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Translated by the one and only Kuroneko and edited by darklord

Enjoy the chapter and the minor cliff


Chapter 11: The Strange Golden Fish (2)


“Ah Dai, this is the place I found recently. The Heavens are really helping me, this place is extremely suitable for you to train. Let’s go up.” As he spoke, he wrapped his hand around Ah Dai’s waist, and lightly landed on one of the biggest rocks while carrying Ah Dai. The thunderous sounds of the waves breaking against the rocks could be heard, although it was a sunny day, the waves here were abnormally large.

“Ah Dai, there is a special spot amongst these rocks. It was formed naturally, and when the waves pass by other rocks, it will somehow form a huge surge of force. I have set up a large wooden pole for you, later, I will tie you to the pole and leave your arms free. Just follow the circulation method I taught you and turn your true qi into dou qi, using it to resist the force from the seawater. Try your best to not let it hit your body, understand? This way, it can help you train your body, as well as cultivate the Boundless Life Art. Look, it’s there.” As he spoke, he pointed to a spot some distance away.

Ah Dai looked towards where Owen had pointed at, and sure enough, amidst the rocks, there was an empty spot. After the seawater had passed the other rocks, it would form into huge waves at that spot. The waves relentlessly bashed against the rocks, and after many years, a deep crater was formed near the rocks closest to the waves. Meanwhile, in the middle of the empty spot, there was a 1 metre-wide wooden pole sticking out of the ground. No matter how the waves crashed against it, the wooden pole remained sturdy and unmoving.

Ah Dai curiously asked, “Uncle, how did you put the wooden pole there?”

Owen let out a mysterious smile, “Beneath the seawater, there is also a large piece of rock. Uncle used his true qi to embed the wooden pole into the rock, naturally, it would be sturdy, Today is your first time, try your best. If you really can’t resist the waves, then you just have to let them rush over your body. After two hours, I will let you down.” As he spoke finish, Owen brought Ah Dai and jumped down. There was a bump in the middle of the wooden pole, just nice enough for Ah Dai to use as a footrest. Owen retrieved the rope that he prepared and started securing Ah Dai’s body to the wooden pole. At the same time, he was also repeatedly waving his palm towards his back, even though the force from the waves was strong, it was unable to reach them, halting 3 meters aways from them.

“Ah Dai, look carefully at what Uncle is doing, and slowly try for yourself later. After two hours, I will come and pick you up.” Owen said, as he hopped onto the wooden pole on one leg, and shot towards the air, landing on a nearby rock. After a few leaps, he disappeared from Ah Dai’s sight.

Boom, a large wave suddenly crashed against Ah Dai’s body, he felt as though he had just been hit by something very heavy and instantly gulped down a huge mouthful of seawater. He had no time to adjust and immediately circulated his qi to his palm to strike out. Usually, Ah Dai had very few chances to use his dou qi, so he had hardly any experience. The dou qi he struck out was scattered and not gathered, it could only help to lessen the force of the seawater, but was unable to fully block it. Fortunately, the waves were not continuous, after a few large waves, it would take a while to accumulate the force for the next wave, giving Ah Dai some respite. Ah Dai’s palms constantly struck out, and the wave was like an martial art expert, helping Ah Dai to practise executing his dou qi. To Ah Dai, the two hours seemed to drag on endlessly, although he could not block the seawater from hitting his body, he continued to strive on. Time and again, Ah Dai was almost knocked unconscious by the barrage of seawater, but he continued to persevere. Amidst the loud sounds, Ah Dai finally used up his last bit of true qi, and he could only stretch out his hand to block, letting the waves relentlessly rush past his body.


Owen did not actually leave, and he was hiding behind a rock observing Ah Dai’s continued efforts in resisting the waves. Ah Dai’s performance had clearly left him displeased, with Ah Dai’s current stage of cultivation, he could have done much better. However, the way he executed his dou qi was incorrect, his comprehension skill was indeed lacking. Sighing, Owen stood up, standing on top of the wooden pole after a few leaps. He released the semi-conscious Ah Dai from the ropes, lifting his shoulder and flew towards a nearby rock.

