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Chapter 30: Title below!

So uh, I do know releases are reallyyyy slow but don’t shoot the messenger!! Naervon is still really busy with his college life + he’s a lazy bum.  ILK Chapter 31 will be up tomorrow when he’s done with it and I’ll edit it ASAP…

Anyways, enjoy! 



“Eighth-stage Magic Beast, Scarlet Sun Devil Monkey!

Looking through a gap in the dense tree lines, Ling Fei felt numbness creeping on his forehead, and beads of cold sweat rolling down his cheeks, the heavy atmosphere caused him to not dare make a sound. Ling Fei’s heart sped up, his breathing sped up, and all sorts of nervous reactions appeared. he looked at everything happening in front with disbelief on his face.


“It really is an Eighth-stage Magic Beast, a super huge boss, holy shit.”


Outside the dense forest, it was a paradise.


A black colored devil monkey with a head of about 10 meters big wearing a body of black scaled armor, as if the best protection, an extra big forehead, with red aura dancing about it’s body and showing an extremely vicious face, giving off a terrifying aura, making people not able to look straight at it. It held a tree trunk that it ripped off from the ground and was waving it around with vigor, the scene was a mess, with bodies strewn all over the place. The scent of blood was overwhelming and wafted with the wind.


Eighth-stage magic beast, Scarlet Sun Devil Monkey, an unusual beast possessing an ancient bloodline!



“Peng Peng Peng!!”


The Scarlet Sun Devil Monkey had bloodshot eyes and numerous wounds even with the scale armor on its body, wounds are so dense that it must have received countless attacks to reach this state of injury.


The huge tree in the hands of the devil monkey was just like a huge weapon, the ground had huge cracks just like a piece of dry mud, covering the area. The huge air pressure from the waving caused the area around the monkey to be completely devoid of anything, dead or alive, receiving a nondiscriminatory beating.


Against the scarlet sun devil monkey was a group of people wearing pure white clothing, and the group numbered around 30 people, with each person having a high level of cultivation, with a golden blade embroidered on their left chest, under the hot sun the symbol was extra eye catching as if it was a real object.


Unfailing empire, one of the three big sects, Blade God Sect.


Disciples of Blade God Sect are all grouped together at this time, as if using a blade formation, the blades gleaming, emanating seemingly endless power, surrounding the Scarlet Sun Devil Monkey completely, exhibiting unfathomable power, forcing the monkey to stay inside the zone without any other options, suppressing its ability to fight at its peak potential, the Scarlet Sun Devil Monkey made sounds that were filled with unwillingness and anger.

“Humph, Eighth-stage magic beast Scarlet Sun Devil Monkey, meeting me, you deserve misfortune! You won’t live more than half an hour under the devil sealing blade formation!”

“This old man once heard that scarlet sun devil monkey has a sliver of ancient magic beast blood in its veins. this beast possess have that sliver, or else it wouldn’t be as strong as it is at the moment!”



“Thanks for the reminder Uncle Wen!”

The purple clothed young man with lofty eyebrows exuded evil airs around him and had a haughty and un-ignorable identity.

“Young master, entering the mountain this time, you possess the best of luck, even the heavens are helping out the young master, if we can successfully refine the ancient blood essence from this beast, then you will definitely be able to cultivate a strong body, I think at that time the other young masters will definitely not be better than you!”

“But of course, I, this young master, possess the best talent, how can my elder brothers be my competition?” The purple clothed young master said proudly, “When the Scarlet Sun Devil Monkey is about to die, can Uncle Wen refine it, sorry for the trouble”

“No need to be so polite young master, this old man will definitely do the task.”



“Fuck, so it was the Blade God Sect that chased out the eighth stage magic beast out, other than them I guess there aren’t any other people who dares to go up against an eighth-stage magic beast, as expected, they have extraordinary methods.”

Ling Fei concealed his presence, not daring to make any mistakes, and the conversation just then, he heard it all without letting a single word by.

“Blood from an ancient magic beast bloodline? No wonder this eighth-stage magic beast has so much power and was able to chase out all the other magic beasts in his territory, I guess that’s related to this bloodline right?”
Having spent so much effort just for getting here, Ling Fei did not want to leave so easily.

Blade God Sect, Unfailing kingdom, one of the three big sects, possessing power and influence on par with the God Martial Art Sect.


“Ancient bloodline, it could be something really rare, such a pity, those white clothed people are all experts from the looks of their Qi, they could even be 7th layer and higher, and that Uncle Wen, he looks even stronger, and this purple clothed young master, if he was on Earth I guess he would be the son of a rich ceo, or the son of a government official, famous and rich, stealing from them is like seeking death.”

Ling Fei’s brain processed quickly, trying to find a way to benefit from this situation.

“Hmmmmm, is that a cave?”

Subconsciously, his sight drifted to a cave not far away from the fighting, the cave was located about 1500 meters from the fighting place, and there was a forest in front of the cave, making it easy to miss it or to ignore it.

“I am rich, I am rich! the cave of an eighth-stage magic beast, there could be something good in there, if I can’t get ancient magic beast bloodline, you guys can eat the meat but I, your father, can still drink the soup!”

Ling Fei’s guts were big to begin with, what is a cave compared to the beast wave he faced just getting here.



The cave was behind a thick patch of forest, and the distance wasn’t too far, just right for sneaking over.

If Ling Fei didn’t have With the Wind body technique, he would definitely not have this confidence, but after reaching the first stage of the technique, Person as the Wind, Passage without a Shadow, gave him great confidence.

Taking this chance while they are focused on the eighth stage magic beast scarlet sun devil monkey, and ignoring the cave in the forest.

When you really think about it, if they didn’t come when the beast was out hunting, they would definitely found the cave and looted it already, not waiting till Ling Fei to find it first.

“Wind Technique!”

With the body technique activated, Ling Fei drifted like a clear breeze, but he immediately worried that he would be discovered even with the body method.

“I must succeed, don’t disappoint me, no matter what you say you are still from the system, please don’t be a useless piece of trash.”


300 meters!

600 meters!

Closer and closer

900 meters!

The forest blocked most of the view from the fighting area.

1200 meters!

1500 meters!!


Seeing the cave entrance right in front of him, Ling Fei suppressed his excitement and dashed in the cave as if a breeze blowing by.

At the same time.

Uncle Wen,next to the purple clothed young man looked in a certain direction with a sharp gaze.

At that moment, Uncle Wen vaguely felt that something was off with the forest, so he swept through it with his gaze, but he didn’t think too much about it, because with his ability, any movements in his field of awareness will not escape detection, and the number one priority right now is to kill that Eighth-stage magic beast in front of him.



“So dangerous, good thing I entered, if I was a split second later, that person would have discovered me!”

Seeing that sharp gaze, Ling Fei felt unease in his heart, because that gaze seemed as if it would reveal all of one’s secrets! Definitely a top-notch expert.

Entering the cave, Ling Fei felt nervous, as if in a forbidden love relationship, with excitement and anxiety at the same time, he hid in a corner, fearing that the person would come charging in.

After 10 breaths.

Ling Fei finally calmed down, that person didn’t discover himself, looks like the loot in the cave belonged to himself.

Coming out of his corner, he could barely see deep from the dim lighting.

The cave was very big, and very long, with a scent of wet animal smell, and in a corner, there was a pile of bones, must be the bones of magic beasts eaten by that beast.

Ling Fei did not stay and look, but rather rushed straight into the depths of the cave, because he suspected that that’s where all the good stuff is hidden.
Chapter 30: Fishing in muddled water!  Taking advantage of a crisis.

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