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Chapter 16: The Wilful Girl


Ah Dai immediately agreed, he had already passed the magician exam, and he didn’t mind waiting a while longer.

Giger turned towards the girl, smiling, “Young lady, if I’m not wrong, you should be from the Holy Church?”

The girl was shocked as she replied, “How did you know?”

“No matter what, I am still a grand magician, if I can’t even recognise the highest blessing magic, Light of God, wouldn’t that be too shameful? I wonder which holy father is this young lady the daughter of.”

There was shock in the girl’s heart, she would never have thought that even after running all the way here, she would still be recognised. Pursing her lips, she said, “I came here to take a magician exam, not to let you investigate my identity. You must be the branch leader right, quickly, let me take the magician exam.”

Giger was secretly complaining, he could see that the girl in front of him was not of ordinary origins. The blessing magic, Light of God, could only be executed at birth, by light attribute magicians who had blood ties with the girl, it enabled her to obtain a holy physique since birth, and she would be able to learn light attribute magic much easier. At the same time, this blessing magic also had the property of dispelling all evil. This meant that, the seniors of this girl, must be the priests of the Holy Church, as the people who can use the Light of God magic, should at least be at the level of an ivory-robed priest. Although magicians were revered in the continent, they are still incomparable to the Holy Church, in addition, with their same beliefs, all of the members of the Holy Church had strong bonds with one another. Giger did not want to offend the girl in front of him, and risk being persecuted by the Holy Church. He immediately smiled apologetically and said, “Since young lady is from the Holy Church, why not be a holy daughter? Why come to us and take some exam? If I am to let you take the exam, I won’t be able to shoulder the blame when your seniors come looking for me!”

The girl hmpf-ed in anger as she waved the wand in her hand, “I don’t care about being some holy daughter, all they do is to pray and cultivate the whole day, it’s so boring! Quickly let me take the exam, if not I’ll call my father to stop all your funding here.”

Listening to the girl’s words, Giger was extremely anxious, he had realised the severity of the current situation. It seemed that the father of this girl, was one of the influential people in the Holy Church, only they had the authority to control the Magicians’ Guild.

The original good impression that Ah Dai had of the girl, instantly disappeared after the few words between Giger and her. It was the first time that he had seen such a willful and obstinate girl. Fearful of being dragged in, he quickly stepped to the side, and quietly watched Giger deal with the situation.

Giger hesitated for a long while, before he finally said, “Okay then, since you insist on taking the exam, then I shan’t stop you. However, if your seniors were to find out, it is none of my business.”

Impatiently, the girl said, “Okay, okay, just quickly start. How is the exam like?”

Giger secretly let out a bitter smile as he thought to himself, Why did both of them come to take the test without knowing what the test was like. He had no choice but to explain, “Just use your strongest magic to attack me.”

The girl hmpf-ed, “Okay, be careful then.” She raised the magic wand in her hand, and chanted, “May light banish all evil, may the divine power guide the confused, release, the elements freely floating in the air —— Divine Light.” While she was chanting, the magic wand in her hand released a circle of faint white light, and strong holy qi filled the whole back hall. The ring of light around her wand gradually increased, instantly enveloping the girl within. There was a trace of smile on her face as she lightly waved her wand, “Divine Light, listen to my command, and dispel the evil in this world.” A ray of holy light that was about half a metre long, surged towards Giger under her command.

Giger lamented to himself, since when did he become evil. The Divine Light spell that the girl used, was a high level light attribute magic. In all the different types of magic, apart from darkness attribute magic, light attribute magic had a certain effect in boosting the magic of other attributes. This sort of high level magic, could only be used by advanced magicians who had undergone a baptism by the crimson-robed priests, and Giger had no confidence in taking on the attack. Not to mention, he also could not harm the girl before him. Helplessly, he could only increase his water protection to the maximum, and condense all of his magic force into waves, dispersing the divine light aside, with the principle of refraction. However, he had forgotten that, apart from the girl and himself, there was still Ah Dai in the room.

