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Translator: Naervon
Editor: JerryDaBaws
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Chapter 24: Splitting Blade Cut, showing its power!!!

A voice resonated while five men wearing black clothing walked out of the forest, surrounding Ling Fei.
These five men were all at the Martial Dao Fifth Layer. The one who just spoke, Ling Fei can vaguely tell from the shape of the face that he was a fellow with thick eyebrows and big eyes. This person was called Shang Wu.
There was also a guy who was holding a steel blade, that air blade just now must have been thrown from him.
“Who are you guys?”

Seeing these people , Ling Fei immediately thought of the Zhang clan.
Other than them, there was definitely no one else who would dare to mess with him. Back in front of the bounty hall, when he challenged Zhang Wanshan, he could acutely feel that Zhang Wanshan was suppressing the urge to kill him on the spot, but couldn’t due to the public pressure. Now that he has left the Sect, losing that thin layer of protection, and heading towards the Black Water Mountain Ranges alone, was the perfect opportunity for them to kill him, to vent their hatred.
Reaching a conclusion in his mind, Ling Fei immediately knew who they were, and a gout of anger rose up inside him.
“Zhang clan, Zhang WanShan, you’re pushing your limits.”


“Hehehe who let you piss off our senior brother, now that senior brother wants you to die, then you must die! In any case, the ambience here in the Black Water Mountains is not bad, so you can die in peace. Remember today, because this day of next year will be your funeral’s anniversary, attack!”
Shang Wu coldly laughed while raising his hand, the three black clothed men behind him, upon receiving the command, unsheathed their long swords and swung towards Ling Fei, avoiding any unexpected situations by just ending it right there.
[Editor: Long swords ;)] They purposely set an ambush, hoping to kill Ling Fei in a sneak attack, but, outside of their expectations, Ling Fei dodged their attack. they can only hope that there will be no more slip-ups.

Fresh blood oozed out from wound caused by the wind blade that grazed his face, covering his face in blood, causing him to look fearsome and sinister.
“I don’t care who you are, today all of you will die!”
Ling Fei has always been the headstrong type down to his very bones.
They wanted to deal with him. Not giving up after a thousand mile chase. Were it not for him advancing his cultivation, he already would have died or at best heavily injured.
“Good thing you all did not know that I have advanced in cultivation, I will now use all to hone my blade, you all made a mistake trying to plot against I, Ling Fei!!!”

With the black iron blade held horizontally in front of him, Ling Fei’s eyes flashed with a cold light, he leapt from the tip of his toes and charged forward like a leopard, the long blade cutting in an arc of sharpness in front of him, just like a flower.
“Splitting blade cut!”
This was precisely the technique that Ling Fei was awarded by the system, <Splitting Blade Cut>.
Ling Fei’s counterattack made the surrounding men want to laugh.

One of the black clothed man who specialized in blade techniques, saw ling fei’s attack, and his eyes showed dismissal as he cut downwards with his own blade.
“Little guy, you dare make a move on I, your father, you can go to hell now.”
The long blade descended, the three meter long blade chopped down, it was like wanting to kill Ling Fei just from the sheer sharpness of the attack, the air around the edge of the blade split when the blade passed through.

At that person’s cultivation, the sharp air blades can reach the length of three meters long,
this was only usable by someone who has immersed himself in the art of the blade for a long time.
This was an expert.
Everyone expected that under this blade, no matter how strong Ling Fei is, he will definitely die to that blade, the gap between the two people an entire layer of cultivation and the blade technique was the first-rate technique <Emotionless Blade>.
Though unexpectedly, as the air blade descended, it went in reverse, with a strong blade of coldness chopping through.

An air blade of the same length instantly shattered that descending cut, and before anyone could respond, that flash of white light struck like lighting, cutting across the black clothed person.
It felt like time stopped.
Everyone gasped.

“Why is it like this, my emotionless blade….what is ….this blade technique?”
The face of the black clothed person, kept a dumbfounded expression, shortly after, a line appeared on his face, and under everyone’s watch, that person’s body made a huge rumbling noise before splitting into two. A huge wave of the smell of blood smashed into everyone’s noses.
Blade Technique, Splitting blade cut!
Style, Split!!

No one thought that this little bastard. Ling Fei., would possess such a strong blade technique, and one so strong and brutal, killing WuTian in one strike!
[One strike man, Lingtama..?] “Little bastard, you dare kill WuTian senior brother, such nerves!”
The four dark clothed men who were left unconsciously gained faces filled with anger, but those faces turned into looks of shock.
“You….wasn’t your cultivation at martial dao fourth layer? When did you advance to martial dao fifth layer, XuanQi outside of body? How did you advance so fast!?”

