ILK Chapter 4


The midday sun, blazing as if a huge furnace, baking the ground with it’s violent rays of light.

God Martial Art Sect, Magic Beast Cultivation Farm, Butchering Area.

Avoided by the outer disciples as their least favorite place.

These past few days, outer disciples of all age and size were shocked by one thing.

A newcomer outer disciple actually requested for the butchering missions. Ye Huan, a small ring leader, never understood this newcomer’s actions.

A group of people sat around in a circle, bragging and boasting on all topics.

“Dang, that kid Ling Fei made some major improvements. I can’t even match that kid’s abilities with the knife, and I was a first rate too.”
“He really is an abnormal guy, when he just got here, he used to faint at the sight of blood. In these past few days, that efficiency at killing Level one and Level 2 magic beasts shocked even my eyes.”
“Heh heh, if it wasn’t for that kid Ling Fei, where would we get the time to sit down and chat like this, how about this, lets bet how long it’ll take Ling Fei to finish killing all the beasts for today’s quota!”

“Haha, now this I like!”

Ye Huan was the ring leader of this area, specifically responsible for overseeing all the work in the area, a pretty decent position.

Towards Ling Fei’s background, Ye Huan has done some research, a self-presumptuous kid who challenged a Martial Dao fourth layer, miraculously survived, and finally sent to work under him, becoming one of his best workers.

The butcher’s job looks easy on the surface, but that is only to those who does not understand the inner details. To those who understand how it works, the butcher’s area was definitely one area that they would avoid working in.

Although Low Level Magic Beasts carry Low Level in their name, accidents during killing them happen all the time, just like when Ling Fei when he first arrived with his injured condition, making it uncertain of whether he will die to the beasts or not.

Ye Huan has always believed this to be true.
Who would have thought that on the third night, Ling Fei actually came to his door by himself requesting for more work.

Of course, Ye Huan had no complaints, the butchering district’s each area require only a certain amount of quota to be filled each day, as long as it is finished, the upper level supervisors will not care.

So after he agreed to Ling Fei’s request, he did not think too much of it.

Later, some news came on Ling Fei, on how he worked day and night in the butchering field, fainting from exhaustion several times, causing others to think that he was forcing himself, even if he has killed many low level beasts, that still does not enable him to go against a Dao fourth layer with his Dao second layer abilities.

This process lasted five days, but afterwards, everyone found something out of their expectations.

Originally thinking that Ling Fei would die sooner or later in the hands of the magic beasts, but unknowingly, Ling Fei started changing. Using on stroke to finish off a magic beast, his knife skills were honed to the point of becoming an extension of himself, without trace and extremely sharp.

“This kid not becoming a butcher is really a waste of talent.”

Ye Huan lazily opened his eyes, couldn’t resist a word of praise, even he himself don’t know the number of times he has praised Ling Fei.

Ling Fei’s speed at slaughtering the magic beast neared godspeed, in Ye Huan’s eyes, Ling Fei is talented for this type of work, bringing many benefits for the butcher’s area, finishing and going beyond the daily quota for several areas added together, bringing some glory even to his name as the supervisor.


A level two magic beast wood rat slammed into the bloody wooden block.
Raising the knife in his hand, a flash of cold light and one level two wood rat sprayed fresh blood everywhere, dying before able to put out any resistance.

「Killing Level Two Magic Beast Wood Rat, gained 30 experience!」
「Congratulations to the player Ling Fei, completed Level Up task, successfully rising to Martial Dao Fourth Layer!」
「Congratulations to the player Ling Fei, successfully rising to Martial Dao Fourth Layer, rewarded Xuan Technique <<Unbreakable Golden Body>>, Silver Coins x 700!」


Ling Fei let out a turbid breath, a gleam flashed through his eyes, revealing some of his excitement.
“Huu, I finally reached Martial Dao Fourth Layer.”

From the day that he receiving the「System」till now, a total of thirteen days have passed.
A short thirteen days, Ling Fei endured countless hardships, but he successfully advanced two small realms and reached Martial Dao Fourth Layer, the Xuan Qi in his body forming a cycle of circulation, every pore on his body felt cool and refreshed, the Xuan Qi able to leave the body is the phenomenon of Martial Dao Fifth layer, and his current state is the state right before Martial Dao Fifth Layer.

Ling Fei took a deep breath, keeping his face neutral he continued his killing spree amidst the wood rats.

“Ling Fei, nicely done, you did not let me after I gave you the task.”

Ye Huan walked over, patted Ling Fei on his shoulder, attitude extremely nice, as if saying keep up the good work and you might get a raise in pay.
“Thank you for the praise Ye supervisor, I will keep up the good work.”

Ling Fei said in his mouth, but deep in his heart he despised the fatass infront him him. If I didn’t pay the 50 silver bribe, you would’ve never given me this shitty work in the first place, but now that you know I bring results you act nice, you pretentious bastard, how thick is your face!

“Good work today, go home and rest.”
Ye Huan kept up his nice boss act and advised Ling Fei.

Even if Ye Huan did not say anything, Ling Fei would have asked. After all, he is now Martial Dao Fourth Layer, and is not restricted in what he can do anymore.

After cleaning up the tools, Ling Fei waved goodbye and directly left the butchering area.

In a dark and gloomy room.

The setting sun light struggled to light up the musty and humid room.
This was the place that the Sect put disciples in service of various tasks.
One look at the empty and unused rooms would clearly tell how many people actually follow this rule, but Ling Fei didn’t mind at all, after all, less people equals less trouble for him.

Continuously breaking through two small realms in thirteen days, if others were to hear of this, the entire God Martial Art Sect would probably be shocked.

Six days ago, Ling Fei reached Martial Dao Third Layer, the 「System」awarded him a Blade Technique, <<Splitting Blade Cut>>, from repeated use on the poor magic beasts in the butchering area has raised the Technique to expert level.

If it wasn’t for <<Splitting Blade Cut>>, Ling Fei would not have been able to so easily fill the required experience to level up.

Opening the「Leveling System」.
A secret instruction manual appeared out of thin air and fell into Ling Fei’s hand, <<Unbreakable Golden Body>>.

Martial Dao Third Layer, a single Blade Technique, used on the magic beasts to great effect, but not so much for testing how powerful the technique really is, so Ling Fei was unsure in his heart.
Originally after attaining Martial Dao Fourth Layer, Ling Fei had hoped to obtain one Fist Technique, after all, who doesn’t want to be a XianXia, and fist techniques are especially attractive.

“This manual <<Unbreakable Golden Body>> Xuan Technique, must be a rare item, though can it be cultivated to the level described in the legends? Also, what rank is this manual?”

Xuan Sky Continent’s manuals also have divisions.
Heaven, Earth, Xuan, Gold. Heaven being the highest, and Gold being the lowest, and within each, there is upper, middle, and lower.
<<Unbreakable Golden Body>>, which do you belong.

Ling Fei is an otaku, and he has read or heard about this Secret Manual countless times, but he would have never thought that he would get the chance to learn this. With it’s fame, Ling Fei does not dare to underestimate it, if Martial Dao Third Layer’s <<Splitting Blade Cut>> was good, then what about this <<Unbreakable Golden Body>>?

「Player Ling Fei, confirm learning <<Unbreakable Golden Body>>?」
「Congratulations player Ling Fei, Successfully Learned <<Unbreakable Golden Body>>」

With the automatic learning provided by the 「System」, a warm flow entered Ling Fei’s soul realm, the intricacies of the technique echoed in his soul realm.

“Damn, this godly technique is overpowered!”


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