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Translated by: Naervan

Edited by: JerryDaBaws

Anyways, enjoy! ~Jerry


Chapter 21:The name basically summarizes the whole chapter, so.. click at your own risk.

Chapter name

Let’s settle this at the Half Yearly Big Competition!


The person who came was definitely Zhang WanShan, Zhang ChongShan’s big brother that possesses Martial Dao 8th Layer power.


“Trash, you’re a disgrace, why haven’t you gotten out of my sight? Stand still for me.”


Zhang FengLang voice sounded out loud and clear, with boundless power backing it, his face like a blade, flashing with a smear of coldness. The stare made Zhang ChongShan’s whole body tremble. He shot a poisonous glare at Ling Fei before unwillingly heading back to the side.

Towards his own bigger brother, no matter how much Zhang ChongShan is arrogant on the outside, he is still very clear that without his bigger brother supporting him, he would be a nobody,  able to do nothing, Martial Dao Fourth Layer is nothing more than trash, and against his big brother, there was no way to go against him, so he could only vent his anger on Ling Fei.


“Big brother, beat him to death, cripple him!”


“Fuck! It is truly a year of misfortune, why is Zhang WanShan here?”


Ling Fei’s face was really calm, but he couldn’t help the thump in his heart, of course that was the former ‘Ling Fei’‘s left behind reflexes, still affecting him even until now.


Outer court Martial Dao 8th Layer fighting strength, XuanQi becoming a shield, unrivaled body protection, amongst outer disciples, every single one of these experts were well-known.


Ling Fei, this kind of person, meeting Zhang WanShan, even if the other doesn’t make a move, he will still have no way to resist.


the him as of now is only Martial Dao Fifth Layer, knowing <<Unbreakable Golden Body>><<Nine Turn Qi Cultivation>>, his battle power rapidly rising, but was still not an opponent for Zhang WanShan.”


The gap between the realms of cultivation lied there, and there was no way to cross that gap at this current moment.


“Pity i don’t have enough time, if i had enough time, even if you’re at the 8th layer so what? I, your father, will still step on them!”


Ling Fei clutched his fists [T/l: Ling Fei clenched his booty]


Time, time.


With Zhang WanShan’s appearance, Ling Fei very easily guessed his purpose, he must be here for the incident with Zhang ChongShan, wanting to vent all the wrongdoings onto his head.



Zhang WanShan moved, one step at a time, every step as slow as can be, but a wave of strong aura shot up towards the sky, it felt like thunder clouds were covering the sky and covering Ling Fei’s body, as if endless violent waves were crashing towards him, having no way to breathe.


What is the sky? Zhang WanShan was the sky.[mountain used here in the raws]    


What is the bug? Ling Fei was that bug.


“Such a strong aura, so this is the aura of a Martial Dao 8th Layer?”


Ling Fei circulated the XuanQi in his body for his life, face showing seriousness, fighting for his life, the strong aura pressed down on him like a mountain, his knees slammed to the ground of their own accord.


Kneeling, apologizing.


Ling Fei immediately understood what Zhang WanShan’s evil plan was.


If he knelt down today, he’s finished, there will always exist in his heart this shameful scene that was today, creating devils in his heart that will interfere with his cultivation.


“Sorry, not possible, I, Ling Fei, will only kneel to my parents, I will not kneel even for this world, you, Zhang WanShan definitely does not qualify.”


Ling Fei screamed in his heart, his clenched fists making crackling sounds, showing his refusal to bend. (over)


Admitting defeat, definitely not possible!!


The back that had originally showed signs of bending down, slowly straightened, Ling Fei stood upright once again with both feet planted on the ground, as if standing atop a high mountain laughing at all those passing beneath his feet, not fearing wind or rain, not fearing anything in this world.


With his blood boiling, Ling Fei stood resolutely, not letting himself spit out blood.

(Editor: Good job Ling Fei, not becoming a Zhang clan member!!)


Zhang WanShan took another step, the strong aura pressed down again, but his face showed a little unexpectedness, a mere 5th layer person, actually withstood his aura’s pressure, no wonder he could beat up his mediocre little brother.


“Zhang WanShan Senior brother, could it be that you want to challenge me?”


Ling Fei that was barely holding on, asked with a loud voice.


When the voice rang out, Zhang WanShan’s aura withdrew, as if it wasn’t even here before, the pressure on everyone evaporated into nothing.


Zhang WanShan really hated Ling Fei


A Ling clan trash, provoking the Zhang clan again and again, not only injuring his little brother, Zhang ZhongShan isn’t very good, but he was still his own brother, not someone anyone can beat up at any time.


if it was just that, Zhang WanShan wouldn’t be as angry, but Zhang FengLang personally made a move but ended up becoming heavily injured was akin to adding oil to fire.