Ling Fei’s chest rose up and down rapidly, that last strike, even though he had performed it in his head multiple times, one move of splitting blade cut, the power of it has reached such a high level, even managing to shock Ling Fei!
『 Killed Martial Dao Fifth Layer WuTian, gained Experience x 500!』
『 Congratulations player Ling Fei, Activated PvP System, awarded one First Entering JiangHu Badge, after equipping will grant Movement Speed + 1, Charges Left x 1, Duration 1 hour』
Without any warning, the 『 System 』sounded, causing Ling Fei to almost not recover from the shock, when did the 『 Leveling System』have this type of ability?

“Dang, killing people gives experience? I didn’t hear wrong right?”
Ling Fei has been having headaches trying to find ways of killing magic beasts, but he didn’t think that killing other people would also grant experience, and granting way more than magic beasts too! This…..
Even though this was his first time killing a person, Ling Fei didn’t have any regrets or qualms, on the contrary, he was filled with excitement. From the situation, he must eliminate this danger without giving them any chances to react.
“Haha, very surprised right?” Ling Fei finished thinking and raised his black iron blade once again, fresh blood dripping from it, the blade’s body shining with cold light, eyes shining with killing intent, “No need to ask why, because all of you will die under I, Your father’s, blade!”

“Splitting blade cut!”
Ling Fei moved again, and cut towards the person nearest to him, the black iron blade slashed out, the XuanQi shot out, turning into an air blade that exuded a terrifying aura.
That black clothed person was still in shock, before he could react, his body split into two halves, eyes showing unwillingness. The body exploding into two halves snapped the other three people out of their shock.
“Everyone attack together, this blade technique is strange, do not face it alone!”

The leader, ShangWu’s, stupefied expression turned into anger before unconsciously turning back into an expression filled with shock! He has never thought that this trash, Ling Fei, would turn them into jokes. The rumours that said he was a Martial Dao Fourth Layer was completely wrong, and thus causing them to be unprepared, resulting in two people dying right away.
“Clear cloud sword technique, first move, Mountains in the cloud!”
“Rapid Blade Technique, second move, Lightning strike!”
“Cloud sea sword Technique, third move, Soft Cloud Sea!”


The three black clothed men, would never have thought that they would one day attack together to face against a trash in their eyes, yet today, this trash became a strong individual in their eyes.
“Little bastard, with us three attacking simultaneously, even if you were at the Martial Dao Sixth Layer, you will still die in our hands, there is no one who can stop our combined attacks!”
Blade Qi, Sword Qi, split the air in their wake.
Ling Fei kept his cool and used <Splitting Blade Cut>, using 40% of his XuanQi in the process.

“Their combined attacks might be strong, but I have the <Splitting Blade Cut>, so I can ignore them, no matter what, I must not let them leave this place. Once the news gets out, then i’ll have troubles, especially because of this <Splitting Blade Cut> technique, which even Gold Order Blade Techniques can’t even compare to.
Ling Fei gritted his teeth, strong determination shone in his eyes, firming his resolution to kill them.
Staking it all on one move.
“Splitting Blade Cut!”
At this moment, Ling Fei could only put his all into this technique.

50% of his Xuan Qi went into the black iron blade and shot out of the blade in mid air, becoming the Splitting Blade Cut Qi, causing the blade to make buzzing noises.
The original 3 meter long Blade Qi became 4 meters long, the white air blade contained a trace of evil, exuding a savage evil posture, you would feel that there was a huge wave that will engulf and obliterate all in it’s path, an unrivaled aura.
“My Splitting blade cut, unknown order technique, but it is definitely not a ordinary Xuan Technique, I, your father, don’t believe that this technique can’t win against you all!”
The savage blade qi slashed towards the three.

The three black clothed men suddenly feel their scalps numb, the power of their attacks combined will even win against a Martial Dao Sixth Layer, but this blade technique in front of them actually exuded an even more dangerous aura.
“Boom Boom!”
Sword Qi, Shattered!!
Blade Qi, Shattered!!
Broken by one move, Broken from one cut.

The long black blade pointed towards the three attacks, the air blade sweeping through all of the attacks, cutting all three in half and shattering them, even so, the air blade still had vast amounts of energy rippling in it, and the explosive energy blasted Ling Fei back into a tree, causing many leaves to fall.
As for the three men, they stood there like tree trunks, imposing and unmoving, with the expression on their faces stuck with disbelief.
“Such a tyrannical Blade Technique…. this cannot be a ordinary technique….”
“Little bastard, you will not die an easy death!”
“Senior brother will definitely avenge us!”
The three bodies exploded, a huge wave of air blasted all the leaves in the surrounding forest away and the stench of blood spread out throughout the area.

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