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Translator: Naervan

Editor: JerryDaBaws

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Chapter 22: Learning from experience outside the sect!

Zhang WanShan turned and left, Ling Fei also turned and left, he didn’t want to become like a monkey inside a zoo and be watched by the crowd, so he disappeared as fast as he could.

“Insane, Ling Fei has really become insane, this is really hard to believe!”

“Zhang WanShan Senior Brother, with his cultivation at Martial Dao Eighth Layer, Gang Qi protection, rumours has it that within one to two years, he might even advance to Xuan Warrior realm. Ling Fei, this small Martial Dao Fourth Layer really thinks that he can go against senior? How can he not know that this is merely courting death with the gap in cultivation lying between them?”

“Haha, I guess he’s daydreaming. Before, because he defeated Zhang ChongShan and Zhang FengLang consecutively, his confidence received a huge boost, so now he thinks that he can win against Zhang WanShan. But, when the time comes, he won’t even have the chance to regret!”

“The Half Yearly Big Competition is coming up soon, with only less than three months of time left, even if Ling Fei cultivated <<Nine Turn Qi Cultivation>> method, there is no way that he will be able to raise his cultivation that fast or, even if Ling Fei has trump cards, so what?”

“Let’s wait and watch this show, if Ling Fei was smart, then he’ll quit the God Martial Art Sect by himself and probably have a chance at living, because the number of injuries received at each half yearly competition is countless, and Zhang WanShan Senior Brother definitely won’t miss this chance!”


The slew of outer disciples all started to discuss this upcoming event, with the vast majority still looking down on Ling Fei.

It was basic information that a middle stage martial dao artist successfully challenging a higher stage martial dao artist has happened before. The problem was, just that the chances of the challenge succeeding had always been very small, and when the middle stage does win, it was usually because of a miracle or luck, so to put it all together, the gap between higher and middle stage is not something that can be easily crossed.

Can Ling Fei do it?

They don’t dare to put too much faith, because the chance was miniscule.

(Editor: Unless he’s Lord Fifth ;))

“What a repulsive guy, does he have no brains? No wonder he wants to go to the Black Water Mountain Range to kill magic beasts, I was really wasting some effort trying to advise that guy.”

Zhang YouYou pouted her small mouth and said with some rage.

“That person was Ling Fei? The one who cultivated <<Nine Turn Qi Cultivation>>?”

At the entrance of the hall, Li QingYou and Zhang YouYou appeared unnoticed by anyone, because the commotion outside was too big of a distraction.

The two beauties caused many disciples to shift their eyes onto them, but not actually daring to go to them and say anything.

“Ah…. so he was Ling Fei? The one who cultivated that trash method Ling Fei? No wonder he was so haughty.” Zhang YouYou suddenly said, as if she gained insight, because in the outer disciples, Ling Fei’s status was as the hot new topic.

“YouYou, you can’t drivel like that” Li QingYou admonished, “<<Nine Turn Qi Cultivation>> method, rumours has it that it originated from another dynasty, and it was a very strong method. If the missing parts can be found, it will become an un-ignorable existence, so we cannot make a final say on this just yet! Who knows what will happen in the future, so don’t judge based on appearance, as long as they can cultivate out nine turn XuanQi, they must possess a very strong comprehension ability!”

Zhang YouYou sniffed her adorable little nose, tilted her head and asked, “Zhang WanShan that guy, this young lady has heard before, Martial Dao Eighth Layer, could it be that QingYou big sister likes Ling Fei?”

“Just intuition!”

“That’s okay too?”


After leaving the Bounty Area,

Ling Fei returned to his private residence, but he didn’t leave right away, instead he started to gather the things that he needed before heading to Black Water Mountain Range. He must make sufficient preparations, especially after today’s events.

Half an hour had passed, Gao Ren and Zhao Hu rushed over after they heard the news.

“Little Ling, you really want to challenge that guy Zhang WanShan?”

Gao Ren was originally practicing <<Shattering Jade Hand>>, but after hearing the news and being shocked by it, he immediately put down the stuff he was doing to rush over with his fastest speed, to help Ling Fei come up with ways to deal with this.

“There isn’t much I can do at the moment, if i don’t challenge Zhang WanShan, then I probably wouldn’t be standing here now.” Ling Fei said while smiling bitterly, he then repeated what happened from A to Z, he directly skipped the part where he was going to level up via killing magic beats.

Gao Ren became angry, “Zhang WanShan really is a good for nothing, Martial Dao Eight Layer, but actually making a move on you just for the sake of his little brother, doesn’t he fear that the other outer disciples will look down on him, doesn’t he fear to lose face and reputation?”

“Ling Fei Junior Brother, you sure you want to fight with Zhang WanShan?”

Zhao Hu had nothing but admiration in his eyes, to be able to beat up Zhang ChongShan then fry up Zhang FengLang and now challenging Zhang WanShan, this was something that he couldn’t fathom. In the outer court, countless low stage disciples held Ling Fei as their idol.

“We’ll see.”

