ILK Chapter 5

Early morning, God Martial Art Sect.

A layer of white fog shrouded the mountain range, giving it a feeling of being imaginary and elusive, as if it is the home of the gods and immortals.

“Bang Bang Bang!”

Inside an area of forest in the mountains, loud and urgent sounds are heard, scaring the birds in the surrounding forest. At the same time, a corus breathing can be heard despite the extreme attempt to cover it, but due to the silence covering the area, the breathing sounded extra obvious.

This place belongs to God Martial Art Sect, it is a mountain that has no name and even less visitors.

Amidst the fragmented forest, there is a young teenager, clear and clean complexion, bared upper body, standing in front of a huge towering tree. His fist covered in blood stains, striking out at extreme velocity towards the tree. When his strikes connected, “Bang Bang Bang” marked the solid hits, attuning the muscles throughout his body.

The youth is Ling Fei.

After learning <<Unbreakable Golden Body>>, Ling Fei comprehended the depth of this technique’s power, during the training process, he must endure great pain, but will obtain a very sturdy physical body because of it.

For his road ahead, Ling Fei could only grit his teeth.
“Huuuu Huuuu….”

「Congratulations Player Ling Fei, <<Unbreakable Golden Body>> has reached Middle Rank」

With the「System」sounding, Ling Fei supported himself with the big tree, breathing heavily with sweat covering his forehead.

Open Status…

「Player: Ling Fei」
「Level: Martial Dao Fourth Layer」
「Experience to next level: 435/20000」
「Martial Techniques: Blade Technique<<Splitting Blade Cut>> – Expert, <<Unbreakable Golden Body>> – Middle Rank <Small Completion Stage>」
「Combat Techniques: None!」
「Treasure: None!」
「Innate Abilities: None!」

Evaluation: Player Ling Fei, barely eligible as a budding expert, knocking down other Martial Dao Fourth Layer is a piece of cake.

“Damn, your kidding me right?”
Ling Fei read the「System」evaluation with a astonished expression.

Martial Dao Fourth Layer, Xuan Qi able to circulate within the body. After Successfully cultivating Xuan Technique, one can produce extremely strong attacks. For example, purely physical attack can reach five hundred pounds of force, then after cultivating Xuan Technique, even if it is a Gold Order Lower Rank, the force exerted can be boosted to at least two thousand pounds.

The presence of Xuan Technique can make a difference as big as between the Heaven and Earth.

Up till now, Ling Fei has only experienced one Blade Technique and one defensive Xuan Body Technique, win against other Martial Dao Fourth Layer is a easy thing.
Why did the「System」say that?

As a gaming otaku, Ling Fei considered the details, and saw the profoundness of staying low-key for now… Suddenly, he had an insight.

“Splitting Blade Cut!”
Suddenly, Ling Fei’s body moved.

The Xuan Qi circulated around his body, turning the technique into a hand blade. His copper toned hand split the air and fell upon the tree in front of him at lightning speed.

An amazing scene appeared.

The sturdy tree trunk started cracking into multiple pieces under his hand blade, the cracks spread like a spider web and quickly covered the entire tree, truly a sight that give people the shivers.


Ling Fei incredulously looked down at his right hand, then looked in front of him at the wreckage that he caused. A small insight into the profound of the technique brought about such horrifying attack, unbelievable.

Linking everything together, Ling Fei finally understood something, the「System」operated everything.

After using Marrow Cleansing Pellet and Vein Expanding Pellet, the benefits became clear. The attack made just then, Ling Fei was sure that it’s power is definitely not under that of Golden Order Middle Rank. But then, his brows furrowed slightly.

“The attacking power is great, but it cost me 1/3 of my Xuan Qi, this cost is too great. I can forcefully use it at most four times before I run out of Xuan Qi, if the enemy doesn’t die by then, I’ll(LaoZi) be the one dead!”

Ling Fei shook his head, Xuan Qi not enough is a big problem.

