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Translator: Naervon
Editor: JerryDaBaws


Chapter 25: Training the <<Wind Body Technique!>>

White fog shrouded the forest, with the occasional bird sound.

*Cough Cough*

A rich and strong bloody fragrance, spread out in this area of the forest. Following the wave of the bloody scent, a sound that did not belong in the forest followed it.

“Huuu Huuu, Finally they are all dead!”
[Editor: He’s panting…]

Standing under a towering tree, a person shakily stood up, it looked like if there was a light breeze, he would be blown away.

Enough of that. This person was naturally Ling Fei.

“Huuu Huuu!”

Ling Fei’s face was pale white, gasping for breath, his chest rising and falling rapidly, his body of black robes slashed to bits by the energy from the attack, starting to resemble a beggar’s robes, making him look very haggard.

Thinking back to that round of attacks, Ling Fei felt that he was being too bold.

Luckily, everything went as he had planned, the move Splitting Blade Cut blocked and shattered the incoming attacks and the unbreakable golden body was able to take the energy from the explosions, that’s how he was still alive while the other three exploded.

If it wasn’t for this, Ling Fei would not be able to still safely stand there.




『Killed Martial Dao Fifth Layer Shang Wu, Gained Experience x 500! 』

『Killed Martial Dao Fifth Layer Li Shan, Gained Experience x 500! 』

『Killed Martial Dao Fifth Layer Zhang Wu, Gained Experience x 500! 』

The cold voice of the system rang out, as per usual…

Hearing the system’s voice confirming the death of the three, Ling Fei lowered his guard, and proceeded to cough out blood.

“Unbreakable golden body really doesn’t live up to its name… If only I can train it to full completion stage, then not even the three people that attacked together will be able to harm me, not like the situation where I had to make such an effort and still received light injuries.”


Ling Fei laughed to himself.


If this news were to be leaked out, people would probably be shocked silly.


Five Martial Dao fifth layer experts, all easily killed by a person, would definitely be an unfathomable thing, at least there will be few people who would believe this is real.

Just from this accomplishment alone is enough for Ling Fei to be proud of himself.


Regrettably in Ling Fei’s eyes, the him of now is still too weak, this kind of thinking will probably cause many people to feel ashamed of themselves




Swallowing a Qi Gathering Pellet, he sat down in a lotus position.

Taking half a day to recover, he managed to recover 10% of his Xuan Qi, recovering a portion of his ability, making him able to defend himself against any dangers that might pop up.

Ling Fei stood up again to collect his spoils of war.

How could he forget about his spoils of war after fighting so hard for it against such strong enemies?

Not knowing when it started but with regards to spoils of war, Ling Fei was very mindful of it.


“5 Martial Dao Fifth Layer experts, no matter how you look at it, they should at least have some personal belongings right?” Ling Fei thought.

After searching for a short while, Ling Fei was speechless..

“Fuck, You can’t joke around with me like this!”

When Ling Fei looked around for spoils of war and saw nothing but the exploded mess from his own move, he start to regret, why would he use a such tyrannical blade technique?


Splitting Blade Cut, just as its name implies, uses a brutal attack to split everything in half, causing their bodies to explode  from the force of the attack, becoming uncomplete bodies.

Things such as Silver bills, all became dust, secret manuals, don’t even mention it.

After yet another search he smiled, at last, he found something that was not broken!

First was the silver,  although the silver bills were ripped to pieces, the solid silver, however,  remained.

Since the silver did not have any issues, the gold did not have any issues either. After some rough counting, there was probably 1000 silver coins and 500 gold coins, barely counting as some noteworthy spoils.


“After the journey the thing I am missing most is money, these will suit I, your father, just right!”

Ling Fei was very happy, there existed nobody who didn’t like gold and silver,  the items that a martial artist must possess was wealth! He will never dislike having more.

<<Rapid Blade Technique>>  secret manual. This manual was the only one that was not broken into bits from the XuanQi Attack.