Ah Dai had long been mesmerised by the girl’s dazzling magic, her divine light seemed so much stronger than his fire meteors. Furthermore, the girl seemed even younger than himself, but her magic standards were so much higher, and he could not help but be in awe. Actually, how could he know that, the reason why the girl was able to use the Divine Light magic, was really due to her holy physique, and mostly importantly, due to the magic wand in her hand.

The divine light suddenly shone onto the Giger’s water protection, causing ripples to appear, and the water protection shook non-stop as sweat poured down Giger’s forehead. There was a flash of light, and just before the divine light was about to hit Giger, he managed to refract it away. However, the exhausted him had not taken any notice of the angle of refraction, and the divine light instantly shot towards Ah Dai.

Ah Dai had already used up all of his magic force earlier during the exam, and he did not have any time to react as he watched it come closer to him, enveloping him in a blinding flash of light.The immense impact forced Ah Dai against the wall, and the holy qi burst out, turning the items that Ah Dai was holding into ashes. Instantly he felt extreme pain, and at this crucial moment, the Hell’s Sword near his chest released a layer of faint blue light, covering Ah Dai’s body while preventing the divine light from getting close. The white jade ring on Ah Dai’s index finger also suddenly lit up, and with a flash, the divine light started to be rapidly absorbed by the ring. Ah Dai’s body fell limp as the Hell’s Sword retracted its evil qi.

The girl let out a shout, she was shocked to discover, the magic force within her body seemed to be crazily absorbed by the ring on that silly looking boy. In just a few short moments, what is left of her little magic force and the divine light had totally disappeared. Devoid of energy, she collapsed onto the ground, while staring dumbfoundedly at Ah Dai.

The white jade ring returned to its original state, and Ah Dai did not know what had happened either, thus he simply stood there at a loss.

Giger was also stunned, he curiously took a few glances towards Ah Dai, while he used his remaining magic force to cast a water recovery spell on the girl.

With the help of the magic spell, a red flush appeared on the girl’s face, and her complexion seemed much better. Slowly, she stood up and walked towards Ah Dai whilst glaring at him. Stretching out a finger and pointing at Ah Dai, she said angrily, “I am taking the magician exam, why did you interfere. You must compensate me, and return me my magic force!”

Although Ah Dai was not really injured, his back was still hurting from the initial impact. However, he had indeed seen the girl collapse before him, and he had no idea why the ring would absorb so much of her magic force. Feeling extremely apologetic, he quickly said, “I, I am sorry, young lady, I, I didn’t mean to. How do you want me to compensate?”

The girl rolled her eyes as she said, “Since your ring has stolen away my magic force, then, give it to me as compensation.”

Once he heard that the girl wanted his ring, Ah Dai immediately hid his left hand behind his back. It was a present from the strange fish and he could not bear to give it away, thus he stammered, “No! This, this ring is very important to me, I can’t give this to you, can you take something else?”

Stubbornly, the girl insisted, “No, I must have that ring.” Since young, she was pampered and no matter who it was, they had to be respectful towards her, thus she could have anything that she wanted.

Giger walked over, attempting to dissuade her, “Young lady, I think you shouldn’t do this, if not for the ring of this little fellow absorbing your divine light, he might have…”

Giving Giger an angry glare, the girl replied, “You still dare say, it’s all your fault, who asked you to reflect my divine light. I haven’t even settled things with you yet, don’t bother putting on a good person act.”

Giger secretly thought to himself, if he had not deflected the divine light, he might really have been cleansed into nothingness. He did not dare to provoke this girl of unknown origins, and quietly stepped to the side. The silly kid really had back luck, but it was best for him to play it safe and not intervene.

Ah Dai glanced at Giger, then at the girl, “I really cannot give you the ring, how about… How about I give you some money?” Giving money was already Ah Dai’s limits, after all, to him, one gold coin was worth two hundred steamed buns! As he spoke, he took out the sack of money that Feng Ping had given him.

“Who wants your stinky money! Okay, it’s fine if you don’t give me the ring, but you must fulfil one condition of mine.” The girl hmpf-ed. Looking at the silly kid before her, if she did not bully him a little, she would not have been called ‘the little demoness’ within the Holy Church.

