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Chapter 42: The Grand Chase

“Little thief, you can’t escape from this old man’s clutches, I will surely kill you today!”

A furious voice echoed across the Blackwater Mountain Range, with waves of unmasked killing intent in it.

Immediately, a mocking voice rang out as well.

“That old bastard again with all bark and no bite! If you have the ability, get down here to find me and stop babbling nonsense from behind. Even if you’re not tired of it, I, Your Father, am sick of your empty threats!”

From a bystander’s point of view, in the mountain range, there was one person fleeing and the other chasing, both seeming to be acting out an epic scene of a chase.

The two voices belonged to none other than Ling Fei, and the raging Zhao Wen, Cheng ShaoWen’s old servant.


“Motherfucker, that old bastard is really persistent, a flying expert is really annoying to deal with!”

Ling Fei, who was in the midst of running away,looked back towards the towering trees. A distant killing intent locked onto him from miles away, and as long as he remained within its range, it would be impossible for him to shake off his pursuer.

This was the power of a Martial Dao Eighth Layer expert.

To be honest, Ling Fei was really unlucky. Even though he was already prepared for the aftermath of killing Cheng ShaoWen and was ready to escape from this region, his whereabouts were still discovered by Zhao Wen’s methods.

If not for his Wind Body Technique, even with the dense cover of the trees, Ling Fei would have long been killed by the Gang Qi expert.

“I cannot keep running forever, the Xuan Qi of a Gang Qi expert is way thicker than mine, even with perfect control of Xuan Qi to execute the Wind Body Technique, eventually my Xuan Qi will be depleted and I will be in deep trouble!”

From the time he was discovered by that old bastard all the way until this moment, Ling Fei had been continuously running away. He did not dare to get too close, the battle technique executed by that old bastard last time was too fearsome and he did not dare to be careless.

Battle techniques!

If not for Cheng ShaoWen’s cry of surprise, Ling Fei would have almost forgotten the fearsomeness of battle techniques on the Xuan Sky Continent.
Right now, the most important thought in Ling Fei’s mind was to figure out how to get rid of that old bastard. He did not wish to continue this chase for weeks and months.

“Sharp-tongued little thief, just you wait! When you end up in this old man’s clutches, I’d like to see what snide remarks you can still utter!”
At this moment, fury was etched all over Zhao Wen’s wrinkled face. After he shouted out these words, he had a solemn expression on his face as his strong killing intent thickened.

To a Gang Qi expert, a mere kid of the Martial Dao Sixth Layer could be easily killed, but he just had to meet the sort who possessed a formidable movement technique.

If not for that movement technique, Zhao Wen would have easily chased down that little thief and killed him.

Even though right now he was not able to capture the thief Zhao Wen remained calm. With the killing intent of a Martial Dao Eighth Layer expert locked onto that little thief, no matter how miraculous his movement technique was, it was impossible for him to escape.

Zhao Wen just had to wait till the thief’s Xuan Qi was depleted and it would be a simple feat to capture him.

Along the way, Zhao Wen was pondering about the movement technique. That little thief was able to rely on his movement technique to forcefully escape. If he was able to learn it, then along with his flying ability, his battle power would surely increase by quite a bit.


Two days later.

His Xuan Qi that he has been doing his best to fully utilize was starting to deplete.

Ling Fei realized that he was in trouble.

In the past two days, Ling Fei had tried many methods but no matter what he did, he was unable to shake off that old bastard, who was like a burden, following him unceasingly.

What a headache!

“What to do, what to do?”

When Ling Fei realized that he had only 30% of his Xuan Qi remaining, he started to panic. He understood clearly what the consequences would be like once his Xuan Qi was depleted and he was unable to recover.

While using the wind body technique to flee, Ling Fei almost forgot where he was heading.

At least, there was no doubt that the Blackwater Mountain Range was an extremely big area. Especially when one started approaching the depths of the forest.
There were all sorts of dangerous beast auras around, but Ling Fei could only continue barging into the depths of the mountain range. He would die even if he did not head in, but the only difference was who he would die to.

If a Martial Dao Seventh Layer expert was chasing him instead, Ling Fei would surely turn around and fight to the death.

Suddenly, an earth-shattering howl sounded out from the depths of the Blackwater Mountain Range.
Ling Fei’s eyebrows subconsciously twitched, and his soul seemed to almost jump out of his body. Fear surged through his body and he instantly shuddered at the thought of the sound.


“Such a terrifying aura, it doesn’t seem to be an eighth-stage magic beast, nor a ninth-stage one, could it be… a magic beast that is above the Xuan stage?”
It took Ling Fei a long time before he finally regained his senses. The feeling of his soul leaving his body earlier, it felt like he had been killed countless times.

After experiencing this terrifying incident, Ling Fei realized that the rumors of the dangers in the Blackwater Mountain Range were not baseless after all. Just based on that howl, there’s probably only a handful of people who could withstand that.

Distinctly, Ling Fei could sense an uncontrollable rage from the howl, as though it was expressed with all the effort the magic beast could muster.
Scanning the surroundings before him, Ling Fei suddenly thought of a good idea. If he managed to execute it properly, he would surely be able to shake off that old bastard, and as for whether that old bastard lived or not, it was not an issue.

“Old bastard, did you pee your pants? If you’re scared then stop chasing, go home and retire!”

Throwing out that sentence, Ling Fei did not change his direction, and continued forwards.

“Despicable, really despicable!”

Zhao Wen clenched his fists tightly, and a strong killing intent enveloped him. However, he also seemed to be more nervous. As a Martial Dao Eighth Layer expert, and as someone from the Blade God Sect, he had far more experience than the average person.

It was evident that the roar was a howl of rage!

And it was not an eighth or ninth-stage magic beast, but a magic beast above the Xuan stage!

Zhao Wen was indeed frightened. However, due to Ling Fei’s sentence, he had a stomach full of rage. When had he ever faced such humiliation from a little thief?

“Don’t think that you can get rid of this old man so easily! Even if I were to die, I would drag you along with me!”

Two hours later!

Ling Fei sensed a fearsome aura.

Magic beast, it was really a high-level magic beast.

Ling Fei hesitated for a moment and glanced backward. That killing intent was still locked on to him. With a heavy heart, he clenched his teeth and decided to go all out. Using his wind body technique, he shot forwards, only leaving behind afterimages.

Ling Fei’s aim was very simple.

To make use of the dangerous magic beast and the powerful expert and forcefully run past them, gaining a chance at escape.

“Old bastard, having chased me, Your Father, for so long, take this strike of mine!”

Ling Fei suddenly shifted his position and faced the old bastard. There was now a long blade in his hand and the hilt of the blade was glittering with gems. It was precisely Cheng ShaoWen’s treasured blade.

“Thunder Strike!”

The difference between an ordinary weapon and a high-grade weapon, the might of the blade rays that shot out were vastly different.
Ling Fei directly sent out 4 blade rays, immediately depleting 15% of his remaining Xuan Qi.

Cheng ShaoWen was already boiling with anger, and now that he had the opportunity, how could he let the little thief off so easily. He instantly grabbed hold of the opportunity and used his hands as blades. What he was executing was not a palm blade technique, but rather, a battle technique!

“Little thief, you dare!”

“One blade, Thousand miles!”

Cheng ShaoWen had been killed and now that the little thief even took out his young master’s weapon, Zhao Wen could not control his fury anymore and directly used his intermediate battle technique to send out three blades, uncaring of the consequences.

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