in order to live on, he could only give his all.

The silver armored knight would not allow Ah Dai to have the chance to gather his energy for the final strike, thus, wielding his sword, he turned into a silver silhouette as he rushed towards Ah Dai.

There was an extreme temperature on TianGang Sword, as Ah Dai compressed all of the boundless true qi within his body onto his hands. To him, the silver flash shooting towards him was like a wave heading for the shore; although it had an imposing aura, its power was not concentrated. Without any hesitation, Ah Dai executed the same cleave, only this time, there was blue within the white radiance on TianGang Sword.

Once more, the silver armored knight miscalculated, he could clearly sense that, if he were to aim for Ah Dai’s vital points, then he would surely be hit by Ah Dai’s attack. That sort of ferocious attack, was not something that could simply be blocked with the fleshly body. Not to mention, the hall was already narrow, and there were so many people around, the crimson-robed priest’s barrier was not very big, and Yinsan could not fully execute all of his skills to their fullest potential. In that instant, Yinsan made his decision, his life was still more important. Out of desperation, he had to change move in mid air, and charge against Ah Dai’s TianGang Sword head-on.

This time, the silver armored knight was at a great disadvantage, his body was in the air and there was nowhere for him to exert his power. Furthermore, he was in the midst of changing his move, and before he could even charge up his skill, he was instantly sent flying from Ah Dai’s full force attack. The searing flames had even burnt most of his golden long hair, and he staggered all the way back to the edge of the barrier before he could regain his footing.

However, Ah Dai was not alright either, although he had not used the earth-shattering strike, he only had less than 2% of his power left, and he was unable to use the same attack once more.

Yinsan was furious, and his dou qi suddenly increased. He was about to use his full power, Ah Dai had burnt his hair, causing a trace of killing intent to appear in his eyes.

“Enough, stop now.” Just as Yinsan was about to strike out, he was blocked by a layer of invisible barrier. With the crimson-robed priest level of power, how could he not see that Ah Dai had fully depleted his energy.

Ah Dai let out a breath of relief, as he used the TianGang Sword to support his body, while continuously panting. The boundless true qi within his body was circulating non-stop, but in order for him to recover to his prime condition, it would take quite some time. There was a flash of red, and the crimson-robed priest appeared before him. Pressing his palm against Ah Dai’s shoulder, he chanted, “By the power of the great Heavenly God, please bestow upon your loyal followers the powers of recovery. May light banish the darkness, and may God always bless you. Divine Blessing.” A white glow appeared from the crimson-robed priest’s hand, instantly enveloping Ah Dai within.

Ah Dai got a fright, and quickly mustered up his remaining true qi to fully cover the Hell’s Sword near his chest. He did not dare to imagine what would happen if this crimson-robed priest before him found out that he was carrying the Hell’s Sword.

The light that enveloped him was incredibly gentle and warm, and the boundless true qi in Ah Dai’s body recovered at a rapid rate under the vast holy aura. In just a while, his boundless true qi had already surpassed the original amount. Ah Dai’s body suddenly jerked as the vast amount true qi surged forth like a raging wave, breaking through the barrier of one of the meridians near his chest. Under his control, his dantian and the meridians near by were instantly filled with true qi. Ah Dai was full of delight, he had finally managed to breakthrough the bottleneck of the Fourth Stage of the Boundless Life Art, and reached the Fifth Stage. All of this, was only made possible with the help of the crimson-robed priest. The crimson-robed priest removed his hand, but the white light on Ah Dai’s body did not seem to weaken at all. A voice sounded in Ah Dai’s head, “Little friend, you are called Ah Dai right, since you have connections with the TianGang Sword School, I can be at ease now. You’ve said that, you have promised to be my daughter’s attendant, so I hope that you can fulfill this promise. Your boundless true qi have already reached the Fifth Stage, and it should be enough for protecting yourself in normal circumstances. My daughter is very mischievous, but I hope that you can put up with her. Temporarily, I won’t bring her home, it is good to let her experience some hardships of the outside world. Let’s set a year as the limit, if the both of you face some danger in the future, just open the scroll in your hand. At the same time, the ring on your left index finger seems very familiar, I’ll go back and ask the Supreme Pontiff about it, it should be some kind of godly instrument, protect it well. If my daughter can become more sensible a year later, I will recommend you to the Church Inquisitor branch. At the moment, you mustn’t move, you need to circulate the boundless true qi in your body for 49 cycles, before you can fully reach the Fifth Stage.”   