Ah Dai let out a sigh of relief, as long as it was not his ring, he did not care much about other stuff. Hurriedly, he asked, “What condition?”

There was a trace of cunningness in her eyes as the girl replied, “This young lady wants to have fun in the continent, but I’m currently lacking an attendant… From your appearance, perhaps you might have some skill. As long as you follow me, and be my attendant for one year, I’ll forgive you. This condition is very lenient right? For me to let you follow me should be considered your good fortune.”

Abruptly, Ah Dai exclaimed, “No, I can’t agree to this.” He still had to rush back to Teacher Gliss, so how could he tarry with the girl?

The girl stared at Ah Dai, and after a while, her beautiful big eyes started to turn red as she sniffed a few times. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she sobbed, “You, you big bully, such a big man bullying a young lady, aren’t you shameless! Wu, wuwu… …” (555)

Looking at the girl crying, Ah Dai got a shock and instantly lost his composure. In his memories, only when he left Teacher Gliss and when Owen died, would he cry. Could it be that, him absorbing the girl’s magic force had made her so upset?

“Ah! Young miss, please stop crying. It’s all my fault, it’s all my fault, please stop crying.”

It would have been better if he did not try to console her, she immediately started crying even louder once he tried to console her. Perhaps she had gotten tired, as she simply sat on the floor, whilst crying even harder. Ah Dai glanced helplessly towards Giger but Giger only shrugged his shoulders, indicating that he had no idea too. This sort of problem, was not what he, as a grand magician, could solve. If others saw that there was a young lady crying to such an extent within the esteemed Magicians’ Guild, perhaps they might even suspect that there was something wrong under his leadership. He earnestly wished that the girl would quickly leave, but he had no other options but to wait.

Ah Dai squatted down by the girl, helplessly saying, “Okay, okay, stop crying first, let us discuss again, okay?”

Her tears disappeared just as fast as they appeared, once the girl heard Ah Dai’s words, she immediately stopped crying. Raising her pretty white face that glistened with tears, she sniffled, “Then you choose, either give the ring to me, or be my attendant for a year.”

There was a bitter expression on Ah Dai’s face, “Can I be your attendant for a shorter period, one year is way too long, I’ve many things that I need to do!”

The girl’s little nose twitched as tears started flowing down her cheeks once more. Ah Dai saw it and immediately used his sleeves, wiping away her tears, “I, I’ll promise you then, please stop crying.”

Seeing that Ah Dai had agreed, she instantly broke into smiles, “Okay, you’ve promised. Since you’re a man, you must hold true to your words!”

Ah Dai lowered his head, and there was frown on his face as he muttered, “I’ll be your attendant, but you must provide food for me.”

Wiping away her tears, the girl agreed, “It’s just food, isn’t it? That’s simple, but you must always listen to me in this one year, if not I’ll cry.”

Giger, who was standing by the side, sighed to himself, luckily the lass had not latched onto him, if not he would definitely suffer. However, he pitied the silly kid, to be an attendant for a year? He probably won’t have a good time! Who knew what sort of crazy ideas that crafty lass would think of.

The girl stood up, looking towards Giger in annoyance, “What are you stoning there for? I just passed the magician exam, quickly bring us the stuff that we need.”

Bashfully, Ah Dai said, “Sorry Grand Magician Giger, the items that you passed to me are gone.”

How could Giger still be bothered about those items, all he wanted now, was for the little demoness to live. Afraid that the girl would think up of other crazy requests, he quickly responded, “No problem, no problem, I’ll just take another set for you.” As he finished speaking, he rushed towards the door in the wall, disappearing from sight.

Seeing that Giger had left, the girl giggled and asked Ah Dai, “You haven’t told me, what is your name?”

Ah Dai replied honestly, “I, I am called Ah Dai.”

The girl was stunned, and she suddenly burst out laughing after a while. Her peals of laughter was pleasant to the ears, like ringing bells, “Ah, Ah Dai, hahahaha, it’s killing me, there’s actually such a name. Ah Dai, it actually doesn’t sound so bad, haha, ayy lmao!” Clutching at her stomach, she laughed till she could not even stand up straight.