Ling Fei said vaguely, fearing that if he said anything else, Gao Ren might not be able to accept and do something rash.

“Little Ling, I know a few Senior Brothers, they are all members of organizations, if you want to join, I, your brother, can give you a few recommendations, with their help and protection, Zhang WanShan must give some face, otherwise he’ll have a bad time in the outer court.”

Ling Fei shook his head and replied tactfully, “This matter can be discussed later, the next thing i must do is to go to Black Water Mountain Range for training, I don’t know if there will be any issues if I don’t come and join in the next month’ monthly competition?”

“The issue won’t be too big, you are at the Martial Dao Fourth Layer, so you can go and register for a leave, it should pass.” In this field, Gao Ren was clearly more experiencded than Ling Fei, “Black Water Mountains, dangers are everywhere, do you really want to go?”

“I am only at the Martial Dao Fourth Layer, having Xuan Techniques but lacking combat experience, and I hear in the outer areas of black water mountains, there are low level magic beasts, just the right thing for me to practice, who knows, i might even get lucky and get bonus benefits!”

Gao Ren glanced at Ling Fei, and didn’t say anything else, as to the extra benefits, he obviously doubts that would happen.

“Then you must be careful, Black Water Mountain Range’s depths must be avoided.”


From Gao Ren’s words, Ling Fei found someone that was in charge of the competition, and after some word exchanges, he received a three month leave.

Three month’s time wasn’t too long, but also not short amount of time, to Ling Fei, this was a very important period of time, a time where his strength would rapidly increase.

Coming down from the God Martial Art Sect Mountains.

Standing on the mountainous road, looking at the God Martial Art Sect’s Direction in the mountains, Ling Fei clenched his fists and a flash of determination appeared in his eyes.

“After three months, with my actions, I will prove to everybody, I, Ling Fei, am not someone who anyone can bully!”

Leaving behind that grand goal, Ling Fei turned and left, heading for Black water mountain range.

Black Water Mountain Range, located in the Unfailing/BuLuo Kingdom’s Southeast direction, an unregulated place. From the God Martial Art Sect, it would be more than a two thousand mile trip and Ling Fei guessed that it would take him at least 5 days worth of traveling, not too far but not too close either.

At this time, Ling Fei starts to reminisce about the benefits of airplanes, if he could get access to airplanes, why would he take this trouble become tired and exhausted from traveling?


After descending from the mountains.

Ling Fei prepared to go to a small city near God Martial Art Sect, to buy all the things he needed.

The most important thing Ling Fei lacked at the moment was a good defensive weapon.

God Martial Art City.

The nearest city from the God Martial Art Sect.

After spending one hundred silver coins, Ling Fei bought a set of black robes, to prevent attracting people’s notice while in the Black water Mountain Range.

After buying the clothing he needed, he turned towards the weapon store for weapons.

This first time he came down the mountains, Ling Fei crossed over and so he knew from reading all types of novels that to travel around the world, it was impossible unless you possessed weapons.

Between a sword and a blade, Ling Fei chose the blade, because possessed better compatibility with his technique <<Splitting Blade Cut>>, which would boost the power.

Other than this, Ling Fei spent another one thousand silver coins for a normal red colored horse, said to be able to travel several hundred miles a day. As for a good steed that can travel up to several thousand miles per day, he had no need for it.


The afternoon sunlight shone on the wide road.

“I love you, Love you just like mouse loves rice…”

[Jerry: This is an actual chinese song. 老鼠爱大米 lao shu ai da mi, mouse love big rice, used to be one of my favourite songs ;).]

Listen to it here!

A lazy voice with an eccentric accent came from the road.

As the voice came closer, a date red horse cantered along the road, raising a dust trail behind it, and within that view, a youth could be seen sitting atop the horse with a face of exhaustion looking towards a direction, and as if seeing the tip of an iceberg, a smile appeared on the tired face.

“Motherfucker, I’m finally here, these few days really took a toll on me, no airplanes and no cars really sucks, i can’t wait for the time that i can fly in the air by myself, how satisfying would that be!”  

This black robed youth is Ling Fei, who had come from the road leading to the God Martial Art Sect.

“When i get to Black Water City, I must first stay there for a night to get a map and understand the situation in the mountains, then pick a date to actually go in the mountains to kill some magic beasts!”

The date red horse didn’t stop, heading straight for the man made structures that appeared in the distance.

At the same time on another mountain road.

6 horses galloped down the road, raising a huge dust trail.

“Everyone hurry up, that trivial brat Ling Fei must be in Black Water City, we must find him before he enters black water mountains.”

a softened voice sounded in everybody’s ears.

“Ling Fei can really escape, if it wasn’t for him suddenly disappearing on us, he’d be dead by our hands already, why else would we suffer the fate of being covered in dust while eating his dust, this brat must die!”

“Everyone be at ease, after killing Ling Fei that brat, we can enjoy Black Water City for quite a while, pretty ladies, good wine, just say it and you’ll get it, but if anyone lets out any news of this, don’t blame me for being impolite!”


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