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Chapter 39: Slaying the Purple Robed Young Master (Up)

“The Blade God Sect will never let you off!”

“You will die a horrible death without a proper burial!”

[TN: In chinese funeral customs, one must have a proper burial after death, Improper funeral arrangements can wreak ill fortune and disaster upon the family of the deceased. (link)] In the woods, there was a flash of blade light as it formed streaks of white light which were extremely dazzling and eye-catching, mercilessly landing on the bodies of two white-clothed Blade God Sect disciples. As though cutting through two blocks of wood, the white-clothed disciples were instantly being cleaved apart.

Upon hearing the systems voice, Ling Fei exhaled a long breath as he placed the Dark Spirit Blade horizontally on the ground. He fumbled for the white jade bottles from the corpses and took out the pill within, swallowing it in one go. His original pale complexion instantly improved.

“This should be the 28th Blade God Sect disciple that I’ve killed!”

In these two days, Ling Fei was like a phantom, stealthily killing the Blade God Sect disciples. With his Wind Body Technique, together with the Rapid Blade Technique, he had unknowingly killed up to 28 people. In other words, he had obtained over thirty White Jade healing pills.

“With the aid of the White Jade Pill, my injuries have mostly recovered. It’s such a pity that I can’t meet that damned young master, there must be many good items on that fella!”
After many days of killing Blade God Sect disciples, Ling Fei seemed to be accustomed to plundering treasures and he could not help but set his targets on that purple-robed young master.
If not for that old bastard, Ling Fei would really not mind getting rid of that purple-robed young master.

“Nevermind, one must be content with what one possesses, in this trip to the Blackwater Mountain Range, I’ve obtained the Dark Spirit Blade and even increased my strength. It’s better than what I’ve expected, I have about a month left, just enough for me to continue to cultivate, perhaps I might be able to breakthrough to the Martial Dao Seventh Layer.”
Throwing away the two bodies, Ling Fei walked in another direction, preparing to kill more Blade God Sect disciples so that his injuries could quickly recover. After all, a little more strength, means an increased battle prowess.

A few hundred miles away, the original speeding Ling Fei suddenly stopped in his tracks with a slight change in his expression as he glanced around with a wary look in his eyes.
“You must be the companion of that little thief!”

At this moment 300 meters away in front of Ling Fei, a purple-robed young master stood idly on top of a tree, his dull eyes were locked onto the black-robed Ling Fei.
The person on top of the tree was precisely the young master of the Blade God Sect, Cheng ShaoWen.

Cheng ShaoWen had agreed to Uncle Wen’s suggestions, thus he recalled all the search teams and made it appear that they were searching in a particular region. Meanwhile, he would be waiting in this region, and once they found anything amiss, he would be able to receive the information firsthand.

Cheng ShaoWen did not expect that after just two days, he would finally catch the companion of the little thief.

Ling Fei did not change much, except he was now carrying a long blade behind his back, causing Cheng ShaoWen to mistake him for a companion of the little thief.
“The little thief’s companion? I think this fella mistook me for someone else.”

Pondering for a while, Ling Fei immediately understood what had happened, “That old bastard is probably not here, making things easier for me. Although that fella is of the true Martial Dao Seventh Layer, I still have a chance of defeating him, if all goes well, I should be able to kill him.”

If it were ten days ago, Ling Fei would not have this sort of confidence after in killing Chao ShaoWen.
“No matter who you are, just hand over your companion! If you submit now, this young master shall allow you to die in one piece!”

A mere Martial Dao Sixth Layer kid, Cheng ShaoWen did not hold him in any regard. After all, he was a Martial Dao Seventh Layer expert and he was able to look down at him with arrogance, like how a judge sentences someone to death.

“Fuck that!”

Ling Fei cursed back before leaping on his toes and using Wind Body Technique. Using the Black Spirit Blade in his hands, he slashed three times, three blades of sharp qi slashing forward in different angles.

Even though he didn’t understand why the purple robed young master did not attack but Ling Fei was no idiot, he could feel that the other’s battle aura was rising at an alarming rate, or in other words, that guy wanted himself to lose without even moving a finger.

In a fight between experts, a small detail could be the difference between life and death.

As for turning around and leaving, Ling Fei wasn’t that dumb.

A Martial Dao Seventh Layer expert. From the moment that Ling Fei showed up, the faintly discernable killing intent had locked on to him and if he turned around and left, he believes that the other person wasn’t just there for show and will kill him at the first given opportunity, and showing his back to the enemy is courting death.

Only battle!

Ling Fei was also very interested. After all, he had the System and had the luck of eating that Scarlet Sun fruit even though he still haven’t had the time to refine the Scarlet Sun Devil Monkey’s blood essence yet but just the fruit alone is enough to make a huge difference.

Only by fighting, can Ling Fei truly experience the difference between his current strength and that of a Martial Dao Seventh Layer.

With this in mind, Ling Fei made the first move.

The three sharp blade qi was only to break the battle aura, and not letting the other use that aura to pressure himself in battle.

How can a Martial Dao Seventh Layer expert die so easily? If they were as numerous as cabbages, then who would take the trouble to make the effort to cultivate?

“Mere blade qi, and you want to harm his young master!?”

Cheng ShaoWen did want to use his aura to suppress the other, and this was a method favored by many experts, a mere Martial Dao Sixth Layer who just managed to solidify Qi, how tough can this little thief be?
[EN: Mistake by the author? I thought Cheng ShaoWen thought it was his companion lol]

“This purple clothed young master, he actually has fire type qi contained in those palm blades, this person should be someone who cultivates the fire type xuan techniques. To be able to use palm blades to break through my blade qi, he really does live up to the name of the young master of the Blade God Sect!”

This was the second strongest opponent that Ling Fei has met up to now, and the strongest naturally was the old bastard.

Chao ShaoWen was equally as shocked.

There were three palm blades and all of them contained Scorching Sun Xuan Qi which contained the scorching effect. As soon as that qi invades the body, the best case scenario would be charred veins, and the worst case scenario would be all the vital organs set on fire, and battle prowess would be reduced by at least 20-30%.

“No wonder you can kill 28 of our God Blade Sect disciples, I admit you do have some ability… However! If you think you can escape from this young master with your current strength, then you are very wrong.”

Cheng ShaoWen smiled coldly, and flew down from the tree, “The battle has just now started!”

“Scorching Palm Blade!”

Just as he flew down, he raised both his hands as if they were blades and unleashed a flurry of palm blades at Ling Fei like a storm of sharp leaves.

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