“What’s wrong with being called Ah Dai? Is it really that funny?” Ah Dai muttered.

After a long time, the girl finally straightened her back, but once she saw Ah Dai, she could not help but let out another laugh, ridiculing, “You are indeed like what your name implies! Really seems so dumb.”

Ah Dai furrowed his brows, “It is very impolite to laugh at others.”

The girl seemed to be in a good mood as she laughed, “Okay, okay, I won’t laugh at you. Since I know your name now, I’ll tell you my name too. My name is Xuan Yue, but you can just call me Yue Yue.”

Ah Dai shook his head and said, “I’ll call you Xuan Yue then, calling you Yue Yue feels weird.”

Xuan Yue hmpf-ed, “What’s weird about it? Don’t forget, you’re just my attendant, don’t have any weird ideas!”

[TN: weird ideas ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)]

Ah Dai did not even dare to face Xuan Yue and simply wanted to avoid her, not to mention having any weird ideas. Thus, he pursed his lips and said, “I don’t have any weird ideas! Also, you’re still too small.”

Hearing this, anger filled Xuan Yue as she stuck out her barely developed chest and retorted, “Which part of me is small? Where? In 3 more months, I’ll be 15 already.  I really hate people calling me small.”

How could Ah Dai argue against her, he immediately surrendered, “Okay, okay, you’re not small, not small.” He made up his mind, to talk less to this wilful young lady, and not cause trouble for himself..

Xuan Yue hmpf-ed in satisfaction, “This is more like it. Just now, which level of magician exam did you pass?”

Ah Dai lowered his head and replied honestly, “Grand Magician Giger said, I’ve already reached the level of an Intermediate Magician.”

“Only an intermediate magician! It looks like, your teacher isn’t that good either,” Xuan Yue remarked in disdain.

As he heard Xuan Yue slandering his teacher, his anger instantly rose as he raged, “Miss Xuan Yue, please do not insult my teacher. My magician standard is low due to my poor aptitude, it has nothing to do with Teacher. If, if you continue to insult my teacher, I will, I will… …”

Xuan Yue hmpf-ed once more, “You, you, what will you do to me? Since you won’t say, seeing that you still have some self-awareness, then I’ll let the matter with your teacher pass. However, do you know that you have just committed a huge mistake?”

Shocked, Ah Dai lamented, “I, what did I do? I did not provoke you though?”

Xuan Yue replied in all righteousness, “Who said you didn’t provoke me, what did you call me just now?”

“Miss Xuan Yue! Didn’t you say that, you were called Xuan Yue?”

Xuan Yue coldly hmpf-ed, “But, what did I ask you to call me earlier? I asked you to call me Yue Yue, letting you call me Yue Yue is giving you face, others want to call me that but they don’t even have the privilege. If you still call me Miss Xuan Yue, I’ll just call you Dai Dai, or Little Dai Dai, which do you prefer?” While she spoke, she revealed an ‘evil’ expression.

Ah Dai bitterly smiled, “No, don’t, I’ll call you Yue Yue then, okay? I’m already dumb enough, if you add another ‘Dai’, I’ll become even dumber.”

Xuan Yue smiled and giggled, “This is much better.”

At this moment, Giger had returned while carrying a large pile of items. He split the items into two piles and passed them to Ah Dai and Xuan Yue, instructing them, “Tell me your name and place of origin, I’ll record them down.” He saw that Xuan Yue was looking at the items in her hands with a satisfied expression, and started fervently praying that the little demoness would be satisfied and quickly leave.

Xuan Yue muttered, while sifting through the items in her hands, “I’m called Xuan Yue, you should know where I’m from.”

“And I am called Ah Dai, uhh, I am from Sweetrock Town in the Sipho Tribe.”

Giger nodded and spoke, “Okay, Miss Xuan Yue, you have passed the advanced magician qualifications, and as the branch leader of the Magicians’ Guild, I hereby bestow upon you, the title of an Advanced Light Attribute Magician. Ah Dai, you have passed the intermediate magician qualifications, and as the branch leader of the Magician’s Guild, I hereby bestow upon you, the title of an Intermediate Fire Attribute Magician.”

