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Translator: Kuroneko
Proofreader: Mxhe
Editor: JerryDaBaws
I bet no one even cares about his novel anymore. lol.
Chapter 40: Slaying the Purple Robed Young Master (Down)

Scorching Palm Blade!

It was not an ordinary Xuan Qi technique, but rather a low-grade Huang Stage Xuan technique. The sharp blade techniques of the Blade God Sect, once the palm blade was executed, it needed to be paired with the Scorching Sun Cultivation Technique.

One can cultivate Scorching Sun Xuan Qi with the Scorching Sun Cultivation Technique.

Cheng ShaoWen used the Scorching Palm Blade as his first strike, wanting to heavily injure the companion of that little thief and vent some of the fury within his heart.
To steal from the tiger’s mouth, that was the first offense.

To kill the Blade God Sect’s disciples, that was the second offense!

For crime upon crime, he ought to die! DIE!!

Dealing with a Martial Dao Sixth Layer little thief, Cheng ShaoWen did not need to use any powerful strikes and he thought he would be able to easily kill the thief.
“Such a domineering blade technique!”

The Scorching Palm Blade was like falling leaves, attacking from 360 degrees all around, sealing all escape routes. Furthermore, as it descended from the sky, its power increased further.
“Wind Body Technique!”

Ling Fei was shocked, but there was no change in his expression as he executed the Wind Body Technique. His Dark Spirit Blade was raised up once more as he put all he had into concentrating, his body was like a whirlwind, instantly sending out five rays of blade light.

Bang bang bang bang!!!

The palm blades landed relentlessly onto the Dark Spirit Blade and they carried a trace of scorching heat which spread to Ling Fei’s body, causing his meridians to feel as though they were burning.
“No wonder he’s a genius disciple of the Blade God Sect, his blade techniques contain the attacks of Xuan Qi, and this set of blade techniques must definitely not be ordinary Xuan techniques, I reckon it should be a Huang Staged one. Luckily I cultivated the Nine Turn Qi Cultivation Technique, and the Nine Turn Xuan Qi was able to repair my meridians. If not, I might really be no match for that fellow, he’s really not easy to deal with!”

From the start of the battle till now, the blade techniques that Cheng ShaoWen executed were all what normal disciples were unable to execute.

“Little thief, how do you like my Scorching Palm Blade!”

Looking at the black-robed thief, a mysterious glint flashed across his eyes as he immediately realized what was going on. He laughed to himself as he exclaimed, “The Scorching Palm Blade is deemed as one of the sharpest palm blade techniques in the Blade God Sect, do you really think that a weakling like you will be able to endure it!”

“It’s just so-so, wanting to kill me? You’re still lacking by far!”
… …
“Brat, I’ll soon let you know that if you offend this young master, what sort of consequence will befall you!”

Cheng ShaoWen’s expression changed, the little thief was still talking back to him. Uncontrollable fury surged within him.
“Great Thousand Leaves Blade Technique!”

The scorching palm blades disappeared, as he executed another type of blade technique, a Huang Stage blade technique.
Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh!!!

Three blades flew out, fast like the wind, precise like falling leaves, shooting forward in their tracks but leaving no traces behind and directed in various crafty angles.

Ling Fei had no time to dodge, and a cut immediately appeared across his chest. If not for his quick reaction speed, he might have almost perished from that blade.

Even though a Martial Dao Seventh Layer expert was difficult to deal with, Ling Fei had already made calculations. However, if the opponent really got serious, he would be even harder to deal with, especially when he was able to execute two Huang Stage blade techniques.

If it was another person, perhaps he would have died long ago.

“I hope the feeling isn’t too bad, this young master shall slice off all of the flesh on your body to vent this boiling anger of mine!”

Cheng ShaoWen let out a huge shout, as he raised his left arm, once more sending out ten waves of blade light, all aimed towards the vitals on Ling Fei as if wanting to prove his earlier words.

Bang bang bang bang!

Amidst the forest, the two of them continuously moved about.

Battling all the way from some place where sunlight was still visible, all the way to a dimly lit area.

“Brat, tell this young master, where are your companions hiding?”

Cheng ShaoWen chatted casually, while constantly executing his blade techniques to suppress the other. However, there was gradual uneasiness, as he wondered why he was still unable to kill the other guy.
Especially that body technique, even Chen ShaoWen himself, was astonished. He could not ascertain what stage that body technique was, even his own Huang Stage body technique seemed to be no match for that body technique.

As a result, flames of fury surged forth within Cheng ShaoWen’s heart.

How dare a little thief train in such a body technique! Such a powerful body technique should be left for a genius disciple like him, and not for a little thief.

Wielding the Dark Spirit Blade to block one of the attacks, Ling Fei was forced back three steps, before stabilizing himself. Darkness was cast onto him.
“Do you really want to know?”

Ling Fei panted.

Cheng ShaoWen landed on a tree, staring daggers at the brat before him. If not for the countless wounds left on his opponent’s body, he might have found it hard to believe that he was unable to kill that brat, even after attacking for so long.