The sun was hanging high up in the middle of the sky. Owen placed Ah Dai on a flat surface and used a sucking force from his hands to make Ah Dai sit upright. He then placed his palms on Ah Dai’s shoulders, circulating his dou qi into Ah Dai’s body. With the external help, Ah Dai was instantly invigorated, and was more awake. Owen said in a serious tone, “Concentrate on circulating your qi, condense your qi in the dantian, then circulate it through your veins.”

[TN: Another 4-worded terror 🙁 sorry if the meaning wasn’t expressed accurately.]

Ah Dai felt as though his body was falling apart, there was indescribable discomfort, and his limp body seemed to be unable to produce any force. With the warm flow of energy from Owen’s palms, Ah Dai felt slightly better, and tried his best to gather the remaining energy in his body. With the help of Owen’s true qi, he slowly entered the state of cultivation.


Ah Dai finally awoke in the afternoon, while Owen was guarding by his side all the time. The deafening sounds of the waves continuously sounded. “You’re awake, go eat some food first.” Owen said as he passed Ah Dai a basket of steamed buns and salted fish. After the few hours of cultivation, Ah Dai’s true qi had mostly recovered, just that his body still felt sore, and his muscles felt so weak that he could not exert any force. Taking the basket, Ah Dai wolfed down the food. Eating was Ah Dai’s favorite activity and the best method to replenish his energy.

Owen waited till Ah Dai had finished eating, before saying, “Your performance today had made me really disappointed, do you know? With your current ability, you should well be able to endure for two hours, and should not be in such a pathetic state. Did you forget what I taught you? And where did your composure go? Did you forget everything after being hit by the wave? You wasted too much energy at the start. Furthermore, do you think that you can totally suppress the waves with at just your current standard? The dou qi that you gave out was too scattered, how can it withstand the force of the waves? If you had used a through point strike instead, you can at least block the waves hitting your body, and even save some energy. Carefully think through this, we will stop for today.” As he finished speaking, Owen picked up the basket and left, without turning back.


Ah Dai sat alone on the rock, the aftertaste of the buns and salted fish was still in his mouth. Ever since he had arrived, Owen had hardly gotten angry at him, even if he had done something wrong, Owen would still patiently guide him. The sudden strictness, was a little hard for Ah Dai to take in. He held his head, muttering to himself, “It looks like, I am really too stupid. What is the meaning of a through point strike, is it to gather all the energy before releasing it?” Ah Dai continuously tried to understand the meaning of a through point strike, and returned home only late at night.

Owen had already prepared dinner. As soon as he saw Ah Dai return, he told Ah Dai that he was going to see Uncle Schiel, and left.

Ah Dai knew that Owen was not truly angry at him, just that Owen could not express his disappointment. Ah Dai secretly vowed that he would work hard and meet Owen’s expectations. After dinner, he did not waste any time, and did not even meditate, but started cultivation. While he was cultivating his true qi, he was also thinking about the meaning of the through point strike.


The next day morning, before the break of dawn, Ah Dai woke up. He quickly made breakfast, and then knocked on Owen’s door, “Bang, bang, bang, Uncle, it’s time to wake up, I’ve made breakfast.”

Opening the door, Owen put on a coat and walked out, “Ah Dai, why did you wake up so early?”

Ah Dai replied, “Uncle, I did not meditate yesterday night, but immediately cultivated, thus I finished the 27 circulations earlier. Let’s quickly eat breakfast, and go to the rock area, I want to try the through point strike that you mentioned.”

Owen smiled and said, “Okay, let’s eat first. Cultivation is not merely about working hard, comprehension is also important. Although hard work is important, it does not mean that you can become a top expert just based on effort alone. During your free time, you should try to think more about the application of dou qi, it will be very beneficial for you.”

Ah Dai lowered his head, “Uncle, Ah Dai knows that he is stupid, but, I will definitely work hard, and not disappoint you.”

