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Chapter 34: For today’s strike, I will return the favor!

Snatching food from the jaws of the tiger, Not stopping till the thief is dead!
[TN: a chinese idiom to describe committing a daring act, or something along that line…] Cheng Shao Wen was thoroughly infuriated, his fury seemed as though it was about to erupt like a volcano!

Three waves of blade Qi cut across the air sealing Ling Fei’s escape paths. The Blade God Sect’s countless disciples were right behind him, waving their weapons in the air and charging straight towards him. They formed a blade formation, encircling Ling Fei.

Once the formation was complete, he was trapped with nowhere to escape.

Currently, the black-clothed man was stuck within the formation with no means of escape.

The sealing magic blade formation that was used by the Blade God Sect’s disciples could trap a supreme expert or two.

The three great sects were indeed worthy of their titles. With their vast knowledge, they could immediately tell that the black clothed man was adept in movement skills, thus they devised a plan to prevent him from escaping. Even a heavenly immortal would find it difficult to rescue him.

But would Ling Fei agree? Of course not!
If the Scarlet Sun Devil Monkey had not died in front of the lair!
If the Scarlet Sun Devil Monkey did not have the ancient bloodline!
If the refinement did not take place in front of everyone!

For every “if”, there was a different cause and effect.

Ling Fei was a daring person. The Scarlet Sun Devil Monkey had died right in front of his eyes. If he had not reached out and grabbed the beast’s blood, he would definitely have a hard time eating and sleeping later.

Therefore, Ling Fei acted using his movement skill, just like a swift gale of wind, he completed incredulous actions in just a split moment.

“Merely three waves of blade Qi to try and stop me, aren’t they looking down on me too much?”
Coldly hmpf-ing, Ling Fei shot forward in the air, made a weird action, and immediately “floated” out, passing through the blade Qi.

Lightening Technique, Person as Wind!
The Lightening Technique was such a heaven-defying skill, the breeze had left no trace of him at all.

Although Ling Fei had only comprehended a small part of it, they could only dream of sealing his escape routes. Even with all the pathways blocked, could they prevent the wind from leaving?

From the start, Ling Fei had never thought of fighting head-on with them, especially with the Martial Dao Eighth Layer expert who could release the Blade Qi’s Gang Qi.
Use wits and not fists, Ling Fei decided his strategy.
… …
“150 metres more, I must endure! Once I enter the dense forests, it would be like finding a needle in a haystack, they can just dream about finding my tracks!”

The lightening technique had completely surpassed Ling Fei’s expectations, allowing him to escape from the blade formation. As long as the Gang Qi expert did not take action, he had almost absolute confidence in escaping.

“Not good, senior brother Li Shan was killed and the Scarlet Sun Fruit has been snatched by that person.”
A Blade God Sect disciple ran out from the eighth-stage magic beast’s lair.
“What, the Scarlet Sun Fruit was snatched?”
Hearing these words, Cheng ShaoWen spat out a mouthful of blood, his face flushed with anger, his fury directly penetrating his heart. The blood of the ancient beast was snatched, and now even the Scarlet Sun Fruit. Plagued by misfortune, he could not even breathe properly as he was just too angry.

The disciples present were originally hoping to obtain the Scarlet Sun Fruit in hopes of being rewarded for their efforts. However, due to their carelessness, it was actually stolen by a thief. Stealing the fruit was a sin that equaled murdering one’s parents, causing bankruptcy of others. In short, it was unforgivable and the thief must be killed, he must die!

“You’ve got guts! You little thief, have angered this old man! You’ve truly angered me!!”

Zhao Wen as the strongest person was responsible for overseeing the situation. People normally wouldn’t even dare to try and play dirty tricks under his eyes, and even if there were people sneaking about, there was no way that they could escape his eyes. This was because he had cultivated the art of the piercing eyes, killing countless people with just his piercing eyes.

As he heard the news that the scarlet sun fruit was snatched, he immediately became extremely pissed off.

