ILK Chapter 21


Translated by: Naervan

Edited by: JerryDaBaws

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Chapter 21:The name basically summarizes the whole chapter, so.. click at your own risk.

Chapter name

Let’s settle this at the Half Yearly Big Competition!


The person who came was definitely Zhang WanShan, Zhang ChongShan’s big brother that possesses Martial Dao 8th Layer power.


“Trash, you’re a disgrace, why haven’t you gotten out of my sight? Stand still for me.”


Zhang FengLang voice sounded out loud and clear, with boundless power backing it, his face like a blade, flashing with a smear of coldness. The stare made Zhang ChongShan’s whole body tremble. He shot a poisonous glare at Ling Fei before unwillingly heading back to the side.
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ATF Chapter 5

Translated by: Naervan

Edited by: Sin

[EN: We discovered that what we thought the first chapter of DTW was, was actually Part 1/3 of the first chapter… which we then split into two parts… X’D]


Just as Tyre tried to amuse himself with a few wild thoughts, a huge and terrifying roar resounded.

It was an angry and thunderous roar that caused Tyre to sweat buckets and all the hair follicles on his body stood up as he hastened to find a cluster of greenery to hide behind. Only his eyes could be seen as he observed the situation.

Peng, Peng.

The ground shook in sync with the booming sounds that echoed through the air. Tyre looked upwards and saw a gargantuan monstrosity of over 30 meters tall walking step by step past his hiding place.

Because it was overly huge, the breathing of the beast was like that of a fierce wind blowing through, and inside its throat, rumbling sounds could also be heard. It shook Tyre so hard that he didn’t even dare to breathe. If this beast had stood in front of him and roared, Tyre didn’t even have the confidence that he would remain conscious.


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Doctoring the World Chapter 1.2

Translated by: Naervan

Edited by: sinyueliang

Note: Each chapter is split into three parts.


Son of a treacherous court official (Middle)


Even though it has already been over half a year since Hu XiaoTian had recovered his memories, he had to spend four months of that time recovering his body. The Heavens had given him an unhealthy body that was weak and pale, with all four limbs lacking strength, and weakness of breath. The Hu Family was very wealthy, and everyday clothes and food were provided, so according to reason, this should not have been caused by improper care. The real reason was because Hu XiaoTian had always feared sunlight in his entire 16 years of life, and as such, always hid in shady corners. He had spent long period of time without any exposure to the sun, and this affected his vitamin D production, which then affected his body’s ability to absorb calcium. In summary, not only had he not used his brain or body to do any extraneous activities in the last 16 years, he also lacked calcium.

In the span of half a year, during the time in which Hu XiaoTian had to understand this new world, he also planned his recovery and training. He indulged in the brilliant sunlight, fresh air, and unadulterated water sources, and at a myriad of nutritious and tasty foods. Hu XiaoTian only used four months to shape his battered body into one with an ideal shape. Only those who had experienced death could know of the importance of a healthy body. The body was the foundation to having a good life as that of enjoying life. Continue reading “Doctoring the World Chapter 1.2”

ATF Chapter 4


Translated by: Naervan

Edited by: Sin

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Claude helplessly curled his mouth, but something caught his attention. The left hand that he was using to prevent the young girl from falling off the horse suddenly felt a wave of hotness.

“En?” Claude raised his left hand and saw a clear fluid covering it.

“What is this?” He questioned, but he immediately became alert. Could this be tracking fluid?

Legends has it that in the ancient east, there were certain methods that assassin’s use to track others, involving the use of solids, fluids, and even gases. Even if the distance was extremely far, they could still feel out the existence of the target.

The girl in front of him was so beautiful. Even her attire was different. Therefore, Claude came to the conclusion that her background must be incredible, so the possibility that she was being targeted by an assassin was not nonexistent.

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Doctoring the World Chapter 1 Part 2/2

Translated by: Naervan

Edited by: Sin

[EN: Wow this chapter was hard for Nae and me. Like no idea what was going on half the time but somehow we managed it lol. >.<]

After hearing this, Hu XiaoTian’s expression suddenly became very gloomy and depressed. In Da Kang, there was no such thing as a romantic love between husband and wives, and the parents were the matchmakers and absolute decision wielders when it came to marriage. Although this was not as free as a romantic marriage, there was also a good side to this. In Da Kang, polygamy was legal. As long as you have enough money, you can have as many wives as you desired. This was a time where powerful individuals were respected, and as long as you had enough power and strength, you could have all the land, resources, gold, houses, and beautiful women that you wanted…

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