New projects, new editors!

Hihi, the surprise is here, along with a few announcements.

Naervon: ATF is officially approved and supported by the author. Will not provide any evidence due to the fact that the author has not given me permission to publish (author)’s information. ILK will continue as planned, until Adorable Nei Nei replies.


Now for the surprise!

First of all, welcome to our new editors, FatPanda, darklord5555 and sinyueliang!

Secondly, we are adding some new novels to the site!

These novels are:

The Kind Death God :previously on


Yi Tong Jiang San (Doctor the World) : As requested from

If these projects are being translated anywhere else, just leave a comment and let us now but in a civil and polite manner cause we certainly aren’t aware of it, thank you! Enjoy your extra reads!