TKDG Chapter 4 Part 2

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Translator: Naervon and a tiny bit from JerryDaBaws

Editor: Darklord5555




Chapter 4: Pirate invasion!


Gliss typically doesn’t use the Shadow Mirror Technique, but because of the black cloaked person was moving too fast, he didn’t have any time to recite a magic incantation. The thing that he earlier threw out was something that he made by himself, the Shadow Mirror Scroll! Scrolls can, in a short time, release all the power stored within them. This Shadow Mirror Scroll is one of Gliss’s life saving methods. Gliss’s real body had earlier floated about 10 meters away.


The earlier circumstances caused Gliss to produce a cold sweat, if he had moved any slower, right now he fears that he would have already had a hollow space through his stomach. The opponent’s attack also ignited his inner heart’s fury. A slice through the air, Gliss made a crack in the air in front of him, and a foot long black cane drifted out of it, the handle was neither metal nor wood, there was no way to tell what material it was made from, the tip of the cane had a one centimeter thick red jewel. Gliss held the cane in his hand and chanted a spell.


The black clothed man was very clear that if he allowed Gliss to finish his chant, then he won’t be a match for gliss. So the moment that he saw Giss hold on to the cane, he started his second attack. Countless rays of black light flashed out of the cloak, becoming a huge energy net that hurtled towards Gliss.

Gliss didn’t stop chanting his spell but grabbed something from the crack in space. Countless illusions of gliss appeared in the air, and the attack of the black clothed man lost it’s target, causing most of the illusionary copies to be hit but none of the attacks hit the actual body.

“Go, Black flames soul purgatory.” A disk of pitch black flame shot out towards the pirate crowd from the cane in Gliss’s hand.


The black clothed man became alarmed instantly, he never would have thought that Gliss would be this difficult to deal with, the flames of darkness and flames mixed together can be created in such a huge amount. Although he isn’t afraid of it himself, but his underlings would die from just touching that flame. Considering this, he couldn’t hold back his true strength anymore, he shouted “Light of Hell.” even more black light shot out, heading straight for Gliss’s attack, containing traces of evilness.

Gliss’s black flames and the black clothed man’s black light struck together, after sputting awhile, the deck underneath the attacks had a huge hole in it.

Gliss’s body shook slightly, because from the last attack, he became sure of the other’s identity, and at the same time, he understood why his black mist guard was useless against the other, and also why the other’s Dou Qi attack can meet his black flames head on. But, he did not say it out loud, because he knew clearly that the black clothed man’s identity was the biggest taboo, and as soon as he said it, the other side would definitely not let anyone on this ship leave alive. If he was under the best condition, Gliss would definitely not fear that man, but because he was sea sick this entire trip, his body’s conditions were not good, and if he really fought with his life on the line, even though he had a bigger chance of winning, he would still walk away with heavy injuries.
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ILK Chapter 28

Translator: Naervon

Editor: JerryDaBaws

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Chapter 28: Advancing to Martial Dao Sixth Layer

“Relentless Rush!”

“Lightning Strike!”

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ATF Chapter 12

Translator: Naervon

Editor: JerryDaBaws

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Chapter 12 Body Technique and Martial Skill

“But KaMing Sir, all you did was bend your body for a second, even though it looked very profound, was that the body technique? Do you just bend over* and wait for the enemy to come over?” Tyre looked at Kaming with a noncommittal look on his face, suspecting that this crab was trying to trick him.

[Jerry: You know what this means, don’t lie.]

Kaming looked at Tyre and the expression on Tyre’s face, becoming even more dissatisfied, he waved his big pincers and growled

“Idiot, this is my self created saint level body method <<Ten Million Body Bending Technique>>, how can it be easily comprehended by a lowly vulgar person. Think about it, if you are in a fight with an enemy, and your body can ignore the laws of inertial and gravity, able to bend as you wish. How terrifying would that be for your enemy!?”
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ILK Chapter 27

Translator: Naervon

Editor: JerryDaBaws

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Chapter 27: Training in battle


”Black Water Mountain Range!

In the dense forest, a single shadow flitted through, lightly landing on the tree branches before floating several meters to another branch,body as light as a swallow, rapidly disappearing into the forest.

“So this is the area that the fourth-rank mad wolf lives in?”


Landing lightly on the top of a huge tree, a person looked down upon this area, furrowing his brows.

Ever since he had practiced the <<Wind Body Technique>> to entry stage, reaching that first small realm and spending half a day to solidify his grasp to be able to control the power contained within. From no fine control over the distance traveled at the start, to moving as he wished and with precision.

After familiarizing himself with the <<Wind Body Technique>>, Ling Fei headed straight for the area that the fourth-rank mad wolf lives in.


He needed to level up!

He needed to level up repeatedly!

Magic beasts were the most suitable tool for this situation.

When a dangerous air came from within the dark and gloomy forest, Ling Fei raised his brows and smelled the odor, it belonged to magic beasts, causing his eyes to light up, fourth-stage Mad Wolf, one of his butcher targets.
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