“Little thief, you must be courting death!”
The Scarlet Sun Devil Monkey, Zhao Wen did not give a fuck about it.
The Scarlet Sun Fruit, however, was something that could make Zhao Wen’s heart go crazy with desire.
… ….
Ling Fei turned around and got a huge scare.
Approximately 120 metres behind him flew an elderly Gang Qi expert, it was precisely the Martial Dao Eighth Layer expert’s flying technique. In just a breath’s time, the distance had narrowed by 30 metres. And in two breath’s time, it narrowed by 60 metres.
When he had first heard the voices coming from the lair, Ling Fei had a premonition that things were about to go awry. The Scarlet Sun Fruit was a priceless treasure, how could the enemy allow it to be snatched away so easily.

“Little thief, how dare you steal things right in front of me. No matter your background or status, this old man will definitely kill you today!”
Ling Fei was short of breath as he executed his lightening technique, Person as the Wind, Passage without a shadow, to his limits. Shadows of his afterimages were everywhere. But, one should not underestimate the strength of a Martial Dao Eighth Layer expert. With the ability to fly in the air, no matter how short the duration was, it was still not something that normal people could escape from.
“Your skills are not bad, no wonder you actually dare to “steal the food from the tiger’s mouth”. But unfortunately, you shouldn’t have stolen the food from this old man.”
Zhao Wen coldly hmpf-ed. He was like a hunter deciding the fate of his prey. In the blink of an eye, he had closed the distance by another 30 metres, the distance between them was now merely 75 metres.
The distance was constantly decreasing, and it caused Ling Fei to grow nervous even though he had a plan in mind. If he was in a clear space without the cover of trees, he would have died a hundred times over. A Martial Dao Eighth Layer expert was simply this strong.

“Old bastard, continue speaking and you’ll get struck by lightning!”
Ling Fei turned around and spat out that sentence.
“Activate the Entering Jianghu Badge!”
“Activation complete, congratulations Player Ling Fei on increasing speed +1. The effect will last for the amount of time it takes an incense to burn.”

[TN: according to google, the time ranges from 5min to an hour… so i’ll just leave it as it is] ….
After activating the Entering Jianghu Badge, Ling Fei felt a burst of energy entering his body, his body instantly became lighter, like a wisp of breeze in the air. With a thought, his body suddenly shot forward by a few metres.
Activate speed +1.

Ling Fei’s speed continuously rose, suddenly the gap had already increased by 45 metres…. 60 metres…. 90 metres….
Zhao Wen, who had the arrogance of a hunter, immediately revealed a doubtful expression, “…. How could this be, his speed… What happened exactly, even I don’t have a skill of increasing one’s speed. Why would it appear on him…”

After the speed boost, the distance between them increased once more. Ling Fei could finally relax the breath that he had been holding for so long. He had already entered the dense forest, and the time that it takes an incense to burn, was sufficient for him to leave this place.
With a grimace on his face, Zhao Wen was spitting fire. If he actually managed to let the thief escape, he really would have lost his face.
“No wonder he behaved so outrageously! So it turns out that he has a secret technique to increase his speed. Little thief, you have indeed impressed this old man. However, now you must stay!”

Zhao Wen’s tone was cold, once again, he surged forward by 30 metres. With his hands clasped together and eyes open, a golden light flickered.
“Intermediate battle technique, One blade, Thousand miles!”

The battle technique, it was an an attack with incredible battle prowess!
A ray of golden Blade Qi that was almost 300 metres long formed a long golden blade. It slowly rose into the air emanating a terrifying aura. Wizzing through the air, it immediately shot towards Ling Fei.

Under the Blade Qi, countless big trees were instantly split into two. The smooth inner barks of the trees hinted at the unimaginable terror of the Blade Qi.
Rumble, rumble.
Any tree that stood in the path, were all sliced into two, the Blade Qi surged forth, unabated.
“Danger, extreme danger!”
The horrifying blade intent was locked onto Ling Fei. Even though it had not reached, the piercing Gang Qi had already caused countless cuts to appear on his body.
Simply the Gang Qi was this frightening, not to mention the big golden blade.
The intermediate battle technique was executed.
Zhao Wen could already imagine the thief dying under his blade. The fury on his face, slowly dissipated, after all, how could a simple little thief escape from his clutches.
However, in the next instant, his expression made a 180 degree change, he seemed to have witnessed an impossible sight.
“Curse you, old bastard! For today’s strike, I will be sure to return the favor next time!”

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