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“……Scarlet Sun Fruit? Not a bad name. Heh, sounds like good stuff just from the name alone, I, Your Father, will kindly accept these fruits.”

After Ling Fei advanced to the Martial Dao Sixth Layer, he was no longer a newbie, and he had been paying attention to the cave entrance ever since he’d entered, after after eating that ambush from earlier, he’s been paying extra attention to not fall for a cheap shot like that again.

As one of the three big sects in the Unfailing Kingdom, Blade God Sect was not an easy enemy to steal from, and one must be mindful while doing so, only if one was stupid enough to steal from it.

Ling Fei furrowed his brows at the sudden change, but did not delay and activated with the wind body technique. He grabbed the air with his left air and three small blades of qi flew out, and with it, the three fruits were cut off the vine.

This was the power of a Martial Dao Sixth Layer,able to gather Qi and form BladeQi with it.

“You’re courting Death!”


The white clothed person who barged in never predicted that the other person would be so bold, snatching the fruits even after being threatened. His anger shot up and his chest rose up and down with vigor, all from the anger built up inside.

“Mountain Break Blade Technique!”



With the Scarlet Sun Fruit in hand, Ling Fei did not rush to escape from the cave, but rather stayed with an unexpected level of calmness on his face.

It was this unperturbed attitude that saved him a lot of trouble.

The <<Wind Body Technique>> made his body drift like the wind inside the cave, and even with the other person’s attack being smooth and precise, with every attack containing enough power and pressure to split open the mountain.

“Truly worthy of being a Blade God Sect disciple, such a wonderful blade technique, if I didn’t have a body technique right now, I would have no advantages! No wonder the sect could be rated as one of the three big sects in the Unfailing Kingdom, being able to look down on everyone else.”


Ling Fei’s blade techniques were all learned through unorthodox methods, and he did not know how his techniques would compare with others.

The Blade God Sect Disciple in front was also at the Martial Dao Sixth Layer, and he sealed the entire area with blades of Qi, the air itself seemed to be cut in half by these blades.

At the same time Ling Fei was in shock, the blade god sect disciple was also shocked.

“I’m seeing a ghost, who is this guy, my mountain breaking blade technique is a First-rate Xuan Technique, and is at the Full Completion stage, with every slash being able to break open mountain and burst open the target, even another Sixth Layer expert would lose all defensive abilities under my blade Qi, how come this little brat is not affected, this is not possible!”




“The Blade God Sect’s blade technique can be used like this! What a kind pointer for this junior, no wonder other people say that martial artists need to gather experiences for themselves!”


“Heaven Shattering Cut!”

The white clothed disciple finally was washed over by anger… He, a magnificent Blade God Sect disciple, can’t possibly stand this kind of dismissal and disregard when he’s enjoyed the kingly treatment from others all the time. The final stance of the mountain shattering blade technique, heaven shattering cut, powerful beyond measure.

“Your blade technique isn’t bad, but pity that’s all it will be, let I, Your Father, cut through you now!”


Because Ling Fei was trying to grasp the profoundness in the blade technique before, he did not attack, but now that he’s got it mostly down, there was no need for him to drag it out any longer.

“Relentless <<Blade Rush Technique>>!”

The XuanQi gathered around his left arm, becoming a 3 meter long blade, slashing out with rumbling thunder, carving out a arc of light, becoming a ray of light in the cave.

The Blade God Sect Disciple felt dizzy all of a sudden and subconsciously closed his eyes, but in the next breath, all he felt was his body being split in half.

With the same realm of cultivation, and the same rank of Xuan Technique, Ling Fei knew he had to time his strike with precision.

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Ling Fei remained calm even after killing the Blade God Sect disciple.

As soon as the other person showed that he wanted the fruits, Ling Fei gave that person the death sentence, because it was either himself or the other person that must die.

Even though Ling Fei didn’t know why the other person entered, but he did not dare to drop his guard and focused on killing the other person first. Who cares if that guy was a person from Blade God Sect or some other sect.

This second time killing a person was unexpectedly calm.

After searching the dead body for loot, he found nothing but some silver coins, so he picked up the steel blade that the other person used. Feeling the blade suited him extremely well, he decided to use it for himself.


“So poor, even a beggar has more loot!”

Blade God Sect, the holy ground of using blades. This type of steel blade might not be famous, but when sold outside the sect, it will at least fetch a few thousand silvers.

“Solidifying Qii into Blade Qi and then slashing out, this method can kill people with low cultivation, but against experts that possess higher cultivations, the results will not be even as half effective. The next time I use this style of attack, I must use it more cautiously!”

Holding the steel blade, Ling Fei sidled alongside the cave wall with a look of concentration.




Outside the cave, booming sounds could be heard along with the roaring of the devil monkey.

“Looks like that Blade God Sect Disciple secretly entered the cave!”

Seeing the cave entrance still safe, Ling Fei let out a breath from the shadows. Temporarily, there shouldn’t be any attention towards himself.

Through the cave entrance, Ling Fei could clearly see the battle, causing him to tremble slightly.


On the empty ground, the devil monkey was even more injured over the short time he spent in the cave. The monkey’s chest, and back had stripes of horrifying wounds, and the pressure of an eighth-stage magic beast coming out of it’s body was decreasing by the second.


“Looks like the eighth-stage magic beast is about to die!”

Ling Fei’s face revealed the fear that he was holding inside. Knowing that the people who are using the blade formation were only at sixth and seventh layers, but able to pressure an eighth-stage magic beast to this level, one could see just how terrifying that blade formation really is.

“I must never be trapped by one of those blade formations, or that is just courting death!”



“Uncle Wen, the devil monkey is near death, could you please kill it and refine the bloodline.”

Showing happiness on that prideful face, the purple clothed young man asked the old man standing next to him.

“Don’t worry young master, this old man will go right now and kill this evil creature.”

When Uncle Wen stepped out, his entire body emanated a strong pressure, a strong aura shot up towards the sky, becoming the misty form of a wolf. Seeing this, the devil monkey’s pupils dilated and all the fur on its body stood on end, as an eighth-stage magic beast, it could feel the dangerous aura approaching.

This person was dangerous! Extremely Dangerous!!


“Peng Peng Peng!”

The devil monkey let out a giant roar and swung the huge tree in its hands, forcing its way out of the blade formation through sheer force, injuring the disciples who were powering the blade formation.

The escaped devil monkey did not attack its enemy, but unexpectedly charged towards its cave.

“You’re courting death evil creature!”


The old man was not moved by the scene, and in his cold eyes, a flash of disapproval revealed itself. He opened his mouth and said coldly:


A golden bolt up to 30 meters long flashed through the air, whistling as it pierced the air above the devil monkey before cutting into the monkey.

Blade GangQi!

Martial dao eighth layer expert’s Blade GangQi.



The devil monkey let out an unwilling roar, its 9 meter big huge body fell with a boom onto the ground, splitting into two in the process, dyeing the ground bright red. It was only a few more meters away from the cave.

“Young master, the Scarlet Sun Devil Monkey has been killed!”

The purple clothed young man said happily “Good, Good!”



Ling Fei gulped and felt his mouth becoming dry.

“What a terrifying attack, that eighth-stage magic beast couldn’t even take one hit, so this is a Martial Dao Eighth Layer expert’s GangQi?”

It was a good thing that Ling Fei had a very strong resolution, or else he would have given away his hiding spot just then when the attack landed.

“Could it be that the devil monkey wanted to return to the cave for the scarlet sun fruits?”

Ling Fei’s expression changed as he sensed imminent danger.


Chapter 32 GangQi Expert, Extreme Danger!

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