ATF Chapter 67

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Chapter 67 First Round Results

The calm Nicholas easily delivered the thousand exams into their dimensions. The exams glowed in light as if it was searching for its masters.
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ATF Chapter 65

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Chapter 65 Signature Magic! World!


“Hm?” Tyre felt his magic sound stone vibrating. He took it out to check while muttering


“It’s Mr Zack’s magic sound stone frequency, what happened?”


“Mr Tyre… Did something happen?” Elaina couldn’t help but ask after she noticed Tyre’s confusion upon inspecting his sound stone.


“It’s nothing, you take a rest first.” Tyre answered. Opening up the magic sound stone, he talked to it.




“Hey, is this Mr Tyre?” Zack’s voice sounded out from the magic sound stone. Upon confirmation, Tyre relaxed his tone and answered.


“It’s me, what’s up? Did a problem occurred?”


“Ah, no no no, I didn’t mean to worry you. It’s just that I heard Mr Tyre is participating in the Magician Girl Tournament so I used various methods and gathered some information on the magicians that you should pay attention to.”


“You are considerate. I wanted to visit you before leaving but regrettably, you were out on a task. Anyway, let’s hear this information you have.” Tyre had not actually thought about visiting Zack before leaving for Xavier Duchy, but he just said it casually. However, he still needed to listen to the information because it would not be easy to enter top three. Who knows if there were some monster-level magicians amongst the hundred thousand people.


Actually, Tyre had forgotten that his other self, Lunaria, was already of the monster level.


“Alright!” Zack cleared his throat then followed by the sound of papers rustling came from the magic sound stone. He then spoke


“According to my investigation, there is a total of one hundred three thousand two hundred forty-six magicians. The oldest is eighteen years old while the youngest is twelve. Participants who come from countries smaller than a duchy account for more than 60%. Of these countries, 40% are first ranks, 15% second ranks, and third rank countries account for only 5%


Tyre let out a dry laugh while he though the youngest was only twelve. That’s a dangerous age, who knows if that one judge could handle it. Countries were divided into third rank, second rank, first rank, duchy, and finally Kingdoms.


“There is a total of twenty-one people that Mr Tyre should pay attention to. Such as Milliac Kingdom’s Jin Si Li.The first class country Sanke’s Damiala and Xavier’s Lunaria are all very terrifying opponents. All of their teachers are Sacred Magicians. Especially Xavier’s Lunaria, her teacher is the renowned Lao Jerry, Hope God,  a strong magical martial artist expert. Many suspect that he had already achieved demi-god status. Imagine just how terrifying his student would be.”


Tyre once again let out a dry laugh while he thought that there was no one who understood Lunaria’s secrets better than himself.


After their discussion, Tyre took note of the magicians he should pay attention to then finished some idle chat with Zach before he cut off the magic sound stone connection.


“Alright, Let’s continue.” Tyre smiled at the wind elf. Elaina had already been impatient, all that time she did nothing but stare at the test paper with many questions, which totally flummoxed her. Now that Tyre was ready to tell her the answers, she was very excited!




“I wonder if Tyre that fiasco will be able to pass the first challenge,” Long Tu wondered to herself while looking at the hovering screen. Because there were too many people, even when she tried hard, she was not successful in finding Tyre.


“Tiska said she was going to talk to the Marquis then just abandon me, hmph, such a flirtatious bitch.”


Long Tu crossed her arms in displeasure while she stood solid still like a rock in this packed crowd. Those who ran into her all let out a miserable scream.


“Ok! Time’s up!” The Host and Hostess watched the sand stop and and exclaimed excitedly.


“Then, Madam Nicolas, please gather the tests and stones.”


“Alright.” Nicolas answered and without another word, she raised her hand and one by one the sheets of paper stacked neatly in the air then it was placed on the ground. On the side was also a neatly organised pile of image stones. This extraordinary skill would amaze anyone, no matter how many times they saw it. Some people suspected Nicolas’ understanding of space magic had reached the level of [Sacred]


“A million thanks to Madam Nicholas for her help. Then let’s continue and have Avalon Student Council’s General Secretary, Master Zamia, use his renowned magic [World] to grade the tests.”


