ILK Chapter 1

Ling Fei had a wonderful wet dream.

In his dream, he was an unrivalled emperor worshiped by tens of thousands of people, possessing many palaces and concubines, playing countless beautiful girls that covered the entire spectrum, Cute lolies, scorching hot women, soft and agreeable teens, leather and candle using dominatrixes, and bikini wearing beach babes….. life with girls left and right, truly a life envied by countless others.
Ling Fei woke up and immediately found himself in a tragic situation.
“WTF, Who’s pulling a prank this early in the morning, come out and face me!”

Are you kidding? The spring mattress his uses to battle 300 rounds with the chicks turned straight into this piece of board bed that can compete with a rock for it’s hardness and with a bed of ice for it’s coldness. Hell, there was even a huge crack gaping at him from the head of the bed, with a hole big enough to stick a fist into… this level of cheapness, probably only a run down village in the mountains can supply a bed of this level.


Other than finding out that the spring mattress had changed to a piece of wood underneath him, Ling Fei also discovered that his body was not responsive, his entire body was racked with pain, even a light movement would cause him to be out of breath, it felt as if all the bones in his body was broken, painful and hard to endure.

“could it be that even a wet dream will cause a collapse, your kidding me?”

Spring mattress is gone, body seems to be problematic, additionally, this room does not seem like his original room, it actually went from a modern room to this dilapidated and rotting wooden shack, this is a bit ridiculous right, hell, there’s even a spider like thing lazily spinning a web above his head… where is this place!

Ling Fei could not imagine, no way to explain, could it be he’s inside a dream? Not enough brain power to process this.


All of a sudden, Ling Fei’s head felt as if split open with pain, vast amounts of information flowed through, he clutched his head with both hands, his entire forehead was covered in cold sweat, feeling as if all his vital organs are stunned.

Shortly afterwards, Ling Fei’s face was pale white, both eyes lost and dim, helplessly looking at the old wooden board above his head, following the dim light filtering through a crack, his mouth subconsciously cracked a bitter smile.

“I actually crossed into another world.”

Ling Fei just graduated from his university this year, his looks were not handsome, but he had a body of muscular perfection, picking up the ladies were not a problem. Relying on his understanding of games from his time studying at university, he got himself into a gaming company, and became a game bug tester, checking for bugs and loopholes in the gaming system, as to why he picked that, it was completely for the purpose of picking up ladies of course!

The company pay was not bad, but the main point was the number of ladies in there, dazzling the eyes, if there were nothing to do, there was always the girls to tease. The days were passed in leisure, just like the innocent black lace girl he invited back to his place for dinner, ready to extend the invitation one step further to his bed, and maybe get lucky for a roll in the bed and talk about their future, but as it happens, the company management division called a mass meeting, saying that it’s a temporary testing for a new game …. once he started on that, two days flew by with no stop in between, working through the nights had made him extremely drowsy, and once he woke up, well here he is, becoming a part of the world crossing army.

Ling Fei doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry, this kind of rare thing actually happened to himself, hell, since he already crossed, they might as well as give him a reliable starting point like his identity, and go figure his identity in this world was worthless.

“when others cross over, even if they aren’t a king, they are still a prince, girls in both arms, or some carefree noble with no worries for money, girls at his beck and call, hell, when it comes to me, I get someone who is unloved by grandma and ignored by grandpa, such unfairness.”

This body’s owner was called Ling Fei, same as his own, 17 years old this year, Unfailing Kingdom, second rate Sect, God Martial Art Sect outer disciple, to sum it up, basically a worthless identity. As to his other identity, it is worth much more, he is the Ling clan’s third young master, if a description must be used, then he is a dandy playboy.
From his fused memories, he understood that the previous owner was a person who was able to shake the heavens and move the earth, Ling Fei has never seen such a rare specimen like this before.
As to why he became a God Martial Art Sect outer disciple, it must be mentioned, the previous owner’s earth shattering actions.

The former “Ling Fei” committed an extremely reckless thing, taking advantage of a night with no moon and high winds, he snuck into the city lord’s mansion, stole the kiss of the city lord’s daughter, almost succeeded with taking her virginity too, but he didn’t, why? It’s actually pretty simple, his fighting ability was low, so he got beat up by the very city lord’s daughter.