“Wait, wait a minute. Why am I only an advanced magician! Even if I haven’t reached the Mage level, I should at least be a grand magician, how did you conduct the test!”

With a bitter expression on his face, Giger replied, “Young lady, it’s not that I don’t want to let you become a grand magician, but the titles of grand magician and above, can only be bestowed by the main branch of the Magicians’ Guild, located in Bright Province, of the Prosperous Empire. I don’t have enough authority to do that!”

Xuan Yue hmpf-ed in dissatisfaction, “Okay then, I’ll let you off this time, since Bright Province is pretty close to our Holy Church, I’ll go there when I have the time.”

Giger knew that the two people before him had no idea of the matters regarding a magician’s certification, so he continued to explain, “The items in your hands, one of them is a set of magician robes, and the other is a normal wooden magic staff, it can amplify your magic by 1%. There is an insignia on the magician robes, and it is proof of your identity as a magician. Apart from that, that sack with the hexagram embroidery, contains your monthly stipends; advanced magicians have a monthly stipend of 15 gold coins, while intermediate magicians have a monthly stipend of 12 gold coins. Keep the money away, while I’ll go make two magician cards for both of you, it will contain your identity and name. Usually, you will need to use the card to receive your stipends, and if your magician robes are spoilt, you can use the card and get a new set at any Magicians’ Guild nearby.” After speaking, he did not wait for Xuan Yue to ask further questions, and immediately ran back into the room.

Xuan Yue was obviously much more interested in this items as compared to Giger, so she excitedly wore her magician robes. It was white in color, and when she wore it, the huge cloak seemed to engulf Xuan Yue’s whole body within. If she lowered her head, others would not be able to see her appearance even when she walked towards them.

Ah Dai was also a child at heart, when he saw that Xuan Yue had put on the robes, he too, immediately put down the TianGang Sword behind his back and started to put on his magician robes, which were red in color. As Ah Dai had a larger stature, his magician robes were a bit tight, but he still managed to wear them. Wielding the magic staff in his hand, he really seemed like a fire attribute magician.

Xuan Yue jumped in excitement as she giggled, “This time, they won’t be able to find me, it’s so great, haha. However, this wooden staff is too ugly! I don’t want it.” As she spoke, she threw the wooden staff aside, it could only amplify her magic by 1% and to her, it was basically useless. After throwing the staff aside, Xuan Yue’s gaze now landed on Ah Dai’s sword which he had placed on the floor. “You are a magician, why do you still have a sword, unless you know martial arts? Can you actually wield such a big sword?”

“This is my TianGang Sword, I know some sword techniques.”

Walking towards the TianGang Sword, Xuan Yue excitedly crouched down, and reached out her hand to grab the sword scabbard. However, with her strength, how could she lift such a heavy TianGang Sword. No matter how much she pulled, the scabbard remained motionless. In a fit of anger, she cursed, “What broken object is this! It’s so heavy, lift it up for me to see.”

[TN: broken as in ‘shitty’ i think, but since she’s a young lady, don’t think it’s appropriate for her to say ‘shitty’]

Ah Dai did not have any other choice, he was now afraid of this young lady before him, and only wished to quickly fulfil the one year’s promise and return to see his Teacher Gliss. Thus, he stretched his hands out and carried the TianGang Sword before Xuan Yue. With both of her hands grabbing hold of the sword hilt, Xuan Yue used all of her strength to tug at the sword, but no matter how hard she tried, she just simply could not move it at all.

Secretly laughing in his heart, Ah Dai informed her, “The TianGang Sword is over 70 kilograms, you are a magician, so you can’t carry it.”

Placing both of her hands on her hips, Xuan Yue breathlessly grumbled, “Even a broken sword wants to bully me. I don’t care, you must perform a few moves of your sword techniques.”

“Forget it, the sword is used to protect, I can’t simply use it for fun.”

Xuan Yue flung back the hood of her cloak as she raged, “I don’t care, you are my attendant now, if I tell you to show me, then show me you must, and you better do a good job! Quickly, quickly show me now! If not, I will, I will, I will cry for you to see!”

