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Translator: KuroNeko

Editor: JerryDaBaws

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Chapter 37: The Dark Spirit Blade displays its power!

Black Water Mountain Range, in the region of the Scarlet Sun Devil Monkey!
Under the dense towering trees, the Blade God Sect’s disciples all had a mission to complete which was to separate into groups of twos and threes and look for a heavily injured person.

No matter who accomplishes the mission, there will be great benefits.
Regardless whoever accomplishes the mission, there would definitely be great benefits!

The Blade God Sect disciples were extremely hardworking. They did not dare to miss a single suspicious spot and began their search along the perimeters of the region.

“Finally succeeded!”
In the tree hole, delight flashed across Ling Fei’s eyes. Under the dim light, he seemed like a pale and weak zombie, instilling fear into people who saw him.

“Eating 3 Scarlet Sun Fruits, it was indeed hard to endure, I wonder if those people were like me, forcefully enduring the pain?”
Ling Fei took deep breaths of air.

He had originally thought that it would take a few sticks of incense worth of time to consume the 3 Scarlet Sun Fruits, but contrary to his expectations, the later fruits brought about an incomparable pain that lasted even longer. Once again, Ling Fei had to experience the painful process.

After resting for a while and recovering some of his energy, Ling Fei crawled out of the tree hole and hid amidst the towering trees. He carefully surveyed his surroundings, making sure there was no danger before he climbed down from the tree.

It took 3 days for him to recuperate, and as dawn came, Ling Fei subconsciously used his hands to block.

“3 Scarlet Sun Fruits. Now, my body should have about 9000 to 10,000 jin of power. I guess, amongst the outer, or maybe even the inner sect disciples, there will only be a few who are on par with me!”

Recalling how he suffered all the hardships and almost died, Ling Fei felt that it was all worth it. He deeply inhaled a few breaths of air and did not dare to waste any more time.

In the 3 days, Ling Fei had predicted that the Blade God Sect’s people would have surely thoroughly searched the entire area, and would soon find his hiding spot. He did not wish to chance upon them and start another fight.

He opened his hundred treasure bag.

A long black blade appeared in the air. There was a flash of light across the blade and it emanated a cold and frosty aura along with an incredibly sharp aura that seemed as though it was able to pierce through space.

Ling Fei did not dare to pick it up, his whole body felt as though he was pierced by the blade and there was a chilling sensation. Even so, a look of delight instantly appeared on his face.

The more mysterious the black blade was, the more beneficial it was to Ling Fei in terms of power.

“Goodfella, simply its aura is as sharp as a blade, I wonder how people will feel when it’s slashed towards them!”
“So heavy!”

With over 9000 jin of power in his body, Ling Fei finally managed to grab the black blade within his hands. Even so, it was extremely strenuous to his hands. A dense extraordinary chilling aura emanated.

“What exactly is this blade made out of? Just its weight is around 5000 jin, but even with my current strength, it still takes effort to wield it. It is indeed frightening, don’t tell me this is a highest-grade weapon? Ling Fei couldn’t help but guess.

“Rapid Blade Technique, Relentless Torrent!”

With the long blade in his hand, Ling Fei subconsciously started executing his blade techniques. This time, when he used the Rapid Blade Technique, it felt totally different.

The air no longer seemed stagnant. With skilled execution, even the air seemed to shrink back before the sharp blade.

The original thunderous sound instantly formed a blade of white light which was extremely dazzling. Ling Fei could not help but be surprised, the rapid blade technique was indeed incredulous, a loud sound of thunder had actually transformed into white light.

White light, rapid white light!
Ling Fei used his Wind Body Technique and the black long blade seemed to have become white light, sweeping across a black boulder and slicing it easily as though it was tofu.

“Hehe, this blade is indeed not for ordinary people to use!”

The black boulder did not move, and with a touch, a crack instantly appeared across the boulder from end to end. Soundlessly, the black boulder had been split into two.

Ling Fei gasped in shock. Although he was prepared for the result, he still felt that it was inconceivable,after actually seeing it.

“Does this mean that I have changed the flaw in the attack of the rapid blade technique?”

The rapid blade technique is a large-scale frontal attack. Once executed, its power was as though rapid waves of thunder, extremely mighty.

However, using it to launch a sneak attack, it was much weaker.
The current rapid blade technique, the thunderous sounds had become soundless white light, undoubtedly increasing the power of the blade technique by a large portion. Using this to launch an attack from the shadows will surely be a terrifying and quick end for others!

“Good blade, indeed a good blade! With this precious blade, I finally have the means of self-preservation, and no longer need to be afraid of being seen.” Ling Fei suddenly widened his eyes as he stroked the blade, he was surprised to discover, the blade was strangely covered with many different-sized cracks, seeming like as if it had suffered many attacks. He was speechless for a long time before finally looking towards the sword with an expression as though he had just seen a great beauty, “From now onwards, this blade shall belong to I, Your Father! No matter who was your previous owner, from today on, you will be my most lethal weapon. I’ll just call you Dark Spirit then, Dark Spirit Blade! It shall be a domineering and mighty name!”

“Eh, it seems that someone has come.”

