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Hi guys, chapter titles will now be at the bottom now because if you look at the previous chapters, the titles basically sum up the whole chapter! Enjoy! ~Jerry



“Looks like there is fighting ahead!”, said Ling Fei standing atop a tree, looking into the distance.

“Isn’t this the feeling that magic beasts give off?”

Ling Fei’s face took on a weird expression, doubting his thinking process, how can something this peculiar happen?


After advancing to Martial Dao Sixth layer, Ling Fei’s sixth sense increased by leaps and bounds, and the feeling of danger clearly came from the distant mountains, that terrifying aura washing across him in waves.

The ground trembled as crowds of magic beasts fled in his direction.

Ling Fei trusted in himself, the aura that washed over was definitely a strong magic beast capable of killing him.

“What could have possibly happened inside the mountains, why would so many magic beasts run away?”


“Could it be there is a new boss that spawned in there?”

Ling Fei was a game otaku through and through, and the first thought that popped up in his mind was a boss spawning, causing his eyes to glow with excitement, *as if a man saw a naked girl in front of him.

[Editor: Wat. Of all things.]

Other than a huge boss, what else can scare so many magic beasts to run away?




After observing for the time it takes to burn a stick of incense….

After observing for the time it takes a stick of incense to burn.

“It must be a big boss.”

Ling Fei looked towards the distant mountains and confirmed his own guess.

If a normal person met a crowd of fleeing magic beasts, the first thought would be to run in the opposite direction for safety’s sake.

Ling Fei was different, he had a desire to jump straight in this mess appeared instead.

“My <<Wind Body Technique>> has reached the level of Person as the Wind, Passage without a Shadow., so even if i meet big danger, I can deal with it, and if by chance i find a crowd of magic beasts fighting it out, i can play the fisherman.”

[t/l fisherman refers to sitting back and let the prey exhaust themselves before reeling in the benefits without too much effort on the part of the fisherman]


The hot blood of a youth flowed in his veins.

Ling Fei’s strength reached Martial Dao Sixth Layer, solidifying XuanQi, a level higher than Fifth Layer, having adventurous thoughts are completely normal.

“The magic beasts running in front is perfect for me to test out my new solidifying XuanQi technique, great for boosting my fighting skills!”

Ling Fei made his decision and didn’t second-guess himself.




Black Water Mountain Range!

The originally peaceful forest became one filled with roars of fleeing beasts.


With a loud sound, huge flame red beasts wildly ran out of the forest, as if scared to death of what was in there, crashing and shattering numerous tree trunks in its path without a care, causing the beast to bleed all over and pieces of skin and muscle to fly all over the place. But the beasts did not care about its injuries and fled at fast speeds into the forest, endless fear in their eyes.

This was a Fourth-stage Magic Beast, Wind Fire Bear.

“Who would have thought that the arrogant Fourth-stage Magic Beast can also be as pitiful as a stray dog, what kind of magic beast can have such an effect, could it be a Sixth-stage Magic Beast? Perhaps a Seventh-stage Magic Beast?

Ling Fei stood atop his tree, pondering.

On his path towards the source of the chaos, he had seen many Fourth-stage Magic Beasts in the crowd, but they were nothing but ants when compared to the other magic beasts fleeing.

At least, in Ling Fei’s eyes they were.




Fourth-stage Magic Beast, Great Earth Bear.

Fifth-stage Magic Beast, Black Water Giant Croc.

Third-stage Magic Beast, Swamp Croc.

Second-stage magic beast, forest leopard.




Inside the forest, as long it was a sensible magic beast, it was fleeing like a stray dog in every possible direction.

This type of magic beast flood, no matter who meet this would have numb scalps just from the sheer pressure of it, because once one is surrounded by magic beast, it can only end with death or heavy injuries, and the chances of death is obviously much greater.

The crowd of beasts did not distinguish between friend or foe, even natural enemies did not bother to attack each other, the only thought they had was to run.

“Sixth-stage Magic Beast, Berserk Giant Bear!”

A 6 meter tall giant bear roared with anger within the magic beast crowd, killing a Fifth Stage Magic Beast with a single swipe of its claws, and a few more roars later, there were a few more dead beasts.

In a high place, a familiar voice gasping could be heard.


“Am I seeing a ghost? How did a Sixth-stage Magic Beast appear!”

Ling Fei opened his eyes wide.

The berserk bear disappeared into the crowd again, as if it was killing just to vent its frustration at getting chased out.

Even Sixth-stage Magic Beasts are getting chased out.

Ling Fei did not dare to keep thinking that down this path, could the beasts behind all this be a seventh stage?




He stopped once more.

Ling Fei thought to himself, does he really want to go in and see?

A Seventh-stage Magic Beast is like a Martial Dao Seventh Layer expert, and compared to a martial artist of the same level, it is much more terrifying.

“A Seventh-stage Magic Beast won’t chase away other magic beasts on purpose, there must be something big happening, and I, as a martial artist, will not back off to something like this. I am this old already and I’ve never seen a Seventh-stage Magic Beast before, why not go see it? Afterall, what are the chances that a Seventh-stage Magic Beast will take the time to kill a weakling passerby like me?”

Ling Fei found a shameless reason for himself.

He was going to go watch that Seventh-stage Magic Beast!

A very nonsense reason!

How could a Seventh-stage Magic Beast enjoy being watched by the likes of a Martial Dao Sixth Layer?




After an hour.

Ling Fei activated his lightening technique, With the Wind and became a breeze wafting through the forest.

“This area should be the territory of that Seventh-stage Magic Beast. I really didn’t expect all the magic beasts in this area to be chased out!”

As he passed through this area, he did not meet a single beast, it is the picture perfect example of tranquility.

Ling Fei did not doubt his own senses one bit.


Before he could pin down the location of the aura’s source, an angry roar filled the air, crashing down like a tidal wave.



The unprepared Ling Fei took that roar face on, causing him to spit a mouthful of blood, and all the Qi in his body to boil, making his condition very unstable to the point of almost falling off the tree. He had to impale the blade in his hand into the tree to stabilize himself.

“What a terrifying roar, this is definitely not something a Seventh-stage Magic Beast can make!”

“This must be an Eighth-stage Magic Beast, it must be.”

Ling Fei’s face showed a shocked look, if it wasn’t for his Nine-turn XuanQi being more powerful than normal XuanQi, and his physical body stronger than other people, he would be instantly killed by that roar like a normal Martial Dao Sixth Layer, and not just heavily injured instead.

He silently circulated the Nine-turn XuanQi inside, and after ten breath’s time, his blood finally calmed down.

No matter how you look at it, he was injured before even catching a glimpse of the beast.

“Eighth stage, how can there be a eighth stage!”




Following the sound of the roar, Ling Fei did not back off, but carefully advanced.

After being injured out of the blue by a roar, Ling Fei was determined to find out the cause, no matter what the situation is.

“There seems to be fighting ahead, and there is also a very strong presence.”

Ling Fei moved his ears, and found the source of the fighting with his acute senses, the disturbances in the XuanQi in the surroundings marked the place like a ray of sunshine in darkness.
Chapter 29 Terrifying Eighth-stage Magic Beast!

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