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Translator: Naervon

Editor: JerryDaBaws

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Chapter 27: Training in battle


”Black Water Mountain Range!

In the dense forest, a single shadow flitted through, lightly landing on the tree branches before floating several meters to another branch,body as light as a swallow, rapidly disappearing into the forest.

“So this is the area that the fourth-rank mad wolf lives in?”


Landing lightly on the top of a huge tree, a person looked down upon this area, furrowing his brows.

Ever since he had practiced the <<Wind Body Technique>> to entry stage, reaching that first small realm and spending half a day to solidify his grasp to be able to control the power contained within. From no fine control over the distance traveled at the start, to moving as he wished and with precision.

After familiarizing himself with the <<Wind Body Technique>>, Ling Fei headed straight for the area that the fourth-rank mad wolf lives in.


He needed to level up!

He needed to level up repeatedly!

Magic beasts were the most suitable tool for this situation.

When a dangerous air came from within the dark and gloomy forest, Ling Fei raised his brows and smelled the odor, it belonged to magic beasts, causing his eyes to light up, fourth-stage Mad Wolf, one of his butcher targets.




Fourth-rank magic beast, Mad Wolf!!

A mad wolf about 3 meters long with a grey white fur came out from the forest, resembling an enlarged version of the wolf from earth, with a pair of bloodshot eyes and a stifling aura around it. It moved it’s huge body, walking out of the trees, standing there gently, but bringing with it huge pressure to its surroundings, and gazed at the surroundings with its savage eyes.




After the mad wolf howled for a bit, al the birds were scared away, it turned around and dragged the carcass of some unknown magic beast, splaying open it’s huge mouth and ripped apart the sturdy carcass with one chomp, certainly a terrifying sight….

“Ohhh boy, no wonder the Mad Wolf is a fourth level magic beast!”

Ling Fei, hiding in the trees, widened his eyes, feeling the dangerous aura emanating from the beast.

Low stage magic beasts, Ling Fei has killed so much that he had thought that the Middle-stage magic beasts would not be that much harder to kill, but after seeing this Mad Wolf’s display in front of him, he reconsidered. Fourth-stage magic beasts are not something that low-stage magic beast could compare with.


Not only in aura, but even in techniques.

A fourth-level magic beast Mad Wolf, emphasizes on its huge strength and strong defense, having a very savage behavior towards anything that enters its territory, marking all invaders as hostile enemies, hence the reason why it is feared by many.

The knowledge regarding the Mad Wolf appeared inside of Ling Fei’s mind.

“This guy must be worth a lot of experience!”

Ling Fei smacked his lips and looked at his leveling tool.



All of a sudden, the mad wolf raised its head from feeding and looked towards Ling Fei’s hiding area with a savage look, releasing a murderous aura around it.


“Not good, I’ve been discovered!”

Ling Fei never would have thought that a fourth-level magic beast Mad Wolf would possess such acute senses, actually locating his hiding spot.

“Who cares if you discovered me. There is no need to worry because I, Your Father, will start with you!”

The black iron blade fell into his hands, and the blade body whirled, giving out beams of cold light. Ling Fei put his determination into the blade.

“Wind body technique!”


Ling Fei moved in an instant, his toes lightly touching the branch and sent his body floating down to the ground as if he was a leaf, floating without a purpose and passing without a trace.

This was the profoundness of the <<Wind Body Technique>>.

“Rapid blade technique, First move, Relentless torrent!”

The blade pointed directly at the mad wolf and shot out several blades of qi.


After learning the <<Wind Body Technique>>, Ling Fei didn’t mind additionally learning the <<Rapid Blade Technique>> while he was at it. This blade technique was a first-rate technique and possessed a total of six moves. Even though its power cannot compare to <<Splitting Blade Cut>>, but when used with Nine Turn XuanQi, its power is greatly boosted. Since it doesn’t use a lot of xuanqi either, it was very fitting.

The mad wolf spent a lot of effort to get its meal, and just as it was enjoying it’s hard earned meal, it found an intruder, enraging it, thinking that the newcomer is challenging itself. At this moment, everything seemed to have stopped moving.