“Looks like I must go visit the Secret Manual Hall and pick a Qi Cultivation Technique to fix this.”

Within God Martial Art Sect, as long as it’s disciple reaches Martial Dao Fourth Layer, they can obtain one free Qi Cultivating Technique and one Xuan Technique. After that, if they need more, they must pay the Sect contribution points as the price.
“Unbreakable golden body unexpectedly was actually compatible with the splitting blade technique, it definitely has it’s good points, but, just how is it in terms of defense.”
The fused attack just then aroused Ling Fei’s interest in this Xuan Technique.

“Lets you use to test my blade.”

On top the unnamed deserted mountain, the rocks are numerous. Ling Fei selected a black rock that must be at least over several hundred pounds, then he circulated the Qi in his body and activated Unbreakable Golden Body before smashing his fist down at the rock.

“KaCha, KaCha, KaCha!”

Purely using the Unbreakable Golden Body, this one smash astonished Ling Fei. His physical attack raised without notice, to the point of actually able to crack this hard piece of black rock.

Normally, a purely physical attack executed by a normal Martial Dao Fourth Layer will definitely not be able to smash multiple cracks into a several hundred pound rock.

Abruptly out of the blue, Ling Fei had an guess, causing him to laugh out loud.

“HaHa, the heavens must really be helping me. It looks like the legends were real, if middle rank small completion stage is this strong, then what about upper rank, expert?”


For the sake of living, leveling up is a must, and Ling Fei employed the age old method, butchering knife plus low level magic beasts.

Ling Fei’s understanding of <<Splitting Blade Cut>> has been pushed to the limits, all the magic beasts that fell into his hands all died without any resistance, on hit kill, showing the real meaning behind the technique.

This day, Ling Fei was operating his knife to kill beasts.

“Ling senior brother, there is an emergency.”

A person barged in from outside and rushed straight to Ling Fei’s spot.

Ling Fei raised his head and identified the guy, they barely know each other. The person was called Zhao Hu, he is good friends with Gao Ren, they met long ago.
“Zhao Hu junior brother, what happened, why are you in such a hurry?” Ling Fei furrowed his brows and asked, having an ominous feeling arise inside.

Zhao Hu, just like his name, is like a vigorous tiger, but his strength is not too strong, only Martial Dao Third Layer. He panted out of breath and said “Gao senior brother and Zhang ChongSheng is fighting each other atop the fighting ring, no matter how I persuaded him, he wouldn’t listen, Ling senior, you must go and stop Gao senior, Zhang ChongSheng recently learned a Gold Order lower rank Xuan Technique, if he uses heavy handed blows, I’m afraid….”

“Zhang ChongSheng, you bastard!”

On hearing this, Ling Fei burst out in anger, the knife in his hands flashed cold light and fell on the wooden butchering block. The block that has experienced countless time and generations, actually could not bare the knife attack and broken into pieces.

Zhao Hu slightly hesitated at the sight, eyes showing his shock, thought secretly “when did Ling Fei senior brother become so strong.”

Zhao Hu was crystal clear when it came to Ling Fei’s actual strength, and thought that attack was purely generated from rage, so he did not think too much about it, hoping that Ling Fei can persuade Gao senior and stop him.


On the way to God Martial Art Sect Square.

Ling Fei got to the bottom of this and finally understood.

Gao Ren had advanced to Martial Dao Fourth Layer, and immediately went to challenge Zhang ChongSheng to get back at him for injuring Ling Fei. After reaching an agreement, both elected to fight it out in the ring. Coincidentally, the news that Zhang ChongSheng learned a Gold Order lower rank Xuan Technique and that Gao Ren will be at a disadvantage leaked out.

And so, the current situation at hand.

“Zhang ChongSheng, if you dare injure Gao Ren one hair, LaoZi/I will make you wish you were dead!”

Sprinting along, Ling Fei clenched his fist till they popped and a flash of cold intent leaked from his eyes.

Ling Fei is furious, yet at the same time, a strand of warmth entered his chest.



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