Some important announcements.

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Hello, Jerry here with some announcements of my own and of Naervan’s.

  1. Naervan will have his GRE exam on Friday so he’ll be focusing on studies, wish him all the best! Chapters will still be coming out as he managed to push out some chapters for us to release. (And another novel has piqued our interest huehue.)
  2. We are looking for translators! As of right now, we are still managing but we would like to be able to bring more chapters for you guys, so if you are profficient in Chinese, consider coming to help us out! (We expect you to be able to translate an entire chapter hue.)
  3. We current have 4 editors and 1 translator. (Worst fivesome ever -Darklord.) So if you can just translate it’ll be fine :3.


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