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Single Player Only (绝对单机游戏)

Author: Mobile Newspaper

Status in COO: ongoing

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Synopsis by author: When Yue Qiang dropped all 8 free distribution stat points into his Charm his entire life had changed.

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    1. This is worked on by the translator of DTW. ATF is currently slow due to a mess of editing and proofing. here’s a sample of the paragraph that is messy:
      After he finally restoring a clear state of mind recovered from being confused (maybe: cleared the confusion by) byfrom the sudden change of events, Tyre realised that he probably made a mistake by, letting out telling them such a big secret. For what reason must he teach these precious martial arts to people he just met that he had just acquainted with? He could have been rude to them butthemHe felt that he was being disrespectful to Ka Ming. However, but somehow…
      ATF should release soon though, can’t promise too much.

      1. After recovering from the confusion caused by the sudden change of events (maybe after the confusion caused by the sudden change of events settled down), Tyre realized that he had probably made a big mistake by revealing his secret. Why should he teach such precious martial arts to people that he had only just become acquainted with? He could have been rude to them and avoided teaching them anything, and he felt that he was being disrespectful to Ka Ming. However, doing so to them seemed somehow…

        This is the best I could interpret the paragraph as. Out of curiosity, how do you guys translate the novels? Do you run it through a machine translator and then try to decipher the resulting English, or do some of you guys know both Chinese and English and translate it directly from the raws? I’ve been considering trying to help out, but I am not confident that I have the time or the qualifications.

        1. Naervon tls directly from the raws, I tl with my basic understanding of Chinese and online pop-up dictionaries. We have another guy tl’ing but I have 0 clue as to his method.
          If you’d like to know if you can tl, just get any random chapter from the raws and try your hand at that.

          Here are the raws for ATF.

          1. Hello~ I’m your SPO translator the demon do – wait, not that identity, ahem, Craxuan!

            @JerryDaBaws ASimplePanda If you’re referring to me, I’m bilingual in Chinese and English. Although I’ve never worked professionally as a translator – wanted to, but the employers are either looking for insanely experienced people or paying like India – I am confident that my mastery of both languages are good enough to translate both ways and have them read reasonably well.

            As for my method, I just open the raws, open Wordpad and start translating. Occasionally I’ll rely on Google Translate for inspiration, and in many, many cases I will have to do research such as copying text straight out of the ‘Analect’ itself, and lock down specific terms that matches its relevant background.

            For example, to describe a game I will be using terms like ‘gamer (duh)’, ‘hardcore’, ‘stats’, ‘inventory’, ‘quests’, ‘logs’, ‘character creation’, ‘progress bar’, ‘loading screen’ and so on. This may seem basic to most of us, but if you’re not a gamer and you simply translate the text without checking if there’s an existing reference, you would be surprised by how off it sounds to someone of the industry.

            For example, I technically can translate 任务背景 as ‘Task Background’ or ‘Work Background’, but in proper gaming context it should be ‘Quest Background’, ‘Quest Description’ or even better, ‘Quest Log’. And to be entirely honest even the first 3 chapters of SPO have terms that stumped me because even though I’m an avid gamer, I don’t usually touch MMORPGs, so I need to look up some screenshots and even WoW videos to get an idea what I’m dealing with.

            My apologies if this gets a bit more in-depth than expected; it’s a bad habit of mine.

          2. That was very helpful, thank you everyone! Unfortunately, after taking a look at the raws and reading more about what goes into tl’ing, I believe I can conclude I would do a terrible job at it (not a surprising revelation to me, as I don’t know any Chinese, lol). The big question for me had been if using a machine translator to bring it from Chinese to English and then fixing its many mistakes was a reasonable way of approaching the problem, but looking at the gibberish it spits out, I at least couldn’t even begin to guess how to interpret it into readable English. Today my appreciation for translators has increased tenfold. If there are other ways for someone like me to help out, I would love to know. I can’t guarantee I’ll have the resources or time to help out with whatever you come up with, but if/when I do, I would gladly do so. 🙂 Thanks for all your hard work, guys, I believe I can speak for everybody when I say we really appreciate all of your your efforts here!

      2. Woohoo! Best news I’ve heard *ATF Will be soon that is*
        Also I think it’s along the lines “After things settled down, Tyre realized that he probably made a huge mistake by leaking out an important secret. What reason does he have to teach these people he is barely acquanted with? It would have been rude to them, but he felt that he was being disrespectful to Ka Ming. But… you know… (I’m assuming “However, but somehow…” is a new sentence, cause Japanese LNs with fidgety protags XD)”

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