Of course, Ah Dai did not dare to move at all, the boundless true qi surging in his body seemed to almost burst him apart. Fortunately, he had remembered the mnemonic for the Fifth Stage and quickly started circulating his qi. The crimson-robed priest’s words were etched in his heart as he felt warmth all over, soon entering the state of cultivation.

The crimson-robed priest let out a sigh as he turned to Giger, “From now onward, no one is to disturb him. After a period of time, he will awake by himself. If my daughter comes back, you need not inform the Church either. Let’s go.” As he finished speaking, he floated out of the room, along with the ivory-robed priests and the silver armored knights, and left the Magicians’ Guild.

Just as the crimson-robed priest had left with his followers, Giger instantly fell limp onto the floor. The immense pressure from the vast holy aura was really too strong, his inner clothes and magician robes were already thoroughly soaked with sweat. Now, he was finally able to understand why the forces of the Holy Church were so powerful, if he did not guess wrong, the crimson-robed priest just now should definitely have the power of a Mage.

Returning to the carriage, Nasha could not help but ask, “Ye, are you really not going to bring our daughter back?”

The crimson-robed priest Xuan Ye let out a smile, “Nasha, our daughter will be safe, the amount of magic treasures that she has is even more than mine. She is already 15 years old, it is time for her to experience the world. That child earlier has a kind nature, and he has some basic skills and foundation. Furthermore his life force is extremely bountiful, and he definitely has the potential to become a sword saint. You should know, in the TianGang Sword School, reaching the Fifth Stage of the Boundless Life Art before 20 years old is exceedingly rare. Under the help of my Divine Blessing, the little kid just now has already reached the Fifth Stage. He has great potential, and I can be at ease to let my daughter follow such a person.”

Nasha thought of Ah Dai’s innocent gaze and could not help but smile, “Indeed, he is a silly kid. However, I am still worried.”

“A loving mother will only spoil her children, that lass has been too pampered,” the crimson-robed priest sighed.

Furrowing her brows, Nasha retorted, “Then do you have any methods? Don’t you and father pamper her too? Blaming me, you still blame me!” She raised her voice, and the silver armored knights outside could almost hear her.

The other ivory-robed priest turned his head to the window, pretending that he had seen nothing.

The crimson-robed priest immediately pulled Nasha into his embrace, smiling apologetically, “It’s my fault, it’s my fault, I have pampered Yue Yue too much, don’t be angry anymore. I’ve given that kid a summoning scroll, if they are in danger, I will know immediately.”

Nasha let out a hmpf, but her body subconsciously leaned into the embrace, “I don’t care anymore, letting Yue Yue experience the outside world is okay, but, if anything were to happen to her, I will find you.” Reaching over to the crimson-robed priest’s ear, she whispered, “I’ll punish you to sleep on the sofa for your whole life.”

The crimson-robed priest stiffened as he let out a bitter laugh, “Ay, I will do as you say and send some people to protect them.”

Nasha looked at her husband who had given in, and there was a look of satisfaction in her eyes as she said in a gentle voice, “Hubby, you are the best.”

Hugging his wife tightly, the crimson-robed priest caught a whiff of the scent from her hair, “I wonder if the other cardinals have found any trace of the savior, it has been 5 years and yet we haven’t gotten any information!”

