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Translator: KuroNeko

Proofreader: Naervon

Editor: JerryDaBaws

I know I know, we haven’t posted any ILK in a while… I bugged the new tl to translate this chapter for us <33!! We’ll probably post one chapter of ILK every few days if the tl feels like it~~~ Enjoy! ~Jerry

Chapter 33: Good stuff, I, Your Father, wants it!


The Scarlet Sun Devil Monkey was unexpectedly killed, and Ling Fei was at a loss.

Ling Fei hid inside the cave, originally wanting to grab the chance to leave. However, the treasures in the lair, was well worth the trip and would make countless people go green with envy.

At this moment, Ling Fei was not in a good mood. Putting it simply, he was in a horrible mood.

The Martial Dao Eighth Layer expert surveyed the area, near the beast’s lair, lightning struck the ground. Fear lingered in Ling Fei’s heart. The powerful Scarlet Sun Devil Monkey was not even able to block a single hit, and was mercilessly killed. Even though there was something fishy, no one dared to underestimate the power of an expert at the Martial Dao Eighth Layer.


“Young master please wait, this old man will retrieve the blood for you!”

Zhao Wen retracted his aura, seeming like an ordinary old man. He stood nearby the Scarlet Sun Devil Monkey, furrowed his brows and looked towards the beast’s lair.

“Faster and retrieve the blood of the beast!”


The purple clothed young man agitatedly declared, “If I were to use the beast’s blood to refine my body, my power will definitely explode. No matter how talented big brother and second brother are, I will surely trample over them!”

“This old man shall congratulate young master again. The Scarlet Sun Devil Monkey actually stopped resisting and persistently tried to return to its lair, I believe that there must be some priceless treasure inside which would allow it to recover. According this old man, there is only one such thing that matures in the presence of the devil monkey. So I presume, there will be a matured Scarlet Sun Fruit in the lair!” Zhao Wen raised his head, his face full of delight.

“What? The legendary Scarlet Sun Fruit?”

“Is it the Scarlet Sun Fruit that could vastly increase one’s power after consumption? The fruit that everyone craves for?”

“Godly power fruit? Consuming one of it increases your power by 3000 jin? How can this be? How did the scarlet sun devil monkey obtain the long extinct Scarlet Sun Magic Vine?”

Zhao Wen’s words instantly caused a huge commotion.



Cheng Shao Wen, the purple-clothed man, had a high status that came with vast knowledge. After hearing Zhao Wen’s words, he could not contain his shock and excitement, “Uncle Wen, are you really sure that there is a matured Scarlet Sun Fruit in the lair?”

Scarlet Sun Fruit had what uses? Being from a prestigious sect, they were very clear of the preciousness of the fruit.

Zhao wen nodded, “young master has such good fortune this trip. The blood from the magic beast can increase your body’s defense. Additionally, after consuming the Scarlet Sun Fruit to minimise the flaws of the body, your power will increase dramatically, and your combat prowess can increase exponentially. This old man shall congratulate young master!”

Hearing the conversation outside, Ling Fei displayed an odd expression.

“Fuck, I, Your Father, have struck gold?”

No matter how much Ling Fei speculated, he could not believe that the red colored fruit would have such an extraordinary effect, and almost thought that he had heard wrongly.

Heavenly Strength is a form of innate talent.

Any single one of the experts of God Martial Art Sect had a certain advantage in cultivating martial arts, causing Ling Fei to be full of envy.

“According to them, a single Scarlet Sun Fruit can raise one’s strength by 3000 jin. If i ate 3 of them, wouldn’t my power increase drastically then? If it’s true, then I’ll be in freaking heaven.”

*[t/l: for sg/my ppl out there, basically he says its damn shiok]


Unimaginable, Unfathomable!

After a brief period of excitement, Ling Fei showed a serious expression once again, because the situation at hand was not good to him in any way.

“From the looks of it, the original plan to escape while they are distracted is not going to be easy to pull off. My biggest advantage right now is being unnoticed by them, and they are out in the open and don’t know that I have the scarlet devil fruit yet. If they knew this, I would definitely die, If i want to get out of here, I only have one shot of making it!”

A black colored badge appeared in Lin Fei’s hands, the Entering Jianghu Badge – when used, speed +1.

“Possessing the With the Wind lightening technique accompanied with the Entering Jianghu Badge, apart from that Martial Dao Eighth Layer expert, the others pose no threat to me, I should be able to escape!”

Ling fei, with the power of his Martial Dao Sixth Layer, coupled with his amazing blade skills, could only barely fight with someone of the martial dao seventh layer. Facing a martial dao eighth layer expert, even with powerful skills like GangQi Body Protection, BladeQi, he did not have a single chance of winning.


“Refine! Refine!!”

The scarlet sun devil monkey that was killed with one strike, was suspended in the air. Green colored flames relentlessly burned, the 3 metres long body was continuously shrinking.

Zhao Wen was currently refining the devil monkey, obtaining the blood from the eighth-stage magic beast. Although there was only a little blood, it still managed to move the hearts of many people.

9 meters long!

6 meters long!!

The body of the scarlet sun devil monkey was constantly burned, its originally huge body had shrunk into the size of a fist.

In order to refine an eighth-staged magic beast, one must be at least a Martial Dao Eighth Layer expert. Even so, Zhao Wen’s wrinkled face was had become much paler, his energy expenditure was definitely not little.

“It’s done!”

Half an hour later.

The eighth-stage magic beast had become a ball of gold-colored blood the size of a thumb. Floating in the air, it was extremely eye-catching. Within the gold-colored ball, there was a faint illusion of the Scarlet Sun Devil Monkey, its fierce, overbearing aura emanated from the ball.


“No wonder it’s worthy of containing the ancient bloodline!”

Cheng ShaoWen couldn’t contain his shock, his eyes revealing his greed, the blood of the ancient magic beast would soon be his. He was clear that the ball of blood was the essence of the scarlet sun devil monkey, and its price was incomparably precious.

“Rising Gale”

Amidst the shock and praise of the people, something unexpected occurred.

A gust of fresh wind came from the woods, passing by some of the white-clothed disciples unnoticed.

“Good, I, Your Father, shall gladly accept it!”

Accompanying his words, a fair hand appeared out of the air. Calmly, in front of everyone, the hand grabbed the gold colored ball of blood, and floated away. In just a few breaths’ time, it reappeared 15 metres away, its speed was incomprehensible and there was no time to react.

They had never thought that someone would actually dare commit such a daylight robbery.

“Not good! Stop him now!”

“Block him, he snatched the treasure!”

“Damn it, kill him, don’t let him escape!”


Everyone was shocked, no matter how hard they tried, they simply could not imagine that someone would steal from Blade God Sect right in front of their faces.

The Blade God Sect, one of the three great sects in the Unfailing Empire, when has it ever had to suffer people snatching things away from right under them, this was just like slapping them in the face, scorchingly painful.

Cheng ShaoWen’s handsome face had long became a face filled with dark lines, all caused by anger. The things that was just about to enter his hands was stolen away from him by someone else under his nose. No matter how good of a mood he was in, this still drove him insane with rage.

The first to react was the white-clothed disciples, without a second word, three waves of BladeQi cut across the air, becoming a dredge line blocking the way out, seeking to stop this crazy black-robed person.

“Since this distinguished one has arrived, why so urgent in leaving, how about you stay!”

Cheng ShaoWen kept his calm with a dark expression on his face, living up to his refined upbringing, but, those eyes of his seemed as if he wanted to eat someone.

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