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Chapter 35 : Cut open the ground, If dead, Give me the body, if alive, Give me the person.

“Eh, he didn’t die?”

Zhao Wen was clear of the power of the intermediate battle technique. Even though he had slightly controlled the power of his attack just now, it still had about 50% of his full power, and should be enough to kill anyone below the Martial Dao Seventh Layer.

The various martial arts are divided into Tian(Heaven), Di(Earth), Xuan, Huang(Gold), and above that is the more powerful Xuan Techniques. Battle Techniques are just a part of them, when executing, the power displayed is extraordinary.

Battle techniques are divided into, elementary, intermediate, and high level. After that, the rankings are the same as with martial art rankings. Xuan Tian Continent, there are many Xuan Techniques, but, the number of battle techniques are strangely few, and very difficult to comprehend, requiring a certain amount of talent for comprehension. Normally, learning a battle technique is the same as having a trump card, making fighting people at the same level a breeze.


Looking at Zhao Wen missing, the people were shocked causing there to only be silence.

He was obviously just a weak little thief, yet he managed to escape from Zhao Wen’s attack. If it were anyone else from the crowd, they would surely have died, but the fact in front of their eyes…

‘Uncle Wen? That little thief?”

Cheng Shao Wen refused to believe what had just happened. Not only was Uncle Wen who was of the Martial Dao Eighth Layer unable to take care of the little thief, but instead let him escape right in front of them? It was as though someone had cracked a huge joke at him.

“Young master, do not worry!”

Zhao Wen moved, surging forward by 240 metres. The original dense forest was now void of trees. The earlier attack had caused the entire area to become an empty patch of land, with giant trees lying on the ground disorderly.

Amidst the messy trees, there were some bloodstains on the leaves and grass, disappearing towards one direction.

“Young master, you can rest assured. That thief has some skills to dare snatch food from the tiger’s jaws, but he was only relying on his movement skills, his cultivation is merely at the Martial Dao Sixth Layer. After he took that strike from my Thousand Mile Blade, he must have suffered great injuries, and his power should have been greatly reduced. He is unable to run too far, at most within the radius of a hundred miles. As long as young master immediately seals off this area and search carefully, that thief can definitely be found!”

Cheng Shao Wen was this angry because he knew the importance of finding the thief. Be it the blood of the ancient magic beast or the Scarlet Sun Fruit, both items were equally important and he must get them back at all costs. He scowled as he clenched his teeth and said, “Let’s do what you said, immediately mobilize the men. If he is dead, I want to see his body, and if he is alive, I want to see him, I want to see exactly how daring he is, actually stealing right from this young master.”


It was as Zhao Wen had predicted, Ling Fei suffered great injuries!

“Cough cough cough….”

Amidst the dense forest, a black silhouette staggered, his whole body was covered in blood. His chest was full of wounds as he endured the immense pain, occasionally spitting out mouthfuls of blood, but not daring to slow down his movement

“That old bastard, what attack was that just now, its power was so terrifying. If not for….”

Ling Fei immediately recalled the life-threatening moment earlier.

…… The big golden blade shot through the air with its killing intent locking onto Ling Fei. No matter what body techniques he used, he still could not increase the distance, instead, the terrifying aura drew closer.

As he was on the verge of life and death, Ling Fei’s calmness allowed him to inadvertently think of the godly black blade.

Fortunately, due to his quick thinking of using the black blade, which was made of special materials, he finally managed to block that terrifying attack. However, his body still suffered severe injuries, if not for his Unbreakable Golden Body skill, he would have definitely died. If it were any other person, they definitely would not have been able to withstand the Gang Qi attack and would have died immediately.

Recalling what had happened, fear lingered within Ling Fei’s heart. Luckily he had the black blade, if not he would have been a goner.


After the time it take for a stick of incense to burn.

Ling Fei landed in the bushes with a thump. Fatigue spread through his body, making him feel as though he could not move.

“I mustn’t sleep, I definitely mustn’t sleep.”

Fatigue spread through his body, but Ling Fei could not be bothered, forcing himself to sit up. He opened his treasure bag, took out some healing pills and gulped them down. Controlling his injuries was the most important for now.

After he consumed the pills, blood stopped flowing from his wounds. At least, he no longer had to worry about losing too much blood, and his vitality seemed to have recovered quite a bit. However, his complexion was still very poor, the healing pill was quite effective, but his injuries were too severe, thus he was unable to recover fully in just a short amount of time.


“Fuck, that old bastard, so what if you heavily injured me!? I have stolen the Scarlet Sun Devil Monkey’s blood essence as well as the Scarlet Sun Fruit, the Blade God Sect’s people will definitely not let me off. Luckily I’m fully covered in black, and they didn’t see me clearly. However, that old bastard must have seen that I’ve suffered severe injuries, and will definitely seek me out at all costs!”

Even though his injuries were not light, Ling Fei was still very excited. All of the good things now belonged to him, and that dog-shit young master seemed so angry that he puked blood. Simply thinking about it made his mood instantly become better.

Fortunately he had the Entering Jianghu Badge, it allowed him to barely escape after suffering heavy injuries. He had lost 90% of his combat power, if he was in a chaotic region of magic beasts, the results would be unthinkable if he had met a fourth-stage or fifth-stage magic beast….

“I need to quickly find a place to recover. That old bastard’s strike, I will be sure to repay it!”

Ling Fei clenched his fists tightly.


After he recovered some of his energy, Ling Fei started to take care of the small details, especially the blood trail that he had left behind.

Back in university, Ling Fei was already a very careful person, hence he easily thought of the problems that the blood trail would cause.

Enduring the pain, he washed away the blood on him in a lake within the forest. In order not to be found, he dragged his tired body while chasing away a second-staged magic beast. Then, he found a hole within an old tree, and made it as his temporary resting spot.

“This place is at least a few hundred miles away from the place where we fought. As long as I can recover my battle strength, I can protect myself. I don’t think they will be able to find this place so quickly.”

Ling Fei calmed his mind and started to circulate his Nine Turn Xuan Qi, silently repairing his injuries.

Nine Turn Xuan Qi, could increase the purity of Xuan Qi. At the same time, it also had the effect of healing injuries, just that the rate of healing was very slow and it needed a large amount of time.

While Ling Fei was focused on recovering, there was a huge commotion outside.

Blade God Sect, one of the three great sects.

Cheng Shao Wen commanded, the area of the Scarlet Sun Devil Monkey, eighth-stage magic beast was to be immediately sealed, forming a prohibited region.

Everyone noticed the overbearing attitude of the Blade God Sect, but they did not dare to make any fuss, and could only take a roundabout route obediently.

The incident at the eighth-stage magic beast region instantly attracted the attentions of many others. Everyone wanted to know, what exactly the Blade God Sect was planning?

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