There was a slight change in Nasha’s expression as she sighed, “It’s hard to predict Heaven’s will, how can the thousand-year calamity be so easily passed, we can only take a step at a time.”

Not too long after the crimson-robed priest had left, a white silhouette quietly sneaked back into the Magicians’ Guild. It was precisely Xuan Yue. There was a weak mental connection between her and her father, thus when the crimson-robed priest had come close, she knew something was amiss and quickly escaped through the window. She hid in a spot not too far after she ran out, and secretly observed the luxurious carriage, all the way till her parents had left, before she finally walked out and sneaked back into the guild.

Once she entered the hall, Xuan Yue saw Ah Dai, who was emanating a bright radiance from his whole body. Just as she was about to jump over, she was stopped by Giger. “Young miss, you’ve finally returned, you’ve almost got me killed! Your father had just left.”

Xuan Yue let out a giggle, “Giger, Grand——Magician, aren’t you a little too cowardly, my father is a priest, not a mass murderer, rest assured, he will not randomly kill people. What’s happening to Ah Dai, why is he glowing with light and sitting there like a vegetable?”

Suddenly, her face became paler as she gasped, “Did my father find out that I got injured because of him?”

Giger had a bitter smile on his face as he said, “Your father has indeed found out, under his powerful holy force, who will be able to lie? Little ancestor, I really am afraid of you.”

Worried, Xuan Yue anxiously asked, “My, my father couldn’t have possibly done anything to Ah Dai right, I didn’t mean to harm Ah Dai!” Although she was very willful, she still had a kind nature. Despite not having spent a long time together with Ah Dai, she did not wish to harm Ah Dai.

Giger grabbed hold of Xuan Yue, who was about to rush over, “You’ve already said it, your father is not a mass murderer, he did not specifically blame Ah Dai, but only let him exchange two moves with the silver armored knight from the Inquisitor branch. It was an eye-opener, a magician could actually go hold his own against a silver armored knight for two moves. However, Ah Dai seemed to have thoroughly exhausted himself, and your father gave him a Divine Blessing, then told us not to disturb him. After a while, he will awake by himself.”

Xuan Yue let out a sigh of relief as she clutched at her heaving chest, “Divine Blessing, then it should be alright. Grand—— Magician Giger, I’m hungry, I want to eat.”

Sighing, Giger relented, “Just call me Giger will do, after seeing your father, how can I still dare to be called some Grand—— Magician. I’ll go get some food for you, but you mustn’t disturb Ah Dai. He seems to be cultivating some dou qi art, and if there are any disturbances, it is very easy for him to fall into deprivation.”

“Okay, okay, I got it, don’t worry.” The faint connection to her father has totally disappeared, implying that they were already quite far away. Without the threat of ‘capture’, Xuan Yue felt much more at ease. She crouched down near Ah Dai, staring at the silly youth in front of her. She could not help but recall Ah Dai’s worried look when she got injured, and thought to herself, “This silly kid, is really so kind, he had even wanted to undo my skirts.. Aiya, it’s so embarrassing!” Thinking of this, Xuan Yue’s pretty face suddenly started turning red.

At the same time while Xuan Yue was mulling over her thoughts, Ah Dai had reached a critical juncture in his cultivation. Due to his strong mental force, it was much easier for him to control the boundless true qi in his body. However, the Fifth Stage of the Boundless Life Art was an important threshold, only after reaching the Fifth Stage, can one continue to gradually progress. Cultivation become more difficult with each stage, but comparatively, after the Fifth Stage, which each new stage of advancement, there would be a greater rise in power.

The dou qi in Ah Dai was undergoing a restructuring process and was gradually compressed. Finally, when he had circulated the dou qi for 36 cycles, the first drop of dou qi in liquid state appeared in his body. The swelling dou qi instantly converged a little, allowing Ah Dai to feel more comfortable. With each cycle, there would be more drops of this liquid dou qi, and when the 49th cycle was completed, a small lump of liquid boundless true qi had appeared within Ah Dai’s dantian, glowing with holy light. What Ah Dai did not know was that, when the true qi had become liquid, it had absorbed a small part of the energy that the Fruit of Rebirth had scattered through his meridians. This caused his true qi to contain even more life force and a relentless energy.

