ILK Chapter 2

Three days later, early morning!

God Martial Art Sect was as normal as can be, outer disciples are all doing their daily routine tasks, everything was proceeding in a orderly fashion with outer disciples seen doing their respective daily tasks all over the place.

Outer disciples must complete their daily quota of tasks as long as they are outer and not inner disciples, this is the iron rule of God Martial Art Sect.
Within the myriad of outer disciples, ones with outstanding aptitude and talent can be spared from doing their quota as a special privilege, this is the only exception to the rule.

Within the mountain range, on top of a winding mountain road, with gushing winds rushing by and stirring up countless leaves. A solitary figure could be seen following the path down, a person with extremely sickly complexion, sometimes frowning, sometimes relaxed, and sometimes looking all around with a odd expression on his face. The person’s attention focuses intently around him, sometimes showing a shocked expression.

If someone with sharp ears were near by, they would definitely hear the youth muttering words to himself.

“Damn, God Martial Art Sect is really freaking rich, mountain river all around and all belonging to the Sect, if a piece of land on top of one of these mountains can be taken, you can definitely earn money, what crappy mansion can compare to this, they aren’t even on the same level!”
“Look at this view, tall mountain peaks reaching through the clouds, compared to this, a shoddy 5 star cruising sightseeing spot is absolutely unsightly.”
At first, the amount of people on top of the mountain wasn’t much.
But as soon as one gets closer to the God Martial Art Sect’s mission area, the amount of outer disciples started to rise slowly, gathering through several paths converging to the mission area, causing all kinds of random chattering to fill the air.

“Hey look at that sickly disciple, isn’t he Ling Fei?”

A random loud mouth disciple saw Ling Fei and yelled aloud.

The outer disciples passing by on the roads all looked towards Ling Fei, as if they found a new exotic animal.

Following, a smattering of discussions arose.

“Ling Fei? Which “Ling Fei” is it?”
“Heh heh, other than “him”, who else? Who would have thought after receiving three attacks, he’s still alive, what a lucky guy.”

“Look at his complexion, there’s a eighty percent chance he isn’t far from death, Martial Dao second layer challenging a Martial Dao fourth layer, does he really think he is a genius? Pah! The hell he think he is?”
The outer disciples saw the chance to ridicule and started roasting with all sorts of derogatory words, as if they were afraid that others don’t know about this.

“A crowd of idiots!”
Ling Fei’s will power is fairly strong, rumors are useless.
As a twenty first century university student, possessing nerves so thick that normal people can’t even compare with him. With this measly amount of ridicule, he couldn’t care less.

At the same time, Ling Fei’s impression of those people fell to the bottom.

A bunch of assholes, with no outlet for their shit. It feels like reading reviews of a book online, then a bunch of trolls comes and start trolling, causing others to have a negative opinion of the book, giving the trolls entertainment.

Facing a bunch of trolls, Ling Fei very generously forgave them.
Pitiful kids.

God Martial Art Sect Mission area!
As long as one loses in a monthly contest, the punishment mission is unavoidable.

After finishing the assignment, one can continue to cultivate. This is also a method that the Sect employs to urge it’s disciples to win, due to the nature of the punishments, the outer disciples hate to be on the wrong end of it.

“so you’re the idiotic Ling Fei?”

Listening to the fatass in front of him pulling airs, if this was in university, Ling Fei would have definitely left a mark on his nose with a fist.

Pretending to be in power, you’re still too young.

“I am Ling Fei!”

The fatass narrowed his eyes into a slit, took out a name roster and flipped through it, then he took out a sheep skin scroll, looked at it with doubt, then threw out a piece of black metallic badge, “Low level magic beast area, butcher the magic beasts there for half a month.”

Ling Fei, having already received the news in advance from Gao Ren, wasn’t too surprised at the news and took the badge.
“Got it.”

From start to finish, Ling Fei kept a calm air, after receiving the badge, he turned around and left, heading directly for the low level magic beast zone.

“Heh heh, Ling Fei oh Ling Fei, pissing off a few outer senior brothers way more powerful than you. In half a month, for you to complete the mission is next to impossible, don’t even think about finishing it, spend the rest of your life in the low level magic beast area as a butcher hahaha. Though judging from your complexion, it’s hard to say if you can even survive or not.”