With a resigned look on his face, Ah Dai relented, “Okay, okay, I’ll show you.” Drawing out the TianGang Sword, he looked around him, and seeing that the walls of the back hall seemed quite sturdy, he walked over. He recalled that Giger had once said that, the walls had magic enchantments making them sturdier to attacks, therefore he wanted to cleave the walls to show Xuan Yue. He knew that the willful young miss would definitely not let things rest if she was not satisfied with the performance. However, how was he to know that, there were only magician exams taking place within the Magicians’ Guild, and thus the enchantments on the walls were only targeted towards magic attacks.

Xuan Yue rushed to Ah Dai ‘s side in excitement, “What are you going to perform for me?”

Ah Dai glanced at her, stiffly saying, “I’ll try cleaving the wall, it’s best that you stand further away, in case you get injured by the rebound force.”

A look of surprise flashed across Xuan Yue’s eyes as she joked, “You know how to show concern for others?” But as she spoke, she took a few steps back.

Actually, Ah Dai was not really concerned for her, but for himself. He was afraid that, if Xuan Yue got injured again, he would be blamed and perhaps even be extorted into becoming her attendant for a few more years.

With both of his hands gripping the TianGang Sword, he raised it high above his head, and started circulating his Boundless true qi. A faint white light that contained a trace of holy aura started emanating from him, flashing constantly together with the light from the dou qi on top of his sword. Ah Dai suddenly stepped forward, and in the cleaving stance of the TianGang Sword Technique, he swung his sword against the wall.

“NOO——” A shocked voice shrieked, but Ah Dai had already swung his sword and it was impossible for him to stop. Amidst the loud bangs, a wide hole of around 3 metres wide instantly appeared on the wall.

Both Ah Dai and Giger, who had just finished making the magician cards, were stunned; Ah Dai was shocked, while Giger was bemoaning the fact that the wall was ruined. He had spent quite some time and effort on the enchantments, but it was simply destroyed like this, so how could he not be upset.

“Wah, so strong! Who knew that you actually have some skill, that’s good, you can be my bodyguard as well as my attendant.” Xuan Yue grabbed Ah Dai’s hand while jumping in glee, totally oblivious to the grim expressions of the two guys.

Ah Dai ignored Xuan Yue, and immediately bowed towards Giger, speaking in an apologetic tone, “Grand Magician Giger, I am really sorry, I didn’t know that the enchantment was not sturdy enough, I, I am willing to pay for the damages.”

Only now did Xuan Yue realise that Giger had walked in, “What’s there to pay, it was me who asked him to perform some sword techniques. If you want compensation fee, then look for my dad at the Holy Church. If you tell him that Xuan Yue had caused the damage, he will surely pay you.”

Giger was dejected as he replied, “Nevermind, nevermind, the new shall replace the old. This is your magician cards, take them and quickly leave.” If they stayed here any longer, the whole guild might be destroyed by them.

Xuan Yue giggled, taking the cards from Giger, she threw the red one towards Ah Dai while she tucked her white card into her robes. Pulling Ah Dai along, she laughed, “Come, let’s go out and play.”

Ah Dai still wanted to speak to Giger, but looking at Xuan Yue’s impatient expression, he could only leave the Magicians’ Guild with her.

Behind them, Giger was muttering to himself, “Why am I so unlucky today, ay!  My poor wall! Old Huang, quickly assemble all of the magicians in the city, I need to repair the wall.”

Ah Dai and Yue Yue walked out of the Magicians’ Guild, and once they stepped outside, Yue Yue instantly let out a cheer, “Ah! I’m a magician now!” Her shout had attracted the attentions of the passers-by, and as they saw the magician robes on Ah Dai and Xuan Yue, they could not help but reveal expressions of admiration and respect. On the continent, the rarity of magicians further exemplified their preciousness.

Xuan Yue scooted over to Ah Dai’s side, and used her small magic wand to tap against Ah Dai’s head, “Attendant Dai Dai, where do you say we should go and play?”

Ah Dai was unfamiliar with the continent and he was shocked upon hearing Xuan Yue’s words, “Play? You asked me to follow you just to play?”

