SPO Chapter 34

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Translator: Craxuan
Editor: darklord5555

Chapter 34: The XXXX System and ‘Libido’ Stat

Chen Zi Han secretly whispered to you, “The way of speech such as the one we are using right now can only be done under the premise that both parties possess the cultivation of the heart. This way of speech is different from norm, and thus will not be overheard by other people.”

Yue Qiang understood that this was probably the game world’s way of rationalizing ‘Whisper’. After all, if even the NPCs in this game could whisper, then the fact that it had a logical explanation behind it was nothing to be surprised about.
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SPO Chapter 33

Translated by Craxuann

Edited by darklord5555


Chapter 33: The NPCs All Know How To Whisper

There was nothing to hesitate about. The game must go on!

Back when he was playing single player RPG games, he would often run into ‘Hopeless Boss Fights’. The protagonist would be killed by the Boss no matter what they did after entering combat. The worst part? In the case where he wasn’t relying on a walkthrough, he would often waste some precious pills or medicines or single use item only to find out later that it was a hopeless battle…

Remembering what happened earlier, Yue Qiang was seventy percent sure that that battle was a hopeless boss fight. To begin with. the Boss was way too powerful. This game was not a Xianxia world where Nascent Souls were littered everywhere like dogs, but a realistic, historical world. The ability Zhao Yan displayed had probably reached the level where he could fight a hundred enemies on his own!
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SPO Chapter 32

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Translated by Craxuan

Edited by Jerry

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Chapter 32: Solving The Mystery (3)

If that was truly the case, then the choices that could be made in this game, no, this game world would be endless.

Right now, the only combat stats that Yue Qiang owned were Strength and Vitality. The Stamina gauge was also the only gauge he had right now. But as the game progresses, the potential for improvement and development were endless.

There were also some explanations and options behind the stat gauges.
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TKDG Chapter 31

Translator : Kuroneko
Editors: Samskor, Stbunbun

Chapter 31: Elves in Danger

Xuan Yue was shocked, “What are you doing? I only asked what was a *** slave, why do you all have such big reactions?”

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ATF Chapter 61

Translator: Mxhe
Editor: Izuno, Nas Versix
Proofreader: N/A 

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TL: Name Change: Snow Lily -> Snow Pity (we decided to abandon the name of the original translator to be more accurate with the translation)
Next Chapter: Chapter 62 Competition Begin! The Five Judges! (TBD)

Chapter 61 About to Begin

Gabriel Year 3097 April 26th
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