ILK chapter 6

God Martial Art Sect, Practice Field.

There are always unsolvable issues, especially in huge Sects such as God Martial Art Sect. Since the Sect does not allow it’s disciples to kill each other, the combat stage was build. Adding on the monthly competitions and the 6 month big competition, the result is the field being continuously used by disciples for fighting and settling issues.

No matter what the issue is, fighting inside the Sect is strictly prohibited, and those who violate that rule will be severely punished.

Generally, issues that cannot be resolved normally are taken to the combat stage, where they can settle the matters without too much interference.

The winner is the king, this rule is commonly used by the disciples as the general rule for deciding private issues. Whoever wins in combat, wins the argument.

At the same time, the combat stage is also a place for normal combat practice between disciples, and as long as no one dies while in the stage, higher ups of the Sect will more or less ignore them.

Using the words of the higher ups, if the disciples never experience the taste of real combat, then they are like tigers without claws or teeth, only through growth in combat, can they ever hope to become a truly strong individual.


Today at the Sect’s practice field, the outer disciples are the majority.
Inner disciples are normally out of the Sect, undertaking real life training of every sort, to them, this sandbox type of practice fighting isn’t even worth looking at, because to them, the real goal lies in advancing their cultivation to higher realms, and not wasting precious time on this.
“Gao senior brother really deserves his name, godly strength, extremely powerful, and even able to fight to a draw with Zhang senior brother!”

“Ha, kids like you will never understand. How can Gao senior ever be the opponent of Zhang senior, on realm of cultivation, Zhang senior has already been Martial Dao Fourth Layer for a year, his Xuan Qi controlling ability will be far superior to that of Gao Senior, who recently advanced to Martial Dao Fourth Layer.”

“This brother is very correct, according to rumors, Zhang senior has already learned a Golden Order lower rank Xuan Technique, If he pulls out this hidden card, Gao senior has to lose!”

The outer disciples stood around in clumps, talking eagerly about the fight, and some took this chance to boast their knowledge.

On the stage, two people clashed against each other, exchanging blows rapidly, causing booming noises to reverberate throughout the area.

“Peng!” (sound of striking)

Right after the furious exchange, the two both flashed backwards, creating a gap in between them.

“Gao junior brother, if this is all you’ve got, then don’t even think about winning, but if you kneel down and kowtow* for mercy, this senior brother can let you go with absolutely no objections.”
Zhang ChongShan said to the person facing him with absolute confidence, his appearance is like that of a cultured and refined noble, wearing a graceful white robe. (Kowtow – smash forehead against the ground)

Gao Ren furrowed his brows, although he looks like he fits right in with the all muscle and no brains type, but within that muscle, there is some intelligence.
“Heng, bring out all your moves, I, Gao Ren, have never feared another, you and I are both Martial Dao Fourth Layer, you really think I am afraid of you?” Gao Ren retorted back with a cold snort.

Zhang ChongShan was so angery that he laughed, “Good, Very Good. Gao junior brother is tough and unflexible, coincidentally, this one has just learned a fist technique. Fist and feet don’t have eyes, so no hard feelings.”

Everything looks very polite, but the implied meaning was obvious.
The outer disciples under the stage all cursed inside, what a shameless guy.
The matched looked simple enough, like a normal practice fight. But in reality, this fight is a realization of the battle between the poor and the rich families.

In the outer disciples, the poorer grassroot disciples are one faction, the rich noble and clan disciples are another faction, the two mix like water and fire, fighting each other non-stop.

The poor grassroot faction supported Gao Ren, of course they wish for him to win and beat up the other and bolster their faction’s reputation, and when they heard the arrogant words, they all cursed that Zhang ChongShan is shameless and using his wealth power to win his matches.

Gao Ren is Martial Dao Fourth Layer, at most able to learn first rate or second rate Xuan Techniques, Gold Order Xuan Techniques, even if it’s lower ranked, costs at least several thousand silvers each, way beyond the capability of the poor grassroot disciples.

