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Translator: KuroNeko
Editor: JerryDaBaws
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Chapter 41: Monstrous Fury

“A Martial Dao Seventh Layer expert was indeed not easy to kill!”

After depleting 80% of his Xuan Qi, Ling Fei’s whole body seemed to be devoid of energy and his back was covered with cold sweat. If he encountered a magic beast, he probably would have to turn tail and run.
Since the start of the fight when he was being oppressed, Ling Fei had been constantly thinking of methods to kill Cheng ShaoWen. Even though that old bastard was currently not present, what if he suddenly appeared? It’s better to be safe than sorry! Safety first.

Knowing that there was danger around every corner, Ling Fei had to rack his brains to come up with a good plan.

The purple-robed young master was very powerful, especially with his ability to fly in the sky for a short period of time. However, his opponent would have an advantage if they were to be fighting in a dark place where he would be unable to fly easily.

As long as the purple-robed young master was unable to fly, Ling Fei believed that he was capable of killing him, especially with his powerful weapon, the Dark Spirit Blade.

The might of the Dark Spirit Blade was already unfathomable and it was combined with Splitting Blade Cut, Ling Fei’s current strongest skill.
『Killed Martial Dao Seventh Layer Cheng ShaoWen. Gained Experience x 1200!』

The systems voice sounded out and suddenly Ling Fei had a strange expression on his face. The name has caused him to recall something
“That guy can’t possibly be the Blade God Sect leader’s son, right?”

Even though he has only been in the Xuan Sky Continent for a short period of time, Ling Fei had overheard that people who held prestigious statuses in the Blade God Sect were all surnamed Cheng. The young master that he just killed seemed to be…

Ling Fei was filled with shock. He had never thought that the first Martial Dao Seventh Layer expert that he killed would be someone related to the sect leader of the Blade God Sect. His luck was simply…. He did not know whether he should cry or laugh, seems like he had gotten himself into some deep trouble.

But since what’s done was done, Ling Fei did not worry too much. After all, there was no pill for regret. At the same time, Ling Fei’s gaze fell onto the ground. There were quite a few changes and his eyes lit up as soon as he saw the items that were littered around.

“Damn, the BOSS dropped a lot of loot!”

Just like how bosses dropped loot in games, there were all sorts of items scattered around Cheng ShaoWen’s body.
“Could it be because of the treasure bag?”

Ling Fei realized what had happened.

Once a treasure bag becomes an ownerless item, the items contained within would explode out.

Therefore resulting in the current situation before him.

Ling Fei loved this special property of the treasure bag. It was as if everything was prepared for him and he could not help but admire it a little.
Firstly, Ling Fei picked up the treasure bag.

“Good, this is quite valuable! Looks like I’ve killed quite an impressive person this time, I can sell off the items for quite a sum of money.”

The treasure bag in his hand had intricate workmanship and was not something that an ordinary person would possess, especially not someone who was only of the Martial Dao Seventh Layer. Simply looking at this treasure bag, it was evident that the purple-robed young master did not possess an ordinary status.

After keeping the treasure bag, Ling Fei’s gaze continued to scan across the ground.

There were medicinal pills, around seven or eight bottles of them, and Ling Fei could only recognize one or two types. One of which was the White Jade Pill, and it seemed to be of an even higher quality than those that Ling Fei obtained previously. The rest of the pills all seemed to be top grade as well.

Ling Fei broke into a huge smile, he was lacking most in medicinal pills that were useful in healing injuries.

Once more, Ling Fei’s eyes sparkled as he glanced upon the 3 secret manuals on the ground.

Initially, Ling Fei was at a disadvantage when fighting with Cheng ShaoWen. This was because he was lacking in usable blade techniques.

One could have many blade techniques, but they must not be conflicting with one another, if not they would be hard to master!

The 3 secret manuals, the first was the lower Huang Stage technique, Scorching Palm Blade; the second was another lower Huang Stage technique, Great Thousand Leaves Blade Technique. As for the last one, the pages were yellowing and seemed to be quite old, it was called Thirty-Six Ways Knife Hand.

“Good stuff, good stuff!”

Due to time constraints, Ling Fei immediately kept the 3 manuals without looking through them.

Apart from these, there was also a long knife that was embellished with gems. It was not an ordinary item either but was a high-grade weapon, but of course, it was still incomparable to the Dark Spirit Blade.
Ling Fei did not know how to use that long knife but it did not mean that he could not use it to incriminate others.

Glancing at the ground once more, there seemed to be nothing else of interest to him except for some gold and silver notes, which he quickly collected.

After making sure he had cleared everything of use, Ling Fei quickly left quite evidently pleased with himself. He had reaped some great rewards today. The items were great, but what was most important is that he had displayed his skills.

He knew that he had to quickly leave. After all, he had just killed a genius disciple of the Blade God Sect who also seemed to have an extraordinary status within the sect. There would surely be a great commotion and if he stayed any longer, he might not have the chance to escape.

Not even an hour after Ling Fei left.

“Goddamnit, what happened!”

A thunderous voice rang out which resounded throughout the forest. Countless birds that were flying in the air did not have enough time to fly away and were shocked out of the air by the sound, dying instantly.
At the battle scene!

There were more than 30 people at the scene and all of them were white-clothed disciples, experts of at least the Martial Dao Sixth Layer.

At this moment, these Blade God Sect disciples who were usually mighty and fearless seemed to be trembling. They were dumbfoundedly staring at the body lying on the ground.

The fifth son of the Blade God Sect leader, who was a Martial Dao Seventh Layer expert was actually killed by someone, and was even chopped into half!

It was fine if one of them had died!

But the someone who must not die was Cheng ShaoWen!

As a son of the sect leader, no matter his position within the sect, he was still the sect leader’s son.

From the start of the battle to the time when they had finally arrived, barely an hour had passed. But what greeted them was actually a corpse, and it was the corpse of the sect leader’s son at that!
The expressions on their faces were as though someone had given them a vicious slap.

One region of Blackwater Mountain Range was sealed off just to find one person, but Young Master Cheng was actually killed in this region! If this piece of news were to be relayed back to the Blade God Sect…
They would surely not meet with a good end.

They had not protected the young master well and they knew that they would not be able to shake off their responsibilities.

The sect leader’s temper, they were well aware of it. If something serious had occurred, someone would have to pay with their lives.

Do not doubt the anger of a sect leader.
Zhao Wen howled towards the sky and there was boundless anger contained within his howl.

“Dead, he’s really dead…”

When he heard that Cheng ShaoWen was killed, his first reaction was of disbelief. But now that he saw the corpse, his whole body was rooted to the ground and he seemed as if he had aged by a few decades.
As Cheng ShaoWen’s old servant, he had protected Cheng ShaoWen since he was young. Throughout the years, no matter what danger they had faced, he would instantly eliminate the threat, thereby protecting Cheng ShaoWen until now.

However, who knew that in just a short day, they would forever be separated?

Zhao Wen was full of regret right now, berating himself for coming up with the stupid idea of splitting up. If not, how would have the little thief succeeded? Zhao Wen could still sense the lingering aura at the battle scene.

“Little thief, this old man shall have you pay!”

At this moment, Ling Fei, who was around a hundred miles away started to sneeze uncontrollably. Certainly weird. He wondered who could have been thinking of him as he did not know many people on this Xuan Sky Continent.

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