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Chapter 38: This Young Master shall personally take action!

『Killed Martial Dao Fifth Layer Jiang Xi, Gained Experience x 500! 』
『Killed Martial Dao Fifth Layer Nan Tian, Gained Experience x 500! 』
『Killed Martial Dao Sixth Layer Fang Ning. Gained Experience x 800! 』

In around ten breaths of time or so, Ling Fei had used the Dark Spirit Blade to assassinate his enemies who were after him. His original wounds once more reopened after his intense movements.
“The Dark Spirit Blade is indeed a good blade, it must be a highest-grade weapon.”
Feeling the chilly killing intent from the blade, Ling Fei was in a frenzy of emotions, he was ecstatic that he had picked up such a good item.
But after killing, what must one do? Of course, it is to collect the spoils of wars!
As for how the Blade God Sect would react after they find out, Ling Fei could not care any less.
The three bodies were all split into two, but Ling Fei was aware when he struck out and did not destroy any items on their body. Flipping the bodies over, he quickly discovered some white-colored jade bottles. Opening them, a fragrance wafted out.
“White Jade Pill!”
Ling Fei’s eyes instantly brightened.
Ever since he was heavily injured by that old bastard, Ling Fei lacked healing pills and was unable to fully recover, it was an issue that constantly bothered him.

However, the White Jade Pill was a low-rank uncommon pills and its effect was still a few times better than the average common pill. Most of the disciples from the larger sects would always bring such healing pills,
Uncommon rank pills naturally cost a lot of money. If one were to use silver coins to buy one White Jade Pill, it would cost at least a few hundred silver coins at a minimum. Ten White Jade Pills would be at least a few thousand silver coins.
This was not taking into factor that there was a supply of pills!
“The Blade God Sect disciples must be really rich even carrying White Jade Pills outside? Perfect to heal my injuries! Old bastard, you would have never guessed that I actually chanced upon this!”
Ling Fei was indeed overjoyed, the healing pill was like a lifeline, it meant that his injuries would take much less time to heal and he did not have to worry as much.
There was a total of 4 White Jade Pills in the three bottles but Ling Fei was not disappointed. It was unordinary for the outer sect disciples to have White Jade Pills, and what he did not know was that the pills were actually specially bestowed by Cheng ShaoWen as encouragement for the disciples to find Ling Fei’s whereabouts.
After keeping the pills and silver taels, he threw the bodies into the abandoned tree hole as an alternative to burying them.
“Since they were able to find me here, I guess the others must be searching in this area as well. If not for the Dark Spirit Blade, perhaps I, Your Father, would really have walked away even if more White Jade Pills appeared, but right now.…”
Ling Fei’s eyes narrowed, revealing a fierce glint, and said,
“Let me get some benefits first, I, Your Father, is not so easy to bully!”
At the same time!
In the Blackwater Mountain Range, in an open field, the atmosphere became very tense.
“Outrageous! Who actually dared to go against this young master, and even dared to kill the Blade God Sect disciples, are they tired of living!?”
The purple-robed young master, Cheng ShaoWen, was currently outraged. He seemed exceptionally ferocious, and in front of him was a Blade God Sect disciple who was frightened to death. He did not even dare let out a squeak in case he angered the young master even more.

He seemed exceptionally ferocious, and in front of him was a Blade God Sect disciple who was frightened to death. He did not even dare let out a squeak in case he angered the young master even more.
Cheng ShaoWen was the fifth son of the current Blade God Sect sect leader.
As he was ranked fifth, the fifth son, coupled with his outstanding talent, Cheng ShaoWen did not have a very good time within the sect. Often, he would be pressured by his elder brothers, but with his haughty demeanor and his talent, how could he be willing to be suppressed? Therefore, he went to the Blackwater Mountain Range in order to get a beast cub and raise his own strength.
Chancing upon the ancient bloodline of the Scarlet Sun Devil Monkey, as well as the Scarlet Sun Fruit that increases one’s body power; no matter which one it was, any one of the two was able to make others green with envy and if word spread, there would be countless people who would go crazy over them.
Thinking about treasures that were in his hands but were unexpectedly snatched, Cheng ShaoWen was infuriated and he had immediately contacted a hundred over Blade God Sect disciples via his connections to seal the whole region to find the whereabouts of that little thief.
Who would have expected that instead, there would first be bad news about some search teams butchered to death.
Once more, Cheng ShaoWen went ballistic.
“Useless! You are all a bunch of incompetent fools! After five days, you can’t even find an injured thief, and now the search teams have even perished! What’s the use of keeping y’all!”
“Fifth young master, please calm down!”
Looking at Cheng ShaoWen who was about to fly into a rage, Zhao Wen who was quiet earlier, spoke out.
In actuality, Zhao Wen was not in a good mood either.
On that day, he executed the Thousand Mile Blade Technique and he had clearly heavily injured that little thief. Even if the thief were to use some secret skills to escape, he should not have been able to run too far. Yet after five days of searching with over a hundred small search teams, they couldn’t find the little thief.
“Scram to the side.”
Zhao Wen was Cheng ShaoWen’s old servant since young, and towards his old servant, who had even saved him countless times, it was difficult for Cheng ShaoWen to get angry at him, thus he could only vent his anger on the Blade God Sect disciples.
That Blade God Sect disciple acted as though his life was on the line, frantically scurrying away.
“Uncle Wen, has that little thief really left?”
Cheng ShaoWen was obviously unwilling to let that thief off, no matter which item it was, he did not wish to give up on it. Thus, his hatred for that little thief who mysteriously appeared had seeped deeply into his bones and caused him to unable to rest or eat in peace.
“Definitely not, with this old servant’s intermediate battle techniques, even a GangQi expert would have to be wary if he wished to contend against it.” Zhao Wen had a frosty tone, but it was not from anger, “That little thief was defenseless against it, and even though he had blocked most of the attack of the Thousand Mile Blade, a small portion of the attack had still hit him.
Definitely not something that that little thief is able to withstand, he must have suffered great injuries, and it is not something that he can recover from in just a few days. I presume that the people who murdered our search teams recently should be that little thief’s companions, other people would not have the guts to harm our Blade God Sect’s disciples.”
Cheng ShaoWen gritted his teeth, “Then, what does Uncle Wen suggest to deal with the companions of that little thief?”
Pondering for a while, Zhao Wen said with disdain, “From the killing techniques, the companions of that little thief seem to proficient with a blade, their actual power must not be that strong, if not they wouldn’t choose to use sneak attacks. Young master has already sealed this region for quite some time, any more and I’m afraid that some people might know that something is amiss. This is undesirable and since we have come to this, why not let this old servant and young master personally set off and kill that little thief’s companions?”
Cheng ShaoWen, with his outstanding talent, along with his identity as the fifth son of the sect leader, he had access to all sorts of resources. He had trained to the Martial Dao Seventh Layer at a young age and learned quite a few Huang Stage Techniques. A normal Martial Dao Seventh Layer would be no match for him. However, due to the availability of vast amount of resources since young, he was lacking in actual fighting experience.
If it was any other situation, Zhao Wen would not have dared to suggest such a thing.
But currently, that little thief had nowhere to run and his companions have revealed themselves, their power was not anything to be wary of. Even if two of them attacked, they should be no match for the young master, and thus, Zhao Wen was very reassured.
Hearing Zhao Wen’s words, a fierce glint flashed across Cheng ShaoWen’s eyes.
“Good idea, no matter who they are, this young master will surely kill them!”

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