The howl showed the resentment of the mad wolf, and it threw down its meal. The huge body raised up into the air, not hindered at all by its size. The wolf shot through the air and clawed at Ling Fei’s vitals with it’s claws wrapped in cold light.

Violent and savage aura exploding from it’s body.

“Ha, nice timing!”

Ling Fei, not affected at all, gripped the black iron blade tightly and slashed down, creating a 3 meter long blade qi, wanting to cut the wolf in half.



Rapid blade technique, after Big Completion Stage, contains the might of lightning within its moves, creating sounds of thunder after each strike.

Such a move, after landing on the body of the Mad Wolf caused the wolf’s huge body to get blown away like a broken kite, breaking numerous trees in it’s path, once again scaring away the birds.


The mad wolf shook off the leaves clinging to it’s fur, not looking one bit injured and glared at Ling Fei with a pair of angry eyes.

“What a strong defense!”


“My rapid blade technique is only at Small Completion stage, all i need to do is use it more and train it. This mad wolf can actually withstand one blow, middle-stage magic beasts aren’t for show!”

“But this is good too, since it has such a good defense, then I can kill two birds with one stone, and train the <<Rapid Blade Technique>> to big completion stage while I am at it, that’ll definitely boost my strength.”

After landing on the ground, Ling Fei smirked, with countless thoughts flashing through his head, and his mouth curved into a smile while gazing at a wolf, looking like a greedy goblin.



“Body technique, with the wind!”

“Rapid blade technique, first move, Relentless Torrent!”

“Rapid blade technique, second move, Thunder Strike!”
“Rapid blade technique, third move, Rush of thousand lightning!”


Time passed by, not knowing how long has passed.

The same place, the same person, the same magic beast.

Ling Fei was like a dancing leaf, leaving behind afterimages. If there was a person there, that person would definitely be flabbergasted, because this was not something that a body technique could achieve.

As Ling Fei’s body moved, shadows of his blade filled the air, leaving behind continuous sounds of thunder rolling distinctly in the quiet forest.


This was the sign of the blade technique about to enter the Big Completion stage.

Using a strength-type mad wolf to train his blade technique, only someone like Ling Fei, this daredevil would dare to do so.





The blade technique was like the horns of an antelope, untraceable and indefensible, in its perfect form.

“My Rapid blade technique is almost done, all that’s left is to spend more time on it, if I continue like this there won’t be any more benefits, it’s time to end this.”

The Mad Wolf that was treated as a training dummy at this moment, was very pitiful, just like a stray dog. Its appearance and bearing of a fourth-stage magic beast was gone without a trace, now only resembling a pitiful and haggard dog.

“Thunder Strike!”

Rapid blade technique, second move.


Once again, the thundering sound came, breaking the air, emanating a terrifying and stifling pressure, as if the thunder was right by one’s ear.

The blade technique at Big Completion stage gave off a certain kind of aura, with the blade still in its sheath, it would give off an aura, the aura is like the blade itself, and the blade itself becomes the aura.

[Editor: …]

Within the blade technique, there appeared to be flashes of illusionary lightning streaking by.


The Mad Wolf was already at the point where it’s body was battered all over,

After this last blade move slashed towards it, the mad wolf’s pupils dilated, the fur on its body stood on its end, and it felt a great wave of indefensible danger bearing down with no way to retaliate.


The blade flashed by with the speed of lightning, cutting down the middle of the wolf’s back.

Stick legs, tofu back, broom tail and an iron head, Ling Fei was very clear on this point, killing this mad wolf was the same as killing a wolf on earth, the same reasoning.

Tofu back, the Mad Wolf’s only weakness.


This blade cut bore down with the power of thunder behind it, splitting the wolf into two halves, spraying bloody gore everywhere.

Even after death, the wolf didn’t understand where it went wrong, and what did it do to deserve this treatment from this demonic human.

Killed fourth-stage magic beast, gained experience x 300!


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