“Not a bad blade technique, Splitting Blade Cut is way too ferocious,  its power is way strong costing me too much Xuan Qi.

This Rapid Blade Technique also uses the same principles,  the same tyrannical manner, First-rate Xuan Technique, perfect for my training!”

Sword techniques, Ling Fei did not like as much.

Blade Techniques, this was what Ling Fei liked.


<<Splitting Blade Technique>>, it’s power far exceeding the norm, was able to break three attacks with just one attack, leaving an impression that it was invincible, arousing suspicions that it was a least as strong as a Gold Order Blade Technique.

So, Ling Fei became more and more interested in blade techniques.

A First-rate secret manual like <<Rapid Blade Technique>>, if it was outside of the sect, it would be worth at least ten thousand silvers at its lowest price, and even then there is no guarantee that one would find a seller.

From this trip, Ling Fei had obtained quite a bit of good loot.

Luckily, Ling Fei left fairly early, so there were not too many people around the outer area of the Black Water Mountains, the bodies on the ground, he couldn’t be bothered to deal with them. He believed that when he return, he could easily find out who was pulling the strings behind them.

No matter who that person would be, Ling Fei would definitely not let him get away scot-free, this bill of revenge, he will firmly remember it in his heart.



Outer area of the Black Water Mountain Range.

Huge, towering trees everywhere, huge branches that block the sunlight, causing vast areas of the forest to be dark and gloomy, giving out a cold atmosphere, like a prehistoric jungle.

“This place isn’t bad, there shouldn’t be any people who will be here. I’ll use this place to practice my <<Wind Body Technique>> to Big Completion Stage then.”

Ling Fei appeared under a huge towering tree in his black robes.

He would not be so cautious if it weren’t for the ambush from earlier.

Just because of the ambush, Ling Fei decided to train <<Wind Body Technique>> to Big Completion Stage before heading deeper into the mountain range to kill magic beasts.


“<<Splitting blade technique>>, comparable to a gold order technique, then this <<Wind Body Technique>> won’t be bad either, if I had learned the <<Wind Body Technique>> before that fight, I imagine that using it together with the blade technique would probably be even more powerful.”


Having some understanding of <<Splitting Blade Cut>>, Ling Fei really anticipated the power from the <<Wind Body Technique>>.

<<Agile Monkey Body>> method was only a normal body method, far beneath <<Wind Body Technique>>, and in a place as dangerous as the black water mountains, a good body technique will show its use some way or another, and in crucial moments it could even determined life and death!




『 Player Ling Fei, Confirm the learning of <<Wind Body Technique>>?』


Last time when he was awarded the technique, he didn’t learn it right away, but stored it in his inventory.

When the system notification came, the profound mysteries contained in the wind body technique came pouring into his soul, causing his expression to slightly change.

“What a weird body technique.”

In the process of comprehending the profound mysteries of the technique, Ling Fei’s face started to change.


<<Wind Body Technique>> was no normal technique, it was a lightening method.

Body Technique, With the wind.

Lightening Technique, With the wind.

The two combining together, becoming an odd existence.

Ling Fei did not rush in the training of this, even if he delays for four or five days, there shouldn’t be any problems, he wanted to completely understand this technique first.



Lightening Technique, With the wind.

Has a total of three small realms!

First realm, Person as the Wind, Passage without a shadow.

Second Realm, Wind as the Person, Person In the Wind.

Third Realm, Person With the Wind, Omnipresent With the Wind.


Lightening Technique, with the wind, was not hard to understand based on a literal sense, even more so since the system had already explained the profound mysteries.

But after reading every word and phrase, Ling Fei’s brows furrowed together at times and relaxed at times, completely residing in his soul realm to comprehend the profoundness of the technique. After he finished the last sentence of the explanation, he couldn’t help but cry out a praise.

“It really is the Heavens helping me, this method perfectly suits me, if I had learned this technique earlier, then killing those five would have been a piece of cake, even if it’s only in the first realm of completion!”

Ling Fei’s eyes shone with excitement.

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