“If you tell this young master your companion’s locations, I can leave you an intact body after you die!”

The corners of Ling Fei’s mouth curled up in a mocking smile, “I, your father, was the one who stole your items!”
Yelling out that sentence, Ling Fei jumped off and flew towards a large tree, seeming to flee into the darkness. They had unknowingly arrived at a dark region, with the dense canopy blocking out the sunlight.

In this region, there were many places, that seemed as almost as dark as night.

“Little bastard, you actually dared to trick me!”

Cheng ShaoWen instantly flew into a rage.

“Great Thousand Leaves Blade Technique!”

Cheng ShaoWen refused to believe that he was the real thief. He was sure of Zhao Wen’s intermediate battle techniques and what power they possessed, a little thief would not be able to recover so quickly.
The blade technique that he executed in his rage seemed to be even more powerful.

The blade technique of falling leaves was like dancing butterflies, but amidst its beauty, a hidden danger would lie, taking away the lives of the unsuspecting.
… ..
The technique was unleashed, each blade locking on to its target and each blade with the power to kill.

This was the might of a Huang Stage Blade Technique.

Seeing that death was almost before his eyes, Ling Fei quickly fled, traversing in weird paths. Just like a breeze, he vanished without leaving any trace, flitting in and out of sight.
“Rapid blade technique, Relentless Torrent!”

Ling Fei who seemed to be making his escape, suddenly turned around to dodge the attacks, while increasing his speed to the limit. With a flash, he appeared to the left of Cheng ShaoWen, sending out five streaks of blade rays.

The sharp, piercing blades shot out without any sound like the white light amidst the darkness.

Cheng ShaoWen had never imagined that the brat would be so daring, to actually counterattack.

“Brat, you’re seeking death!”

Despite his arrogant nature, Cheng ShaoWen did not dare to be too careless while facing the attack. He executed his body technique, “Falling Leaves Body Technique!”, then quickly retreated, while sending out countless palm blades to face the attack.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!!!”

Following the soft sounds, some wounds appeared on Cheng ShaoWen’s body and there were traces of blood flowing out.
“Dogshit young master, how did that feel!”

Ling Fei moved to a new location with a smile plastered on his face.

It turns out that Ling Fei had taken the opportunity when Cheng ShaoWen attacked and executed his body technique in order to attack from various locations.

If it was anyone else, they might not have been able to do it. However, the wind body technique that Ling Fei cultivated, Person as the Wind, Passage without a shadow, was perfect in allowing him to execute his blade techniques to the highest efficacy. Cheng ShaoWen was unsuspecting and instantly fell prey to Ling Fei’s schemes.

“Damn it! What sort of rapid blade technique is that, why does it give off that white light, who are you exactly, why do you know this sort of strange rapid blade technique!”

At this moment, Cheng ShaoWen’s uneasiness arose once more.

He was able to block against the blades from the blade technique, but as the white light flashed past, it was another matter altogether. The aftermath that it caused, was not so simple.

No matter how dumb Cheng ShaoWen was, he finally realized why the black-clothed little thief was constantly running away.

He had been tricked.

“You have no right to know, because, you are going to go to hell!”

Ling Fei moved once more, after spending such a long time, he could finally deal his killing blow. If he did not make his move now, he might not have enough time to do it, and he would be found out soon.

“Relentless Torrent!”

“Splitting Blade!”

The white light shot out, and a piercing blade ray followed, possessing extreme sharpness. There was a dangerous aura around it, and before it had even reached its target, the air seemed to have been sliced through by this blade.

The splitting blade was cast with 80% of his Nine Turn Xuan Qi!

Immediately, Cheng ShaoWen felt a blade filled with killing intent flying towards him. Danger! His eyes suddenly widened, revealing a look of shock.

“How… you know battle techniques….”

Facing the attack, Cheng ShaoWen was thoroughly frightened. Fortunately, he was a genius disciple of the Blade God Sect and even though his head was full of shock, he recognized that blocking the attack should be his top priority.

“Scorching Palm Blade!”

He circulated the Scorching Sun Xuan Qi in his body and a fiery red color appeared over his left arm. It was precisely the Scorching Sun Xuan Qi covering his left arm and it was a powerful technique that he hoped would be able to block the attack.


However, what Cheng ShaoWen did not know was that the precious blade in Ling Fei’s hand, was the Dark Spirit Blade, a godly weapon. When using it, the power of the blade rays would increase even further.

“Ahhh…. My hand!”

The sharpness of the blade ray first struck against Cheng ShaoWen’s left arm. But when the Scorching Sun Xuan Qi burst apart from the strike, his whole arm gradually got pierced through and cut off, causing him let out wretched screams. Without his left arm to withstand the attack, how was he a match for the splitting blade that possessed 80% of Ling Fei’s Xuan Qi. Instantly, he was cleaved into two, and blood splattered everywhere.

“This…..should be your true power instead, I….am really regretful…. Why did I fall into your trap, and followed you here….”

Even though Cheng ShaoWen was filled with unwillingness, his voice grew faint, his eyes gradually closed, and his last breath was extinguished.

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