Xuan Yue replied, as though it was expected, “Of course! I finally managed to sneak out, so I must surely play to my heart’s content. Eh, there seems to be a lot of people there, what are they doing? All of them seem to be carrying weapons like yours.” She pointed to the Mercenary Guild nearby, curiously asking Ah Dai.

“That is the Mercenary Guild, I guess it’s a place where mercenaries accept their missions.”

Immediately, Xuan Yue’s bright eyes widened as she exclaimed, “Let’s go there and take a look, there must be fun stuff there.” As she spoke, there was no hesitation as she grabbed Ah Dai’s hand and ran towards the Mercenary Guild.

Her small hand felt soft and smooth in Ah Dai’s coarse large hand, and a weird feeling coursed through Ah Dai’s body. However, Xuan Yue’s words gave Ah Dai a fright, he did not bother feeling that small gentle hand, and quickly stopped in his tracks, “No, no, let’s not go there.” He had just left the Mercenary Guild not too long ago, and he did not wish to be pestered by the people there. Furthermore, if Feng Ping saw him together with a girl, he did not know what sort of expression Feng Ping would have.

Xuan Yue was only a little girl, when Ah Dai suddenly stopped, she was pulled along. Making an ouch sound, she bumped into Ah Dai’s sturdy body, instantly shouting out.

“What are you doing? It hurts!”

Ah Dai rushed to apologize as he said, “Yue Yue, let’s not go there. I, I still have some stuff to do.”

“You’ve got stuff to do? I’ve got stuff to do too? Don’t forget, you are now my attendant, and you must listen to me. If I ask you to walk East, you must walk to the East, let’s go, I insist on going to the Mercenary Guild. I’ve long heard that the Red Hurricane Tribe was the gathering place of mercenaries, now that I’m here, I must go take a look, since I love adventures!”

With a bitter expression on his face, Ah Dai mumbled, “Yue Yue, then you go first, I have some stuff to do, I’ll find you later.”

Puzzled, Xuan Yue looked at Ah Dai with her big eyes blinking, “Are you trying to escape? But you better remember! Since you’ve already promised to be my attendant for a year, if you try to escape, don’t blame me for being rough.” As she spoke, she waved the magic wand in her hand as a threat.

Ah Dai had already experience her magic first-hand, thus he hurried explained, “No, I won’t run. It’s just that I owe the steamed bun owner some money, so I need to repay him first.”

“Okay then, I’ll follow you. After you return the money, then let’s go to the Mercenary Guild.” Xuan Yue had finally found such a silly attendant, so she could not let Ah Dai escape so easily.

Ah Dai seemed to still have unspoken words, but looking at Xuan Yue’s wand that was glowing with light, he could only let her do as she pleased. The two of them were extremely eye-catching on the streets, after all, this was not a very big city, and magicians were still quite rare.


In just a few moments, Ah Dai had brought Xuan Yue to the steamed bun stall. As it was already close to mid-afternoon, the stall’s business was booming, and the fat stall owner was extremely busy attending to his customers.

Wafts of aroma drifted out from the steamed buns in the bamboo steamers, and Xuan Yue got a whiff of the delicious smell. “I didn’t know steamed buns smelled so good! I want to try some too, Ah Dai, buy some for me.”

“En.” Ah Dai walked up, and started queuing behind the line of people waiting to buy steamed buns. He could wait, but Xuan Yue did not have the patience, so she walked up next to the fat stall owner, grabbed a steamed bun and took a bite. Chewing a few times, she wrinkled her brows and said, “This is just average, there’s nothing special about it.” As she spoke, she flung her hands, and under the watchful eye of the unnamed stall owner, she threw the half-bitten steamed bun on the floor.

All of this, had been seen by Ah Dai. An intense feeling of aversion and disgust surged forth in Ah Dai’s chest, as he took big strides towards Xuan Yue.

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  1. That brat is so annoying. Hopefully she’ll change sooner or I’ll seriously will dislike this arc like I hate that brat from Shen Mu.
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  2. I suspect the author is trying to bring in a funny character, but the girl is not funny, only annoying.

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