ATF Chapter 120

Chapter 120 Curtain Fall
Translated By: Naervon
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Lunaria and Claude’s performance ended with the crowd cheering with tears and applauses. Even Rafi-Nasi couldn’t help but clap her hands, and her actions caused the other judges to join her in clapping, and instantly, the entire place was filled by sounds of clapping.
The male host and female hostess Xiaer and Xiwa looked at each other and knew who the winner will be for this contest, because they have seen too many competitions, and the crowd’s reaction usually gives away who wins. The two walked on the stage and presented Lunaria and Claude with a warm smile before turning to face the still clapping crowd. Continue reading “ATF Chapter 120”

ATF Chapter 118

Chapter 118 Actually, I. . . . .
Translated By: Naervon
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“Get out of my way!!” Lunaria’s entire body hurt so bad that she felt like fainting right there and then, but she resisted the urge and shoved her way through the stage hands and ran to the side of Tyre. Lunaria discarded all semblance of manners and social image when she squatted down and clutched Tyre’s head to her bosom. The moment she grabbed Tyre, she silently cast a spell
Healing Art! Maximum Holy Affinity! Continue reading “ATF Chapter 118”

ATF Chapter 117

Chapter 117 Unexpected
Translated By: Naervon
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Next? Everyone looked at each other, but not a single person dared to go up on the stage, did this guy really think they are fools? Even if he looked like he’s full of wounds, but he’s obviously able to kill Emperor stage individuals. To be able to overpower the Holy Punishment formation face on and win, there was not a shadow of a doubt that Tyre’s skills can bring down an emperor stage, so who dared to go up? If Tyre still have enough left in him to unleash one more of those, then won’t they be going to just to die? Even though there were still a lot of people looking for the chance to impress Simon, but none of them wanted to go up there and die, and they didn’t want to risk their life for a gamble. Continue reading “ATF Chapter 117”