Once the hostess completed her sentence, the atmosphere from the audience got heated instantly .


“My heavens, the General Secretary will actually use [World], that rank fifteen, top ranked unique magic. Using such magic to grade tests is like cracking a nut with a sledgehammer.”


“Rumour has it that [World] magic can buff a person to the godly stage, it creates a small god zone. The General Secretary becomes an all-powerful god within that zone.”


“I didn’t expect to be able to see a signature magic. Travelling many miles away from home was not in vain. It would be worth it even if I had to travel across the entire empire!”


“Ah, what is signature magic?”


“You don’t even know that? What are you even watching at a Magician Tournament? Signature Magic is magic that was awakened when a magician reaches their third stage. These magic could not be copied, but they start off weak and gradually get stronger. The General Secretary‘s [World] magic was only able to move few items around in the air. Now that he is a sacred magician, it became an absolute domain within a ten-meter radius which even the gods are cautious of!”


There were many discussions amongst the crowd. The judges on the stage were also interested, especially the old magician, Simon. He was shaking with excitement while sitting with his back straight. It was as if this old man had returned to his younger days.


“Haha, for the competition to continue, then I will embarrass myself.”


Zamia was not a saint, so he naturally became happy after receiving so much praises. He let out a big laugh, stood up, walked to the pile of exam paper, then open his mouth and said.




Suddenly, a faint yellow light radiated out from Zamia’s body. The crowd was in so much awe that they felt glad to be alive! This was the God’s domain!

ATF Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: Magician and Martial Artist


“……….” Tyre was silent.

“……….” KaMing was also silent.

“That’s right, Sir KaMing, what was the magic you spoke of just now? Is it a type of mysterious energy?” The extreme speed of topic changing left KaMing stupefied for a moment before he replied with a cough.

“That’s right, since you have amnesia, the common knowledge for this continent must have also disappeared with your memories. Though, not losing language and cognition is a fortunate thing.” KaMing ignored Tyre’s reactions, and started circling Tyre.

“Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Lightning, these are the five low level attribute elements, and Light, Dark, Space, these are the three high level attribute elements. Just as I said before, as long as one’s compatibility reaches above 10% with a certain element, the one can learn magic from that attribute.”
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ATF Chapter 6

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“En, so that’s the case. Though, before that, I still wish you could release me from this pile of mud. If you do, I will be forever thankful.” KaMing sincerely requested, though seeing the slight disgust in Tyre’s eyes, exploded in anger again.

“Brat, my Transcending Ultra Super God Armor is really not poisonous. What’s with that expression? Even if it’s me, who is widely known as a good-tempered person, I can get mad, and besides, I’m a deity. If I really wanted to harm you, why would I beat around the bush so much? I would just use my godly power and explode your head from over 800 miles away.”

“Then show me that so called godly power of yours.” Tyre had the attitude of not releasing the hawk until he sees the rabbit. Although KaMing had already shown Tyre the tip of the iceberg, the boy still didn’t believe him. After all, in a dangerous place such as this, a little caution was needed.

How could KaMing not know what Tyre was thinking? He swayed his body left above the mud and sighed.

“Young people these days…”

Suddenly, Tyre’s left arm shone with a bright light, which was extra dazzling when compared to the darkness of the night. It didn’t last very long though, and the light slowly began to fade away.

Tyre looked at his left arm in amazement, then looked at the large crab.

“Sir KaMing, why did you do that?”

Tyre didn’t feel like making his arm glow was a miraculous and godly thing, and it didn’t seem linked to godly power in any way.

KaMing waved his eight legs, that were pointed towards the sky, and said with a grumpy voice,

“Your own arm’s wounds – you didn’t even know?”

