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Chapter 26 Body Technique Small Completion Stage

Black Water Mountain Range!

In a desolate and remote forest.


High up in the air, a shadow of a person fell down like a broken stringed kite, causing the ground to tremble.

“What the hell is this Wing Body Technique, how come it’s so hard to even train it to Entry Level Completion?”

The person climbed up from the ground, and shook his entire body, shaking off dust and leafs. A sound of satisfaction that naturally came out echoed through the forest.


“I, Your Father, don’t believe in any ghosts, a mere lightening technique with the wind, if I can’t even learn the first stage for this, then how can I go kill magic beasts!”





The young man fell down again.

“Damn, Again!”


In the forest, a thumping sound could be continuously heard, obviously that youth had failed again.

“Again, I, Your Father, don’t believe that I can’t learn this!”



“Ahhhhhhh, Again!”




That day, in the remote forest, the sounds of a falling object hitting the ground never stopped, those huge towering trees shook, as if even they couldn’t bear to watch any further.





After yet another failure.

The youth climbed up from the ground, the entire body a sorry figure, a figure that resembled someone who lived deep in the mountains for decades without changing clothes.

Endless failures, endless tries, this was Ling Fei.

After continuously failing countless times, Ling Fei’s brows furrowed into a line. There is no way to understand why he cannot learn it, because he clearly understands the profound mysteries of the technique.


Huu Huu!!

After breathing out some turbid air, his stomach made rumbling sounds.


“Lets first find something to fill the stomach!”

Training in the lightening technique with the wind was harder than he had thought. Such a tiny stage had Ling Fei stuck there for an entire morning, even until now he still has not made any headway.




After killing a Low-Level Magic Beast Snow Rabbit.

Ling Fei bluntly butchered it, gathered some firewood and started positioning it for roasting. Having done this before, this entire process wasn’t something hard for him.

“Clearly, I understand the profoundness behind it, but why can’t I learn it, just what is happening?”

Sitting on the rock and watching the rabbit meat cook on the fire, Ling Fei sank into deep thinking.

The Leveling system has sent the profound mysteries of the <<Wind Body Technique>> directly into his head, so Ling Fei didn’t need to comprehend it by himself, thus making learning any Xuan Technique extra easy and fast.


Unbreakable golden body, shattering jade hand, splitting blade cut…

Ling Fei learned all of those with ease, there was no difficulty to speak of.

But, why did he get stuck on this wind body technique, this complicates things a lot.

Lightening technique with the wind, the first stage, Person as the Wind, Passage without a shadow.

Just as the name indicates, the speed must reach a certain level, then the person will become something like the wind, and will succeed in advancing into the first stage, Person as the Wind, Passage without a shadow.

“Could it be I am stuck somewhere? But I am clearly doing everything according to the profound mysteries, so why can i not reach the maximum speed?”

“No, no, not like this.”


“Could it be i still need to comprehend something before able to learn the technique and enter the first stage?”




Ling Fei’s thoughts were so tangled that he held his head in both hands.

If the <<Wind Body Technique>> wasn’t so important, Ling Fei wouldn’t learn it even if he had to die, but, against his wishes, the wind technique was the most important thing, because if he could learn it, his battle strength would increase by several fold.

One to two times his battle strength, what does that imply, even an idiot could see……

This was only one of the reason.


The second reason was because of the badge First Entering JiangHu* that was randomly awarded by the system for starting the pvp system, once used, can increase speed by 1, as for its actual effects, there is temporarily no way to find out.

[Editor: As said in an earlier chapter in case you forgot…  JiangHu is a famous phrase to describe the martial art world, literally meaning the great rivers and the vast mountains of nature]


Ling Fei believes that if he could learn the <<Wind Body Technique>>, then in the event that he meets some danger, then he can use the badge along with the technique, his speed will reach a terrifying new level, becoming one of his last resorts…

For the sake of this, he must learn the technique.

“Just where am I wrong? There is no reason for it to be like this.”



Ling Fei wasn’t the type of person to keep walking into a dead end, he focused more on finding out where he went wrong, because as long as he understood that, then all the problems could be resolved, then where’s the fear of not learning this body technique?



Ling Fei was confused, frustrated beyond words…

Just at this moment, a light breeze blew by.

The cool and crisp wind blew across Ling Fei’s face, making the wounds on his face and his entire body very comfortable.

The fire burning in front of him, danced in waves of red hot flames, and under the breeze, it formed into all kinds of shapes, but stayed formless, allowing the crisp wind to pass through it.


Someone once said, once you understand it, everything will seem very easy, but if not, then everything will be hard as reaching the heavens.

Ling Fei looked frozen, his eyes had fallen on the fire unconsciously, just as the wind blew by, no trace, in that moment, his heart felt something.

The tree branches were moving

The fire was dancing.

The wind on his face left behind a cool feeling.

Uncatchable, Undetainable, No trace to be found.




“Yes, Yes, It’s like this, I finally understand where I was wrong!”

Ling Fei’s suddenly had an insight in his mind and he stood up with a whoosh, the speed so fast that it was unfathomable, he comprehended.

“Wind yields to the tiger and the cloud yields to the dragon. Why did I try to stubbornly try to learn this from a martial technique’s perspective. Wind Body Technique is pointing to the essence of the wind, the formless and traceless…..wind, omnipresent yet nowhere…”

Ling Fei’s eyes glowed.

“Lighten, With the wind!”


As the words sounded, Ling Fei’s body bent at a weird angle, and he stood on the tips of his toes, then his entire person just floated away, as if the wind blew him away. The movement of the floating was traceless, without tracks, no directions yet the speed was unbelievably fast, leaving behind after images, as if to prove that there was once something there.

“Finally, I can completely control this first stage of <<Wind Body Technique>>, Person as the Wind, Passage without a shadow!”




Ling Fei would have never thought.

That because of blankly staring into air, he comprehended the meaning of the wind, and he had thought that it would at least take him a few more days.

After entering the technique’s door, Ling Fei found that he could move as he wished with the lightening technique. Other than not able to control the finer details, the other areas were not too shabby, just as it was described for the first stage.

The current stage he was is Person as the Wind, Passage without a shadow!

Ling Fei became aware of the difference and distance between the stages.


Learning the first stage.

Lightening technique, With the wind.

Body technique, With the wind.

Ling Fei found that he has already comprehended, just like the information in his brain. Usable when wished, and would not have any signs of being stuck again.

After using it for a while, Ling Fei showed great excitement on his face.


“Splitting blade cut!”

Ling Fei grabbed his black iron blade and attacked with the body technique With the wind. If there was someone there, they would definitely be very shocked, because Ling Fei was like the wind, instantly closing the distance to his target, leaving behind after images, and it only took less than a breath’s time.


A tree almost 1 meter in diameter, under one flying blade qi, fell down, frightening countless birds in the forest.


“Haha, with this speed and this blade technique, my battle strength has raised by more than two hundred percent, if i meet Martial Dao 5th Layer cultivators again, they won’t be able to block a single attack!”

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