Patting Ah Dai’s shoulder, Owen said, “Okay, Uncle was not really angry at you yesterday. It was not your fault, after all, it was your first time doing this type of training. Does your body still hurt?”

“My shoulders are still slightly sore, but other than that, I’m much better,” Ah Dai muttered.

Owen smiled, “If not for the recovery effect of the true qi that you cultivated with the Boundless Life Art, I think you won’t be able to even wake up today. The sun is almost rising, let us eat first before we go.”


Although it was already the fifth month, it was still cold at the beach in the early morning. The salty sea breeze blew across Ah Dai and Owen’s bodies, Owen turned around and said to Ah Dai, “The weather is a little cold, can you bear it? Remember, only use 70% of the energy, and keep the remaining 30%. This way, before your first strike is completed, you will be able to conserve enough energy for your second strike, allowing you to continue the endless cycles.”

Ah Dai was shocked, using 70% and keeping 30%, it was not what he had thought of yesterday! “Uncle, a through point strike, doesn’t it mean to gather all of the energy, and condense it before releasing it? Why did it become 70% and 30%?”

Owen was also shocked, he never thought that Ah Dai would interpret it that way, however, Ah Dai’s interpretation was also reasonable. Owen laughed and said, “What you have just said, is actually the earth-shattering strike, but not the through point strike. Ah Dai, you have improved, you have learnt how to think. Let Uncle tell you, the through point strike and the earth-shattering

strike that you have said are actually quite similar. The only difference is that the through point strike doesn’t require you to use all your energy. As long as the energy used can resolve the problem, it is enough. The similar part is that both of them require you to gather and condense the true qi, before expelling it out of your body, forming a indestructible column of dou qi.”

Ah Dai still seemed a bit unsure as he looked at Owen, whilst scratching his head.

Owen continued, “Ah Dai, you must remember, you must not carelessly use the earth-shattering strike. Because, once all of your energy and potential is used up in one strike, you will be vulnerable for a period of time. If you are unable to kill all of your enemies in that strike, you will be at the mercy of them. Therefore, do not ever use the earth-shattering strike unless it is your last resort, understand?”
At this moment, they had arrived at the rock area, where the wind was obviously stronger. Ah Dai said, “Uncle, let us go down now. Just tie me to the usual spot, and I will try.”

Owen shook his head and replied, “The wind is too big, and the water is very cold in the morning. How about this, show me the earth-shattering strike that you thought of yesterday.” The day before, Owen had already noticed that Ah Dai was deep in his thoughts, but the reason why he ignored Ah Dai was because he wanted to give Ah Dai space to think. Today, it was time for Ah Dai to test the outcomes of his ideas.

Ah Dai asked, “Uncle, but didn’t you say that the earth-shattering strike was useless? Why do you still want me to practise it?”

Smiling, Owen answered, “It is not useless, the basis for the through point strike is the earth-shattering strike, just that they have a difference in the amount of dou qi used. Display the earth-shattering strike one time for Uncle to see, then I will help to correct you.”


“Use all of your strength, your Boundless Life Art has already reached the Fourth Stage, it will display a certain power. Your target is this rock in front of you.” As he spoke, Owen pointed towards an average sized rock in front of them. It was about 3 metres away from them, and behind it, was the vast sea.

Ah Dai nodded, and walked forward a few steps, to the edge of his current rock. He recalled the idea that he had thought of, took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and started circulating the true qi within him.

A faint white colored light surrounded Ah Dai’s body, as he got into a horse stance, with his fists by his sides. Using his spiritual power, he slowly controlled the the dou qi within his dantian, gathering it into his right fist. Under his desperate efforts, the true qi inside of him continuously gathered, and the white light surrounding him suddenly converged. Owen who was standing by the side, could clearly see that the true qi within Ah Dai was already circulated to his chest, and was moving towards the direction of his right fist.

Ah Dai’s right fist started to light up, all of the true qi was gathered within his fist. He took a deep breath, and used his spiritual power to forcefully condense the true qi in his fist. The light became dimmer, but Owen was shocked to find out that Ah Dai’s right fist seemed to have an explosive power.

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