After this scandal was revealed, things went to hell, Ling clan was under heavy pressure from the city lord for repayment, so they used all sort of methods before finally sending Ling Fei away to become a outer disciple at the God Martial Art Sect, as to his well being, it is similar to free farming where the farmer lets the sheep graze out in the wild without caring, in Ling Fei’s case, this free lasted four years.

“As a man, to be able do things as you did, you shame all men, one mere girl, if it was me, hold down both her legs and it’ll be a success!”

Ling Fei really looked down upon the former, after repeatedly looking through the memories, he doesn’t know what to say, to summarize a bit.

Garbage, absolutely a useless person.


After ridiculing, Ling Fei had to stop and accept his current situation.
He crossed worlds.
He became the Ling clan’s third young master.
Since it’s here, then I’ll take it!

Ling Fei was an orphan, he didn’t have friends, but his ability to adapt and accept was strong, and the only part he regret leaving behind was the over one terabyte’s worth of “action” films and every type of girl’s pose pictures.

After reminiscing a bit, Ling Fei really wanted to get one thing clear.
Who’s the bastard that dared to hit me!

In university, Ling Fei was a brawling expert, he was famous in his university, other people honored him with the title “Life Risking Brave Man”, other than him beating up others, there was no one who dared to beat him up, his muscular body was 100% the result of countless fighting.

After checking his memories, he finally understood what was going on.

The reason was actually pretty simple, God Martial Art Sect holds a small contest once every month, a big one every 6 months, according to the former “Ling Fei”‘s last memories, it seems like because of some provoking words riled up “Ling Fei”, he went on ring to fight, but ended up being heavily injured, the injury did not heal, and he died, giving a convenient body for the Ling Fei from earth.

Deliberate, this must be contrived.

In the memories, the person going against him, was the clan opposing the Ling clan. Former “Ling Fei” had a headstrong personality, once set in a road will walk to the end type of person, he fell into the opponent’s trap, using Martial Dao second layer to go against a Martial Dao fourth layer, received heavy injuries in 3 moves, holding that deep grudge till the moment of his death.

“yet another pitiful baby, if it was me, I’ed rather act the coward then wait till I have the strength to kill them.”

Ling Fei was no kind bird, otherwise he wouldn’t have been so successful in university, situation stronger than you, then you must play the coward, there will always be one day that you can flip the tables and become the king.

After understanding the cause and effect of the situation, Ling Fei suddenly realized that the whole match business was not so simple.
It was obvious that they wanted to kill himself.
Subconsciously, Ling Fei started to think of himself as the real “Ling Fei”, and suddenly felt the danger of the situation.

“Little contest held once a month, even if it’s a regulated fighting match, 3 moves of heavy hands, there is no way this is reasonable, this is clearly the precursor of wanting me either heavily injured or dead, fuckers, so shameless, just how much hate do you need to do this kind of thing!”

The Ling clan’s current power is limited, if he died inside of the God Martial Art Sect, Ling clan would receive a heavy blow, even if it’s just on their prestige, Ling Clan would still need a long time before being able to hold their heads high, like a different approach to attack the Ling clan.

“They already targeted me once, there will be a next time, I must think of a counter plan, I Ling Fei am not going to play act the turtle for a lifetime, I will fight back, all you bastards wait, I will kill all of you one day.”

Ling Fei’s eyes flashed a cold light, as a person who never admitted defeat since childhood, facing enemies, one must be 100 times more cruel.

Even if he crossed over to another world, it is the same. He does not want to die a sudden mysterious death, his life of fortune haven’t even started yet.

“Zhang Chong Sheng, Li Xiao, you just wait, we’ll see who laughs the last laugh!”


“FML, why is my natural talent so bad?”
Ling Fei checked his own natural talent, his face turned into one of hopelessness.