Zhang WanShan really wanted to kill Ling Fei, this brat, merely at middle stage martial dao, even if the other doesn’t die, he’ll make sure the other will become a cripple for life.


The original plan was use his aura to make Ling Fei kneel in front of the crowd to redeem the face that they lost, but out of his expectations, Ling Fei was too sly and took the situation to his own advantage, forcing himself to abandon the pressuring with aura.


“Ling Fei, you’re good, very good, but you don’t have the qualifications to be my opponent.”


Zhang WanShan’s eyes were as sharp as knives, with a cold light gleaming in them, falling on Ling Fei’s body, two continuous “good” looks as if he were praising, but it produced a feeling of cold fear inside those who heard it, putting pressure on the entire body.




“Possessing such a tyrannical aura, just from it, my blood starts to boil and I almost got injured, he certainly is worthy of being a higher stage martial artist.”


Ling Fei breathed heavily with his mouth open, his face pale, that aura just then almost made him kneel on the ground, if he lets this aura press down on him again, he can’t promise whether he can stay standing and endure, his eyes flashed a hint of fear.


Just the aura by itself is already so strong, thinking about going head to head with the other, that is unimaginable, unless he is given enough time of course!


8th Martial Dao Layer power so what? Once he gets enough time, even if it was a XuanWarrior, Ling Fei believes that sooner or later he’ll be able to step on their bodies.


As of right now, Ling Fei is lacking time the most, as soon as he gets enough time, with the leveling system, he is sure that it won’t be long until he can beat the 8thl Zhang WanShan like beating a dead dog.


“Can’t continue like this, Zhang WanShan coming here today, must be to give I, your father, trouble! With one move not succeeding, he must have another up his sleeve, I must gain the upper hand first.”


Ling Fei is not a reckless person, he immediately understood the situation that he was in, and the thing he needed to do now was break free of this situation.


Not breaking out of this situation, then it’ll become the situation that will cost him his death.




“Zhang WanShan Senior brother, you can refuse, but I will challenge you after 3 months!”


Ling Fei said with a serious face, “After three months, it will be the half yearly big competition, I will beat you like a dead dog in the ranking competition, and you will become my stepping stone into the inner court, Zhang WanShan Senior brother, do you dare to take my challenge?”


This loud and clear voice transmitted throughout the entire place through XuanQi, falling into the ears of the crowd that gathered there.


Outside of the bounty area, the crowd of disciples were not less than a several hundred, even up to thousands, Ling Fei’s voice, as long as one wasn’t deaf, one will hear it crystal clear.


Challenging Zhang WanShan Senior brother.


Ling Fei’s way of breaking out of this situation, was to use the common sense that Zhang WanShan won’t make a move on him right after this, because this will have implications to his reputation, despite however angry he might be.


As of now, Ling Fei was lacking time the most, and the solution to breaking out of this situation was also time.


Three months of time, even if he could not advance to Martial Dao 8th Layer, there won’t be that much difference, Ling Fei will still have enough confidence to defeat Zhang WanShan, and will succeed in having a name within the outer disciples.


Just as Ling Fei thought that.

After those series of words fell into Zhang WanShan ears, his brows immediately furrowed, accompanied by twitching in the corners of his eyes, he never woulda thought that Ling Fei, this brat would be so sly, using a challenge to escape, the only other thing in his heart other than anger was anger.


If this were any other place, Zhang WanShan would definitely not give a shit and directly kill the other with one palm.

But, with so many outer disciples gathered here, once he makes a move and defeat a Martial Dao Fifth Layer Ling Fei, then the second day will be the day that he becomes a laughing stock.


Zhang WanShan could not afford to lose, even though the anger in his heart boiled like a volcano and wanted to immediately kill Ling Fei.


At this time, Zhang WanShan regretted, why he didn’t he directly attack at the start, now causing Ling Fei to have a chance to escape. For the sake of his face, at least, within 3 months, he wouldn’t dare to personally harm Ling Fei, even thinking about this makes him want vomit blood(editor: Zhang Clan divine ability!), a grand Martial Dao 8th Layer power, but having no way to take care of a brat.


“Hmph* Ling Fei, count this as your good luck, you can escape today, I don’t believe that after three months you can still escape using the same way, I wish that when the time comes you won’t disappoint me too much, I will personally cripple you, and let you become a real trash.”

Zhang WanShan coldly said and without looking back, he left.


“Ling Fei, you think you’re smart, enjoy these last 3 months, when my bigger brother makes a move, just wait for your death, I will personally place gifts at your grave. hahaha…”

[Editor: I’m very surprised they didn’t think that he would run away.]

*(Thanks qwerty³ ,for suggesting this!)


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