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Editor: JerryDaBaws

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Magic Beast had a ranking system that originated from ancient times.

A low-stage magic beast relies on instinct but a high stage magic beast is completely different, possessing a certain amount of sentience, understanding how to take over a territory for itself, turning it into its own cultivating place, causing it to vastly surpass the growth of an ordinary magic beast.

The Scarlet Sun Devil Monkey is precisely one of these high-stage magic beasts.

Approaching the end of the cave, Ling Fei stepped into an open area. Instantly, a wave of rotten stench assaulted his nose, almost causing him to faint on the spot.
“So this is the legendary lair of an eighth-stage magic beast?”
The lighting was very dim.
Good thing that Ling Fei has already advanced to the Martial Dao Sixth Layer, though not able to see everything clearly, he can roughly make out his surroundings.
The cave area wasn’t too big, around the size of a normal room, and just like the outer area, it was also littered with lots of leftover chewed bones, emanating a chilling and ghostly feeling, or it could be because of the lack of ventilation, causing the rotten stench to accumulate to the point of becoming capable of knocking out a Martial Dao Sixth Layer.
With the fighting outside continuing for the moment, Ling Fei did not dare to waste any more time, fearing that they would enter at any moment. The number one priority is to take all the good loot.
“Please don’t let me be disappointed.”
Ling Fei prayed in his heart.
It wasn’t strange for him to think like this, because in the case that he doesn’t get anything and meets someone from that crowd outside, that kind tragedy… almost at the level of shakespeare.

The cave was not all that big!
It was very easy for Ling Fei to search through it.
After a short while of looking around, he found a pile of items stashed in a corner of the cave.
Ling Fei picked up a battered object from the small mountain of loot, barely making out its original function, this piece of armor made him want to laugh and cry at the same time, an eighth stage magic beast wanted to make a piece of armor as its treasure?
“Such a trash piece of armor, what the fuck can you use this for!”
Ling Fei had already heard that magic beasts like to hoard certain items, so it was not strange to find this.
But after going through such trouble just to get to this pile of loot, Ling Fei was not going to give up, so he put more effort into digging through the mostly trash pile, and after non-stop digging, he cried out in surprise.
“Holy shit! just how sharp is this sword, my palm almost got cut!”
A long sword appeared in Ling Fei’s hands, giving off a chilling gleam, even an idiot would know that sword is a treasure
“This sword should be a low grade Ordinary weapon, and if i sell it, it should at least sell for 20 thousand to 30 thousand silver!”
In the Xuan Tian continent, weapons can be separated into six different grades, with Ordinary being the lowest, then Real, Lord, King, Emperor, God.

And in every grade, there is low, medium, high, half perfect, and perfect grade!
The sword in Ling Fei’s hand happens to be a low grade Ordinary weapon.


Knowing the long sword happens to be an Ordinary weapon, Ling Fei’s face had a wide grin.
[Editor: Why is he so excited, maybe I don’t know how rare an “ordinary” is yet…] “Heh heh, I struck it rich this time, low grade Ordinary weapon will fetch a nice price, especially since people scramble for these outside of the sect, this time I really struck it rich.”
Ling Fei immediately put the low grade Ordinary weapon inside his hundred treasure bag, making use of the bag he got from the system.
Ling Fei was almost 100% positive that this stash of items were accumulated by the monkey from killing human experts, and now it’s all his.
“This set of armor isn’t bad, should be usable after some repairing, I’ll take it!”
“Fuck, who the hell takes a girly fan out here in the middle of nowhere, never mind, im’ma just take it, who knows, i might be able to pick up a chick later with this.”
“Spear? barely qualifies, still, I can sell it for silver!”
“Crescent hook blade? Looks good, i’ll take it first!”
[image for crescent hook blade: ] ….
Ling Fei was in a great mood, with the hundred treasure bag with him, he wasn’t picky at all, as long as it was worth the slightest value, he won’t let it slip past, because why benefit others right, lets just take it all!!!
Take it all, stash it all, this is Ling Fei’s creed.
After one last of searching to make sure that all the good loot is taken, and all that’s left is junk.
Just as he was about to switch a place to keep searching, there was a gleam of black light at the bottom of the junk pile, if it wasn’t for Ling Fei’s good eyesight, he would have missed the fact that there was still something on the ground.
“Mmm? A black blade?”