Ling Fei let out a breath of turbid air, looked up to the blue sky and white clouds above, a glint of determination flash through his eyes.

“FML, no power really sucks, though I will not admit defeat, I will find a way out of this!”
[Tl/ the author uses “nnd” in the raws, it is short for grandmother’ed it’s a relaxed cuss…so i will use nnd-fml]

Following the map in his memory, after walking for half an hour through numerous twists and turns, Ling Fei came to the low level magic beast farm area. Before even entering, a wave of blood stink crashed into him, almost knocking him out from the sheer smell.

Low level magic beast area, inside there are a large number of raised low level magic beasts, created through special feeding and raising. The purpose is to provide the disciples of the Sect with food.

These low level magic beasts’ meat possesses the ability to boost the vitiality of those who eat it, even the fur is used as a commodity by the Sect.

“Alright, lets do this!”

Ling Fei forced himself to ignore the bad smell, stated his mission to the supervisor and followed a senior brother to his area.

One set of no-name magic beast leather clothing, one short knife that looks like a fruit knife, a butcher’s tools.

Ling Fei threw on the given clothing in a hurry, equipped the knife, and was brought to the front of the butchering block, the block looks like a huge washing basin, the surface was covered with blackened blood stains, the fissures left over from cuts glared out. Not far away, a lot of outer disciples looked in his direction with great amusement.

“heh heh, another newbie, looks way too weak.”

“What are those top supervisors doing, bring this type of person here. Don’t know if he will kill the ducks or be killed by the ducks!”

“Haha, now that’s what I call interesting.”

“I bet one silver that this kid won’t be able to kill a single duck, anyone dare to bet with me?”

“One silver, I’m in!”


Hearing the ridicule, Ling Fei silently held them in disdain.
When I get mad, even killing people isn’t a problem, you think that just these merely weird variation of ducks can stop me? It’s not like i have not killed ducks before…

Ling Fei took a deep breath, grabbed a duck from a cage, although it is ranked a level one beast, looks very similar to a duck from earth, but it’s strength is very big, it’s claws are very sharp, and the meat tastes delicious, it is said to be a favorite of many disciples.

Ga Ga Ga!

The duck flapped it’s wings and struggled hard trying to escape from Ling Fei’s hands, a great force almost made his grip loosen, several cuts instantly slashed his hand, making those people who were watching laugh at him.

“Your courting death!”

Whipping the duck on to the butchering block with excessive force, Ling Fei’s face darkened, his fighting reflexes arn’t just for show, even with a different body. Smoothly controlling the knife in his hand, a flash of the knife’s cold edge streaked by, hitting the duck’s neck, sprouting a spray of blood in all directions, some of the blood that he couldn’t dodge splashed on to his face, causing him to look very ferocious.

Suddenly, a weird change took place.

“Upgrading the system, version 1.0 officially launched!”

“Loading the game …”

“Loading complete!”

“Loading input …”



“1.0 to upgrade the system, updated, startup is completed!”

“Succeeded in killing a level one magic beast Furry Duck, gained 10 experience!”

After killing a level one magic beast, Ling Fei’s body was originally weak, after killing the duck in one stroke, both of his hands are on the butcher’s block, supporting his body. He was completely in shock.

Unknown sound, as if magic, but with a touch of familiarity.

“Hell, isn’t this the Leveling System I was debugging before I woke up here?”

Ling Fei finally started to recall in detail, back then, he was checking a loop hole in the game system, the game was called “Invincible Leveling”, it must have been because of this game that he became a member of the world crossing great army.

Although not knowing why the changes would happen on his own body, he didn’t have time to finish digesting the sudden changes before the machine voice sounded again.
“Congratulations to the player Ling Fei. Obtained Leveling System Version 1.0 Level up care package …”

“Congratulations to the player Ling Fei. Obtained Silver coins x 100!”

“Congratulations to the players Ling Fei. Obtained Qi gathering pellet x 10!”

“Congratulations to the player Ling Fei. Obtained Martial Dao First Layer Care Package, Marrow Washing Pellet x 1, Silver coins x 300.”

“Congratulations to the player Ling Fei. Obtained Martial Dao Second Layer Care Package, Vein Expanding Pellet x 3, Silver coins x 500.”

Ling Fei’s brow raised to the roof, and he started to laugh like an idiot.

Not daring to believe what just happened, could it be that his luck finally turned!


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