ILK Chapter 3

Chapter 3

When the system change occured, Ling Fei’s body froze into a shocked state.

When the onlookers caught sight of Ling Fei’s appearance, it seemed like he was scared witless at the sight of blood, causing them to show the contempt in their eyes, thinking “I knew this kid didn’t have it in him!” “Newbies are really useless” “Haaa… Each generation is not as good as the previous, when I was his age, I killed ten Ducks in the span of one breath, no hesitation, nor remorse.” similar things were said everywhere.

In the eyes of the butchers, this was only a small speck in the bigger scheme of things, not much more than a small joke to them.

“Hot damn, I’m filthy rich! People who cross over really do get special care!”

If there was no one else around, Ling Fei would immediately started shouting his joy towards the Heavens, to vent all the frustration accumulated from the past three days.

After the time it takes for a incense stick to burn, Ling Fei’s thoughts were still lingering on the 「System」 speaking it’s first words.

「Invincible Leveling」 Game, was the project that Ling Fei was working on in his company. It was the newest researched game that included the 「Leveling System」. Inside the system, all kinds of support features were included, for the purpose of pursuing the effects of one word for players, “Satisfaction”. The ideal effects would the moment the Player plays the game, he would love the feel of it and will continue playing the game. It is to be a very satisfying experience for the player.

Ling Fei never thought that one day, he himself would receive a 「Invincible Leveling」 system.
The Heavens are too nice.
Bad talent, no qualifications, so what? I got the 「Leveling System」!
That’s the Foundation to build my dreams!
At this moment, Ling Fei’s blood was completely boiling, as if pumped with adrenaline.
Before crossing over, Ling Fei took his time to fully understand the workings of the 「Invinicble Leveling」 system. This was a supportive system that guides the players in game for a smooth leveling experience.
As the character leveled up, the system would reward the player with all kinds of treasures, pursueing the “Satisfaction” feeling of the game.

As the 「Leveling System」 was still in the development stage, it had not been released to the public as of yet.
Ling Fei unknowingly received the first benefits from this.

Now, he can finally say with his head held up high, I got the 「Leveling System」, who is afraid of who now?


After searching for a while, Ling Fei found the thing he had wished for, the 「Leveling System」 interface, floating inside of his 「Soul Realm.
Opening the system, Ling Fei opend his 「Personal Character Status」 window.

「Player: Ling Fei」
「Level: Martial Dao, Second Layer」
「Experience till next level: 10/1000」
「Martial Techniques: None!」
「Combat Techniques: None!」
「Treasure: Temporarily none!」
「Innate Abilities: Temporarily None!」

Evaluation: Player Ling Fei, existance comparable to an ant, only Three Hundred level one Furry Ducks are needed to exterminate you.

“FML, when did I become this weak!”

After seeing the 「System」 give the appraisal, even if Ling Fei was insensitive, it was difficult to not be ashamed.
Ling Fei was thoroughly speechless.

“This is the 「Leveling System」?”

Shortly after the blow to his pride, Ling Fei was immediately attracted to the 「Inventory Space」.

「Marrow Cleansing Pellet」 x1
「Vein Expanding Pellet」 x3
「Qi Gathering Pellet」 x10
「Silver Coins」 x900

Wahaha, this was like free food falling from the sky. All these items were of great importance to Ling Fei.

Ling Fei was tempted to the point of almost drooling, it was impossible not to be excited after seeing this.

Having the memory of the former “Ling Fei”, the imposter Ling Fei understood the common knowledge for the prices of items on Xuan Sky Continent.

The Xuan Sky Continent’s common currency consists of Silver and Gold coins.

If a Martial Warrior wishes to become a Expert Martial Dao Fighter, he must take great quantities of foods that is rich with vitality, after obtaining enough, then he must cultivate the vitality within to form a body with Qi, other than this, he must also purchase Cultivating methods, Medicinal Pellets, Weapons… and all these need Silver coins to purchase, thus the need for silver coins is very high.

Nine hundred silver coins to the current Ling Fei who is not loved by grandma or cared by grandpa, is equal to a substantial income, temporarily fixing the embarrassment that is his wallet.

It is hard for a hero to be stumped by money, yet Ling Fei was almost stumped.

Silver is a must!

The Medicinal Pellets on Xuan Sky continent, are essential items that every Martial artist dream of having.

