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Translator: Naervon

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Chapter 23 Sneak Attack, Ambush!


Black Water Mountain Range.


Black Water City!


This once obscure and unknown little city, became popular as the demand for goods that came from black water mountain range rose up, along with the rare treasures. This gradual rise in demand and popularity turned this once small city into the now prosperous and well known big city.


Within Black Water City, as long as you have money, you can enjoy a life of pleasure.

Black Water City has brothels of all shapes and sizes, the beautiful women are as common as the clouds in the sky, with all sorts of different colors and “tastes”, whatever you can think of, it exists.

Black Water City has large amounts of Unfailing Kingdom’s priceless custom made wine.

Additionally, all types of Secret Xuan Technique manuals and sharp weapons fill the city.

This is the  reason today’s Black Water City prospers, causing all the experts to gather there from all over the place, making this city into one of their homes.



“Really cheap sale, Third-Stage magic beast Light Cloud Tiger Cub, ten thousand silver coins, I promise that it’s worth your money!”


“Second-Stage pet magic beast, Snow Rabbit, cute and obedient, lovable to all, beautiful ladies, don’t miss this chance!”


“Ten-year old spiritual yin yang grass, usually thirty thousand silver, but now on cheap sale! Only need 10908 silver, you didn’t hear wrong, only 10908 silver, you’ll only have this one chance so don’t miss it!”


“Recruiting 10 Martial Dao Seventh Layer martial artists, preferential treatment, safety is guaranteed!”


“Soaring adventure squad, now recruiting 50 Martial Dao Sixth Layer and above, food and lodgings are taken care of, along with high reward money, and bonus welfare benefits at the end of every year. So what are you waiting for? Hurry and join Soaring Adventure squad!”




Entering Black Water City from the road, Ling Fei was immediately attracted by all kinds of hawking, and a wave of flourishing air hit him in the face.


“This is a good place, worthy of being the city that flourishes because of Black Water Mountain Range!”


After the wild trip that lasted for 5 days and 4 nights, Ling Fei had a tired face with a hint of excitement.


Getting down from the date red horse, then continuing to walk on the bustling city street, that were filled with experts everywhere, with some even wearing exotic clothing, Ling Fei’s excitement riled up inside his chest, could this be the legendary JiangHu*?

[Editor: According to Naervon, JiangHu is a famous phrase to describe the martial art world, literally meaning the great rivers and the vast mountains of nature.]


Finding a place to sell the horse, he sold it and received 700 silver coins, Black Water Mountain is located 100-200 miles away from Black Water City, so there was no point to keep the horse. For the journey back, Ling Fei would rather die before riding that horse again.


After selling off the date red horse, Ling Fei walked directly into a tavern that didn’t look too shabby. Prepared for a good rest, and take a few days to receive the latest news on the situation before going into the mountains.

“Waiter, room!”




After a wonderful night’s sleep.


Ling Fei awoke on the second day with high spirits, the tiredness from the long trip has disappeared without a single trace.


Martial Artist, once stopping to rest, can use the XuanQi in their body to recover, even the mental exhaustion can be recovered, often, only one night’s worth of rest is needed to recover most of the fatigue.


Exiting from the tavern, Ling Fei looked around to understand the situation of Black Water Mountain Range.


It ended up being easier than he had thought, because the information for the mountains were being sold all over Black Water City, including all of the danger zones, where all the magic beasts gather… Information such as those were everywhere, and numerous beyond count.


The original worries that he had were instantly shattered, ling fei used one thousand silver coins to buy a detailed map of the place, one that had the danger zones and beast crowds marked in great detail.


The details could determine life and death, so Ling Fei did not think that the one thousand coins were badly spent.


Other than buying a map, he also spent another one thousand silver coins on buying antidotes and recovery medicine, bleeding on the inside as he was buying them.


He finally understood why, on Xuan Tian continent, using medicine pellets is akin to feeding a furnace with paper money.




After one day of rest, on the morning of his third day of stay in the city, the skies gradually cleared.


Black Water City was shrouded by a thin layer of fog because the mountain forests around it had moist air covering the entire area.


Ling Fei, under this condition, quietly left the city and headed into the mountains.

There was an official road connecting the Black Water Mountain Range and Black Water City, which when was compared to other smaller paths, the official road was comparatively safer/


After one hour, Ling Fei had traveled pretty far, he could see mountains upon mountains exuding their majestic air.


This was the famous Black Water Mountain Range of the Unfailing Kingdom, where magic beasts could be found in abundance, being the source of many medicinal herbs, also the place where magic beat furs and leathers could be hunted…… certainly adored by countless factions.


At the same time, it was also called the place of death. Countless lives are lost inside the mountains every year. Even so, the Black Water Mountain Range is still a place that was frequented by many for it’s treasures.


“Black water mountain range, for the next three months, i will live and train here!”

Ling Fei took a deep breath, his eyes filled with determination. No matter how dangerous the mountains are, I will walk this road to it’s end, no looking back, no cowering, I will face it like a true martial artist.




The situation of the Black Water Mountains.

Ling Fei knew it crystal clear, the outer area of the Black Water Mountain Range consists of great amounts of low stage magic beasts.


Fourth level and above middle stage magic beasts can be found throughout the entire Black Water Mountains Range. Inside his mind, Ling Fei had already memorized where all the magic beasts of all kinds were located.


“If I go in from this side, I will enter the territory of the level four magic beast Wild Wolves, a great place to start training and test out the power of a middle stage magic beast!”


Putting away the map, Ling Fei looked in a direction and made his decision, jumping and shifting, he dashed into the forest, from the eastern side.


“Agile Monkey Body Technique is not suited for this place, but this is a great opportunity to train <<Wind Body Technique>> to Big completion stage… I might even meet a magic beast that i must rely on a body technique to escape from.”


Ling Fei was thinking of that when he suddenly felt a shiver of coldness on his back, causing all of his hairs to stand on their end, a great feeling of danger rose in him, and just a moment later, a sound of breaking wind sounded inside his ears.


“Not good, danger!”


A flash of cold light flew across the air, like light before darkness, descending from the sky.


At this crucial moment, his body sank down from mid-air, like a stone dropping, using <<Agile Monkey Technique>> to strafe to the left, barely dodging the danger, even though he reacted in the nick of time, he still felt the blades of wind graze his face, causing fresh blood to streak across his face.




The great tree behind Ling Fei, exploded under the blade, leaves blasting everywhere.




“Who it is? Who wants to kill me?”


Ling fei fell on the ground, breathing heavily, ignoring the fresh blood on his face, like a leopard, looking in all directions with alertness, the black iron blade that was on his back grasped in his hands, gleaming with cold light.


Just that moment ago, I almost died.


Walking on the line of life and death, Ling Fei has been this close for the first time, even until now, fear still lingering in him causing his heart to pound wildly.


“So dangerous, if it wasn’t for my cultivation reaching the Martial Dao Fifth layer, causing all six senses boosted, that last sneak attack would have definitely killed me, i don’t care who they are, I will kill them!”


Pa, Pa, Pa!!!


Rhythmic clapping sounds rang out in his ears, ling fei’s pupils dilated, his senses feeling a presence locking onto him.


“Ling fei, you didn’t lower my expectations, actually dodging the fatal hit!”


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