The difference of wealth between the grassroots and wealthy clans are clear as day.

Using Gold Order lower rank Xuan Technique to win against someone who cannot even touch the door of Gold Order xuan technique… is there any fight?

Xuan Sky Continent, whoever holds the strongest Xuan Technique holds the power become a truly strong expert.

Gao Ren does not have any Gold Order Techniques, his martial arts are also one level below the other, there was no way for him to win, making everyone who supported him worry.

“A group of ignorant grassroots, how can the power and influence of the clans be something that you can compare to. Today, I will use you as an example, you can only blame yourself for standing up for that trash Ling Fei!”

Zhang ChongShan sneered at them in his heart, what shameless, everything is right when you win because the winner decides all.

“Shattering Jade Hand!”
Gold order lower rank Xuan Technique.

Zhang ChongShan extended his hand, the originally white hand had taken on a light green hue, as if a green spirit in the dark of night, exuding a dangerous aura.

Without even striking out, the dangerous aura reverberated through the entire area, causing the onlookers to feel fear and the urge to backdown.

Although it was only Gold order lower rank, it is still not something first or second rate techniques can compare to. The difference between the orders is not power that people can ignore.

The crowd’s attitude changed in that instant, as if they were the ones facing that on the stage, this lower ranked gold order xuan technique is not something they can stand up to.

Gao Ren’s face showed concentration, although he boasted innate godly strength, but versus gold order lower rank xuan techniques, he does not have any confidence. He gritted his teeth, fuck it, attacking first is the way to go.

“Ferocious Tiger Descending from Mountain”

Ferocious tiger fist technique is a first rate technique, with ferocity as the base, adding to it his innate godly strength, the over all power of this attack become very scary, easily winning over peer disciples.

“Heng, only first rate xuan technique, break under my shattering jade hand!”

Gold order lower rank and first rate xuan technique, the gap between the two is not something normal people can fill, after all, the ranking is not for show.

Under the stage, the crowd saw a green hand print, as if entering a undisputable zone, breaking through the ferocious tiger fists and slamming into Gao Ren’s chest, causing him to fly out like a broken stringed kite.

Gold order lower rank xuan technique, one hit kill!


Ling Fei, full of Xuan Qi, was much faster than Zhao Hu.
“Gao Ren!”

Just as he arrived at the Sect’s practice field, he saw Gao Ren getting blasted off the stage, condition unknown if dead or alive. He instantly moved in front of Gao Ren’s path and catched him, the huge momentum actually made Ling Fei back up several steps before stopping.

“Gao Ren, how is it, how bad are the injuries?”

Gao Ren opened his eyes with great effort, sprayed out a mouthful of blood that he couldn’t suppress, “Ling Fei, why did you come…go quickly….you are not his match…don’t…go up there…”

One move of shattering jade hand, even is Gao Ren already saw it coming, the power of the fist technique still surpassed his estimation. He himself cannot block even one blow, causing him to feel great despair, when he saw Ling Fei appear, he became extremely anxious, worrying that the hot headed Ling Fei will charge up the stage yet again.

“Stop talking, rest.”

Ling Fei put Gao Ren down in a safe spot, took a deep breath, raised his head towards the stage and looked at the white robed Zhang ChongShan, a wave of coldness flashed by.

Zhang ChongShan, the most deeply hated person in his memories.

The originally fused memory temporarily shook from the extreme wave of hate, that was hate so deep that it resided inside the soul. The level that the former “Ling Fei” hated Zhang ChongShan cannot be more obvious, to actually leave behind this much hate.

“No matter the previous life or this life, I am Ling Fei, your enemy is my enemy, your woman is mine woman, the things you couldn’t do in your memory, from now on, I’ll complete all of them, and let it all start from the body of Zhang ChongShan then.”

Ling Fei’s eyes flashed with determination, he took a deep breath, changing his usual attitude, the whole aura around him changed.

“Zhang senior brother, I, Ling Fei, challenge you, do you dare accept!”


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