Ling Fei immediately turned around, looking towards a direction. He was secretly shocked, “Could it be that the movement from swinging the blade had led them over? Who knew that they would come by so quickly. Perfect, I, Your Father, is filled with a belly of fury, I’ll just use all of you as a sacrifice to the Dark Spirit Blade!”

In order to not make any errors, Ling Fei used his Wind Body Technique and sneaked into the thickets.

Hiding himself and controlling his breaths, he seemed like a leopard lying in wait for its prey.

After some time, loud noises came from the forest and two green-clothed and one white-clothed people appeared in the area. It was precisely the Blade God Sect’s disciples.

“Such a strong stench of blood.”

One of the men was like a hunting dog with his eyes fixated on a towering tree. A delighted expression appeared between his brows, as he made a shushing action.

“Everyone be careful, that thief must be hiding in the tree. Once we capture the thief alive, there will surely be endless benefits for us… Countless martial art manuals and riches.” The white-clothed disciple exclaimed in excitement.

“Congratulations senior brother, once we subdue this thief, there will be many benefits, but don’t forget to look after this younger brother a little!”
“What are you saying junior brother, this is the credit of us three, everyone will enjoy the glory together, let us first capture the thief alive!”
“Damn it, they really came to capture me. What does that Blade God Sect old fart have to do with you, isn’t it just some Scarlet Sun Fruits and a Scarlet Sun Devil Monkey, you have forced me to do this!”

In the thicket, Ling Fei was making plans. He was filled with fury, he didn’t understand why, but he comprehended something in his heart.
The three people gathered around the towering tree, thinking that the thief was hiding on top of the tree, and they were quite some distance away.

“It’s a good chance!”

Ling Fei was just worrying about not being able to find a good opportunity to attack. Now that he saw a good chance, a fierce glint flashed across his eyes.

“Rapid Blade Technique, Thunder Strike!”

Even though he had only recovered one-third of his strength, after using the Dark Spirit Blade, Ling Fei’s combat power had increased quite a bit. Drawing the distance apart and relying on his Wind Body Technique, it was enough to execute them.

The first target of the attack was the Martial Dao Sixth Layer white-clothed disciple.

Kill the strong, then kill the weak.

The white-clothed disciple was closest to Ling Fei, and when Ling Fei appeared as a breeze, they were only a distance of two feet apart. A gust of icy, sharp breath was locked onto him, causing him to be so scared that his scalp tingled. He would have never thought that his opponent would actually dare to attack him when he was not aware. Immediately, he furiously shouted while enduring the uneasy feeling in his heart, “Little thief, you’re seeking death!”

“Whether I die or not, it’s all up to I, Your Father!”

Ling Fei dashed forward, the thunder strike transformed into a blade of white light, glaringly eye-catching like the midday sun, and struck towards the white-clothed disciple.

The piercing white light flashed, and the white-clothed disciple blinked his eyes, silently cursing in his heart. Behind him was the towering tree and he had nowhere to retreat. He raised his straight sword made of fine steel in an attempt to block the attack while his two junior brothers rushed forward to attack.

“Dark Spirit Blade, execute!”

Ling Fei yelled out, the dark spirit blade in his hands slashed towards his opponent’s fine steel sword. With a ‘krick’, the refined fine steel sword broke into two. However, the blade continued on, its sharp edge, directly cut the Martial Dao Sixth Layer Blade God Sect disciple into two, spilling blood everywhere.

Ling Fei had never thought that with one strike, he was able to kill an enemy of the same level.

The expressions of the two green-clothed disciples immediately changed. Looking at the blood stained thief in front of them, they were unable to believe their eyes, he was actually this powerful, killing their senior brother, who was a Martial Dao Sixth Layer expert in just one strike.

“Junior brother, let’s attack together while his injuries have not healed and take his dog life, avenging our senior brother!”

After killing a Blade God Sect disciple, Ling Fei’s mood was much better. Despite the churning blood in his body, he licked his lips as he exuded a fierce aura.

“You’re courting death!”

He executed the Wind Body Technique once more, suddenly appearing beside one of the green-clothed disciples. Raising the Dark Spirit Blade, he swung it down heavily.

“Splitting Blade Technique!”

A high-level blade technique, along with a godly weapon, that green-clothed disciple could only let out a stifled groan, before his body split into two, collapsing on the ground as blood pooled out from him.

It was too fast, simply too fast.

From the time that he had killed his enemy of the same level, to the time that he killed another Martial Dao Fifth Layer disciple, Ling Fei seemed to have only taken a single breath, it was beyond terrifying.

The other green-clothed disciple was scared out of his wits and lost his combat ability, turning and running towards the forest. But how could Ling Fei let him go? He immediately executed the Wind Body Technique, appearing behind the green-clothed disciple.

“Wanting to killing I, Your Father? Leave behind your life!”

Rapid Blade Technique, Relentless Torrent! The blade transformed into a flash of white light, mercilessly striking down. The green-clothed disciple was filled with resignation as a loud bang sounded, splitting him into two.
In not more than ten breaths, the three people were all cleanly executed by Ling Fei.

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