Tyre’s heart thumped, and he unwrapped the cloth on his arm. Shockingly he found that the wounds had disappeared, leaving only dry blood behind.

“It’s healed! This, you, how did you do this?”

“Although I am not a deity that specializes in healing, letting mortals regrow an arm is merely a small thing that even I can accomplish. For us deities, healing a little wound like this is as easy as breathing.” KaMing swayed his butt, an extremely satisfied expression on his face. This made Tyre overwrite the image of the crab that he previously had.

Tyre seriously thought about it for a second before asking,

“Then Sir KaMing, if you already have such strong godly power, why would you need my help in getting out of the mud? This type of small thing should be very easy for you, right?”

Tyre’s voice now had a respectful tone to it, letting KaMing say, “En, en,” in praise. He even said, “As expected, brats like you need a show of power to know what it means to respect a deity.”

“It’s actually pretty shameful,” KaMing dryly coughed, as if this matter was a very embarrassing thing. The originally calm and easygoing manner he had before had now become much thinner.

“My Lord sent me here to oversee this area of the Sicily Kingdom, but the Lord’s meaning was for me to not interfere with this world. He force to stay stuck in this patch of mud, only able to use “perception” to observe the kingdom. Although the lord really doesn’t talk reason, he made it so that only a human who happened here by chance can free me. Only then will I be able to obtain the freedom to move around the entire Sicily Kingdom. Eh, can you understand it if I say it like this?”

“Sicily… so that’s where this place was. Sicily Kingdom, huh?” Tyre sighed, then quickly walked over to KaMing, and without saying another word, pulled on the two smallest legs, plucking the crab right out of the ground!

“WAHHH!! You, what are you doing AH!” KaMing had been caught completely by surprise, his hard earned image suddenly shattered by his scream. Despite this, Tyre remained calm and brushed the dirt off his hands.

“Of course it’s to pull you out. It was easier than I had thought, though.”

“Really, at least let other people prepare first. Staying in that patch of mud for 300 years… you say pull and then you pull. There isn’t a single bit of noble aspiration in that.” KaMing raised his huge pincers and protested discontentedly as such.

Tyre tilted his head, not understanding at all what the crab meant by noble aspirations. The fact that the crab had been buried here for 300 years and could still remain so happy was unfathomable to Tyre. If it was him, he would have gone insane long ago.

“Sir KaMing, since you are out now, then can you answer my question? Also, looking at your appearance, it seems that you don’t have any intentions of killing me after being freed, so let’s return to the previous topic.”

KaMing nodded his head, and looked back at Tyre, saying,

“To answer your previous question, you partner most likely has a Light constitution. Only this constitution will allow you to avoid meeting any magical beasts.”

“Light constitution?”

“You don’t know? This should be understood by everyone.”

“Sorry, it’s just that I just woke up, and I’m also suffering from amnesia to boot.”

“En, such a tragedy. The same thing happened with your partner as well?”


“En~” KaMing went into deep thought, and mumbled,

“Then that’s really strange.”

“What’s strange?”

“Nothing, just mumbling to myself. Let me first explain to you what a Light constitution is.” KaMing changed the topic and became serious.

“The Light constitution is one that possess a strong affinity to the light element. Mah, normally speaking, a normal person will have 10% of an affinity, in this example, a light affinity, and learn light attribute magic. When one has over 50% affinity to the light element is when their constitution is referred to as a Body of Light and they will have greater achievements when practicing light type magic. When the affinity then surpasses 90%, that’s when we refer to that person as possessing a Light constitution, and not only will that person have extraordinary achievements in light type magic, but they will also be able to deter low level magic beasts, en… saying it like this, you can understand it, right?”

“So it’s like this, huh? The Light constitution is something this strong… then what’s my body type?”

Tyre asked excitedly as he opened both his hands, wanting KaMing to test him. What he got, though, was a look that seemed as if one was looking at a pile of trash.

“Just you? Other than a virgin, what else?”

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