Before, he thought, the only method that might work is through cultivation, use his greatest efforts to become stronger, but after looking at his own information, his face gained a sour expression, After a long and deep sigh, his brows furrowed deeply “川”, all his newly gained confidence utterly crushed.
Seventeen years of age, with an average aptitude, the worst will have Martial Dao fourth layer, Xuan Qi will be able to circulate inside the body, strength greatly increase, and fighting power will have a dramatic change.

But Ling Fei’s body, seventeen yet only Martial Dao second layer, this gap of power…too shameful to even mention.
He even felt ashamed for himself.

Ling Fei is on a continent named Xuan sky continent, it’s surface land is vast and boundless, and the number of people is even more humongous. His Unfailing Kingdom was only one small kingdom on the continent.

On the continent, everyone cultivates Xuan Qi, a special type of energy.
Ling Fei’s current level is Martial Dao second layer, it is the ring where one attracts Qi, but no way to use Xuan Qi.

During the match on the combat ring he is injured by a person, the person’s name was Zhang Chong Sheng, a Martial Dao fourth layer, Xuan Qi can already circulate within the veins, when attacking, one can use the Xuan Qi to attack the enemy, Ling Fei could only grit his teeth and fight back with nothing but Martial styles, how do you even win like that, this is simply like trying to break a rock using eggs, frail and not even a match.

“I’m a freaking crossed over person, am I supposed to live out the rest of my life like this?”
“Thank the gods, your finally awake.”

Just as Ling Fei was thinking how to deal with the encroaching dangers, the locked great wooden door opened, no wait, it was forced open with brute force.
Turning his head with great difficulty, he saw a huge shadow of a person under the setting sun, in the small door frame, the shadow was like the size of a mountain, filling the space.

Tall and sturdy.
Ling Fei thought immediately from the bottom of his heart.
If he put on earth, he would definitely be a force to be reckoned with.

Ling Fei immediately recognized this tall person, he was called Gao Ren, a very goofy name, his parents really had a naming system going there, definitely on par with actual experts. Within the God Martial Art Sect, he was Ling Fei’s only friend.
[TL/ 高人-Gao Ren : means expert in chinese, a satirical joke here]

“En, I’m up!”
Although the memory seems to have fused together, Ling Fei still felt that his way of speaking changed a lot.

Gao Ren, this rough guy, directly sat down on the bed with no warning, causing the wooden bed suddenly dropped down a notch, almost as if it will break any moment from the unbearable strain, after seeing some color back on Ling Fei’s face, he faintly sighed and then a flash of cold light flickered through his eyes, “Those filthy bastards, next time if I see them, they better be prepared!”

Ling Fei knows who Gao Ren was speaking about, a gush of warmth flowed in his chest.
This, was a friend.
This, was a brother.

In his memories, after becoming a outer disciple, the person who helped him the most was Gao Ren, allowing him to avoid lots of troubles.

After cursing, Gao Ren looked at his good friend, opened his mouth, but closed it again without sound. Repeating this action several times, seeming as if there was something he wanted to say but couldn’t manage to get it out.

“Gao Ren, what are you hiding from me?” Ling Fei looked towards Gao Ren.

In the memories, Gao Ren always hid somethings, and when that happens, he would always repeat the action of opening and closing his mouth.

“Haa…Don’t get angry after hearing this.” Gao Ren avoided direct eye contact, “Just now when I came back from outside, I heard the discipline hall’s punishment for you, for the next half a month’s time, I am afraid that your going to be sent over to the cultivating farm to butcher low level magic beasts.
God Martial Art Sect’s monthly contest has a rule, as long as you lose the match, you will recieve a punishment. Normally it’s go do dirty work for half a month.
As long as one is a outer disciple, one must follow the set rules.
Ling Fei lost while on the ring, therefore the punishment was a given.

Butchering low level magic beasts at the cultivation farm, to the current Ling Fei, it is a completely impossible thing to carry out.

“This is too over the top!”

Ling Fei doesn’t even need to guess to know it was those bastards pulling the strings behind this, they won’t rest easy until they made absolutely sure that he died.

Gao Ren worried as he watched Ling Fei, usually, when Ling Fei heard provoking words, he will definitely go off like a land mine, but today his reaction was out of the ordinary, he actually stayed calm.

“Could it be he matured?”



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