Invincible Leveling King

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Invincible Leveling King (无敌升级王) raws


Author: 可爱内内

Over 2100+ chapters and ongoing.


Otaku Lin Fei crossed over to a new world…
Rare and exotic medicinal pellets? I eat them like snacks…
Powerful martial art secret instruction manuals? I can sell them like newspaper bundles…
What..You’re an absolute genius? I wreck geniuses like you for a living…
Why am I so powerful?
It’s because I have leveling system version 1.0!


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28 thoughts on “Invincible Leveling King”

  1. This is amazing. I read Xianxia mainly for the constant strength improvement of the MC and while RPG novels initially do the same thing, stat improvement is rarely mentioned later on. PLK has combined the two and made something I am looking forward to reading. Thanks for translating this!

        1. Lol, i appreciate your thought. I don’t have any plans for that yet as i am kind of short on time for academic stuff coming up, but i’ll do my best to do atleast one update a day

      1. Oh that’s great to hear then. I’d recommend adding a disclaimer that you’re not the same guy (TheElem) from the other Eccentric Translations as he was a project poacher.

  2. G5 from xant&minions here. Would you be interested in hosting this on our site? I’ve taken a liking to this ln already myself. Feel free to hit it up with Xant. If not I’ll just continue to wait for future chapters :3

    1. I will have to think about that. As I am already posting on both here and it will be more hectic with more places. Thank you for the offer though.

  3. Seems interesting, thx for translating! BTW continue to chapters link isn’t working, it goes to page not found.

  4. I will not lie, I first thought that this is not going to be good.
    But when I started reading it, It instantly hooked me up.
    The combination of RPG and ancient china + martial-arts is pretty awesome!
    Thanks for translating this piece of work.

    1. @LKSA – Your comment has bumped up this title on my Titles to Try list. Thanks!

      Also, just this week, that was the way I felt and then the way I got caught up in Ancient Godly Monarch, which BTW is having a mass release fest starting Monday!!! I can’t wait!

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