At that bottom of the pile of items in the corner of the cave, there was a black blade about 1 meter long, with its entire blade the color black, and on the blade, there were many tiny dents along its blade, giving off coldness. The blade was just lying there on the ground, almost escaping Ling Fei’s clutches.
Ling Fei didn’t know why, but he suddenly became very interested, as if this blade was destined to meet with himself.
Reaching for the blade with one hand, he tried to pick the blade up, with his martial dao six layer strength, what can he not pick up? But when he grabbed the blade and tried to lift it off the ground, a strange thing happened, the blade did not budge a single inch no matter how hard he tried.
“Hell, I your father don’t believe I can’t lift a single blade.”
Ling Fei’s anger got riled up immediately, he circulated the NineTurn XuanQi in his body and sent them to wrap around both his hands, and yelled “RISE!”
With the help of NineTurn XuanQi, he was able to lift the blade, but when the blade was raised, due to the blade not being held properly, it was not balanced. Ling Fei couldn’t keep the blade upright and the blade fell from his hands, falling straight down, giving off cold gleams as it fell.
Scared out of his wits by the loud crash, he couldn’t believe the sight in front of his eyes.
“I, Your Father’s, luck can’t be this good, right?”
The blade fell on to the ground, and cut a huge gap into the rock, the cut was so nice and neat that Ling Fei couldn’t imagine what would happen if the blade were to fall on a person’s body, it gave him shivers…
“Good Loot, Good Treasure…I’ll take it!”

The black blade was very heavy and the materials that made it was unknown too.
Ling Fei took another blade to test it out, but as soon as the two touched, the other one was instantly split in half.
“Godly sharp weapon!”
Even though he took the risk to enter the cave for good loot, but finding something like this god weapon still made Ling Fei very excited.
In the Black Water Mountain Range, Ling Fei had a sever lack for good weapons, and it showed when he was killing magic beasts, the weapons he had was nowhere near sharp enough for what he needed. But now he has this godly weapon, he expression can be said to be never parting with that blade in his hands. After a quick and shallow appraisal, he put the blade at reaching at least a high grade Ordinary weapon level.
The only regret that he had was that the blade was way too heavy, but it was a good thing that Ling Fei trained in golden unbreakable body, making his body stronger than other people, or else there was no way that he can even hold the blade.

He put up the blade with reluctance, and planned to test it out at the first opportunity after he gets out of the cave.
After a while of following the cave deeper and searching more, Ling Fei had a disappointed expression on his face, because other than that pile of trash that he left behind, he haven’t found anything else.
“An eight-stage magic beast can’t be this poor!”
Ling Fei complained.
He cast his eyes around once more, hoping to find something that he’d missed. Humans are greedy existances, and Ling Fei was no exception.
After searching the cave once more, Ling Fei’s eyes lit up, and looked at a spot.
It was a easily missed spot on the cave wall.

On the slippery rock wall, wild grasses grew all over the place, but a closer inspection revealed a black vine with black leaves peeking out from the grass.
Ling Fei took a step close and look at it clearly.
The existence of the black vine in itself was a strange thing!
What’s more, on the black vine in front of him, there was actually three fruits hanging from it, with each fruit the color of flame, giving off heat, an extremely weird fruit.
His jaws dropped a bit!
“Could this be a changed fruit?”

Just as Ling Fei was taking his time with deciding what the fruit was and was about to pluck them down, a voice sounded behind him.
“You’re seeking death brat, put down the scarlet sun fruit!”
Suddenly, he felt a breeze rushing towards him from behind his back.

Chapter 31: Godly Weapon!

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