Letting out a long breath, the white radiance covering Ah Dai’s body started to dim. As he finally awoke from cultivation, he was shocked to discover that Xuan Yue was sitting before him. She had fallen asleep against the chair, and next to her, there was a small basket on the floor, with some steamed buns and a plate of marinated meat.

Looking at Xuan Yue once more, there was a strange feeling in Ah Dai’s heart. Xuan Yue’s long eyelashes were fluttering, and her rosy little cheeks moved as she dreamed, she was obviously in an uncomfortable position. Lightly stroking Xuan Yue’s braid, Ah Dai hurriedly ate the remaining food, before carefully lifting her up and walking towards the room.

Xuan Yue was very light, and she seemed to be even lighter than the TianGang Sword. Warmth seeped through the layers of clothing from her soft flesh into Ah Dai’s palms, and suddenly Ah Dai’s face felt hot.

“En.” Xuan Yue’s arm loped across Ah Dai’s neck as she burrowed her head into his shoulders. Having found a more comfortable position, she fell asleep once more.

Ah Dai used his legs to gently kick open the door as he carried Xuan Yue into the room. He closed the door and wanted to place Xuan Yue onto the bed. However, her grip around his neck was very tight, and she would not let go no matter what. Ah Dai was afraid of waking her up, so he did not struggle further, and he had no choice but to lie down next to her, while covering her up with a blanket.

In just a day, Ah Dai had experienced two challenges, and both of his opponents were stronger to him. In addition, he had expended quite some mental force during the magician exam. Waves of fatigue crashed upon him as he could not help but drift into sleep. His arms naturally curled around Xuan Yue’s slim waist, while she snuggled closer to him with her arms still around his neck. Perhaps it was more comfortable, as she slept even more soundly.


At dawn.

“AH——” A sharp cry aroused Ah Dai from his sweet dreams, he was dreaming about helping Teacher Gliss with his magic experiments. Rubbing his eyes, he saw the sight before him. Xuan Yue had her mouth open while staring dumbfounded at him, her body was still in his embrace. It was a soft feeling, of indescribable comfort.

Xuan Yue had just awoken as well, in her dreams, she thought that she was sleeping within her mother’s embrace. After running out for so many days, this was the best sleep that she had. However, when she woke up, she was shocked to discover that she was not sleeping in her mother’s arms, but rather, in the arms of that silly kid. Letting out a scream, her brain suddenly blanked out, unable to process anything.

Ah Dai did not seem to sense anything amiss as he smiled, “You’re awake, did you have a good sleep last night?”

Xuan Yue’s voice was trembling as she asked, “You, you.. What did you do to me yesterday?”

Stunned, Ah Dai replied, “I didn’t do anything! I saw that you fell asleep on the chair, and didn’t seem comfortable, so I carried you back to the room. But you were holding on tightly to my neck, you wouldn’t let go no matter what. I was afraid of waking you up, so I had to sleep like this. What’s wrong?”

Xuan Yue’s face instantly became pale as she fiercely kicked Ah Dai down the bed, crying, “You still dare to ask me what’s wrong? What have you done! You, you’ve ruined my innocence, I’m going to kill you!” As she shouted, she picked up her magic wand and started to use magic.

For no reason, Ah Dai was kicked out of the bed. Seeing that Xuan Yue was about to use magic, he quickly grabbed hold of her hand, “Yue Yue, why are you doing this? What has happened exactly?”

The door suddenly opened as Giger stuck his head through the door, “Miss Xuan Yue, is anything wrong?”

Her whole body was trembling as she pointed towards Ah Dai, “He, he has ruined my innocence, I am going to kill him.”

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