Through the system’s care package, Marrow washing pellet, Qi gathering pellet, Vein expanding pellet, no matter which, for the outer disciples, it would be very expensive.

Just the Qi gathering pellet alone, when cultivating Xuan Qi, can hasten the absorption speed. Outer disciples can obtain one every month, if put to sale outside the Sect, one Qi gathering pellet would cost around a thousand silver coins.

Marrow Cleansing Pellet was even more famous.

Godly Martial Art Sect Disicples, when they enter the ranks of Inner Disciples, have the chance of obtaining one pellet of Marrow Cleansing Pellet for free. Specialized for improving the body′s quality, it is said the Marrow Cleansing Pellet should be used when the cultivator is as young as possible, for the best effect.

The last type, the Vein Expanding Pellet, even in the entire Sect, would cause some movements.

A Martial Artist′s future prowess can be said to be directly related to the amount of Xuan Qi in their veins. If one wants to be better than the others, their veins must be larger than other people, any type of skill, through the usage of more Qi, will be more powerful than others, even if only by a slight margin.

Anyone taking the Vein Expanding Pellet will mysteriously have their veins expanded and will be able to use and absorb more Xuan Qi. If before using the pellet one was only able to use one strand of Xuan Qi, then after using and expanding, would one be able to use five strands of Xuan Qi more than before.
It’s obvious why it is so precious.

“Now that I have the 「Leveling System」, all you bastards just wait and see!”


Ling Fei was deep in thought.

Three days ago, he was still worrying over how to prevent or counter the secret plots against his life, but now with the 「System」 in place, even if Ling Fei was a retard, he could still see that his future was limitless.

Killing a Level One magical beast gives me 10 experience each, could it be like in a game, if I kill 100 more furry ducks I will level up to a Martial Dao Third Layer warrior, and be able to accumulate Qi?”

Ling Fei was a game Otaku, he immediately knew what was going on and almost jumped three feet high from excitement.

“The 「Leveling System」 really is a godly thing. I must never reveal this to anybody.Good thing this place was great at avoiding attention, what a great place to level up!”

Killing a hundred furry ducks will allow me to go up one small realm, even Ling Fei himself felt that this was unbelievable.

“If it’s like this, then isn’t it very easy for me to level up to Martial Dao Fourth Layer, or the unthinkable Ninth Layer? Or maybe, is it possible that the unreachable Xuan Warrior Realm is beckoning me?”

Ling Fei felt dizzy from the amount of luck that befell him.

Xuan Sky Continent, Cultivators cultivate Xuan Qi.

Martial fighters are the starting point, possessing 9 small realms, or commonly known as the Dao Realm, in which the Martial Dao First Layer is the lowest and the Ninth Layer the highest.

As of now, Ling Fei belongs to the Second Layer of Qi Gathering.

Martial Dao Realm, the first three small realms being the Early stage, but their importance lie in the process of making the body accumulate and cultivate Xuan Qi, in order to build the foundation for cultivating.

Martial Dao Fourth though Sixth Layer belong to the Middle stage, where one can start cultivating their Xuan techniques, the Xuan Qi will circulate through the body, greatly increasing one’s muscle strength, with the raise of the hand, one can shatter rocks, nothing is beyond one’s reach.

Martial Dao Seven through Nineth layer belong to the Late stage, upon reaching this realm, one can step on air for brief amounts of time, Xuan Qi solidifies into weapon and armor, if placed in a clan, one can definitely become someone worthy of elder status.

After Martial Dao ninth layer is the Xuan warrior realm, the diving line that determines whether one can enter into the real realm of cultivation, becoming a truly strong individual.


Fortunately Ling Fei was an Otaku who crossed over.
Low-key is the way, he agrees with that 100%.

“Zhang ChongShang, Li Xiao, just you wait for the day that I level up to the Martial Dao Fourth Layer! You will kneel infront of me and sing my praises sooner or later, and you will sing it atleast one hundred times!”.

A hint of bloodlust flickered through Ling Fei’s eyes.

Cage after cage of furry ducks fell into Ling Fei’s sights, becoming the tool for completing his level up quest.
“Furry ducks oh furry ducks, please don’t blame me for being cruel. The next time you reincarnate, just don’t pick to be a furry duck.”

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